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  • Aura The goddess of everything and toasters

    Vsauce wTf

  • Nikola Đurčinović
    Nikola Đurčinović 2 часа назад


  • optimuz O1
    optimuz O1 2 часа назад

    Im how to be sick

  • Ariel Hicks
    Ariel Hicks 2 часа назад

    10:06 I might be going insane but I’m pretty sure that was postmalone

  • l MrPsychotic l
    l MrPsychotic l 3 часа назад

    Im guessing hes filthy frank

  • bleauCap.
    bleauCap. 3 часа назад

    I don’t even care that i’ve been clickbated this is fckin golden

  • Rob
    Rob 3 часа назад

    Post Malone hahaha

  • Inverted
    Inverted 3 часа назад

    Who is the girl with the pink hair

  • Samuel Sundvall
    Samuel Sundvall 3 часа назад

    Plot twist, I'm howToBasic
    Change my mind

  • nour tarek
    nour tarek 3 часа назад +1

    There was something in the end of the video

  • Gahnity _
    Gahnity _ 3 часа назад

    *Im HowToBasic*

  • Too Far Away
    Too Far Away 3 часа назад


  • Riley Mueller
    Riley Mueller 3 часа назад


  • Diablo RC
    Diablo RC 4 часа назад


  • Anton Mæhlisen Delta Frederiksbjerg Skole

    Is this fake? PLz help Me i need to know

  • Kraken Rebellion
    Kraken Rebellion 4 часа назад


  • Durand Miller
    Durand Miller 4 часа назад

    This is all the rewind I needed

  • Zegmaar semc
    Zegmaar semc 4 часа назад

    Its everyone !......

  • Zegmaar semc
    Zegmaar semc 4 часа назад

    First I beleven it now Iam naaaahhhhh

  • primuim
    primuim 5 часов назад

    1:20 the mummy returns

    JANSEN CAMTOL 5 часов назад +1

    My chanel zaril zrx

  • cyka blyat
    cyka blyat 5 часов назад

    *this is not the type of place I would have expected to see jacksepticeye, markiplier and pewdiepie at-*

  • guachito002
    guachito002 5 часов назад

    Was the end a REC reference?

  • holdenLs4dayz
    holdenLs4dayz 5 часов назад

    Bruh max got a lil chubby

  • Ane M
    Ane M 5 часов назад

    how to basic is the egg

  • Laken C
    Laken C 5 часов назад +1

    *Hey HowToBasic, Michael Here*

  • Doge
    Doge 5 часов назад

    Vsauce?... Wha....

  • Sean Kehoe
    Sean Kehoe 5 часов назад

    guys, it's the real howtobasic here. turns out i have the big gay.

    ASAP KEYZ 5 часов назад

    When you come here after you hear the egg passes kyile jenner in intsagram for the most likes 😂

  • Bo Dollore
    Bo Dollore 6 часов назад

    Soo hu is how to basic?

  • Zrotatio n
    Zrotatio n 6 часов назад

    Knew it was ‘Hey V-sauce Michael here’ by the manly hair on his chest

  • Do_ Demonizedx18
    Do_ Demonizedx18 6 часов назад

    It’s 6:58

  • [WUT] Nick
    [WUT] Nick 6 часов назад


  • Ariana Angle
    Ariana Angle 6 часов назад

    Azzyland and jordy lol

  • Omginator Gaming
    Omginator Gaming 6 часов назад +1

    Howtobasic isnt 1 person

  • Quesito de Leche
    Quesito de Leche 6 часов назад

    Esto es mejor que el RU-clip Rewind

  • Rick Sanchez
    Rick Sanchez 6 часов назад

    Gucci hat

  • deth edder
    deth edder 6 часов назад


  • zKave
    zKave 7 часов назад

    10:33 therw he is

    QWERTY HD 7 часов назад

    10:06 Holy shit is that Post Malone?

  • labne wzaatar
    labne wzaatar 7 часов назад

    yeah they ask who is how to basic but they dont ask why is how to basic

  • Hyphonics_Yt
    Hyphonics_Yt 7 часов назад

    Holy fk smart ass talking for a guy who made 100 mil vids throwing plates and eggs on anything

  • Hyphonics_Yt
    Hyphonics_Yt 7 часов назад

    I know for a fact, you should never trust this guy😂 Im here since 900k

  • cocopuf97
    cocopuf97 7 часов назад

    8:49 is the real howtobasic

  • CZ Dragzz
    CZ Dragzz 7 часов назад

    How to basic is . . .


  • Ali Zafar
    Ali Zafar 8 часов назад +1

    Nah, Vsauce is too hairy to be HowToBasic

    Cuz he’s supposed to be prepubescent

  • MrsSherleyHolmes
    MrsSherleyHolmes 8 часов назад

    We are Negan!

  • Ali Zafar
    Ali Zafar 8 часов назад +1

    Why Is HowToBasic? Not who or how...*WHY*

  • The Gaming Panda
    The Gaming Panda 8 часов назад +1

    His name is either Bob or Jeff

  • Dazaler Love84
    Dazaler Love84 8 часов назад

    We are all how to basic

  • Sock Dude
    Sock Dude 8 часов назад

    I, am HowToBasic.

  • Cappepro
    Cappepro 8 часов назад

    Hi! vsauce Michael here

  • IgorX pl
    IgorX pl 8 часов назад


  • M E R A Channel
    M E R A Channel 9 часов назад

    Why im watching this at 2019!!!!

