The Levitating Turntable - What Magic Is This?

  • Published on Oct 5, 2018
  • Behold, the magical levitating turntable...
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  • Unbox Therapy
    Unbox Therapy  11 months ago +1468


    • The Beyonder
      The Beyonder 29 days ago

      Could you please write down the song list?

    • mikimike
      mikimike Month ago

      What a terrible review. Your voice is a little irritating, and you were just making a mockery of the turntable anyway with all your clowning. Sorry, but I couldn't stay with the video more than a couple of mins.

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    • Flymochairman1
      Flymochairman1 7 months ago

      That's something else right enough man! First time I've seen Yamaha Speaker units too and I'm no new boy to turntables and all! Neat.

    • Aaron Troughton
      Aaron Troughton 8 months ago

      Does anyone know what the video footage is from in the fade? It's hilarious!

  • BiG Al
    BiG Al 12 hours ago

    But can it scratch?

  • Ryan Clark
    Ryan Clark 20 hours ago

    Well that’s one way to waste $2900...they managed to make insanely priced turntable that does the one thing you don’t want it to do, wobble.

  • Michael McIntyre
    Michael McIntyre Day ago +1

    When the power fails; you'll need to replace your stylus, your record, your ego

    • Ryan Clark
      Ryan Clark 20 hours ago

      Michael McIntyre this is a highly underrated comment 😂👍🏻

  • trident3b
    trident3b Day ago

    indeed a gimmick. I much prefer the sight of my Japanese direct drive with instant torque and ultra flat stable rotation. There is nothing to be gained by this principle. It reminds me of touch screen stuff, just because you can do it it mustn't be implemented in everything... in fact at times, it is totally counter productive... ..but looks "cool" (only).

  • Fallen World
    Fallen World Day ago

    Fucking sweet.

  • Admiral54 Barns
    Admiral54 Barns 2 days ago

    What kind of dog shit video is this? I want to see the technology itself. NOT stupid television programs super imposed on the video.. How fucking stupid.. What is the point to showing the tech, if you can't really see it??? Give any dumb shit a camera and he thinks he's George Fucking Lucas..

  • Bob Dinwiddy
    Bob Dinwiddy 2 days ago

    mm : moving magnet : always keep your stylus AWAY from magnetic fields - like the amplifier's transformer (kinda like lesson one in hifi...) so like I'm HIGHLY sceptical this is a sound idea . . . !!

  • Graham Wright
    Graham Wright 2 days ago

    Oh dear.

  • Frank Winkhorst
    Frank Winkhorst 4 days ago +2

    Some people have entirely too much money and can't figure out what to do with it.

  • j G
    j G 4 days ago

    Love it

  • Kelly Taylor
    Kelly Taylor 13 days ago

    What Yamaha Speakers are those big white ones?

  • paul Issus
    paul Issus 13 days ago

    100% Gimmick.

  • roger anderson
    roger anderson 23 days ago

    what's the tunes ?

  • enzudesign
    enzudesign 23 days ago

    All gimmick no performance.

  • Bruce Taylor
    Bruce Taylor 24 days ago

    Biggest heap of crap, don't fall for it. The platter is unstable and the wow and flutter is off the charts. It's like playing a a badly warped record.

  • Pierre Véronneau
    Pierre Véronneau 26 days ago

    This is a publicity and consumerism at it's worst these ads with unboxing wankers make me sick.!

  • paul ward
    paul ward Month ago

    Would not use this to play vinyl a waste of money

  • arcadiosr
    arcadiosr Month ago

    Matt's Wedding amazing Track!!

  • Jai Shetty
    Jai Shetty Month ago

    that stupid thing wobbles like a penny farthing wheel.

  • mx2000
    mx2000 Month ago

    If it had a levitating stylus, mow that would be some scifi stuff.

  • G Puppy
    G Puppy Month ago

    So cool but yeah thats not good that the platter wobbles

  • Carlos Bauzá
    Carlos Bauzá Month ago

    Magnetic suspension of the platter goes back since the 1960's. The concept works but has not popularized!

  • Jackson Carlo Ollero
    Jackson Carlo Ollero Month ago +2

    Novelty, no real application quality or value of music played. It's a gimmick.

  • Pat Matthews
    Pat Matthews Month ago

    this video is crazy...with the super-imposed dancers

  • Ricardo Piscina
    Ricardo Piscina Month ago

    And what happens if the power supply is cut off?? I'm guessing that platter comes tumbling down most proberly damaging the base!!

    • Drakthorian Aka Tzaphquiel
      Drakthorian Aka Tzaphquiel 5 days ago

      I am guessing you don't know how to google, cause it has capacitators storing enough power to reset it, in case of power loss without any damage to the record or the device..... Stop being such a piece of crap and do some research before complaining

  • Joe
    Joe Month ago

    Hell if I played any of my good records on that thing. Its a gimmick. I'll take my Pro-Ject Debut Carbon Esprit WITH THE SAME CARBON FIBER TONE ARM as this levitating thing, that I paid $600.00 for, over this any day. Just imagine what would happen if the power went out while you were playing a record on this thing...... the platter, your record, and the tone arm/cartridge/stylus would all come crashing down instantly while the platter/record was still spinning at 33.3 RPM!

  • Analog HiFi
    Analog HiFi Month ago

    these Turntables are crazy cool looking. But while they may toot their horn on accuracy of speed via software. The Wow & Flutter is sitting at 0.17% ouch! I think they will improve on this in the future.

