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Apex Legends | Stories from the Outlands - “Judgment”

  • Published on Jan 23, 2022
  • It’s time for Mad Maggie to face justice for her crimes. But when you can’t be innocent and you won’t be guilty, what fate lies in store?
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    Production Company: Electronic Arts & The Sequence Group
    Sound Design and Mix: Source Sound Inc
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  • lugiyc
    lugiyc 4 months ago +5377

    Mad Maggie’s tactical is that she can shoot her teeth, and they deal massive damage when shot in the right places. She only has 30 uses for 30 teeth, and she gets worse and worse at talking the more teeth she shoots

    • Silvar
      Silvar 3 months ago

      should be her passive

    • IDBD Motion Pix
      IDBD Motion Pix 4 months ago


    • Miraçhan Çağan
      Miraçhan Çağan 4 months ago

      @Ivan Ivan i think she already lost a few but idk

    • Ivan Ivan
      Ivan Ivan 4 months ago

      @Miraçhan Çağan So...there are still 31 teeth left, not 30 lol

  • King Kea
    King Kea 3 months ago +1152

    As a Māori fella myself I really appreciate her Haka in the face of death. It's no secret she (and her voice actor) are Māori and I really love the representation

    • Lamar Pray
      Lamar Pray 20 days ago

      I like when crypto rumbles some gibberish in his language

    • thatkiddayton
      thatkiddayton 27 days ago

      @g1 wat it's to warm up the haka it means to stand up and get ready

    • Carter Yes
      Carter Yes 2 months ago

      @honkgong • 12.7B views • 1 year ago ohhhh I searched up his heirloom and it said it was Hawaiian sos

    • R .M
      R .M 2 months ago

      @honkgong • 12.7B views • 1 year ago also his name is Makoa, which is, yep you guessed it, Hawaiian

    • R .M
      R .M 2 months ago

      @honkgong • 12.7B views • 1 year ago lol his voice lines make him sound like a Hawaiian more than anything. He even says Hawaiian words. Like I said before, hes basically Polynesian. I wouldn't delve too deep in the skins as they're just that, skins. Skins that were made before Maggie was even thought of.

  • Art Lover Ivy
    Art Lover Ivy 4 months ago +1664

    Gotta love how dedicated Maggie is. You really get the sense that she truly is fearless unlike many characters who might claim to be. The only thing that I can imagine scaring her is if you blew up Salvo or something, but in regards to her own safety? Yeah there’s pretty much no way you could ever intimidate her.

    • StatixNZ
      StatixNZ 24 days ago +1

      cause she maori

    • Ugandan Knuckles
      Ugandan Knuckles Month ago +1

      She's crazy.
      You got to be crazy. Gotta have a real need.

      BLINK TWICE 3 months ago +5

      @ItsXWavy there’s no way, but by chance are you saying a joke involving Clash Royale?

    • Mylame Username1
      Mylame Username1 3 months ago +4

      @ItsXWavy hahaha so funny for 1,000,000 time also Great got the cost super funny

      FABSDAZZ 3 months ago +17

      @Art Lover Ivy Everybody's gangsta until get shot by a Kraber

  • Voidless space
    Voidless space 3 months ago +293

    1:26, that pause makes me believe that she genuinely feels bad about hurting all the innocent people at the merger ceremony

    • The Mad Doctor
      The Mad Doctor 2 days ago

      She most likely told herself that she had to hurt those people for the greater good. Although I'm sure she felt some guilt. She's a hero in her own story, but a villain in others.

    • abloodcorpse
      abloodcorpse 2 months ago +36

      And the way she actually looks away from the judge, directly down to the floor as well. And as we've seen from her little bit of lore from the Apex Twitter, she actually does have emotions and actually does get fearful.

  • TimeBucks
    TimeBucks 4 months ago +1489

    love how dedicated Maggie is

    • ANewCreation 777
      ANewCreation 777 3 months ago

      nah she just nuts

    • Ace Of Spades
      Ace Of Spades 3 months ago

      @Bryn Ion ye, probably one of the best character developments yet.

