Red Velvet 레드벨벳 'Bad Boy' MV

  • Published on Jan 29, 2018
  • Red Velvet's 2nd Album Repackage "The Perfect Red Velvet" has been released.
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    01 Bad Boy
    02 All Right
    03 피카부 (Peek-A-Boo)
    04 봐 (Look)
    05 I Just
    06 Kingdom Come
    07 Time To Love
    08 두 번째 데이트 (My Second Date)
    09 Attaboy
    10 Perfect 10
    11 About Love
    12 달빛 소리 (Moonlight Melody)
    Red Velvet Official
    Red Velvet 레드벨벳 'Bad Boy' MV ℗ S.M.Entertainment

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  • dr_ _ _ _ove
    dr_ _ _ _ove 8 hours ago +1

    Legggo leggggoo luvies

  • Max Vallido
    Max Vallido 8 hours ago +1


  • blackfriendiya
    blackfriendiya 9 hours ago +1

    i hate how people only support rv when they have a black concept or should I call "bad boy and psycho bandwagons"

    • valerybazooka
      valerybazooka 7 hours ago

      bruh you just said this was their best era though

  • blackfriendiya
    blackfriendiya 9 hours ago

    will still remain as red velvet's best era.

  • Al-Shaeed Muntasil
    Al-Shaeed Muntasil 10 hours ago

    _200k views more to 244m, keep streaming and stream psycho as well!!_

  • Tyzon Barry
    Tyzon Barry 10 hours ago

    sending you love all the way from kenya

  • You got me feeling like a PSYCHO


  • 김리신TV
    김리신TV 12 hours ago

    아이린 ㅈㄴ 예쁘네

  • Anais
    Anais 13 hours ago



    Red Velvet 레드벨벳 'Bad Boy' MV
    KST:2020-01-20 02pm 243,590,481
    KST:2020-01-21 02pm 243,649,890

  • 슈크림RedVelVet
    슈크림RedVelVet 13 hours ago

    뭔가 앞머리있는 슬기는 성숙한거같고 앞머리 안내린 슬기는 청순한거같다

  • Tae_ash kim
    Tae_ash kim 13 hours ago +1

    My fav Red Velvet song

  • Vjoy Kim
    Vjoy Kim 15 hours ago +1

    Alguien latinoamericano por aquí? 🇲🇽🇲🇽

  • Nita Friends
    Nita Friends 16 hours ago +1

    this song. this mofo song. saved my year, no my decade, no my life. so fucking good 😭

  • pikachu is an army
    pikachu is an army 16 hours ago +1

    when it's psycho era but you're still not over this masterpiece

  • Yulitza Gómez
    Yulitza Gómez 17 hours ago


  • Anita Orphanita
    Anita Orphanita 17 hours ago

    2:33 who is she, is so gorgeous (*_*)

    • Kylie Yu
      Kylie Yu 12 hours ago

      Seulgi- black hair with bangs

  • Fauzan Mubarok
    Fauzan Mubarok 17 hours ago

    Very very good harmonization

  • Mariluz Morales Gomez
    Mariluz Morales Gomez 19 hours ago +1

    Ya mero un año de esta canción ... 243M

  • Awesome100% Great
    Awesome100% Great 20 hours ago +1

    this is now the most viewed mv from an sm group! i luv u red velvet ❤️.

  • i stoled Jimin’s jams
    i stoled Jimin’s jams 21 hour ago +2

    *if you can’t Bad Boy, get a Bad Girl instead.*

  • Bradyn Graf
    Bradyn Graf 22 hours ago +4

    the comeback that got me into them. best choice of my life.

  • Army- Chan
    Army- Chan 22 hours ago

    Red V💙
    Red ve💜
    Red Vel💙
    Red Velv💚
    Red Velve💛
    Red Velvet 💜
    Red Velve💛
    Red Velv💜
    Red Vel💙
    Red ve💚
    Red V💙

  • silly rabbit
    silly rabbit 23 hours ago +4

    Less than 19 hours* to vote, RV will be there so please *VOTE* (MAIN #16* we need 3k votes for the #15 place*) help to give them Bonsang!

