Teens React To Try Not To Make A Sound Challenge

  • Published on Nov 24, 2018
  • Try not to make a sound challenge reacted to by Teens. Original links below.
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    Content featured:
    Mulholland Drive - Diner Scene
    Baby goat making the cutest noise
    [REC] (2007) Jump Scare - Boy In The Attic
    Toe Nail Tuesday Episode 4: Bathroom Surgery Gone Wrong by Tampa Podiatrist Dr. Binh Nguyen
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    Teens featured:
    Caden, age 14
    Jackson, age 14
    Morgan A., age 15
    Lydon, age 16
    Jordan, age 17
    Anahita, age 18
    Darius, age 18
    Fiona, age 18
    Nia, age 18
    Jake, age 19
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    Teens React #224- Teens React To Try Not To Make A Sound Challenge
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  • FBE
    FBE  11 months ago +560

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    • iFox
      iFox 11 months ago +12


  • Fight4Me
    Fight4Me 11 months ago +3

    9:07 i was thinking about the same exact technic

    Sory if i wrote something wrong from norway

  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach 11 months ago +2

    Congrats toe bro

  • Gacha Chxxry
    Gacha Chxxry 11 months ago +8

    0:36 when I left my homework at school and it's Friday 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Janice and Sylvia Ogbe
    Janice and Sylvia Ogbe 11 months ago +1

    On the toenail video, I was silently gagging. I’m not even joking.

  • Alex
    Alex 11 months ago +8

    Caden made that 200IQ move with the balloon

  • I'm lost send help
    I'm lost send help 11 months ago +4

    I am on the top bunk so on the toenail I jumped and smacked my head on the ceiling

  • Doctor Sphinx
    Doctor Sphinx 11 months ago +1

    The jump-scare just made my heart race for a second

  • Natalie Nguyen
    Natalie Nguyen 11 months ago

    hey! watch this! ru-clip.com/video/LNxL8mdScT4/video.html

  • TenAudacity :3
    TenAudacity :3 11 months ago +2


  • Roosa Päivärinta
    Roosa Päivärinta 11 months ago +4

    2:19 "that was the most adorable deer I've ever seen" what???

  • Sxu
    Sxu 11 months ago +8

    *pops balloon* ... w o a h ...

  • Flavio Marchi
    Flavio Marchi 11 months ago +7

    The baloon part was so funny to me idk why

  • FSY Pulse Official
    FSY Pulse Official 11 months ago +7

    Nia loves animals but i‘m pretty sure that‘s real fur on her jacket...

  • sheldin venus
    sheldin venus 11 months ago

    Team Nia

  • A G
    A G 11 months ago +5

    Team Darius ❤️❤️❤️

  • Jodie Quickenden
    Jodie Quickenden 11 months ago +20

    5:54 “oh wait!”

  • Frida :*
    Frida :* 11 months ago +1

    react to lil peep please

    VENDER COMUNITY 11 months ago +2

    Darius is like blackpanther enemy

  • Younguk L.K
    Younguk L.K 11 months ago +4

    #TeamDarius :)

  • ManSand
    ManSand 11 months ago +5

    Hey, how are ya

  • Matthew Skyler
    Matthew Skyler 11 months ago +10

    9:07 Yeah go Caden show em how its done

  • Caitlyns Creations
    Caitlyns Creations 11 months ago +3

    Teens react to Alec Benjamin!

  • meme boi
    meme boi 11 months ago +2


  • Ace Trainer Annie
    Ace Trainer Annie 11 months ago +9

    9:06 is a literal mood though
    Like, that would ACTUALLY be me

  • I can't come up with a good username

    MY IQ IS OVER 9000 000 000 000

  • I can't come up with a good username

    Not lying when I say that one the first one I failed due to it being so cheesy so I laughed

  • Shane Dawson’s Cat
    Shane Dawson’s Cat 11 months ago

    silent library

  • LaurikeG 24
    LaurikeG 24 11 months ago +2

    0:03 I laughed so hard at the girl😂😂😂😂

  • Stewart Owens
    Stewart Owens 11 months ago +9

    “Oh no”

  • Liesl Faber
    Liesl Faber 11 months ago


  • linda
    linda 11 months ago +12


  • Alan Kadin
    Alan Kadin 11 months ago +1

    Look at her eyes at 3:03

  • Comp Som Anichi
    Comp Som Anichi 11 months ago +3

    Darius and Morgan congrats yeah!

