A REALLY Weird PC… - System76 Thelio Review

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    There’s more than one company that makes its own operating system and hardware, and today, we’re taking a look at System76’s Thelio, an open source design you can build yourself.
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Comments • 80

  • Linus Tech Tips
    Linus Tech Tips  9 months ago +415

    Use offer code LINUS to get 20% off everything on lmg.gg/mospack4

    • istolit • 10 years ago
      istolit • 10 years ago 3 months ago

      Linus Tech Tips used

    • C P
      C P 8 months ago


    • Kian Moore
      Kian Moore 8 months ago

      Do a review on SuperTuxKart. Just so you can be confused

    • midnightwolf
      midnightwolf 8 months ago

      Still not big enough to replace my old Targus built for 2 very thick laptops, and tons of accessories.

    • alysdexia
      alysdexia 9 months ago

      @lazypizzaguy gibberish

  • Noah Bartlett
    Noah Bartlett 8 hours ago

    I like the idea of linux, but what I like more is having an OS that just runs everything

  • Tom Spiffles
    Tom Spiffles 23 hours ago

    Do they make widows versions that case is very nice

  • AntimatePcCustom

    Now imagine case without components. Then we can talk.

  • Cardinal Funky
    Cardinal Funky Day ago

    Lol, found this video 30 minutes after installing Pop OS.

  • Charlie Baker
    Charlie Baker Day ago

    gross linux

  • Kring
    Kring 2 days ago

    Although I did compile my own Linux kernels sometime in the past, that was more than fifteen years ago. It was also then when I had to install Windows XP without leaving the network cable connected or the PC would get that blaster worm before the installation was even done.

  • Satkrit
    Satkrit 2 days ago

    I personally think that Pop_OS! is trash. It ate so much of my resources and froze a lot.

  • Ravichandran Veluchamy

    Linux Tech Tips

    Did u get it

  • Sasha
    Sasha 4 days ago +1

    I've got a friend who's a bricklayer. He'd never used a computer before, not even in school, but was wasting all his money on PS4 games and asked me to help him build a gaming PC so he could take advantage of Steam sales etc.
    I put both Windows 10 and Kubuntu on it.
    He says he vastly prefers Linux, hates Windows, and only uses it to game. Anything else - updating his resume, downloading things, watching movies - he boots to the Linux partition. He says it's just way easier to understand and use.

  • Guy TECH
    Guy TECH 5 days ago

    Like if you are using a Linux Distro

  • jim rose
    jim rose 6 days ago

    I have the time, I just don't have the inclination.

  • Private Account
    Private Account 6 days ago

    Song at 0:00?

  • who8myfish
    who8myfish 6 days ago

    This company is shit. They're selling rebranded Intel NUCs with 8th gen intel chips and Linux preinstalled for massive markups.

  • Aleksandr Kamarov
    Aleksandr Kamarov 8 days ago

    I have been setting up Linux for development with people that were not necessarily Linux pros before. It usually sucks, because sometimes it's fiddly and takes to much time. Being able to just buy a computer for them and forget about installing Linux in rando PCs that might have compatibility issues seems like a really positive thing.

  • Larry Williams
    Larry Williams 8 days ago

    Sorry I'm late to this show, I was busy compiling kernels, writing drivers and hoping it all worked on my fully custom-built computator.

    Seriously, the choices you mentioned at the start, get a Linux PC or collect and compile everything is about as accurate as the demos we see on those infomercials showing homemakers who can't figure out how to attach a hose to a vacuum.

    While a PC with Linux included brings it to the same level of convenience as a PC with Windows included, the alternative is usually a simple install from DVD or USB drive without the need to strike out and locate drivers or compile anything. Unless you want to, of course.

  • Nibelung Valesti
    Nibelung Valesti 9 days ago

    5400 RPM? Really? That shouldn't even exist in this day and age.

  • Nibelung Valesti
    Nibelung Valesti 9 days ago

    Fallout 76?