    • Oatsy Jr
      Oatsy Jr 3 months ago +1

      @Red eyes shush child

    • Red eyes
      Red eyes 3 months ago +1

      @Oatsy Jr bruh it’s a pretty basic statement

  • Macro
    Macro 4 months ago +16537

    Mad Maggie's ability is constantly reminding you that her name is Mad Maggie

  • Eimi Fefr
    Eimi Fefr 4 months ago +394

    As a kiwi I found it interesting that Gibralter was written as if of maori descent but the fact that Maggie also speaks maori is really neat and im wondering if they have a kiwi on the team trying to push that kind of choice. Cool to see more representation of my country even if I dont particularly like either of the characters.

    • AJ G
      AJ G 2 months ago +1

      @Bea T. nah, she sounds like your typical Maori Aunty about to give you a hiding

    • HOOVY
      HOOVY 2 months ago +1

      Your a fruit?

    • Sowr temper
      Sowr temper 3 months ago

      Gibraltar is Hawaiian

    • Chulo uce
      Chulo uce 3 months ago

      @Bea T. nah no way we sound completely different

    • Nicki’s Corner
      Nicki’s Corner 3 months ago


  • ZuluZupreme
    ZuluZupreme 4 months ago +189

    I love the character building! This video sends chills down my spine, from the way she shouts "For Salvo!" to ATLA-like voice acting from the Judge (honestly reminded me a little of the Fire-Lord or one of his generals). From The mystery behind Mr. Silva to the breadth of personality Mad Maggie's voice actor puts into every line; it's outstanding!

  • David Guzman
    David Guzman 3 months ago +69

    That “FOR SALVO!!!” got me willing to die for her cause

    • The Mad Doctor
      The Mad Doctor 2 days ago

      I'm sure she definitely has supporters on Salvo. They'll keep her fight going for their homeworld. The Syndicate may paint her a villain, but Salvo knows the truth.

    • snuggle neko
      snuggle neko Month ago +2

      got me on the same mission haha

  • Lesterven
    Lesterven 3 months ago +26

    Love her already
    Her being a fellow Maori
    It's quite incredible with the representation that she gives
    She's also such a cool lady
    I don't usually like how characters from other characters backstories end up as playable characters
    But I can appreciate Maggie

  • MafiaTheViper Ent
    MafiaTheViper Ent 4 months ago +2964

    I think we finally see why they call her mad maggie.. this girl is crazy 😭

    • XxGonadsxX
      XxGonadsxX 3 months ago

      @Rustallo seers and lobas had interesting art style, ramparts just annoying, but this on was just boring

    • koksnase
      koksnase 4 months ago

      @Camila Ribeiras i think its because salvo's suffering under the syndicate. it isn't like modern day americans being patriotic over a garbage country that does more harm to itself than any other country does to it.

    • Rustallo
      Rustallo 4 months ago +2

      @XxGonadsxX Ramparts, Seers and Lobas are worse. also Revs (just forge dying)

    • Casual_DropoutYT
      Casual_DropoutYT 4 months ago


  • MoustacheDR
    MoustacheDR 4 months ago +109

    Something about him saying "you're heading to the Apex games" is so badass to me keep rewatching that ending over and over again.

  • Vapor Steve
    Vapor Steve 3 months ago +43

    Mad Maggie is a character taken from borderlands. Her madness is just so Pandora like. I love it. The design, the personality, the badassery, the voice acting. Props to the team. Great work.

  • Ariikuno
    Ariikuno 4 months ago +83

    Being a Maori I'm really happy to see my culture is noticed across the world and is now a part of my favourite game! Kapai respawn 👍🏼

    • Catpoop Catpoop
      Catpoop Catpoop 3 months ago +2

      I only feel safe when someone from the culture being depicted validates it lol.

    • A.h.t
      A.h.t 3 months ago +1

      Lashgoooo boys

    • ThatOneKidYouKnow
      ThatOneKidYouKnow 4 months ago +2

      Really love the inclusion of a maori character aswell and was so hyped when someone leaked her as being a legend way back when.