  • Diego Bijker
    Diego Bijker 11 months ago +2

    React to aminé

    GANONPlasma GAMORASCYTHE 11 months ago +71

    I still remember when jake was on kids react

  • sasha shm
    sasha shm 11 months ago +1

    PLEASE react to lil peep

  • Robin jõgi
    Robin jõgi 11 months ago +6

    Caden is true winner

  • beamer girl
    beamer girl 11 months ago +7

    React to lil peep

  • XXXBK 247
    XXXBK 247 11 months ago +10

    9:06 clever guy. I see people saying cadens is a girl is caden a girl

  • Bricks
    Bricks 11 months ago +5

    9:06 clever girl (meme from jurassic park)

    • Bricks
      Bricks 11 months ago

      @Manuel Heiss i think it is because this meme is old ru-clip.com/video/QwyEEuJeLkY/video.html

    • Manuel Heiss
      Manuel Heiss 11 months ago

      @Bricks why does no one unterstand it ?

    • Bricks
      Bricks 11 months ago

      @Gaming squad 123 jesus christ its a meme from jurassic park

    • Gaming squad 123
      Gaming squad 123 11 months ago


    • Weeb Shit
      Weeb Shit 11 months ago

      Ohhhhh it's a meme ok

  • sℋε ✩ Aℳℯ✘hƴst
    sℋε ✩ Aℳℯ✘hƴst 11 months ago +35

    9:06 Me af 😂😂😂

  • Gyro Pollo
    Gyro Pollo 11 months ago +10

    Introverts can you do it?

  • Terry 20
    Terry 20 11 months ago +3

    Can you breathe?

  • LonniePop
    LonniePop 11 months ago +9


    *Hey how are ya?* 😏

    • sh iz
      sh iz 11 months ago

      Im fine

  • Alyssa Felix
    Alyssa Felix 11 months ago +6

    0:40 😂

  • comment guy
    comment guy 11 months ago +2


  • 5 5
    5 5 11 months ago +6

    Team darius

  • laaanxy
    laaanxy 11 months ago +4

    *Hey how are ya*

  • Gluttony Biscuits
    Gluttony Biscuits 11 months ago +6

    Morgan and Darius rock!

  • Galaxy_Gamer
    Galaxy_Gamer 11 months ago

    @FBE I have questions for you. One Were Do You Guys Do This. Two If Your In Boca Florida I would love to do this

  • Lucas Michaud
    Lucas Michaud 11 months ago +1


  • Galaxy_Gamer
    Galaxy_Gamer 11 months ago +1

    Can I pls get invited to this I mean it depends were it it

    • Galaxy_Gamer
      Galaxy_Gamer 11 months ago

      @McKenna Johnson damn it

    • Galaxy_Gamer
      Galaxy_Gamer 11 months ago

      @McKenna Johnson well I live in Florida

    • McKenna Johnson
      McKenna Johnson 11 months ago

      You sign up for it and you must live in California

  • Alicia Marie
    Alicia Marie 11 months ago +1

    You should do teens react to and try asmr

    FLAMINGO BUSTER 11 months ago +2

    Well imma lose cuz I'm sick 😡

  • its just a hooman
    its just a hooman 11 months ago +3

    TEAM DARIUS !!! 👍👍

  • Brianna Kanable
    Brianna Kanable 11 months ago +3

    Me and my friends do this at lunch in my counselors office and I can't last 10 seconds without laughing!!

    • Heccing BNHA:D
      Heccing BNHA:D 11 months ago

      Shooketh As Fucketh
      I LOVE your pfp and username 😂

  • Nikita Zubarev
    Nikita Zubarev 11 months ago +6

    I was watching this at 3 am , and I can’t get asleep now ...

  • Autumn Martine
    Autumn Martine 11 months ago +2

    they should react to lil peep

  • Slim Slimy
    Slim Slimy 11 months ago +4

    I’ll drink the shot

    • Galaxy_Gamer
      Galaxy_Gamer 11 months ago

      Bro I'll do anything I love all of that in the juice