  • vacum clenar
    vacum clenar 9 days ago

    linus you don't need to compile the kernel ffs.

  •  9 days ago

    Linux requires almost no tinkering now...

  • Ayush Yadav
    Ayush Yadav 10 days ago

    Linus talking Linux

  • Abigail
    Abigail 11 days ago

    Nothing can beat Arch user repo tho...

  • coipoboy
    coipoboy 11 days ago

    Yess the Time when we can ditch Windows Is near. Good bye forced updates and garbage forcefully instaled

  • Dan Wiebe
    Dan Wiebe 11 days ago

    I've run System76 machines for many years. Currently I have a Thelio Major that's maybe two years old. Mostly I like it, but I have two issues with it. First, there aren't any front-panel USB ports. Argh. (So I've hot-glued a 16-port powered hub to the front panel.) The other issue is that there aren't any 3.5" drive bays. That wouldn't have been such an issue if the System76 people had mentioned it on the website, but they didn't. So I have a five-bay external enclosure where I put all my old 3.5" archival drives.

    Other than that, I have no complaints.

  • Cathy Doe
    Cathy Doe 12 days ago +1

    I think they got the pricetag wrong...

  • alex gandon
    alex gandon 13 days ago

    i love the first ad had linux about an it extraordinary

  • Kingston
    Kingston 13 days ago

    Im just glad to see a Windows and Linux supporting manufacturer releasing products with Apple's quality standard. We need more of that in the high end windows world.

  • SmileyMalaise
    SmileyMalaise 13 days ago +2

    OMG it's pronounced "Oo-BOON-too"

    It's really not that hard, wtf.

  • wcdeich4
    wcdeich4 13 days ago

    Wish I could afford one

  • Truthbetold
    Truthbetold 13 days ago

    I just strongly dislike linux i preffer windows due to the way it works

  • Austin Horne
    Austin Horne 13 days ago

    I just want to buy the case! Any way how?

  • Adam
    Adam 15 days ago

    thanks for covering system76, they are awesome.

  • Cloudy_lotus
    Cloudy_lotus 15 days ago

    Linus tech tips? More like LINUX TECH TIPS!

  • Ada Repli
    Ada Repli 16 days ago

    Try using it Linux for a month, Kali or mint and you'll be in love with it. It's fast to boot, snappy, and tons of free great software to use. My touchscreen laptop works right out of the box for Mint. Linux makes computing super fun, takes 10 min to learn to use aircrack-ng and hashcat, 5 min to learn bluesnarfer, 20 min to learn MITMf and beef, and off you go hack the world.

  • Johann Popper
    Johann Popper 17 days ago

    right, because the 20 min it takes to fully install a mainstream distro on practically any modern piece of hardware with all drivers working out-of-the-box because they are baked into the kernel (unlike primitive Windows) is a very difficult and time consuming techie project! dude no user has compiled a desktop linux distro in over a decade. youre waaay out of the loop, linus old buddy!

  • Johann Popper
    Johann Popper 17 days ago

    right, because the 20 min it takes to fully install a mainstream distro on practically any modern piece of hardware with all drivers working out-of-the-box because they are baked into the kernel (unlike primitive Windows) is a very difficult and time consuming techie project! dude no user has compiled a desktop linux distro in over a decade. youre waaay out of the loop, linus old buddy!

  • diego weiller
    diego weiller 17 days ago

    Never used linux, dont know how it would be, but also, dont remember how was the first time i used windows, i guess it all would come down to how intuitive the system is.

  • Bill Spencer Jr
    Bill Spencer Jr 17 days ago

    I think the whole thing is wrong

  • That Guy
    That Guy 18 days ago

    you dont need to build ur own kernel for linux

  • rvillegas m
    rvillegas m 18 days ago

    Does run crisis?