    • Tim Haerewa
      Tim Haerewa 4 months ago +1

      Chur fellow new Zealander 🇳🇿

    • JoCaTen
      JoCaTen 4 months ago +2

      @Haywire I know haka, I know the battle cries, just wanted to know what she said. Thanks

  • Judgmental Cat
    Judgmental Cat 25 days ago +1

    One of the things I love about Maggie is that her laughter isn’t crazy or insane sounding, just her laughing at the idea of going to die in the apex games makes her feel much more genuine of a character instead of being a generic crazy villain

  • Nightmonkey 616
    Nightmonkey 616 4 months ago +7402

    I can’t wait to see the “thank you” and “you’re welcome” lines between Fuse and Maggie

    • Jack Cassidy
      Jack Cassidy Month ago +1

      @Bobby Pilster
      Fuse: "Hey thanks Maggie"
      Maggie: "Maaaaan Faq u"

    • the mertbert2010
      the mertbert2010 3 months ago

      Me too m8

    • Lilly Ann Sue
      Lilly Ann Sue 3 months ago

      @Nicolas Guerra haha love love it;) perfect for me no doubt even tho rough but cool w it

  • 600 415
    600 415 4 months ago +5


  • abbsnn cose
    abbsnn cose 3 months ago +7

    I actually love every single line in this short. Best written one so far IMO, and the bit about spitting teeth at people has gotta be one of the coolest things I’ve seen animated

  • お米
    お米 4 months ago +11


  • honkgong • 12.7B views • 1 year ago

    I love how she did the haka before she was about to die, she's got mad guts and I respect it💪

  • Mr Maiden
    Mr Maiden Month ago +2

    This might be the best lore i've ever seen honestly. No game can invent such a story like Apex devs can

  • TheSaviorOfSouls
    TheSaviorOfSouls Month ago

    Its really great how well deleveloped she came out story wise, showed up in all types of trailers and cinematics. Glad for her.

  • wnnalis cioov
    wnnalis cioov 3 months ago +1

    I actually love every single line in this short. Best written one so far IMO, and the bit about spitting teeth at people has gotta be one of the coolest things I’ve seen animated

  • Miss Lie
    Miss Lie 3 months ago

    I can't get enough of these stories from the outlands. Got chills. Ready for MAD MAGGIE

  • TommatPL
    TommatPL 4 months ago +1785

    The fact that she smashed her own tooth, spit it with that amount of force which destroyed judge’s eye is just… *mad…*

    • Casual_Loser67
      Casual_Loser67 26 days ago

      @TheStasior it is stronger than even a kraber shot

    • Tony
      Tony 2 months ago

      @Faolan because the emperor wanted it that way

    • Musky Stardust
      Musky Stardust 3 months ago

      Name is Maggie

    • Alex H
      Alex H 4 months ago +3

      What's impressive is that she got the right tooth. I can't get the right gap with a toothpick and she smashed out the right one first try.

    • sareth90
      sareth90 4 months ago +3

      more like "Phisically and humanly impossible"

  • jennidoyle
    jennidoyle 4 months ago +1

    muy brutal el personaje una gran guerrera ,que acepta la muerte como su amiga, pero no por cualquiera .

  • snuggle neko
    snuggle neko Month ago

    "I've been ready to die for salvo EVERY day since I was 12" look guys. idk why I feel so much affection for Maggie especially in this one line. she's badass asf. idc.
    and really, she breaths for her home and it's freedom

  • ktmsx6
    ktmsx6 4 months ago +3

    It would be crazy if mad maggie sings 2:26 this when she uses ultimate or uses ultimate accelerant card.

  • Michael V
    Michael V 3 months ago +1

    May the gamers learn what freedom means through this character and make their life more interesting

  • y x
    y x 3 months ago

    Of all the things the judge said about Maggie, i agree with him for the last one. The amount of innocent lifes lost that day is a bit too much. And i love Maggie's VA when she spoke about the price of freedom. You could tell in her voice the regret and sadness when talks about that incident

  • Slif3r_ ttv
    Slif3r_ ttv 16 days ago

    I love her sooo much. She fits me perfectly because I’ve always been a solo player.

  • aung say
    aung say 3 months ago

    She seems like she’d be crazy and wild in the game. I can’t wait for her cause I’d actually love to try her out.

  • Cristina 🔞T[A]P Me!! to Have [𝐒]𝐄𝐗 With 𝐌𝐞

    I love that she has a different purpose in the games compared to the rest of them. She’s there for punishment

  • uniworkhorse
    uniworkhorse 4 months ago +1802

    I originally thought it would be lame for Maggie to turn from hating the syndicate to joining the games, but the writers’ ability to give her a good reason to join is amazing- never thought the games would be a punishment!