  • Crazy Kpoper
    Crazy Kpoper Day ago +6

    *_Use me as "here before 300 millions views" button_*

  • novita sari
    novita sari Day ago +2


  • Roland JAYSON Panganiban

    And now this is the most viewed SM gg MV.. ❤️❤️ Congrats Luvies and Red Velvet. Let's aim higher. 250M!!
    P.s Let's continue to str3am Psycho to 100m and give uri maknae psycho more 🏆 #PsychoFor3rdTripleCrown
    and #getwellsoonwendy 💙💙

  • Hill Hill
    Hill Hill Day ago +1

    Bad boy is everything happen in kpop

  • IlikeAlotOfThings
    IlikeAlotOfThings Day ago +2

    1:55. You're welcome.

  • HinaPia 9Muses CLC Fan

    2:28 😐 what the fu*kk!

    TITAN Day ago


  • kiel 12
    kiel 12 Day ago +5

    I'm living for Wendy's pre-chorus

  • hey
    hey Day ago +2

    Congratulations bad boy-nim you are now the most viewed mv by sm girl group💖💖💖💖

  • Bae Bee
    Bae Bee Day ago +8

    Red Velvet 레드벨벳 'Bad Boy' MV
    19/01 : 243,441,272 views
    20/01 : 243,618,781 views
    Today : 177,509 views (🔽 11,709views)

  • Mar B
    Mar B Day ago +6

    This supreme bop was produced by the stereotypes. We gotta give them credit for giving us that good 90s rnb yet still perfectly Kpop energy

  • Jb Oppxr
    Jb Oppxr Day ago +3

    Did the views just increase more unlike the past few weeks? Or is it just me

    • woah uh-mazing
      woah uh-mazing 23 hours ago

      After psycho people checked out their other mvs I assume

  • Hill MInh
    Hill MInh Day ago +2

    kpop gangs

  • Dakshaa Bhise
    Dakshaa Bhise Day ago


  • 321 321
    321 321 Day ago

    This song is still the best velvet comeback.

  • Yerimiese
    Yerimiese Day ago +1

    What a Beautiful Song❤️

  • gotbts7exolzen
    gotbts7exolzen Day ago +1

    Can’t take my eyes of yeri

  • Mia Salmita
    Mia Salmita Day ago

    Kesini lagi 😚😚

  • 보라찐2
    보라찐2 Day ago +1

    Redvelvet ❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Taeyong wife
    Taeyong wife Day ago


  • melon tea
    melon tea Day ago

    wait this was published on birthday wow amazing so beautiful makes me cry

  • Seoulji Chu
    Seoulji Chu Day ago

    Literally no one: SOooOooo Gay!

  • Rockys Noona
    Rockys Noona Day ago +1

    This Bad Boy era really made me psycho all over for Red Velvet so I will always come back here.

  • BQL
    BQL Day ago +6

    ‘Bad Boy’ is now the most viewed video by an SM girl group on RU-clip!

  • Al-Shaeed Muntasil
    Al-Shaeed Muntasil Day ago +5

    bad boy is now the 4th most viewed sm mv of all time. congratulations everyone!!
    1. monster
    2. kokobop
    3. call me baby
    4. bad boy
    5. gee

  • Nana Hyunee
    Nana Hyunee Day ago


  • seliyos
    seliyos Day ago

    Salip Gee yoks

  • 김동민
    김동민 2 days ago

    희철 오빠가 누구옇니?

  • Tessielyn Paulanag
    Tessielyn Paulanag 2 days ago

    Dislikes from the devils that cried and the bad boys themselves 😂

  • silly rabbit
    silly rabbit 2 days ago +8

    Last 2 DAYS* to vote, RV will be there so please VOTE (MAIN, #16*) help to give them Bonsang!

  • Al-Shaeed Muntasil
    Al-Shaeed Muntasil 2 days ago +9

    *bad boy is officially the most viewed sm girl group music video*

  • Franzua Tana
    Franzua Tana 2 days ago +4

    This was the Era i questioned my sexuality

  • hycal hynet
    hycal hynet 2 days ago +8

    Bad boy is the most viewed sm girl group mv

  • 자몽
    자몽 2 days ago

    뮤비 예쁘다

  • راب مونستر قتلني بجماله

    *is this is how angels sounds and looks like ?*