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Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper - Shallow (From A Star Is Born/Live From The Oscars)

  • Published on Feb 24, 2019

    “RAIN ON ME”
    WATCH THE VIDEO: ru-clip.com/video/AoAm4om0wTs/video.html


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Comments • 102 910

  • LaVioletaAmatista
    LaVioletaAmatista 2 years ago +6345

    This is Lady Gaga’s first film. I can’t remember the last time an actress has had this much success on their first film? The movie made $430M WW on a $36M budget and Gaga won a Golden Globe, Oscar, BAFTA, Critics Choice, and 2 Grammys just because of ONE MOVIE, her FIRST movie. Thats truly remarkable.

    • Maria Chromatica
      Maria Chromatica 3 days ago

      Queen of pop

    • Roberto Cardena
      Roberto Cardena 6 days ago

      @Yudi Saputra ĺĺññ

    • Roberto Cardena
      Roberto Cardena 6 days ago

      @Yudi Saputra ĺñĺ

    • Peter S
      Peter S 8 days ago

      She can definitely act. Another singer who had great success as a first-time actor (with even less experience than Gaga) was Jennifer Hudson in Dreamgirls as she won an Oscar.

    • Artur Sieradl
      Artur Sieradl 10 days ago

      @Yudi Saputra 1 qwerty 11am %q@qqs

  • z
    z 4 days ago +34

    Aquela música q toca a nossa alma . Prefeitos.

  • Rerysson Forechi
    Rerysson Forechi 5 days ago +16

    Essa é uma das performances musicais mais perfeitas q eu já vi!

  • Martha Regina
    Martha Regina 6 days ago +13

    Desde que assistir, nasce uma estrela, quando ouço essa música fico emocionada

  • Alan Willian Silva
    Alan Willian Silva 2 days ago +4

    É impressionando a sintonia desses dois, musica linda e interpretação que beira a perfeição.

  • Cody
    Cody Year ago +2702

    This is a song that sounds like it could’ve came out in the 70s, 80s, 90s, 2000s, 2010s, and 2020s. Very timeless and fresh

    • Anton Boludo
      Anton Boludo 23 days ago

      It is eternal.

    • China Pat
      China Pat 23 days ago

      Totally agree!

    • Nasrin Jimmy Mdee
      Nasrin Jimmy Mdee Month ago

      And so 2021

    • Anton Boludo
      Anton Boludo Month ago

      @Ashley Wickett He and Barbra Streisand were in "The way we were". Also, "A star is born" has been made in 1937, 1954, 1976 and 2018 🙂.

    • Ashley Wickett
      Ashley Wickett Month ago

      @Anton Boludo ahhh okay thank you. I thought it was robert redford

  • cecilia borba
    cecilia borba 7 days ago +19

    Meu Deus ela senti a alma canta ⭐✨💛🌟🌟✨💛✨⭐🎷🌟☀️🎙️🌹

  • sophia collins
    sophia collins Month ago +544

    I know they claim they aren’t involved romantically. But their chemistry on stage and in the movie gives me goosebumps.

    • Jaime Z
      Jaime Z 3 days ago

      The way she looks at him definitely makes ya think it

    • Sunny Salmon
      Sunny Salmon 6 days ago +2

      They claim they were just acting and playing a part in real life to give us what we wanted. One thing, albeit it was a good movie and her first, currently Lady Gaga is not as the incredible actress she wants us to believe, to act at that level to play the same character even at award shows, etc, take a high level of skills I believe she currently doesnt have but will have in several years. I believe she did have feelings for Bradley Cooper, Bradley Cooper probably had feelings for her however, Bradley Cooper who has more acting experience can be in character in public and I think he rejected her. once filming was over cuz the character who fell in love with her wasn't needed anymore. Look at the time stamp 3:29 it looks like Lady Gaga is about to lean in for a kiss then Bradley Cooper looks annoyed and Lady Gaga pulls away in embarrassment. I know this conjecture, ppl can see the truth. No one is that good of an actor all the time.

    • Carl Canmore
      Carl Canmore 11 days ago +1

      Chemistry isn't always romantic as Newman & Redford were a team as were Poitier & Steiger.

    • Robert Flynn
      Robert Flynn 11 days ago

      a bit disrespectful to their significant others though...

