Okurrr Extended Cut | Pepsi


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  • Daniel Auqui
    Daniel Auqui День назад

    Rolling r's 101

  • Roberto Maxwell
    Roberto Maxwell День назад


  • João Paulo Silva
    João Paulo Silva День назад

    Monet X Change ❤️

  • Buhle Mbewe
    Buhle Mbewe День назад +1

    go cardi !!!!!!

  • Emrah Tunca
    Emrah Tunca День назад

    Desperetaly trying to convince people that you are more than ok, only proves that you're really just ok.

  • Brad Mondo
    Brad Mondo День назад

    Her hair looks amazing wow

  • cj herrera
    cj herrera День назад

    I LOVE YOU CARDI B ❤❤❤❤❤💗💘💓💖💕💖💘💖❤💗❤💗❤❤💗❤💖❤❤❤

  • Dumb Dumb
    Dumb Dumb День назад

    cringe tingz✨😓

  • TheCrowdedOne
    TheCrowdedOne День назад

    Wai aunt yu understand ih?

  • Haku mist
    Haku mist День назад

    This is garbage 😂

  • Ronnel Smith
    Ronnel Smith День назад +1

    Its okurtttttttttt'tttttttttttt

  • Idk
    Idk День назад +1

    Better then Kendall

  • Apenas mais um K-popper
    Apenas mais um K-popper День назад

    Card B beutiful

  • Elena Santo
    Elena Santo День назад

    Cardí b😍

  • Gabreille Hammond
    Gabreille Hammond День назад

    I’m dead 😂🤣😂

  • CHOcoBo Chan
    CHOcoBo Chan День назад


  • don’t talk to me, sweaty
    don’t talk to me, sweaty День назад


  • greeneggsandzam
    greeneggsandzam День назад

    How did she make this her 'thing' when drag queens have been doing this forever. More cultural approp by straight people. OK to steal our stuff tho.

  • Jamie Nolastname
    Jamie Nolastname День назад

    The little pigeons

  • minna is bad
    minna is bad День назад

    Ny favourite part is when they say "okurrr"

  • Cresent Wolf
    Cresent Wolf День назад

    *I tried that...... I drank Pepsi but I still couldn’t say okurrr...Is their something seriously wrong with me*

  • Faaiz Faryad
    Faaiz Faryad День назад

    I just came here to say okurrrr

  • SlayMe Lovato
    SlayMe Lovato День назад +1

    Haha...fabullous bardi..💘💘💘

  • Jay D
    Jay D День назад

    Is Pepsi okay

    CHICCO День назад


  • Michael McCall
    Michael McCall День назад

    Monét is queen

  • firester9000 Channel
    firester9000 Channel День назад

    Now okurrr is cringe 🤦‍♂️

  • Sarah-lee Prize
    Sarah-lee Prize День назад +1

    Loving Cardi forever😍💖

  • Lunar Revel
    Lunar Revel День назад


  • Madara Uchiha
    Madara Uchiha День назад

    Hurry someone make a meme out of this

    RAMIR XOXO День назад

    Bob the drag queen with the queen cardi b

  • Haha You loose
    Haha You loose День назад +2

    This makes me see the world definitely

  • L.K.
    L.K. День назад

    Love this one too😂💗

  • Pegasus1212
    Pegasus1212 День назад


  • Marie Charles
    Marie Charles День назад

    I actually click to watch a commercial. I’m ashamed of myself.

  • MASH potaTOES
    MASH potaTOES День назад +2

    I only got Pepsi and *pigeon noises*

  • Luxury Sulusi
    Luxury Sulusi День назад

    Watch a new celeb start speaking cow 😂

  • Bahaa Alsek
    Bahaa Alsek День назад

    That's really annoying 😤

  • Edwina Gray
    Edwina Gray День назад

    Cardi B, I love U! CONGRATS ON ur Grammy. OKurrrr!!!

  • Carlos Rios
    Carlos Rios День назад +1


  • Britt Bratt
    Britt Bratt День назад

    IDC what nobody say Cardi has came all the way up!!

  • Christian Lamar
    Christian Lamar День назад

    The pigeons took me out! They’re the OGs! 😂 been saying Okurr since creation

  • Carter Johnson
    Carter Johnson День назад

    Play me some of that jumping music

  • c jay
    c jay День назад

    I love Cardi shes original!

  • Hello There Daily
    Hello There Daily День назад

    This is so hard to not laugh at.

  • Lady Sprinkles
    Lady Sprinkles День назад +1

    Really Pepsi?

  • 1000 subscribers with no videos
    1000 subscribers with no videos День назад

    What’s next?
    Owi? 0:43🤣

  • Fringes
    Fringes День назад

    That is how we call the chickens when it's feeding time.

  • Flor Hernandez
    Flor Hernandez День назад

    0:23 ken is there

  • Scott
    Scott День назад

    After watching this ad

    Me: 0:32

  • Rick's Giggle
    Rick's Giggle День назад +1

    *CRINGE LEVEL IS ABOVE 10,000!!!!*

  • L.B.M
    L.B.M День назад +3

    Well YOU ALL ARE WRONG.... its "ORKUT....." try googling it, it was a real thing bigger than anything at that time, when y'all were sleepin in ya mama pants.

