Tour of My Korean Apartment ♦ One-Month Housing in Seoul

  • Published on Oct 5, 2016
  • Where did I stay during my month-long trip in South Korea? I give you a tour of my minimalistic apartment located in the quiet streets of Seongbukdong nestled between hanok homes. I've been to Seoul many times since my childhood and I must say, this neighborhood is my favorite thus far. Note: I booked my accommodation via Airbnb. Many listings offer a discount for weekly and monthly stays. Hope you enjoy the tour! :)
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  • RJ
    RJ 15 days ago

    why do you only drink bottled water and not water from the tap? p.s love your videos :)

  • Bailey Conley
    Bailey Conley 25 days ago

    Hi Mina! Why do you use bottled water for tea instead of tap water? Much love from London

  • jules Son
    jules Son 2 months ago

    Makes me look forward to having my own place!

  • Ayesha Sood
    Ayesha Sood 3 months ago

    What base is it tht ur using under ur sleeping mattress?

  • PCY21
    PCY21 4 months ago

    when you mentioned the ticking clock, i looked up at mine, and realized it's dead. LOL

  • Tiff tif
    Tiff tif 4 months ago


  • Tiff tif
    Tiff tif 4 months ago

    She is flashing devil sign. She is illuminati. Her success is not her hardwork but a contract. Sad mina

  • Kyliejade L
    Kyliejade L 5 months ago

    “Here you gotta be careful when you are drunk”
    Lol you always be careful when you’re drunk

  • Irfan Najeeb
    Irfan Najeeb 6 months ago

    waoo your accommodation looks great

  • NamNam Nugget
    NamNam Nugget 7 months ago

    S fhyj

  • Sam Whitten
    Sam Whitten 7 months ago

    You should always keep your washer open other wise it will grow mold due to not being able to ventilate and dry between washes...

  • Gino Loukas
    Gino Loukas 8 months ago

    To this day i’ve yet to see anybody open a packet of cookies like that....seriously serrang he’

  • Gino Loukas
    Gino Loukas 8 months ago


  • stonefly69
    stonefly69 9 months ago

    Great vid, Ms Mina. And thanks for the mirror shots - very nice!

  • Shahzad Eric
    Shahzad Eric 9 months ago

    If u haven't do a Tour of ur own house

  • Noob_Dev
    Noob_Dev 10 months ago

    5:43 i live in scotland and i have same shower

  • Violet DK
    Violet DK 10 months ago

    Don’t mind me writing the only thing I know how to write in Korean and being proud of myself. I know how to pronounce it too (pats self on back)

  • kələm xoxanov
    kələm xoxanov 10 months ago

    this reminds me of my aunts aprtment... IN BAKU

  • Pha Xiong
    Pha Xiong 11 months ago

    I love how simple this place is and the decoration is nice too!

  • Michelle Sanchez
    Michelle Sanchez 11 months ago


    TONKOTSU666 11 months ago

    haha the pipe closet, 4 identical shirts hahha

  • ILoveCakes ILC/A
    ILoveCakes ILC/A 11 months ago

    What adress was this?

  • Maggie Komel
    Maggie Komel Year ago

    This is such a nice set up I am sort of young right now I want to move to Seoul one day to work and do fashion in Korea

  • Sunshine Mochi
    Sunshine Mochi Year ago

    Ah pretty and simple yet charming house 😻

  • BeeVlogging
    BeeVlogging Year ago

    Nice apartment !

  • Fox Is gaming
    Fox Is gaming Year ago

    Do u still live here

  • Lisa’s Slime
    Lisa’s Slime Year ago

    I Am dutch

  • Lisa’s Slime
    Lisa’s Slime Year ago

    In the netherlands those showerdheads are also very common

  • Khairul Nisaa
    Khairul Nisaa Year ago

    ur house was so nice.. not to much space but i kinda like it 😍

  • Melodie Sturdevant

    Hi Mina, we are a retired 60's couple from LA. We r on a budget nomad travelling asia in
    December. Our first stop will be Korea than Chiangmai etc... we will probably want to stay 3 month in Korea. Do you think we can endure the harsh winter and also please guide and give us some tips which area you think would be easier and convenient for us to live. we intend to book through airbnb. Its our first trip to Korea. Please advice.We appreciate your time Mina.

  • Maya Sone
    Maya Sone Year ago +2

    any idea how much this type of accomodations cost ?

  • m s
    m s Year ago

    Ur life is a dreammm

  • 자매카Vlogs
    자매카Vlogs Year ago

    Professor oh may i ask is tgat an apartment or hotel? 😂 And how much it cost?

  • fan babe
    fan babe Year ago

    how uch is the rent? where is the location of that apartment and can you give me the email add or contact number of the owner? I may look for one soon.

  • It’s Lucky
    It’s Lucky Year ago

    This summer vacation I will be there in Seoul Korea
    August first so I just want to say one night I will sleep your 🛋 sofa 🛋 heheh 😏 oh just kidding...
    Bye the way supper video all .

  • michelle2 oii
    michelle2 oii Year ago

    5:00 that's my name😂😂😂

  • mekeller 8
    mekeller 8 Year ago

    I'm not trying to be mean sry

  • mekeller 8
    mekeller 8 Year ago

    LOL do you have a home🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Moonqui
    Moonqui Year ago

    Where's are those apartments and How much is a month there(sorry for my bad English) , if she says where's the place is, sorry?

  • Savannah Thrasher

    What is your carrier because I really like where you travel and you inspire me :D

  • Potato Sparkles
    Potato Sparkles Year ago

    She looks so weird

  • nono wolf22
    nono wolf22 Year ago

    You should go Simming

  • Ally M
    Ally M Year ago

    "when you're drunk" best thing I've heard XD

  • Ana Banana
    Ana Banana Year ago

    I love your nails ❤💙💚💛💜

  • Ana Banana
    Ana Banana Year ago

    doesn't the washer come with built-in dryer.

  • تيا
    تيا Year ago

    i like you'r hair do and color also i love mommy oh she is fun and funny

  • Oof
    Oof Year ago +1

    I thought the tea was weed!! 😂

  • Hadia Kayani
    Hadia Kayani Year ago

    6:07 - 6:11 Who else saw her bra hanging...
    Like if you saw

  • ProbLlama Animation


  • natsmyspace
    natsmyspace Year ago

    Does this apartment still exist? Is there a website?

  • Mythical - Potato

    Omggggggg I didn’t know you were Mina oh oops sorry! But let’s subscribe

  • Anna P
    Anna P Year ago

    I love your vision raise your positive of attraction!

    SARAH ATIQAH YT Year ago

    Me too

  • The Cute channel
    The Cute channel Year ago

    Uh you have to be careful when your drunk 😂

  • Hetti Russell
    Hetti Russell Year ago

    Omg I hate ticking clocks too!!! 🙈

  • 7890asdfgjkl
    7890asdfgjkl Year ago

    I love your videos❤️❤️❤️

  • Andrea Ariella Tiongson

    How much for 6 years in that house??

  • Akhil Sivan
    Akhil Sivan Year ago

    Hai Mina

  • Egyszerűen Laura

    It was quite fun watching this video. I can’t stand ticking clocks either.

  • Sarah Hanks
    Sarah Hanks Year ago

    You have to be careful when your drunk... Me: *Starts cracking up*