  • Noah Brown
    Noah Brown 18 days ago

    Pop is a great distro except for it being Ubuntu based

  • Ray Chang
    Ray Chang 18 days ago

    For anyone slightly curious, the intro message translates into human as "copy the exact data from processes slash linustechtips and send it straight to your ps at a bite size of 1080p"

  • Craig Sparks
    Craig Sparks 18 days ago

    blender is primed for Linux, it's actually a Linux app, the Windows version was developed after the linux version so it shouldnt shock anyone that it works better on Linux.

  • bodhi
    bodhi 20 days ago

    11,000 dollars less?

  • Clever Kitsune
    Clever Kitsune 20 days ago

    Linux sucks always has always will completely useless for gaming and rakes too much work to get hardware drivers even working on it

    • Nightrider
      Nightrider 3 days ago

      yeah anything you're saying never happened to me

    • Clever Kitsune
      Clever Kitsune 19 days ago

      @possibly nope..its shit for ganing as the titles i play dont run natively also dont like giving up performance to run a crappy os

    • possibly
      possibly 19 days ago

      Linux isn't perfect, but it's nothing you're saying it is. Both of your points are objectively wrong.
      1. Gaming
      A lot of games are getting native ports to linux now, some run worse on linux, some run better than windows. Steam has a feature that allows you to run any windows game on linux, even if it isn't supported by proton. Yes, some games don't work, but you can't ignore the fact that some games run better. Again, it doesn't just work perfectly, but I wouldn't call it completely useless.
      2. Incompatibility
      This really depends, if you plan on using linux, you could do a quick google search to make sure your hardware works with it, and if you need to do something to get wifi or whatever working properly, I wouldn't say copying and pasting lines in the terminal a lot of work. I've never struggled with getting things working on linux, it has just worked for me so far, but I know that's not the case for everyone, but it's not usually that big of a struggle.

  • David Hinkley
    David Hinkley 21 day ago

    It simply never made sense to me that someone name Linus wouldn't cover Linux more..... not that it's logical - just feels that way.

  • ryan olson
    ryan olson 23 days ago

    This is an LGR wet dream. Woodgrain forever!.

  • ryan olson
    ryan olson 23 days ago

    Linux is already in the hands of "normies", the IoT is 99% run on Linux or Android.

  • Jose Cuervo
    Jose Cuervo 24 days ago

    I don't like the way you pronounce Linux. You should pronounce it like your name. Linus.

  • Charlie Mopps
    Charlie Mopps 25 days ago

    wtf is going on in the background video @ ru-clip.com/video/JTN1c1j6V1s/video.html

  • Eric Mewhort
    Eric Mewhort 25 days ago

    Another video of Linus completely clueless on a subject. Nobody compiles their own kernel nowadays, you need read up on Linux related information from this millennium, that's how things were in like the 90's.

  • ————————————————

    I genuinely find anything but arch linux hard to use. ubuntu just has so many things that are completely broken.

    • Ishan Agarwal
      Ishan Agarwal 26 days ago

      Pop is makes a lot of changes to weird shit ubuntu does they also provide patches to upstream kernel for new hardware related issues.

  • Paradox Nafi
    Paradox Nafi 27 days ago

    Note that you don't have to compile the Linux Kernel or anything. Some people does it because it is fun for them.

  • Alan Cyril
    Alan Cyril 28 days ago

    This is revolution brah

  • sohrob
    sohrob 28 days ago

    My daily driver is still macOS but a I also use openSUSE and Debian Linux distros and they're definitely better than using Microsoft Windows.

  • Bob Stevenson
    Bob Stevenson 28 days ago

    Nothing screams "for hipsters" like an expensive woodgrain pc running linux

  • Cu nt
    Cu nt 29 days ago +1

    POP OS is amazing. It's the most user friendly distro I've used.

    • Rafał Zdeb
      Rafał Zdeb Day ago

      Same here. I've installed it on an old HP laptop. I'm using the i3 tile manager. Very happy with the outcome.

  • Luiz Carlos
    Luiz Carlos Month ago

    I really want one of these but they don't ship to Brazil...