    GAMER_GIGABYTE 9 часов назад

    I think MR.Beast is how to basic

  • Angie_Chan XoX
    Angie_Chan XoX 9 часов назад

    It makes me sad to see some of my known youtubers are Yelling IMHOWTOBASIC

  • Kevin Neely
    Kevin Neely 9 часов назад

    Best rewind ever

  • Shannen Grech
    Shannen Grech 9 часов назад

    Who’s who like huh?

  • Rebecca Sondike
    Rebecca Sondike 10 часов назад

    Hey vsauce

  • Carrotsand cucumbers
    Carrotsand cucumbers 10 часов назад

    How is How To basic
    Who is How To Basic
    Where is How To Basic
    What is How To Basic
    Plot twist : how to basic is actually a woman

  • Ainsley for Real
    Ainsley for Real 10 часов назад

    The clip where he shows proof has a mystery. There was one watermelon in the proof video but in the real video there are 2 watermelon.
    The cake had chocolate syrup spread on it but in the behind the scenes he spilled some red sauce. So I guess there is still a mystery.

    Like if you agree😉

  • Carl Justin Cagang
    Carl Justin Cagang 10 часов назад

    10:06 is that post malone?😂

  • vinzlinz2222
    vinzlinz2222 10 часов назад

    10:24 i believe it also IM HOW 2 BASIC!!!!

  • Juraj Nazarej
    Juraj Nazarej 11 часов назад


  • fun Jack
    fun Jack 11 часов назад


  • Zachyrich Reblesa
    Zachyrich Reblesa 11 часов назад

    I thought you are not bald

  • urChik
    urChik 11 часов назад

    *Sorry I didn't get that , so who is How To Basic ?*

  • Globglogabgalab
    Globglogabgalab 11 часов назад

    He is trolling us

  • Reina Kurasaki
    Reina Kurasaki 12 часов назад

    I love Idubbz’s one

  • Asaf Malkit
    Asaf Malkit 12 часов назад +1

    This the only video that is not the word how in the start

  • Justin Ong
    Justin Ong 12 часов назад

    your not real

  • Courtney Dubiel
    Courtney Dubiel 12 часов назад

    Maybe he’s the person that controls the egg account

  • Gaming HardX
    Gaming HardX 12 часов назад +1

    Hey, I'm new to HowToBasic!

  • Çukulatalı Gofret
    Çukulatalı Gofret 13 часов назад +1

    I’m HowToBasic!

  • Hamzeh KH
    Hamzeh KH 14 часов назад

    This is not the real how to basics ok everyone

  • SimpleBanana612
    SimpleBanana612 14 часов назад

    *_I AM _**_-HOWTO-_**_ BASIC_*

  • Flame Power
    Flame Power 14 часов назад

    Wow theres 216 how to basics

  • crazy boy
    crazy boy 14 часов назад

    Wtf he has 12 mil. Sub and 25 mil views

  • Lanz 9999
    Lanz 9999 14 часов назад +1

    Who is the real how to basic?

  • Vinz JONAS
    Vinz JONAS 14 часов назад

    People screaming that I'm howtobasic and yes get a


  • Sneezy Cheesy
    Sneezy Cheesy 15 часов назад

    Who saw Post Malone?

  • Khilfi Herman
    Khilfi Herman 15 часов назад

    how did you get Antvenom involved in this ..

  • Fazli Arsyad
    Fazli Arsyad 15 часов назад

    What does the simbols mean?

  • FBI :
    FBI : 16 часов назад +1

    Plot twist
    *I'm how to basic*

  • FBI :
    FBI : 16 часов назад +1

    Aye so I'm here because of an egg and now I can't stop thinking about you.

  • Lőrinc Vági
    Lőrinc Vági 16 часов назад

    There is a hidden message near the end of the video in wing dings.
    Hmm. Gaster is how to basic 100% confirmed

  • Joshua A TM
    Joshua A TM 16 часов назад


  • Joshua A TM
    Joshua A TM 16 часов назад

    We are all how to basic

  • Banana Nya
    Banana Nya 17 часов назад

    Is he actually the guy with the world record egg?????

  • drew Moore
    drew Moore 17 часов назад

    did he use god Damm toilet paper

  • The folafal Waffle
    The folafal Waffle 18 часов назад

    The creator of howtobasic is actually

    Danald tramp

  • Danny Snitzky
    Danny Snitzky 18 часов назад

    What a gay little circle jerk.

  • Shirley McEuen
    Shirley McEuen 19 часов назад

    Iddubz wtf and also Elvis the alien what was that

  • Matias Ibacache
    Matias Ibacache 19 часов назад

    Howbasic hello

  • Matias Ibacache
    Matias Ibacache 19 часов назад


  • TmkGaming
    TmkGaming 19 часов назад

    If you pause at 13:29 during the disconnection or cut off scene, you can see emojis in the order of “📭🔸♋️♦️♍️♒️✍🏻🔶” the actual shapes are all white and the hand is an outline with the insides of the hand invisible. Might be a stretch but he put those there for a reason

  • Obi Perk
    Obi Perk 19 часов назад

    He was getting fingered hard at the end

  • Chelsdagr8
    Chelsdagr8 19 часов назад

    I’m convinced it’s Maxmoefoe tbh

  • T H
    T H 20 часов назад

    i thought its maxmoefoe

  • HD Romeo-Villan815
    HD Romeo-Villan815 20 часов назад

    10:07 post Malone