Top 5 Best Boy Meets World Episodes

  • Published on Mar 12, 2019
  • In this final weekly episode of Top 5, Aiyanna, Heather and Walter count down their Top 5 favorite Boy Meets World episodes.
    While this is the end of the weekly road for this show, be on the look out for some new stuff coming from Aiyanna, Heather and Walter soon!
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Comments • 363

  • Channel Awesome
    Channel Awesome  6 months ago +191

    Walter will be moving on to doing Fanscription full time going forward, and Aiyanna and Heather will be trying out new shows in the coming months. A random Top 5 may appear every now and then as well!

    • Rachael Curran
      Rachael Curran 6 months ago


    • Dan Schmatz
      Dan Schmatz 6 months ago

      Thanks god its over.

    • Brandon Prater
      Brandon Prater 6 months ago +1

      & now for the words... Best of luck & happiness to you all in your future endeavors & please understand how much Top5 will be missed. But for what it's worth, it was worth all the while!✌😎

    • efwefwef
      efwefwef 6 months ago +2

      What? How can this be the end?? More please!

    • Mike Felix
      Mike Felix 6 months ago +2

      Thank you so Much for this series Walter, Aiyanna and Heather.

  • Anthony Barratt
    Anthony Barratt Month ago

    Use that has the intro

  • Zahid Ali
    Zahid Ali 4 months ago

    Resurrection should've been on the list

  • Gaming Goof
    Gaming Goof 4 months ago

    So they ran out of ideas, is that why?

  • luzio sol
    luzio sol 4 months ago

    Great final top 5!

  • matt fahringer
    matt fahringer 4 months ago

    im gonna miss seeing this show on a weekly basis. good luck on your new show Walter and thanks for the memories

  • hated by the gods
    hated by the gods 4 months ago

    #1 is best episode ever.

  • Christopher Garrett
    Christopher Garrett 4 months ago

    I love this list number 1 is the funniest episode of the show

  • Aidan Byrnes
    Aidan Byrnes 5 months ago

    can you get someone else to do top 5?

  • Aidan Byrnes
    Aidan Byrnes 5 months ago

    dosen't cinema snob do fanscription, why dosen't walter do top 5?

  • Ginger Snapp
    Ginger Snapp 5 months ago

    I always hated how Eric started out a little dumb but ended up retarded by the end of the series.

  • jeniel cross
    jeniel cross 5 months ago

    Mr ferry

  • Miah Thorpatrick
    Miah Thorpatrick 5 months ago +2

    Sad to lose Top 5. Definitely my favorite series on Channel Awesome aside from the NC.
    Fav episode of Boy meets World was when Eric was on the 90's MTV dating show Singled Out!
    And Girl Meets World was actually a pretty decent spin-off.

  • Corbin Owens
    Corbin Owens 5 months ago

    omg I love you Walter! 😂😂😂

  • Corbin Owens
    Corbin Owens 5 months ago

    omg watching the Cult Fiction epuside again gave me goosebumps

  • Corbin Owens
    Corbin Owens 5 months ago

    I've been falling behind, I finally catch up to find out this is the last 1?? 😢😢
    good list tho!

  • Amal M
    Amal M 5 months ago

    Great Top 5, and a PERFECT ENDING For TOP 5 in general.
    Mr. SQUIRRELS will ALWAYS be a delightful part of my childhood.

  • Alexis Ramirez
    Alexis Ramirez 5 months ago

    You're really calling "Brother Brother" the best episode? Honesty is the worst episode because it totally reminds me of my brother.

  • LittleNemo
    LittleNemo 5 months ago

    But... you haven't made a best/worst list for every Ranger series yet!
    (I don't think)

  • Rachael Curran
    Rachael Curran 6 months ago

    my fav was the beard

  • Lyra Avatar
    Lyra Avatar 6 months ago

    Well I just choked on air. I absolutely love BMW and I didn't know i needed this until now.

  • gamerbrony72
    gamerbrony72 6 months ago top 5 worst boy meets world episodes?

  • IMakeContent
    IMakeContent 6 months ago +1

    "That farm house....................there!

  • Jason Case
    Jason Case 6 months ago +1

    Great to see that Slasher horror episode with references to Scream and Jennifer Love Hewitt in the episode is number 1.
    That is a amazing unforgettable episode.

  • Mark Jackson
    Mark Jackson 6 months ago


  • Oliver Hernandez
    Oliver Hernandez 6 months ago

    Boy meets world was an ok show

  • E M
    E M 6 months ago

    Eric: This diploma, which signifies my intelligence, belongs as much to you as it does to...I.
    Feeny: Me
    Eric: I included you.
    Me: ^□^~hahaha

  • NaptimeGaming
    NaptimeGaming 6 months ago

    I didn't enjoy the way the show was made too much (and I don't know why), but am a fan of you, so I am glad to see that you are gonna be dropping this, but still doing stuff around. Keep it up!