  • Douglas Ward
    Douglas Ward Month ago

    MintBox pro

  • Jonathon Kline
    Jonathon Kline Month ago

    What was the song at the very beginning? Is it Creative Commons license?

  • Orlando Costa
    Orlando Costa Month ago

    PC part picker list was cost difference was worse than with a mac and you guys are fine with it. lol nice.

  • Goose 6.0
    Goose 6.0 Month ago

    Only PC made in the U.S, and that's a win for me.

  • Daniel Clay
    Daniel Clay Month ago

    I like it

  • dijikstra8
    dijikstra8 Month ago

    Many of us don't have time to tinker around much anymore, but still want and need the power of Linux. I have used Linux on the desktop exclusively for 15 years, I've done Gentoo, Arch, built my own PCs many times over, but I don't have the sort of time I did when I was in high school or college. So us "veterans" are definitely part of the target group for something like this.

  • Richard Benson
    Richard Benson Month ago

    I almost clicked dislike because it comes second, like negative to positive
    I bet if youtube switched the order dislikes would go down

  • Spoody
    Spoody Month ago

    i love when linux tec tips talk about linus

  • Guy Ytshak
    Guy Ytshak Month ago

    linux sucks though why would anyone want it lol

    • William Sellers
      William Sellers Month ago +1

      because some people don't want to have their hand held by an OS made for dumb people
      Edit: I'm not saying windows users are dumb, but that microsoft treats their users as if they were

  • some body
    some body Month ago +2

    What they got wrong is not having Debian on it

  • Asanda Ndimande
    Asanda Ndimande Month ago +2

    Normies stay Away from Linux. I'm kidding come to Linux so we can flex using the command line and customize it in ways you'll never understand how.

  • necauqua
    necauqua Month ago +1

    Block size 1080.. wtf xd

  • Matthew McDonald
    Matthew McDonald Month ago

    Oh dear Lord, please stop using the weird staticy/stroby background on this video. It was so distracting.

  • Henry Smith
    Henry Smith Month ago

    you should try with a different DE as GNOME is very slow and see the results

    • Ishan Agarwal
      Ishan Agarwal Month ago


    • Ishan Agarwal
      Ishan Agarwal Month ago

      Those are blender and synthetic load results how will gnome affect it? how is gnome slow I have been using it for a year now dont really see what u r referring as slow..

  • MendedSoul953
    MendedSoul953 Month ago

    Looks like you got the prototype for the new xbox lol

  • Luke S
    Luke S Month ago

    Build your pc then head to your hardware store get some wood panels save $2000

  • chemicallust77
    chemicallust77 Month ago +1

    It's nice to see premium linux machines being offered to the general public...would be nice to see the prices come down at some point...as they are right now...my only chance of ever having one is if one falls out of an airplane and crashes through my roof...until then,I'll use/upgrade my Elitebook 8460p as much as I can until it dies or something

    • William Sellers
      William Sellers Month ago

      A lot of manufacturers let you choose linux as you OS

  • sickley2
    sickley2 Month ago

    One thing I'd add in what they got wrong: Gnome as default DE. It's not an easy switch for anyone. It's not even normal for most linux users.
    They really should have gone with KDE.
    Inb4 you can install your own DE: This product is for people who "can't be bothered".

  • Roupization
    Roupization Month ago

    normies dont use desktops though?
    They are on phones and laptops. Desktops are really only used nowadays for programming, gaming, and as workstations(normally at work). What normie needs a desktop at home?

  • Suryansh Patel
    Suryansh Patel Month ago

    New Mac is like a successor of this computer.

  • Edoardo De Piccoli
    Edoardo De Piccoli Month ago

    linus talks about linux

  • deemon
    deemon Month ago

    You got to the exact downfall of this project yourself - PRICE. Neat idea, but the "premium" is way too high for a pre-built system. In my case, I also disliked many of the component options - there are way cheaper alternatives with much better bang for the buck.