You Think I'm the Beast? - Saturday Night Live

  • Published on Sep 10, 2013
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    SEASON 35:
    Movie Parodies:
    The Beauty and the Beast realize beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Aired 10/17/09
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Comments • 1 290

  • Stayros Paparunas
    Stayros Paparunas 2 hours ago

    I kiked my remote control n I can't open my German bad!!is small room

  • Muzi Tshabalala
    Muzi Tshabalala Day ago

    "Tale as old as time" lol what is that voice

  • Helena Correia
    Helena Correia 2 days ago

    These titles spoil the sketch

  • MercilessDoc
    MercilessDoc 2 days ago

    Just brilliant! I'm still waiting for the full movie with these actors!

  • Sofia H K
    Sofia H K 3 days ago

    The costumes are so nice, and this is only for a skitt I guess. Wow

  • Carl Michael Baylon
    Carl Michael Baylon 3 days ago

    She will be transformed into Gilly or Penelope so..

  • itsjulia
    itsjulia 4 days ago

    This video makes me think Kristen Wiig would be perfect for a live-action Anastasia

  • Rebecca 1234
    Rebecca 1234 6 days ago +1

    The Beast sings so well🤩

    • Talia
      Talia 3 days ago

      Actually he is the beauty 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Fatima Haniff
    Fatima Haniff 10 days ago

    I like bells dress better here than in the movie

  • L-Anna Del Rei
    L-Anna Del Rei 10 days ago

    Beast: Woah, this is awkward!

  • A Cobra
    A Cobra 12 days ago +1

    😂..I like a Big Ass🍑......🎶Tale as Old as Time🎶⏰😂

  • AtuLa Ren
    AtuLa Ren 13 days ago

    Ass castle😂

  • Fire Inside
    Fire Inside 14 days ago

    I like a big ass 😄

  • KoshVader
    KoshVader 15 days ago

    Okay, but the Beast is always hotter as a beast.

  • noor.wooow noor
    noor.wooow noor 15 days ago

    this is sparta💪

  • Kiddie Rodaje
    Kiddie Rodaje 16 days ago

    2019 and watching this :)

  • Kien Nguyen
    Kien Nguyen 17 days ago

    0:38 Didn't anybody noticed how good is gerard voice? he's really can sing!!!

  • grtgrt
    grtgrt 21 day ago

    Kinda surprised someone didn't pop up and give him a hi-five when he said "tale as old as time"

  • lu na
    lu na 22 days ago

    i thought 6 was fair

  • Ruankha Bilommi
    Ruankha Bilommi 27 days ago

    Oh my darling i cant wait for ur transformation ... didnt think that coming ... Hahahhahaha 😄😄 l.o.l . The costume are great and gerald voice is 🔥🔥🌟

  • Gaston POP!
    Gaston POP! 29 days ago

    Where’s Gaston?

  • Aphyrius
    Aphyrius Month ago

    OMG.. The look.. Her look.. The stare... I'm dying from laughter

  • Pit
    Pit Month ago

    Kristen sounds like an actual Disney princess

  • Chul Tulip
    Chul Tulip Month ago +1

    I love how he says he wants A BIG ASS then tries to sing to derail the conversation 😂😭😂😭

  • Naief Alromi
    Naief Alromi Month ago

    Let me guess , stockholme syndrome jokes ? Bestiality jokes ?

  • Naief Alromi
    Naief Alromi Month ago

    Stop it with the laugh-track.

  • Indy Sidhu
    Indy Sidhu Month ago

    Lumiere: Once in college I dated a Menorah. Bravo Hader.

  • Gregory UK
    Gregory UK Month ago

    Fair play to Kristen not shying away from the writers referring to her 'slim' derrier over the years.

  • Sangeeth Mohan
    Sangeeth Mohan Month ago

    Oh Kristen's look at 1:15 is hilarious

  • Ferrilsblood
    Ferrilsblood Month ago

    This beast is more realistic than the one in the new movie. The Beast in the new movie looks like a hairy Satyr. He looks RIDICULOUS :(...

  • Niloo Wonka
    Niloo Wonka Month ago

    This was the best so far 😂

  • Keith Capaning
    Keith Capaning Month ago

    I didn't recognize you Kristen Wiig 🤣♥️

  • Elizaveta Cherkasova

    Belle mistakenly has realized the futility of this relationship; she should has got a grip on herself and kissed the beauty.

  • lara maiclef
    lara maiclef Month ago

    The costumes are so pretty ❤️❤️

  • Malsawmi Fanai
    Malsawmi Fanai Month ago

    I like the dress so much

  • McKinley
    McKinley Month ago

    i wonder how much they spend on costumes and sets for 5 minute skits

  • Manubibi Walsh
    Manubibi Walsh Month ago

    Absolute great sketch.

  • NastyKhan
    NastyKhan Month ago

    the fuck i just saw...

  • Evelyn Wilson
    Evelyn Wilson Month ago

    Love that she stoped stopped high voice

  • Selinor578
    Selinor578 2 months ago

    look at those teency little arms

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  • Asim Giri
    Asim Giri 2 months ago

    Wow Gerard Butler has an amazing voice.

  • finka
    finka 2 months ago +1

    Cogsworth: I LIKE A BIG ASS 🍑

  • finka
    finka 2 months ago +2

    Bill Hader’s Lumière is everything!😍😍❤️

  • Baone Twala
    Baone Twala 2 months ago +1

    I didn't know Gerard Butlers voice was so amazing! 😍😍😍

  • Amr El Sabahi
    Amr El Sabahi 2 months ago

    Wiig is genius!!!!!!!!

  • roxstar 12
    roxstar 12 2 months ago

    So having big ass is good? Haha

  • roxstar 12
    roxstar 12 2 months ago +1

    So having big ass is good? Haah

  • Julz XD
    Julz XD 2 months ago

    She makes a better Belle than Emma Watson did.

  • Inés SA
    Inés SA 2 months ago +1

    Jenny slate is gorgeous

  • Thehighlander87
    Thehighlander87 2 months ago

    ass castle?! lol

  • Melinda Burge
    Melinda Burge 2 months ago

    Wouldn't it be 2.45?

  • Lynsey Marron Camille
    Lynsey Marron Camille 2 months ago

    And the eyes wide shut reference was so funny tea party aka sex party haha

  • Lynsey Marron Camille
    Lynsey Marron Camille 2 months ago

    They should have wrote in the script the song big butts

  • Lynsey Marron Camille
    Lynsey Marron Camille 2 months ago

    So funny hahaha

  • #theofficial_ kami
    #theofficial_ kami 2 months ago

    Ass castle xD

  • ryan ng
    ryan ng 2 months ago

    Beauty, since beast is grow, why not human with alien be chamelion in x men.

  • ryan ng
    ryan ng 2 months ago

    When you know dress, see it like you know olden days is told we did clumsy, we do not know anything, yet is fashion.

  • KC N
    KC N 2 months ago

    How many voices does she have

  • mastedman
    mastedman 2 months ago

    Это шедевр.