  • NaptimeGaming
    NaptimeGaming 6 months ago

    "We will always remember that he was this tall"

  • starzzzy
    starzzzy 6 months ago

    Yes! I love the episode at number 1! I've seen it a millions times!

  • David Ray
    David Ray 6 months ago

    It would help if your playlist was in chronological order. Right now it's opposite that.

    • Brak Eastwood
      Brak Eastwood 6 months ago

      You can do your own playlist you know...

  • David Ray
    David Ray 6 months ago

    I was hoping for more on that Dinosaur guy story line you did last year.

  • Carlos Cerritos
    Carlos Cerritos 6 months ago

    you are going to make me cry

  • Kendall Arrington
    Kendall Arrington 6 months ago

    That ending.

  • Life 4 Fire Forever
    Life 4 Fire Forever 6 months ago +1

    I like heather

  • Hardimantube
    Hardimantube 6 months ago

    Don't cancel the show. I love this show

  • TheDingod
    TheDingod 6 months ago

    And then there was Shaun is by far the best episode and immediately came to mind when I thought of this Top 5

  • Don F
    Don F 6 months ago

    The correct top 5 Episodes are ….5) The first Episode with Vader4) The second Episode with Vader3) Any episode with Vader2) Out takes of Episodes with Vader1) Deleted Scenes of Episodes with VaderR.I.P. Vader!!!

  • Film Exorcist
    Film Exorcist 6 months ago

    This sucks I wish we could have at least got a Top 5 worst BMW episodes

  • Тори Грин
    Тори Грин 6 months ago +1

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    If you do not want or can not do this, then I really ask you to make Russian subtitles for your videos, because in Russia there are a lot of people who love you.
    Sincerely, your fan from Russia.

  • oscar hernandez
    oscar hernandez 6 months ago

    I liked this vidio but id like that Nostalgia Critic talk about this show in a video

  • The Official AnimeCitizen

    :( and I was really getting used to you guys.

  • Samantha Nickson
    Samantha Nickson 6 months ago +1

    awwww, gonna miss top 5

  • Nas Holston
    Nas Holston 6 months ago +2

    This show meant so much to me as a kid. Taught so many lessons without being too corny or preachy. Great for the last episode of Top 5.

  • LeonVIII
    LeonVIII 6 months ago

    wow this should have been a top 10, where's heartbreak corey, starry night, or an ode to holden caufield

  • TimeToChange121
    TimeToChange121 6 months ago

    :And then there was Shawn" is #1? Nope. Learning to Fly....hands down.

  • TimeToChange121
    TimeToChange121 6 months ago

    A VHS!!!!!!!

  • CT Dawg
    CT Dawg 6 months ago

    I LOVE this show,I have the complete series on 📀

  • GreenGoddessLita
    GreenGoddessLita 6 months ago

    Not one of the most mentioned ones, but my favorite episode is "Teacher's Bet".

  • Svrazna Lalellbra
    Svrazna Lalellbra 6 months ago +1

    Thank you. This was fantastic.

  • salty guy
    salty guy 6 months ago +1

    Will you make girl meets Word pls 👍

    • Miah Thorpatrick
      Miah Thorpatrick 5 months ago +1

      That would be cool. I thought GMW was a worthy successor to BMW.

  • Kamron Thurmond
    Kamron Thurmond 6 months ago

    Somoe people think that this show was to sentimental. I agree, but I love the show all the same.

  • Brandon Prater
    Brandon Prater 6 months ago +1

    To Heather, Aiyanna, Walter, Jim, this list, the show, YOUR show, anyone/thing I forgot to mention... no words, only love!❤

  • Spunky B.
    Spunky B. 6 months ago +1

    If AVGN can get Macaulay Culkin then you guys can get Fred Savage.

  • Jessica Kinney
    Jessica Kinney 6 months ago +1

    Hilarious! Thanks for the passion, love you guys!

  • jonnybaze
    jonnybaze 6 months ago

    Completely disagree

  • Drowmerc
    Drowmerc 6 months ago

    In my opinion Cult fiction is number 1 but most the list is good.

  • Scoop Phase
    Scoop Phase 6 months ago

    If it wasnt the Halloween episode I was gonna be PISSED.

  • Aaron Wilder
    Aaron Wilder 6 months ago

    6:39 - 6:52 - this legit almost want to cry, that's how you know you've written and delivered powerful dialogue, where just only a small clip of it can make emotions swell within the watcher.

  • Aaron Wilder
    Aaron Wilder 6 months ago +1

    Dude, I loved Boy Meets World, I used to love getting to watch it, thanks for the trip down memory lane Top 5 :)