Turned Wood vase

  • Published on Nov 21, 2018
  • A vase in a maple crotch
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  • Carlos Torres
    Carlos Torres Day ago


  • Антон Кузнецов

    Полная хуйня

  • Starlight Engram
    Starlight Engram 3 days ago

    I would have a sheet metal glide attached to the glove where it comes near the chuck to slide instead of snag the glove in a mishap. I've been "grabbed" a couple-few times with power tools and they are a lot more powerful than you would expect. One peeled me pretty good once, too. Like rolling the tin top off of a sardine can. Takes awhile to heal also.

    • SekTauBand
      SekTauBand 3 days ago

      i was freaking out when he reached over the chuck while parting! i was waiting for it to grab his sleeve

  • Shyamkanhai Gurumayum

    Good product

  • Silver to burn
    Silver to burn 5 days ago

    cool, right there!

  • ملك الويب
    ملك الويب 6 days ago


  • Алексей Андреев

    Хотел Буратино вытачить, а получился светильник. Но мне кажется дешевле и проще было бы купить на барахолке что-нибудь подобное.

  • sniper zonk
    sniper zonk 6 days ago

    Like it

  • Marco van Noort
    Marco van Noort 7 days ago

    Nice !

  • Onur IŞIK
    Onur IŞIK 8 days ago

    o vazoyu ananızın amına sokun ibinenin evlatları

  • Green Profit UA
    Green Profit UA 10 days ago


  • Cтанислав Букин

    не хера не понятно, но очень интересно.....

  • El Esposo Tóxico
    El Esposo Tóxico 11 days ago

    Q mamada hiciste??? Tiene algo de utilidad eso??

  • stefan
    stefan 13 days ago +1

    senin ben ananı sikeyim

  • akash Kumar Dj
    akash Kumar Dj 14 days ago +1

    सर से जब चुनरी सरके अखियां फर के ना ही चले चुनरिया

  • Sangat Lihay
    Sangat Lihay 14 days ago

    Wat tehek

  • Verla Hock
    Verla Hock 15 days ago +8

    I heard about wood prix instructions good opinions.


    Nice work

  • Juan Persán
    Juan Persán 15 days ago

    A desgraciao viejito, es loco

  • Howard Swing
    Howard Swing 15 days ago

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  • Виталий Полчихин

    Ну не знаю наверно у него была какая-то задумка просто неполучилось но видать доделает ведь можно кое что додумать там масса вариантов!

  • Exotic Rock Productions

    Nice catch at the end there! Good work!

  • عبودي Aa
    عبودي Aa 19 days ago

    الي سعودي يقول نا

  • Ranjit Kumar Sharma
    Ranjit Kumar Sharma 19 days ago

    Good nic

  • Lacy McKnight
    Lacy McKnight 21 day ago

    I wonder why there are so many dislikes? What is there not to like?

  • Sam Croninger
    Sam Croninger 23 days ago

    Thank you for the video. Where did you get the forsner bit with that extension for it. That is a really slick system. I have also not seen a hook shaped like that one. Where did you find it or did you make it yourself? Merci beaucoup.

    • Pierre Lussier
      Pierre Lussier  23 days ago

      For the forester bit Leevalley.com for the hook tool andremartel.com

  • marcelo cesti
    marcelo cesti 24 days ago

    Diecinueve minutos de video para que haga esa porqueria horrible, no lo vean

  • cesar gutierrez
    cesar gutierrez 25 days ago

    Quedó bonita la weá, no me imagino para que sirve, tal vez no sirva para nada, pero quedó bonita.

  • Chris L
    Chris L 25 days ago +4

    I was loving it right up until you cut a potentially beautiful base right off the bottom of it, and destroyed what could have been.

  • Андрей Волгогадский

    Ролик для нариков

  • Will West
    Will West 27 days ago

    Faşist partinin reklamı neden tüm videolardan önce cıkıyor bilgisi olan var mi

  • Joseph Wise
    Joseph Wise 29 days ago

    Very nice piece. I really liked your forstner bits, and how you were able to put an extension on them. I have never seen a setup like that before.

  • Lay's DIY
    Lay's DIY Month ago


  • francisco ari Cafe
    francisco ari Cafe Month ago +2

    Meu amigo eu admiro demais este trabalho é uma das profissões mais bacana que eu acho.

  • Woodworking Craftsman

    i like it

  • Золотые Руки


  • doyleaudio
    doyleaudio Month ago

    What the hell is wrong with 6,500 people? This is wonderful craftsmanship. How can anyone let alone 6500 people give it a thumbs down? No really . Why would you?

  • Jack Jefferson
    Jack Jefferson Month ago


  • David M
    David M Month ago +4

    *Fold down tail stock*
    *Hook hollowing tool*
    I'll take "Awesome tools I never knew existed for $500, Alex!"

  • Pachuka
    Pachuka Month ago

    Дизлайк и отписка. Вообще ! в россии скоро жрать нечего будет совсем, а он тут вазочки точит...

  • Turkey Creek Knives
    Turkey Creek Knives Month ago +1

    Thank you for getting back to me

  • Valerko Emelyanenko

    Потратил уйму времени на какую-то хрень

  • Familen Følster
    Familen Følster Month ago

    Nice work. Is it not very dangerous to operate a wood lathe with gloves ?

  • Rolando garcia mendoza

    Buenas las herramientas utilizadas.. lastima la basura que hacen con ellas..

  • Matias Moyano
    Matias Moyano Month ago

    Jajajaja y que mierda es jajaja

  • ночной тип

    Я так понял что это ваза для цветов??

