Fried Pork Cutlet(Tonkatsu) & Must Try RAMEN in Tokyo Japan

  • Published on Jun 16, 2018
  • Yes, I'm finally in Japan!
    My first meal in Japan was at a tonkatsu pork restaurant, and I could see why it was highly rated. The pork was perfectly crispy and so juicy. I really loved the pork over rice, and you can't go wrong with the tonkatsu sandwich.
    After 3 pork dishes, I was in the mood for some ramen. I ordered 2 bowls: Yuzuratan ramen and Yuzu Tsuyu Tsukemen (dip ramen). I really loved how in the spicy ramen, the noodles just soaked up all the broth.
    Finally, since I was in Harajuku, I had to end the night with some dessert. Harajuku is known for crepes, so I went to a location that had an assortment of choices. I got the blueberry cheesecake crepe. Yeah... maybe a bit heavy after the 2 dinners I finished. Anyhow, it was amazingly crispy, and the tartness of the blueberries in combination with the soft cheesecake made it the perfect combination!
    Maisen || Tonkatsu
    Afuri || Ramen
    Crepes from Harajuku
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  • Yuki dick
    Yuki dick 6 days ago

    How the fk can u put soo much food into u

  • Yan Campos
    Yan Campos 17 days ago

    I don't see no juice I see oil

  • Lost Sol
    Lost Sol 20 days ago

    This dude is funny af

  • aidya64529
    aidya64529 Month ago

    Tsuk-A-men 😝 Gotta love Mike!

  • Minnie Roberts
    Minnie Roberts Month ago

    What kind of vinegar do you use on your noodlesetc.

  • Asahi Biswas
    Asahi Biswas Month ago

    U r also a RU-clip celebrity. Having 2.4M sub is not a small deal .

  • Asahi Biswas
    Asahi Biswas Month ago

    He get orgasam every time pork touches his mouth

  • lady bird
    lady bird Month ago

    Okay. Is that a stomach or a black hole!! 😲

  • Bianca Eubanks
    Bianca Eubanks Month ago +1

    Always makes me hungry watching him

  • varun kumar
    varun kumar Month ago

    I just had dinner minutes ago but watching his videos kinda turns my stomach to super saiyan...bcoz I m crazy hungry NOW

  • Bob
    Bob Month ago

    I tried afuri ramen last week and I was disappointed to be honest. It was only mediocre and too citrusy for my taste. I went to the one close to roppongi station.
    I found these 2 Ramen places way better (they were amazing):
    麺屋 武士道 都立大学店 in meguro
    Oreryu Shio-ramen Shibuya-main store.
    You have to try these next time you come to tokyo!

  • Adelina Graichen
    Adelina Graichen 2 months ago +1

    Cr Ape?
    It is a crêpe 😂 cräp is right pronounciation

  • Prithviraj Maity
    Prithviraj Maity 2 months ago

    His "jokes" makes me vomit

  • Nitro Natra
    Nitro Natra 2 months ago


  • Nitro Natra
    Nitro Natra 2 months ago

    50329 anyone

  • Kenji Greene
    Kenji Greene 2 months ago

    You need to use the Japanese yelling mustered with that.

  • Dhiren Singh
    Dhiren Singh 2 months ago

    Who heard yeet? When Mike said eat???

  • Ann Other
    Ann Other 2 months ago

    Time for my next pot noodle

  • Ann Other
    Ann Other 2 months ago

    No on-street parking in japan?! Where do they park?!

  • astrokier
    astrokier 2 months ago

    Afuri is awful, noodle was soggy, soup was thin and tasteless. We ditched our food and went and eat elsewhere.

  • Oskar Sundgren
    Oskar Sundgren 2 months ago

    Do a Hotpot video again

  • Abhishek Singh
    Abhishek Singh 2 months ago

    I'm amazed at how much this guy can eat. I can only do that when I'm high on weed

  • Zero Tolerance
    Zero Tolerance 3 months ago

    Дублёр Джеки Чана ?

  • Kiera Kiers
    Kiera Kiers 3 months ago

    The Harry Potter reference fail 🤣

  • Ong Xuanzong
    Ong Xuanzong 3 months ago

    Mike just completed the 10k calories challenge in eases 😂🤭

  • Skullhead531
    Skullhead531 3 months ago

    He is using bcc trolling music at 4:00

  • Roblox
    Roblox 3 months ago +5

    1:05 "So whatever, i'm just going to go. *_YEET_* ."