  • J Frye
    J Frye Month ago

    wow that turntable stereo system is cool and floats or levitates too unlike crosley cruiser record players.

    • J Frye
      J Frye Month ago

      nice video sir :)

  • R6-D2
    R6-D2 Month ago

    Holy shit I neeD this!

  • Waynefred Learner
    Waynefred Learner Month ago

    here can i get those white speakers?????

  • Santiago Carmona
    Santiago Carmona Month ago

    Please, can anybody tell me the name song between 5:57 - 6:07? Thanks

  • Soundmiser
    Soundmiser 2 months ago

    I watch audio product review videos all the time, and I must say this was one of the most enjoyable ones yet. I loved the visuals and the time you took to explain setup, technology, and waxing poetic at the end (I felt you!). I was wondering how you would describe the audio signature of this piece. Also I found it interesting that they would pair this TT with the inexpensive but very competent Ortofon OM10 cartridge. Your take?

  • nmeunier
    nmeunier 2 months ago

    Where do you find the money to get one of these? $3,000!
    The wobble on the turntable is ridiculous. The motor noise for the support pins is moronic. Sorry, I'll stick with my CD player and my standard turntable.

  • mikelo303
    mikelo303 2 months ago

    This is bullshit on another level for stupid rich people. It has so many disadvantages that I just won't wase my time ti list. And the cringy motor sound of the pegs lowering. Ughhh. Plus you have to wait for it to spin? Seriously this is jus bullshit for morons with cash.

  • Dave Brewer
    Dave Brewer 2 months ago +1

    The Wow & Flutter on this Baby has to be off the charts ?

  • Jon Laws
    Jon Laws 2 months ago +1

    Bunch of wank.

  • Gordon Welford
    Gordon Welford 2 months ago

    Jeezus! That Platter Wobble is More Warpy Than The Warpiest Record! That's Shite!

  • The Hogs Ear Report
    The Hogs Ear Report 2 months ago

    That wobble in the table has to be bad for the record. In time, it would more than likely cause groove wear. NOT impressed.

  • Lucas Hermann
    Lucas Hermann 2 months ago

    One day...

  • Richard Williams
    Richard Williams 2 months ago

    Put on a slipmat and try and scratch on it, lol .... Use the Phase Wireless DVS system

  • Dinuk Silva
    Dinuk Silva 3 months ago

    Whats the Piano Track at 1.25?

  • Phil White
    Phil White 3 months ago

    What is wrong with you? Do you have an inner ear infection? Can you not use your indoor voice???

  • Mehdi J
    Mehdi J 3 months ago

    i have a record that has a tiny bit of bend on it and you can hear the sound going up and down when the needle gets there
    a platter this wobbly even with the best cartridge and records is going to sound like shit
    spend your money on a classic turntable

  • Ben Adams
    Ben Adams 3 months ago

    ITS GRAAAAVIH’IIIII!!!! No wait...

  • Albee213
    Albee213 3 months ago

    Now unleash a cat

  • ggrant098
    ggrant098 3 months ago

    another gimmick to make money

  • johnreynolds71
    johnreynolds71 3 months ago +17

    2900 bucks and the turntable is going up and down like a wrapped record :-(

    • Carewolf
      Carewolf 15 days ago +1

      And playing at an unstable speed audibly distorting the audio :D

  • Jack Evans
    Jack Evans 3 months ago

    If you thump the base unit, the thump sound is still going to transfer through to the platter (via the elevating magnetic field) and then through to the stylus/pickup cartridge.

  • jenky1044
    jenky1044 3 months ago

    3 grand or not, I'm guessing this *dust magnet* won't be working so great in a few months, if it's left out on a shelf or table with your entertainment center.

    SLEEP FIGHTER 4 months ago

    24000 dollars... No mixer, no amp... No another turntable... You can't even touch it to scratch..... oh hell no

  • duncan maclachlan
    duncan maclachlan 4 months ago +1

    It sounds out of pitch and played through tin cans. Not cool but crap money trap

  • Lionheart Roar
    Lionheart Roar 4 months ago +2

    How about playing some music on that fancy thing?

  • bert smith
    bert smith 4 months ago

    Also carbon fiber is a meme.

  • bert smith
    bert smith 4 months ago +1

    the "part" is called a platter.

  • spcolcord
    spcolcord 4 months ago

    Did no one ever teach you to clean a record tho? Those cracks and pops should not be that loud, or frequent.

  • dennis walsh
    dennis walsh 4 months ago

    Pretty amazing at a lot of levels. Most amazing (to me anyway) is accurately holding the center of rotation, wow. The platter does appear to wobble a bit??, at least that's what it appears to do in the video. That is concerning.

  • Andreas Akritas
    Andreas Akritas 5 months ago

    "Listen to this" Really? :)

  • Z Ramirez
    Z Ramirez 5 months ago +2

    Wow that's hot garbage for a record player. Lol its totally designed for people who don't know a single thing about quality turntables. Considering the vinyl hype these days, everyone already knows this is garbage after spending 2 min on RU-clip on how to be a entry level audiophile.

  • jj9k
    jj9k 5 months ago

    As cool as this looks i think the ‘business case’ for spending so much on it might have something to do with the sound quality improvement i presume one gets from magnetism being the only thing linking with the platter ie no motor or belt. Would love to hear it. It looks cool too of course.