    • Joe Thorpe
      Joe Thorpe 11 days ago +8

      Gaga is a beautiful woman

  • zabella zabella
    zabella zabella 7 days ago +162

    Assistindo o filme nasce uma estrela agora, perfeição!!💖

    • Aline Biesek
      Aline Biesek 6 days ago +2

      @Gustavo Andrade siiimmmm, alcoolismo é uma doença tão triste e devastadora, sei bem como é, seria bom ver um final feliz, ainda que no filme 🥰

    • Gustavo Andrade
      Gustavo Andrade 6 days ago +1

      @Aline Biesek esse poderia ser o final né. O Jack se livrando do seu problema com o álcool e as drogas e cantando junto com a Ally no Grammy 👏👏

    • Gabriel Manicucci
      Gabriel Manicucci 6 days ago +3

      Eu tbm, primeira vez que assisti, perfeito!

    • Adenides Mendes
      Adenides Mendes 7 days ago +1

      Tbm estava

    • Mirely Santos Silva
      Mirely Santos Silva 7 days ago +2

      Só não é bom o final pq, o Jackson se matar por conta daquele produtor nojento

  • Lorrana Vitória.
    Lorrana Vitória. 7 days ago +106

    Que hino, ouço incansavelmente.

    • Gabriel Manicucci
      Gabriel Manicucci 6 days ago +3

      eu tbm, assisti ontem na globo, incrivelmente perfeito

  • Kirk Reid
    Kirk Reid Year ago +8511

    Bradley Cooper has some big balls. To sing live in front of an audience of his peers (on live tv no less) was gutsy. The guy is a good singer, but he's not a professional. And yet he pulled it off... brilliantly.

    • James Cook
      James Cook 29 days ago

      Big Respect to Bradley, he is like a brave lion. He clearly has a really nice voice although for me he went a bit toooooo gravelly/gruff🤔.
      He’s the full package

    • 10Nat34
      10Nat34 Month ago

      Is this now how entertainers are evaluated, size of testicles? Some music criticism! How pathetic!

    • roflmatol
      roflmatol Month ago

      I don't know what you heard. He obviously can't sing and having Lady Gaga sing after him only made it even more evident

    • 10Nat34
      10Nat34 Month ago

      @Kirk Reid That's exactly what I mean that only really classy guys like you, and articulate beyond compare,, would appreciate the the swill produced by today's "artists."

    • Kirk Reid
      Kirk Reid Month ago

      @10Nat34 FU


    Lady Gaga é uma das melhores cantoras internacionais, dona de uma voz sem igual. Sou fã de suas músicas.

  • Gabriela Figueiredo
    Gabriela Figueiredo 7 days ago +163

    Estava assistindo o filme agora a pouco na rede Globo e vim aqui no RU-clip chorar. O filme e a música são tão emocionantes 😭❤️

    • Kemila Sousa
      Kemila Sousa Day ago

      Qual o nome do filme?

    • Amanda Alves
      Amanda Alves 4 days ago

      Minha mãe assistiu pela primeira vez e odiou o final.

    • Lucas Ribamar
      Lucas Ribamar 5 days ago

      @Jonas Marteletto mas eu falei oii KkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkKkk

    • Jonas Marteletto
      Jonas Marteletto 5 days ago

      @Lucas Ribamar faltou a Nextel, a Vivo, a Tim e a Claro

    • Rafael Costa
      Rafael Costa 5 days ago

      @Thiago carlos star is born (tradução ) "nasce uma estrela "

  • Mirely Santos Silva
    Mirely Santos Silva 7 days ago +2

    Caramba que letra incrível ❤️❤️ muito linda mesmo😍

  • Neuza Dias Soares
    Neuza Dias Soares 14 days ago +32

    Muito linda essa música e o casal são ótimos, o ator e cantor é um sonho de homem ❤❤❤❤❤🥰👍🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Alexandre Morello
    Alexandre Morello Year ago +3064

    Am I the only one who really likes Lady Gaga’s natural look?

    I love it!

  • Aílton Rodrigues costa
    Aílton Rodrigues costa 11 days ago +163

    Aquela música q toca a nossa alma . Prefeitos.

  • Rafaella BG
    Rafaella BG 13 days ago +20

    Música muito linda!