  • Sun Umbrella
    Sun Umbrella 3 months ago

    I live in Tokyo and I always go to Maisen on my pay day. AFURI is also one of my favorite. If you do not want wheat noodles choose one made from Konnyaku.
    Hope many ppl who watched this experience both dishes

  • Chris Takita
    Chris Takita 4 months ago

    Cabbage refill is a must for tonkatsu joints!

  • herlena de lange
    herlena de lange 4 months ago


  • Juliana Oiej
    Juliana Oiej 4 months ago


  • Henny Leonardi
    Henny Leonardi 4 months ago +1

    Where is this Maisen restaurant located in Tokyo? Thanks

  • andrew howard
    andrew howard 4 months ago +2

    Hi may i know the address of this restaurant located in Tokyo? MAISEN? Coz you didnt tell the address. Thanks

    • Crunchy Apple
      Crunchy Apple 3 months ago

      It's in the description along with the other restaurants :)

  • Ang Li
    Ang Li 4 months ago

    I swear this guy has the stomach of Matt Stony

  • Deborah Nance
    Deborah Nance 4 months ago

    I could eat pork everyday anytime. You are making me hungry.🐷🐖🐽 I would buy those chopsticks.

  • Mei Kit
    Mei Kit 4 months ago

    OMG I have eaten the Afuri ramen. It was sooooo delicious, almost magical.

  • Niraj Kumar
    Niraj Kumar 4 months ago

    Does the cameraman also help you finish the food ?

  • tomomi takayama
    tomomi takayama 4 months ago

    am3:20😂😂😂😂😂i m hungry help me

  • keithtko
    keithtko 4 months ago

    Tonkatsu maisen is expensive.

  • TheFireninja79
    TheFireninja79 4 months ago +1

    I'm on a dieeeeeeeeeet! WHY AM I WATCHING THIS???? HELP ME O'LORD

  • Arjin Ling
    Arjin Ling 4 months ago

    Afuri forever! 🙌 You need to find their instant noodle cups. Only available 2 of 4 seasons. And visit their Portland, OR ramen shops in the States.

  • ShinyP
    ShinyP 5 months ago

    Why am I torturing myself!! Wtf?!?!

  • megacat
    megacat 5 months ago

    I wonder how you are able to just walk into those ramen places. The ramen places near where I live have 1-2 hour lines even at 2am

  • X F
    X F 5 months ago

    Lol "like drowning in a billion dollars"

  • Paytan Brown
    Paytan Brown 5 months ago +1

    I am a beautiful pork cutlet bowl - Yuri on Ice

  • I want to die
    I want to die 5 months ago

    I hope they have ramen bowls without pork so we Muslims can enjoy it too : )

  • Charsept
    Charsept 5 months ago

    At the ramen place, is there a way to hold the pork belly?
    The whole reason we are going to that ramen place is because we are kosher and i heard the broth there is chicken and dashi based.
    So it coming with the chashu would kinda defeat the purpose

  • Neo
    Neo 5 months ago

    You are my Ramen Expert. Let's go places and fill our tummy with some yummy ;)

    LXKEEM 5 months ago

    he says 'newdles' instead of 'noodles' LOL

  • Junior Kamara
    Junior Kamara 6 months ago

    Bad intro

  • Syristar
    Syristar 6 months ago

    I love all of your videos

  • AnaxErik4ever
    AnaxErik4ever 6 months ago +1

    All that delicious tonkatsu pork, and then two whole bowls of ramen?! Good lord, Mikey has at least three stomachs. Not to mention seeing ramen and other noodles always makes me feel a bit hungry.

  • E H
    E H 6 months ago

    I am SOOO jealous right now. Mail some this way!!

  • xp3rimental
    xp3rimental 6 months ago


  • SS Danimal
    SS Danimal 6 months ago

    Mike, it’s not hokus pokus... it’s LevioSSAAAAHHH!

  • 14299
    14299 6 months ago

    If I ever ate the amount he ate in a day in this vid my coach would kill me

    • 14299
      14299 6 months ago


  • Lilac Clothing
    Lilac Clothing 6 months ago

    Ahh!! Loveeeeee maisen. I always go there when visiting japan.. anw u should try the ‘tokyo-x’ one. It super good, i think much nicer than kurobuta pork. Yums! Love your video!

  • AlucardFTW5
    AlucardFTW5 6 months ago

    Your video made me crave tonkatsu... unfortunately the nearest place that serves that is almost 45 min away... so i settled for a hibachi tofu bowl thats getting delivered to my house 😝

  • Wendy Munter
    Wendy Munter 6 months ago

    🤤🍴so jealous

  • Denise Marie
    Denise Marie 6 months ago

    I bet you're the best boyfriend cuz u always want to go out to eat 😂not having to worry about you at the clubs.