  • Turkey Creek Knives

    That hook makes quick work on that wood never tried going to look into where did you get the bar extensions for foster bits never seen one that long
    Nice vase

  • علی اکبر غلامرضایی

    سلام .
    بسیار آموزنده است و بسیار نادیدنی ها را می توان در You Tubeتماشا و مشاهده نمود .
    من که خرسند هستم .

  • Phil S
    Phil S Month ago

    Nice catch when parting it off - also nice vase - would like to see it when finished - thanks for sharing your video

    • Pierre Lussier
      Pierre Lussier  Month ago

      Phil S if you go to the end of the video there it is all finish

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  • Toro53
    Toro53 Month ago

    You don't have a chainsaw of an axe to the roughing workjob ?

  • Cheryl Fitch
    Cheryl Fitch Month ago

    Love it 🥰

  • Jen Alexander
    Jen Alexander Month ago


  • Sirios Star
    Sirios Star Month ago

    Beautiful !

  • Brisa Lobato
    Brisa Lobato Month ago +1

    Tanto trabajo para una mamada

  • mohammed ZAFFAR
    mohammed ZAFFAR Month ago +1

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    You are created specia but
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  • вата вата
    вата вата Month ago

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  • Лаборатория ЧПУшника

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  • Новая Русь

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  • Kizaru Nazarenko
    Kizaru Nazarenko Month ago

    0:43 бля ну его нахуй! а если бы вылетела?

  • D J
    D J Month ago

    I'd have done some preliminary shaping on a band or table saw... but that's me....

    WIN RAR Month ago

    20 минут поебени. хорошо,что посмотрел последние 20 сек

  • Rocket75
    Rocket75 Month ago


  • zetus kid
    zetus kid Month ago

    Nice job! Looks fantastic. Where did you get that set up to hold your forestner bits? Looks like u just tighten them & go. Thanks for sharing.

  • walter randle
    walter randle Month ago


  • Milo Barrowclough
    Milo Barrowclough Month ago

    nice design

  • DEZINHO 022
    DEZINHO 022 Month ago +2

    Como ele faz para deixar apenas o som do metal raspando na madeira?? 👏

  • Mez Roth
    Mez Roth 2 months ago

    Why did you make this?

  • marcus O'realyus
    marcus O'realyus 2 months ago

    Not great,bit of a waist of time

  • Alican Gezgin
    Alican Gezgin 2 months ago


  • Akbar Gamming
    Akbar Gamming 2 months ago


  • Jim Pierce Jr
    Jim Pierce Jr 2 months ago

    where can I get the hook tool you used on this project?

  • Chianti Harkins
    Chianti Harkins 2 months ago

    So beautiful!!!

  • bentontool
    bentontool 2 months ago

    The hallmark of a master... making something that is difficult to do appear simple...

  • Crys Reis
    Crys Reis 2 months ago

    show .... Lindo...

  • lila a
    lila a 2 months ago +2

    Ke hermosura heres lo maximo.🙏👍😙

  • Светлана ДЕНИСОВА

    Да уж... Я думала Буратино получится- не меньше...

  • Wood Art World
    Wood Art World 2 months ago

    Mình muốn mua lại kênh này giá cao. Liên lạc nếu bạn muốn bán nhé

  • Енот Мил
    Енот Мил 2 months ago +1

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    Енот Мил 2 months ago +1

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  • Canada72
    Canada72 2 months ago +2

    Mon Dieu... C'est encroyable! Felicitations!

  • Breno Rocha
    Breno Rocha 2 months ago

    Q bosta é essa?

  • Harley Explores
    Harley Explores 2 months ago

    Why are there so many Russian comments

  • Илюха спб
    Илюха спб 2 months ago

    И че это за залупень)))

  • Gazr Gazr
    Gazr Gazr 2 months ago


  • vincent7520
    vincent7520 2 months ago

    from a beautiful maple crotch to another piece sold in Walmart !

    • Cheryl Fitch
      Cheryl Fitch Month ago

      Vincent, was that a blessing or a curse? Just wondering...

  • vincent7520
    vincent7520 2 months ago

    Maple crotch plutôt, non ?

  • андрей савельев

    Ну и зачем столько снимал, я то думал будет одна нога, но две ниши под цветы, а так можно было топором обтесать буквально за 3 минуты и только в конце использовать станок. Разочарован.

  • ing ychx
    ing ychx 2 months ago

    how to use it ?

  • Дмитрий Костюрин

    А вообще можно и без болгарки сделать редуктор! Помните как делали на старинных мельницах с деревянными зубьями! Примерно так-же, только из железа!

  • Дмитрий Костюрин

    Я сначала подумал что он теперь всё будет пилить ножовкой! Потому что болгарку разобрал! Прикольный мужик :)))

  • The Reaper Hunter
    The Reaper Hunter 2 months ago

    Why all the Dislikes?

  • Bill Green
    Bill Green 2 months ago

    what kind of tool did you use to finish the inside top of the bowl, a hollowing tool?

  • Adel Abdrahmanov
    Adel Abdrahmanov 2 months ago +1

    Меня бы мой трудовик за эту перчатку пизды бы дал.

    • Леонид Шипилов
      Леонид Шипилов 2 months ago

      Видимо этот дядька не знает каково это, когда в тебя летит киянка от трудовика за очередной проеб)))

  • Рустам Рамазанов

    художник походу)))

  • LaverFlame
    LaverFlame 2 months ago +5

    Большей хуйни я ещё не видел.

  • bertrand massé
    bertrand massé 2 months ago

    c nul
    tu gaspille trop de matière...scandale...

  • Dave
    Dave 2 months ago

    very well done sir.

  • Тони четыре пальца

    Какую то хуеру выточил.Выкинь её нахуй и не позорься

  • Julio Anibal
    Julio Anibal 2 months ago

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