  • Alexandra Queiroz
    Alexandra Queiroz Month ago +52

    Linda música

  • Caio Vinicius
    Caio Vinicius 7 days ago +42

    Lady Gaga é espetacular, uma artista completa, uma cantora sem igual e uma atriz impecável! Sempre que assisto o filme "Nasce uma Estrela" fico boquiaberto com a atuação magnífica. Essa musica tem o poder de tocar no fundo da alma ❤

  • William Hudson
    William Hudson Year ago +20864

    Gentle reminder: Gaga doesn't lip sync because she considers it disrespectful to her audience. This is her singing live. OMG her voice.

    • morkygorky
      morkygorky 28 days ago

      ​@Lauren RodriguezBritney is actually doing her audience a favor....

    • Lant Gome
      Lant Gome Month ago

      Lip sync is mainly used if the artist is doing a lot of dancing.

    • Andrea Walbridge
      Andrea Walbridge Month ago

      Totally respect that.

    • IL B
      IL B 2 months ago

      Gaga did lip sync at least once. Maybe more

    • david hoff
      david hoff 2 months ago

      @queensawayama You are damaged.

  • Lucas dos santos
    Lucas dos santos 4 days ago +2

    Top demais a combinação de cada voz

  • Cida Virginio
    Cida Virginio 7 days ago +2

    Dupla perfeita ❤

  • Andréia Ribeiro
    Andréia Ribeiro 6 days ago +2

    Q casal lindo ❤️ Dupla perfeita no filme Nasce Uma Estrela. Acabei de ver de novo na HBO 😭 É simplesmente perfeito 🙌

  • Luciana Brito Monteiro

    Simplesmente M Á G I C O!! LINDO!

  • Cassio Brasolin
    Cassio Brasolin 2 years ago +347

    Fazia muitos anos que eu não via uma obra tão bonita e rica. Uma performance de encher os olhos. Vai virar um grande clássico e ficará pra sempre em nossos corações!

    • Genauria Ganauria
      Genauria Ganauria 6 months ago

      Verdade cara

    • Gutto Pra vida
      Gutto Pra vida 2 years ago +2

      Que delicadeza , você têm razão, de fato foi um momento único nesse fim de década.

    • Morgan M-James
      Morgan M-James 2 years ago +2

      Hey! I uploaded a cover of I'll Never Love Again from A Star Is Born on my channel! It would mean so much if you could check it out and let me know what you think! Thanks :)

  • Bruna Almeida
    Bruna Almeida Month ago +44

    arrepio sempre que escuto essa música

    • edson Jorge
      edson Jorge 21 day ago +1

      Essa cantora e incrível, pode cantar o que quiser, da tudo

  • Maria Alves
    Maria Alves Month ago +31

    Amo essa música

  • Simone Martins
    Simone Martins Day ago

    Maravilhoso já assisti 4 vezes e chorei melhor filme e entendo com o coração

  • Keilla Lacerda
    Keilla Lacerda 15 days ago +15

    Amo essa música 😍❤️

  • Alex Bruce
    Alex Bruce 2 years ago +56535

    An actor who can sing and a singer who could act

    • Christopher Colvin
      Christopher Colvin 13 hours ago

      Well of course an actor can sing….it broadens their films they can do and a lot of them come from Broadway histories too

    • Elmer Lactaotao
      Elmer Lactaotao Day ago


    • Roman Torteli
      Roman Torteli 11 days ago

      @SilverShadow1024 Russell Crowe can't sing

      TRAVIS GLENN 18 days ago

      Hi. Happy new you😍❤

      TRAVIS GLENN 18 days ago

      Hi. Happy new you😍❤

  • Ednaldo Júnior
    Ednaldo Júnior 2 days ago

    Gente que música linda. Perfeita

  • Brena Morais
    Brena Morais 7 days ago +1

    Chorei horrores vendo o filme, que perfeita essa música❤❤❤❤

  • James Cook
    James Cook 26 days ago +98

    I love it when gaga appears to give him a nod of encouragement when he doesn’t quite hit the note around 60 seconds in, and how the hell does she generate that much power “I’m off the deep end”.. ? 😮 A truly remarkable performance by both ❤️

    • Kathleen Hodgins
      Kathleen Hodgins 20 hours ago

      @Lindsey Pruett he was fine. He had that sort of raspy singing voice. Hard to tell he was off pitch. actually even better that he was.