    • Max/rose Fox anime
      Max/rose Fox anime 3 months ago

      @PhantasticMrPhasma what lol it true they don't have to watch them

    • PhantasticMrPhasma
      PhantasticMrPhasma 3 months ago

      @James A Sellers nothing to do with small, its your weak mentality. On your way now

    • PhantasticMrPhasma
      PhantasticMrPhasma 3 months ago

      @Max/rose Fox anime hush runt

  • drumto
    drumto 4 months ago +5

    Yeah, i kinda had more respect for Maggie than Fuse ever since his story dropped cause she had a clear loyalty to her heritage even tho she is clearly crazy. You have to respect the resistance she puts up for her planet

    • G G
      G G 3 months ago +2

      Lost all respect for her since the moment she threw gifted bomb behind fuses back

  • Stuff to Do with Anime
    Stuff to Do with Anime 4 months ago +2

    EA might as well make a full animated series of Apex Legends...It has really good lore

  • rzecta
    rzecta 4 months ago +1

    I think it’d be really cool if they added a campaign type game mode so you can play some of the legends story’s

  • Callie👀𝓕**СК МЕ - СНЕ𝓒𝓚 𝓜𝓨 🔞Р𝓡0𝓕𝓘𝓛Е

    muy brutal el personaje una gran guerrera ,que acepta la muerte como su amiga, pero no por cualquiera .

  • Joseph Daniels
    Joseph Daniels 4 months ago +5178

    Glad their emphasizing that the apex games aren’t just a cash grab, but a court sentence next to execution as well

    • A.h.t
      A.h.t 3 months ago

      Facts. You can really tell that respawn isn't just making this for money. They take pride in their jobs and they really listen and love the community. From playing cod to coming to apex I think I will play this game forever until I get bored.

    • Tävling Apa
      Tävling Apa 4 months ago

      @DetoNate FPS As well as Octane explicitly saying there was a "Respawn Chamber" in season 3.

    • Kono Dio Da
      Kono Dio Da 4 months ago

      @Tolawa so underrated its top comment

    • ᏒᏋᏗᎮᏋᏒ
      ᏒᏋᏗᎮᏋᏒ 4 months ago

      @Elim Garak then Titanfall has a terrible writting script if same Apex has a terrible writing script...

    • Tophy
      Tophy 4 months ago

      @Shadow Shot I want to underline that, to this day, we have no clear statement by the writers on how the Games actually work. All we have are hints that might be deliberately misleading and/or wrong.

  • Ganondorf, King of the Gerudo

    She's such a badass. I already commented, but I keep coming back. I wasn't interested about her arrival as a character, but after this, I super am. E x c i t e

  • icecold1811
    icecold1811 4 months ago +1

    I’m retired from APEX but I still love the lore

  • Lydia Larson
    Lydia Larson 3 months ago

    Okay I wasn’t really excited to see Maggie as a legend but now I’m really excited to see what her kit will be (flying teeth that blind people as her tactical😂)

  • GenoCyber
    GenoCyber 4 months ago

    Nice to see apex still going strong. I remember so many haters saying this game will die out when it released, it was all hype. Nah they made an entire universe out of this. I just hope mechanic wise they haven’t changed too much because I want to get back into it

  • aptkays
    aptkays 4 months ago +2215

    I love that she has a different purpose in the games compared to the rest of them. She’s there for punishment

    • Artek
      Artek 4 months ago +1

      @the derp sandwich this is the best 2 line summary of a character I've ever seen. Made me stop drinking my coffee to laugh.

    • Ren Will
      Ren Will 4 months ago

      Syndicate followers

    • Soul
      Soul 4 months ago

      @the derp sandwich um he has killed forge, but he's in connections with Hammond so yeh, no known people who are not connected to Hammond being killed by revenant outside of the games

    • Nova Enforcer15
      Nova Enforcer15 4 months ago +1

      I mean bloodpsort is bloodsport. From settling scores to being celebrities to finding the truth and now punishment. This is how you introduce your characters to being “legends” unlike overwatch and their “heroes”

  • niddg viiut
    niddg viiut 3 months ago

    Also the way maggie breaks her tooth just to shoot it at the judge's eyes is amazing and terrifyng, her name is true, she is mad.