  • Kira Denis
    Kira Denis День назад

    She must have gotten paid alot to do this...

  • Lucy A
    Lucy A День назад


  • Yugvijay
    Yugvijay День назад

    Monet x change exchanged moment with cardi b

  • BarelyDying
    BarelyDying День назад

    Is that mah girl Monet??

  • Joshua la
    Joshua la День назад +5

    This explains it
    Cardi= Pepsi
    Nicki=Coca cola

  • Hideri Is Cool
    Hideri Is Cool День назад


  • Jon Trejo
    Jon Trejo День назад

    "Like this Like this Okurrrrrrr"

  • Jake Parry
    Jake Parry День назад


  • Ethio Getu
    Ethio Getu День назад

    Any new youtubers wanna help each other out? Like this n will sup y’all

  • Ethio Getu
    Ethio Getu День назад

    Any new youtubers wanna help each other out? ❤️sup mine sup back

  • Ana Elizabeth
    Ana Elizabeth День назад +1


  • Ayomide Balogun
    Ayomide Balogun День назад

    Anyone see snoop dog behind cardi

  • Denzil Reid
    Denzil Reid День назад

    So many idiots in the comment section trying to be negative, who cares if you’ll don’t like Cardi B .. enjoy the Ad and move on fam

  • Salami Salmon
    Salami Salmon День назад +2

    Legend says that if you wach it with capuchins on you will look at the different

  • Jays Bae32
    Jays Bae32 День назад

    Ha ha awesome commercial

  • QMCPOP '
    QMCPOP ' День назад

    From Britney and beyonce and pink to this

  • AJ Supreme
    AJ Supreme День назад

    I work for Pepsi. It’s actually a healthier option also. Less ingredients than other products

  • Jackie Rose
    Jackie Rose День назад


  • Ronald Bermudez
    Ronald Bermudez День назад

    La vieja por si acaso

  • Lisa Henderson
    Lisa Henderson День назад

    This is funny

  • xspliit
    xspliit День назад

    This... tHiS iS aMerIcA

  • sourpatch24 l gouch
    sourpatch24 l gouch День назад

    Cardi B is the funniest person I ever met and nice

  • Antoinette Murray
    Antoinette Murray День назад

    The one who said "no,like this oukrrrr

  • Antoinette Murray
    Antoinette Murray День назад

    That's a man

  • Victoria King
    Victoria King День назад

    I will officially support PEPSI!!!! Where can I get a bedazzled PEPSI can? #OKURRR

  • YourGirlplaysfortnite And roblox
    YourGirlplaysfortnite And roblox День назад


  • TiffyLove Love
    TiffyLove Love День назад

    The pigeons did it Best 😂😂😂

  • asha-gaye Taylor
    asha-gaye Taylor День назад

    Lol 😂

  • Darrell Means
    Darrell Means День назад

    Everybody bout start sounding like pigeons 😂😂😂

  • Kidz Bop 40
    Kidz Bop 40 День назад


  • watchdealer11
    watchdealer11 День назад +3

    How we willingly clicking on ads cause celebrities are in them?

  • Winston Melvin
    Winston Melvin День назад

    What I wanted a Pepsi okurr my favorite part0:31

  • Ariel
    Ariel День назад

    0:15 “aí carai” KKKKKKKKKKK

  • Martha Bustillos
    Martha Bustillos День назад

    Hay que bonita

  • Barbara BROWN
    Barbara BROWN День назад

    Some haters in the comments it’s hilarious, people we need to laugh more in this day in age🤣

  • John Collins
    John Collins День назад

    Ya that's what she talking about Oww😁😁😂

  • Gamers Battle
    Gamers Battle День назад

    The pigeons understand

  • Kevin José Jaramillo Martínez
    Kevin José Jaramillo Martínez День назад

    i feel retarded

  • JJorJaje
    JJorJaje День назад

    Who's the guy holding takeout boxes and showing people how it's done at 0:23? Is that Toddrick, or am I mixing people up just cuz I wanna see Toddrick?

  • MoePerezTV
    MoePerezTV День назад

    I’m here for Monet X Change 💙

  • Here comes dat boi
    Here comes dat boi День назад

    RU-clip BETRAYED ME!!

  • LmbrJck_t
    LmbrJck_t День назад

    Yassssssss Monet

  • Gabby
    Gabby День назад

    I wove the gay guy

  • Mike Lyons
    Mike Lyons День назад +1

    That’s what I’m talkin about EEEEOOW!!

  • Deee Mnz
    Deee Mnz День назад

    Peace to cardi for being herself

  • Victor Omar Santillan
    Victor Omar Santillan День назад

    This video describe just one thing okurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  • Vicky Torres
    Vicky Torres День назад

    Is that waitress iisuperwomanii?