    • Lindsey Pruett
      Lindsey Pruett 2 days ago +1

      He was definitely slightly off pitch most of the time but he did great nonetheless! It's hard performing live

    • Will Ritter
      Will Ritter 24 days ago +2

      I'd be honored if some Lady Gaga fans would take a listen to my acoustic piano & vocal performance of ALWAYS REMEMBER US THIS WAY ru-clip.com/video/H53twPfoCzo/video.html on my YT in tribute to Gaga's legendary role in A Star Is Born. Live acoustic with no autotune or digital editing. Thanks and peace.

  • Angelica Cordeiro
    Angelica Cordeiro Month ago +38


    • Sid Baksh
      Sid Baksh 14 days ago

      @Lorrane Povo confunde as coisas. Não sabe discernir.

    • Lorrane
      Lorrane 15 days ago +1

      eles não são um casal gente

    • Leandro sales
      Leandro sales 20 days ago +1

      ela traiu ele

  • TAL H
    TAL H 2 years ago +5005

    Lady gaga needs to do more songs like this
    It fits her perfectly

    • Adam Domenico
      Adam Domenico Day ago

      Intresting fact about Lady gaga is she has ptsd which most people don't know and is from a variety of sources not just war. Could be from rape attempted murder for men usually. And she's sicilian/italian which people also didn't know. Lady gaga is such a great singer that most overlook her illness. Because it's high functioning

    • mauricio echeverria
      mauricio echeverria 15 days ago

      this was not her idea, its Bradley Coopers dream.

    • Ado Centyn
      Ado Centyn Month ago


    • Morbidly Obese RoboCop
      Morbidly Obese RoboCop Month ago

      She doesn't need to change a thing.

    • Keith Gass
      Keith Gass 2 months ago

      Check out her song Speechless, especially a live performance

  • Daniel Passinho
    Daniel Passinho 7 days ago +38

    Que música, o coração fica quentinho vendo os dois cantarem

  • marina goncalves campos

    Linda música...Um hino de amor!!!

  • rosemeire peres
    rosemeire peres 2 days ago +1

    Eu fiquei apaixonada pelo Jack,a voz dele nessa música é de arrepiar e da Ally é linda também,amo esses dois ,ficou marcado esse filme na minha vida amei vou querer assistir muitas vezes amo vcs ,mais o Jack amo demais 💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗

  • Sebastian Vettel
    Sebastian Vettel 6 days ago

    entra na alma essa musica❤

  • simsandwins
    simsandwins Year ago +2874

    Props to cooper, he had some imperfections in his singing but he’s not even a singer, he went out in such a high profile event and sang for the whole world... it was so beautiful

    • Peter Duxbury
      Peter Duxbury 9 days ago

      @simsandwins I would have to agree with you, you being a Professional. But it is likely that those who saw an impeccable performance, would not have even thought about the rudiments of hitting the correct note (vocally), and also the note length, and possibly many other fine details that only a person with a Degree - like yourself, would know. With over 520 million views, you are a brave person to even raise the matter of "imperfections". Bradley Cooper is unique in everything that he does. Sorry, but I just had to write this to you.

    • william west
      william west Month ago +1

      I think the imperfections in his voice kinda give it personality

    • Sebastiao Leonel
      Sebastiao Leonel Month ago


    • Honey Stiletto
      Honey Stiletto Month ago

      @David Tibbetts exactly! Isn’t it hilarious that self important folks think we actually give a shit about their opinions? Voice coach or not! Like, we don’t CARE about your “Professional opinion”!,, we came on here to enjoy BRADLEY COOPER and LADY GAGA, NOT some random nobody’s opinion! 🤨😘

    • Honey Stiletto
      Honey Stiletto Month ago

      I never found Bradley Cooper attractive but after seeing him going for it in this video, I’m like “Yes, please!”♥️♥️♥️

  • SUELI Dachense
    SUELI Dachense Month ago +27

    Amo demais essa música ❣️

  • Carmen Veronica Dos Santos Da Rocha

    Eu choro de emoção!
    Vcs são lindossss!

  • Sabrina Lima da Silva
    Sabrina Lima da Silva 8 days ago +63

    Acabei de assistir o filme, que lindo e triste. Estou encantada com essa dupla❤️.

  • Paula Guimarães
    Paula Guimarães 8 days ago +35

    Sem palavras.desde a primeira vez q ouvi a melodia me emocionei e nem tinha visto a tradução da letra. Lindos.amo.