  • Hohaia Reihana
    Hohaia Reihana 3 months ago +3

    The chant she does before she’s about to die is in Māori the native language of New Zealand (Im for New Zealand and speak the language) so just to translate
    Kia kaha,Kia toa, kia manawa nui
    He toa he toa Kia kaha ra
    Be strong,be brave, have a strong heart
    A champion, a warrior be strong
    (Translated of the top of my head)

    ///XSHADOWXLEGIONX\\\ 2 months ago

    I always thought she was the villain of the apex legends but after seeing why she did all that fighting she did it for her people for her home….that is a true freedom fighter

  • Spike Bebop
    Spike Bebop 4 months ago +1

    Love the story trailers. Very stylish 👏🏻👏🏻

  • Rag Tagg
    Rag Tagg 4 months ago +8689

    Judge: Salvo is a syndicate world n...

  • BuffyBunny
    BuffyBunny 3 months ago +1

    People think Maggie is just crazy..
    In my opinion, Maggie is a fearless woman who was fighting for civil rights for Salvo. So yeah I actually can't wait to see how she'll take on Apex.

  • Obed Rosso
    Obed Rosso 3 months ago +1

    You guys should add a legend for season 13 that’s a healer that uses nature to heal people on the team

  • HumbleRumble Savage808
    HumbleRumble Savage808 4 months ago +24

    She just pulled out the Haka, Mad sista was ready to go down fighting. What a Legend

  • JAY-JAYT420
    JAY-JAYT420 3 months ago +2

    If we’ve learnt anything from the fuse an maggie’s past its going to be a constant competition, hacking and some character development. Love or hate she’s going to dominate

  • Kappa Yuri
    Kappa Yuri 4 months ago +2151

    Breaking her teeth on purpose to shoot it to the Judge. Now thats Mad. Perfectly executed Apex Legends.

    • AceMaoriz
      AceMaoriz 4 months ago

      @TigerDalanDan Haka is actually just a New Zealand thing. Certain other islands have their own versions of it, but it's not an Australian thing

    • TigerDalanDan
      TigerDalanDan 4 months ago

      @Keyblade Rasta Ask them that, not me.
      It's their cultural war dance.

    • Keyblade Rasta
      Keyblade Rasta 4 months ago

      @TigerDalanDan how is a haka cool for Australians

    • 50% Truthful
      50% Truthful 4 months ago

      @Versace_Sheets Nobody cares

    • MynameisJeff
      MynameisJeff 4 months ago

      @Kookie-MonStar No well i don't know the main story but i know her and revenant are important if they get a new map gridiron more lore about them will be brought up i believe

  • repeekyraid cero
    repeekyraid cero 3 months ago

    I feel exceedingly sorry for her... :(
    I might play for her, after all she seems like a nice person deep down.
    (Which goes for all people who are friends with old mate fusey.)

  • Random asian Dude
    Random asian Dude Month ago

    1:36 gives me chills everytime I watch this scene
    "Salvo's a free world, no matter who's flag you shove in her soil"

  • Sinomah
    Sinomah 4 months ago +2

    My girrrrrr!!!!

  • Joseph Hill
    Joseph Hill 4 months ago +2

    I don't care what anybody says, Mad Maggie is a badass.

  • derjus97
    derjus97 4 months ago +4216

    Imagine if results that Maggie isn't the next legend. Like a "Forge moment"

  • IcyX
    IcyX 3 months ago +1

    After seeing this and Arcane I’m ready for Apex to be on Netflix as a series 🤷🏾‍♂️

  • Codename1 1
    Codename1 1 25 days ago

    I want them to make a series with this animation. That league of legends animation did well with a similar style

  • Austin Urquhart
    Austin Urquhart 2 months ago

    2:05 that whole sequence 😳 so badass

  • kimoy kalinago
    kimoy kalinago 4 months ago


  • Connor Tollit
    Connor Tollit 4 months ago +2353

    I like Maggie now, she seemed annoying in the fuse trailer but she actually has motivation and a cause to fight for.