  • Cristina D.
    Cristina D. 2 years ago +218

    É aqui a reunião dos brasileiros atordoados com essa maravilha de apresentação no Oscar desses dois incríveis artistas????
    Estou no lugar certo
    Brazil love Gaga!!!!!

  • Agnieszka Telesz
    Agnieszka Telesz 2 days ago +1

    Pięknie zaśpiewane ❤️❤️❤️

  • Ivanilton silva Rodrigues

    Lady gaga ,linda e uma voz escandalosa. Pura lenda um escândalo de música. Expressão total de amor e sentimentos

  • Tom Assis
    Tom Assis 7 days ago +6

    Acabei de ver o filme na Globo 😍😍😍😍

  • Flávio Bitencourt
    Flávio Bitencourt 29 days ago +53

    Como é lindo a diferença entre um homem e uma mulher. Juntos, são inigualável!

  • Eliane Santos
    Eliane Santos 4 days ago +13

    Que lindos essa música ficou perfeita na voz dos dois 🤩😍

  • Ana Santos
    Ana Santos Day ago +1

    Uma dia ainda vou ter alguém pra mim chamar de meu amor ❤️😍

  • Frances Diógenes
    Frances Diógenes 4 days ago +1

    Que dupla ❤❤❤

  • Clarice Correia
    Clarice Correia 28 days ago +23

    Simplesmente maravilhoso

  • LaVioletaAmatista
    LaVioletaAmatista 2 years ago +365

    Lady Gaga won a BAFTA, Grammy, Oscar, Golden Globe, and Critics Choice Award all in one award season. Many celebrities live their whole lives and don’t do that. She did it in ONE awards season.

    • Emma King
      Emma King Year ago

      next up: the tony awards

    • Wilshman 1
      Wilshman 1 2 years ago

      You are very so welcome...knew it was clearly a simple typo but would have wanted to know myself for the obvious reason. So proud of/for her too! Cheers!

    • LaVioletaAmatista
      LaVioletaAmatista 2 years ago

      Wilshman 1 thanks for telling me that!

    • Wilshman 1
      Wilshman 1 2 years ago +1

      Yes, what an amazing accomplishment by one of, if not the best pop artist of all time, between her writing, singing, dancing, acting, live performances and artistic prowess, not to mention her exemplary character. Just gotta love and respect this woman as she continues to mature and grow and I for one am so happy that she is getting all that she deserves and more.

    • LaVioletaAmatista
      LaVioletaAmatista 2 years ago +1

      julianna banfe LoL and no shade but those are the easier ones to get because there are so many categories and Two types of Emmys. She’ll easily get an EGOT!

  • Satoshi
    Satoshi 7 days ago

    Música maravilhosa

  • Camila Ferreira nogueira
    Camila Ferreira nogueira 9 days ago +34

    Os dois transmite muita química ❤️

  • Ana Paula Gonçalves Gomes Zuchi


  • Jose Aparecido Silva Souza

    Interpretação Maravilhosa, o amor é algo que nos magnetiza, hipnotisa, nos envolve e nos faz sonhar, ah como é bom sonhar...

  • Rm16
    Rm16 2 years ago +1511

    Damn lady Gaga has an amazing voice, it’s hard to believe she went from her first song hit song being a pop party song to winning an Oscar, good for her she’s so inspiring to young women!

    • Аян Авгут-оол
      Аян Авгут-оол 2 years ago

      сваи вб

    • ni july
      ni july 2 years ago +1

      Brazil ...💓

    • Hamada Younis
      Hamada Younis 2 years ago

      This is irina shayk

    • Rm16
      Rm16 2 years ago +2

      ekujj13 spreading hate as usual, it was part of her act and obviously she’s still on top and I don’t even listen to her music.

    • massari4u
      massari4u 2 years ago +12

      She has amazing voice, see her tribute song to Julie Andrews for Sound of Music. She sounds amazing.

  • Donna P
    Donna P Month ago +23

    This song holds wonderful memories for me! Lady Gaga is highly capable and music is her remedy to heal her trauma! Bradley Cooper looks just like the love of my life! Good memories!

  • Riquelme Paixao
    Riquelme Paixao 7 days ago +3

    Vendo o clipe, depois do filme ❤️😍

  • Jennifer Ojeda
    Jennifer Ojeda 4 days ago +1

    Los amo 🥺
    El super poder de gaga de hacerme llorar al oírla!!!!!