    EOTWKDP 3 months ago

    You have to respect Maggie for her dedication

  • Hummaz Hughes
    Hummaz Hughes 4 months ago +6

    There are a lot of things I've waited for in this season, as a maori, I've waited for a maori legend or a Polynesian legend to come since gibbys was added on
    I also wanted to see seer get a big buff after either EA or Respawn nerfed him so hard that I even called it a racist nerf in his debut season

  • J F
    J F 3 months ago

    This was outstanding. PLEASE make a TV show like this!

  • 513
    513 4 months ago

    Can we talk about the animation??! It’s so much more better from the previous we’ve gotten this season

  • Daniela 🍒𝐹**СК МЕ - СНЕ𝒞𝒦 𝑀𝒴 Р𝑅𝟢𝐹𝐼𝐿Е

    muy brutal el personaje una gran guerrera ,que acepta la muerte como su amiga, pero no por cualquiera .

  • Alina 🔥𝐆𝐨 𝐓𝐨 𝐌𝐲 𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐧𝐧𝐞𝐥 [𝐋!𝐯𝐞]

    muy brutal el personaje una gran guerrera ,que acepta la muerte como su amiga, pero no por cualquiera .

  • Jeniffer-H0T Girl-C0me 0ver L!ve

    muy brutal el personaje una gran guerrera ,que acepta la muerte como su amiga, pero no por cualquiera .

  • -NENCY- Go To My ChanneI! L!VE NOW

    muy brutal el personaje una gran guerrera ,que acepta la muerte como su amiga, pero no por cualquiera .

  • Melisha 👉 𝐹**СК МЕ - СНЕ𝒞𝒦 𝑀𝒴 Р𝑅𝟢𝐹𝐼𝐿Е

    muy brutal el personaje una gran guerrera ,que acepta la muerte como su amiga, pero no por cualquiera .

  • koiun dwrru
    koiun dwrru 3 months ago +1


  • mijuo roui
    mijuo roui 3 months ago

    Something about him saying "you're heading to the Apex games" is so badass to me keep rewatching that ending over and over again.

  • HealingMinds
    HealingMinds 2 months ago

    Wish these was longer like mini episodes they're sooo good

  • Twolol
    Twolol 4 months ago +6370

    a punishment to stay on apex legends is really ruthless
    her mental wont handle teammates leaving on hotdrop within 2 seconds

    • Rice Cooker
      Rice Cooker 3 months ago

      Only twolol can meme on the entirety of apex and gain popularity, love your content dude!

    • Seena
      Seena 4 months ago

      @Kuma BAHAHAHHA

    • John Fan
      John Fan 4 months ago +1

      @Yombo The rudest and meanest team ever exist in this world?

    • JP
      JP 4 months ago +1

      @Kuma She's a Kiwi

    • Malaki
      Malaki 4 months ago

      Or them constantly rushing, getting nocked and then blaming her for not following them everywhere like a dog

  • Orenji Neko
    Orenji Neko 4 months ago +1

    The fact that she broke off her teeth and spit it on the judge's face just to make a point (and blind him in one eye as a byproduct) makes her an absolute savage.

  • JUAN17024
    JUAN17024 4 months ago

    Props to the writers for having Maggie to be a meh/annoying character to be one of the most interesting ones I have seen so far. Might even main her just because the development they gave her

  • Ttvstreamer1895
    Ttvstreamer1895 4 months ago +1

    Fuse: at least Maggie can’t hurt me after she died
    Maggie is the new legend
    Fuse: Emotional damage 😢

  • Cristian Canete
    Cristian Canete 4 months ago

    Creo que el nuevo personaje tendrá habilidades con respecto al sonido, puede que aturda a los enemigos con sonido, también puede crear sonidos para confundir al enemigo.

  • Lonely Sandwich
    Lonely Sandwich 4 months ago +8503

    Her heirloom: Fuse’s Arm

    • Skalet
      Skalet 19 days ago

      Just Saw that video YES WE NEED TGAT

    • Zeal
      Zeal 22 days ago


    • jumpo
      jumpo 22 days ago

      Your actually here🤯

    • kenny seawood
      kenny seawood 26 days ago

      Her heirloom should be brave knuckles 😈😈

    • Hedgehog0zero
      Hedgehog0zero 28 days ago


  • The Golden Pork
    The Golden Pork 4 months ago

    These animations for each character in Apex remind me of the way Blizzard used to make cinematics for their games back in the day. Has a similar quality caliber to it.