  • Valesca
    Valesca 10 days ago +20

    Gente eu me arrepio cada vez que venho aqui e ouço essa música e esse vídeo maravilhoso!

  • Mia
    Mia 2 years ago +823

    Congratulations Gaga! You deserve all the success you're enjoying right now :D

    • Greg Campbell
      Greg Campbell Month ago

      Hello Mia how are you doing?

    • shmikeyify
      shmikeyify 2 years ago

      Yeah cus she has just been waiting for her big break huh lol please...

    • KurtisLeeSinger
      KurtisLeeSinger 2 years ago +2

      ale gonzalez she truly does 😍👌🏽

  • Luiz Fabiano
    Luiz Fabiano 18 days ago +32

    bradley cooper não ganhar um oscar foi absurdo...Ele cantou, interpretou, dirigiu, produziu e não levou nada... por isso ninguém dá mais valor ao oscar

  • Joao Hurtado
    Joao Hurtado 8 hours ago

    arrepio quando ouço essa musica

  • cristina kaline
    cristina kaline 2 days ago

    I love you,Bradley Cooper....Lady Gaga maravilhosaaaaa

  • Murilo Freire
    Murilo Freire 7 days ago +1

    Assisti ontem na Globo e amei

  • Brandon Burden
    Brandon Burden 2 years ago +1046

    Lady Gaga's part is so epic, when she hit those high notes, it's just beautiful!

  • Gilmar Pereira Gomes

    100 palavras perfeitos👍

  • Luis Ricardo Pistori
    Luis Ricardo Pistori 27 days ago

    Linda demais essa música

  • Neto Viana
    Neto Viana 7 days ago +34

    Assistindo o filme agora e vendo o clipe aqui ❤😍

    CARLA FERRARI 5 days ago +13

    Meu pai de 65 anos ama essa música, e eu canto sempre q posso para ele, e ele ama ouvir eu cantar ela ❤️😍 e quando não canto coloco para ele ouvir ele vibra ❤️

  • Cleber Lestrange
    Cleber Lestrange 2 years ago +238

    48 milhões de visualizações em 2 semanas. Só mais uma prova do quanto esse momento foi histórico. 😍😍😍

  • Lucia Dos Santos
    Lucia Dos Santos 4 days ago +16

    Amo essa música fiquei apaixonada pelo filme,dois artistas excelentes, um dia ainda vou conhecê-los se DEUS quizer 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

  • Thami Lima
    Thami Lima 7 days ago +13

    Ai, esse homem abala todas as minhas estruturas!

  • Isabelle Di doo dah
    Isabelle Di doo dah 13 days ago +1

    Восхитительно!!! Чувственно!!! Страстно!!!

  • music Sanders
    music Sanders Day ago

    Awesome performance. Lady Gaga is a legend!

  • Sérgio Pires
    Sérgio Pires 2 years ago +204

    Se os brasileiros se juntar, com certeza iríamos dominar o mundo, JUNTOS E SHALLOW NOW

    • Lili Moniz
      Lili Moniz 2 years ago

      Eu amei juntos e shallow now eu não sou brasileira mas amo o brasil

  • Clerton Rodrigues
    Clerton Rodrigues 7 days ago +7

    Estava vendo o filme e me emocionei, que voz que cantora e atriz maravilhosas

  • Mona Velame
    Mona Velame Month ago +3


  • 90k subs Challenge ᵂⁱᵗʰ 0 ᵛⁱᵈᵉᵒ

    It’s crazy how many people come back to this everyday. This song is legendary!🖤 ↩️

    • Mo Carpenter
      Mo Carpenter Month ago

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    • Shaun Hadden
      Shaun Hadden 8 months ago

      @Get_FlankedAXR translation "yes, brave man. it is not known which is scarier, the lady of the Hague or the live audience"

    • Gin Lee
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    • D Music Life
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      Gail A. He was decent for the small roll he played in the performance but he’s not on that level. Not even close. There’s a reason he sat out when the real talent was about to go down.Lady Gaga or whatever her actual name is absolutely CRUSHED IT! I’m not a fan of hers in the least but there’s no questions her talent is on a whole other level. But with Bradly it came off to scripted and Hollywood/phony as if they were shooting a scene. It took away from the true deep raw emotions that come from the heart with a song of that nature. Let the song shine instead of the theatrics. it finally came out when she took over.thats when it felt real and not scripted

    • Rees Freeman
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