  • kenny
    kenny Month ago +1

    If they did a series like League of Legends it would be wildly successful

  • Pavel
    Pavel 4 months ago +3

    As someone from the Slavic minority, I am still wondering when there will be an Eastern European-type character. Nonetheless, I love what this game is doing with representation.

  • Gunz_Girly
    Gunz_Girly 3 months ago

    I can't believe Mad Mags is returning to us, and this time as a fully fledged legend. Clearly Mr. Silva is in charge now!

  • Chase Acker
    Chase Acker 4 months ago +1831

    In the words of Maggie “every show needs a big finish”

  • EcHoZ Hunter
    EcHoZ Hunter 3 months ago

    I like that they made her a good balance of psychotic and understandable. You don’t necessarily agree with her actions, but they are understandable

  • -ALEXA-🥂T[A]P Me!! to Have [𝐒]𝐄𝐗 With 𝐌𝐞

    I originally thought it would be lame for Maggie to turn from hating the syndicate to joining the games, but the writers’ ability to give her a good reason to join is amazing- never thought the games would be a punishment!

    • Foxy Playz
      Foxy Playz 3 months ago

      Eyo I think the bot account is glitching, it isn't just spamming links

  • Benjamin Philips
    Benjamin Philips 3 months ago +2

    I"I've been ready to die for Salvo...TILL THIS DAY! TILL THIS DAY!" -Mad maggie

  • G-Mineo
    G-Mineo 4 months ago

    Mad Maggie is going to be a major problem in the Apex games and we love to see it.

  • ThatPaoloGuy
    ThatPaoloGuy 4 months ago +845

    Mad Maggie Ability Breakdown:
    Ultimate: Annoy allies and enemies to death
    Tactical: Spit Teeth
    Passive: Regens health every time she tells a story of the good ol days

    • MagicMaddie
      MagicMaddie 3 months ago +4

      Tactical ability drains 5 health upon use. 3 charges

    • Man Jr. Productions
      Man Jr. Productions 4 months ago +10

      Too unbalanced; she’d need nerfs, smh

    • mmm kay
      mmm kay 4 months ago +25

      Nah, her passive is reminding everyone she's Mad Maggie

    • Groged Up
      Groged Up 4 months ago +12

      I would not be mad at this

  • Blu
    Blu 4 months ago

    That was freaking epic! Mad Maggie looks such like a badass

  • seksty
    seksty 3 months ago

    i can't wait to hear the interactions between maggie and revenant, it would be cool if rev admire maggies confidence

  • Md Sadek
    Md Sadek 4 months ago

    Great game , keep going guys .

  • Kevin Vu
    Kevin Vu 4 months ago +1

    Octanes dad being a villain was something I never expected. I can see why octane doesn't get along with his old man

    • Un Shakl3d
      Un Shakl3d 4 months ago

      Well he's responsible for the attack in season 7 and he's also responsible for the vine virus on Olympus

  • Diego Grajeda
    Diego Grajeda 4 months ago +1011

    Ufff I LOVE they didn't just place Maggie as a careless psicopath but someone with really strong ideals and sense of humor towards death.

    • Destraight
      Destraight 3 months ago

      Idk she sounded pretty sadistic on Fuzes entry video. Did you see how many people she killed with those ships cannons?

    • blank face
      blank face 3 months ago

      it makes her boring.

    • squiddy ft.insecurities
      squiddy ft.insecurities 3 months ago +1

      @Liam Malone yeah thats bull

    • Liam Malone
      Liam Malone 3 months ago +1

      She's a warlord and warlords are on the same lines of drug lords just look at Mr Chapo Guzman he did "good things" for the people of his Pueblo. And any tyrant at the start of his game did the same thing 👌🔥

  • RossDog
    RossDog 3 months ago +1

    If you're here watching This and feeling inspired then keep going grinding away! keep up the good work and Never Give Up!

  • Steven F
    Steven F 4 months ago

    most badass charecter to date, love the dedication

  • Blando Blando
    Blando Blando 3 months ago

    I Can’t Stop Watching This Maggie Is , When She States “I’ve Been Ready To Die For Salvo Since I Was 12” Then Gave Her Chant Before The Firing Squad Like A Devoted Warrior