Top 10 Anime Villains Turned Heroes

  • Published on Jan 15, 2019
  • Top 10 Anime Villains Turned Heroes
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    Sometimes the bad guys can turn good! For this list we're looking at characters that used to be evil but became heroes from shows like; A Certain Magical Index, Fairy Tail, Hunter x Hunter, Shaman King, Gurren Lagann, Digimon Adventure 02, Naruto Shippuden, Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, Dragon Ball Z, and Yu Yu Hakusho. Expect the likes of Scar, Hiei, and Vegeta to appear along the way - They're now some of the most loved anime characters but they were once fighting on the darkside.
    #Anime #DragonBall #FairyTail
    10. Accelerator
    9. Gajeel
    8. Ikalgo
    7. Ren
    6. Viral
    5. Ken
    4. Gaara
    3, 2, 1: ???
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Comments • 1 420

  • kurapika- The emperor
    kurapika- The emperor 9 hours ago

    Not only gaara
    Obito zabuza neji sai sasuke

  • Rixel
    Rixel 21 hour ago

    Dazai Osamu were kinda cool i guess

  • Superleo129 666
    Superleo129 666 2 days ago

    Wait where’s goro akechi from persona 5

  • Randi Flores
    Randi Flores 3 days ago

    Vegeta was just to suprising to me

  • ruben van heerden
    ruben van heerden 7 days ago

    I swear if Zuko isn't on this list from Avatar I'm gonna lose it

  • TheDuffcat
    TheDuffcat 9 days ago +1

    how fitting that a top 10 with vegeta at number 1 would have jeice as the narrator

  • Mr.eddyboy THEGaming Em

    Main charaters

  • RMoribayashi
    RMoribayashi 14 days ago

    Best scene in Index 3 was Accellerator's farewell to Last Order. Both say "I wanted to stay with you forever" and his black whirlpool wings turn to white feathers as he starts to float away, hand's touching until the last second. A classic trope subverted by: He isn't dead, just evolving. Everybody knows he's coming back for a spinofff and he's had the white wings before. Still, it's a shock to see a gentle smile cross his face as he lets go of Last Order's hand.

  • alex thelizardking
    alex thelizardking 17 days ago

    Top villains who were revealed to be heroes the whole time.

  • Shawn Renz
    Shawn Renz 20 days ago

    Takasugi better be here when Gintama ends ......... 703

    VEGITO BLUE 29 days ago

    What about Satsuki and group from Kill La Kill

  • moth eater
    moth eater Month ago

    6:36 yes but why does he sound like Kokochi Ouma-

  • Yunka Ramirez
    Yunka Ramirez Month ago

    Where is Kagentane by Black Bullet

  • Chad Moses
    Chad Moses Month ago

    Hiei and Vegeta 1&2 is perfect

  • Jman Duncan
    Jman Duncan Month ago

    You know Vegeta's gotta be right there on the thumb nail, and number one!

  • Grapple Gaming
    Grapple Gaming Month ago

    We’re is obito

  • CrispyBear14
    CrispyBear14 Month ago

    I liked greed more than scar

  • Garviel Lokan
    Garviel Lokan Month ago

    No honourable mentions?

  • nick rye
    nick rye Month ago

    What about Laxus from fairy tail.

  • Mark Lester Miranda


    GOD OF THUNDER Month ago

    Lol All Dragon Ball & Naruto characters can alone cover the top 10

  • Abbz World
    Abbz World 2 months ago

    I'm glad Gaara's on this list. ^_^

  • ChurriFMA
    ChurriFMA 2 months ago

    Isn't accelerator more like an anti-hero?

  • Twin2Jr
    Twin2Jr 2 months ago

    You whiffed. Sea Dragon Kanon and Phoenix Ikki from Saint Seiya could have easily been top 5 in your list.

  • Jusna Tokbipi
    Jusna Tokbipi 2 months ago


  • withintheshyness
    withintheshyness 2 months ago

    Dragonball deserves #1 just based on the fact that 75% of the characters are former villains that Goku befriended!

  • uncle deano
    uncle deano 2 months ago


  • Kathinas
    Kathinas 2 months ago


    • Tenryuunaito
      Tenryuunaito 2 months ago

      Not a legitimate anime character.

  • SirLocke
    SirLocke 2 months ago

    putting dragon ball at #1 is just another fanservice.

  • Atrji_the_khajiit
    Atrji_the_khajiit 2 months ago +1

    What is better? To be born good or to overcome your evil nature through great effort?

    • Tenryuunaito
      Tenryuunaito 2 months ago +1

      It's better to be born good but it's more interesting when you become it after being misguided.

  • Perko Perec
    Perko Perec 3 months ago

    What About Sasuke

  • Jiren
    Jiren 3 months ago +1

    piccolo , fat buu , 17 and 18

  • Cobra Queen
    Cobra Queen 3 months ago

    Bro, where is my boi Kaiba?

  • Andrea Della Luna
    Andrea Della Luna 3 months ago

    Piccolo is better then many on the list

  • Sreeram Kumar
    Sreeram Kumar 3 months ago +4

    I am a simple man.
    I see Vegeta.
    I click.

  • Aya-chan
    Aya-chan 3 months ago

    Jude Sharp
    Ray Dark
    All in Inazuma eleven

  • Salman Syed
    Salman Syed 3 months ago

    Wt abt Pain from naruto ..??

  • Dorian Nevers
    Dorian Nevers 3 months ago

    So it's like F-

  • Average 13-Year Old Gamer

    Y'all just gonna ignore Kakyoin?

  • WaveForceful
    WaveForceful 3 months ago +1

    In Ken's defense he wasn't evil to begin with, he was being manipulated by Daemon and forces from the dark ocean.

    • Tenryuunaito
      Tenryuunaito 2 months ago

      Exactly. Impmon from Digimon Tamers should've been here, instead.

  • Bo Tao
    Bo Tao 3 months ago

    No Aoshi or Sanosuke from Rurouni Kenshin?

  • Sivfair And elite
    Sivfair And elite 3 months ago

    Why does hiei sounds like Android 17, same voice actor?

  • Aleksandar Vil
    Aleksandar Vil 3 months ago

    No Piccolo Jr. , not even as honorable mention???

  • Crystal Fajman
    Crystal Fajman 3 months ago +1

    Vegeta is my favorite anime villain turned hero! Ken from digimon doesn’t count because he was controlled by a dark spore and influenced by the dark ocean!!

  • Red Hood
    Red Hood 3 months ago

    Vegeta has so much more character development than any other DBZ/DBS character

  • Neel Patwardhan
    Neel Patwardhan 3 months ago

    wheres obito ?

  • JakeExternalz
    JakeExternalz 3 months ago

    Frieza is partly one of them.

    • Tenryuunaito
      Tenryuunaito 2 months ago

      Frieza is still a villain. See the Broly movie.

  • Michael Song
    Michael Song 3 months ago

    I wouldn't exactly call Scar a villain. He may have crippled the protagonist (temp), but he was never a villain. At worst, he was one of the antagonist, and even that's questionable.
    Vegeta... he was never fully hero until the end of Buu saga (where he sacrificed himself against Fat Buu). Sure, he fought against the big bad in both Frieza saga and Cell saga, but he was simply on his own side. Chaotic Neutral, if you will. It was the moment he blew up himself where he turned into a hero.

  • Daniel Barker
    Daniel Barker 3 months ago

    Vegeta, Scar, and Gaara are my top 3.

  • theteamrpmgfs
    theteamrpmgfs 3 months ago

    I wonder when mha will have a villain turned hero

  • Black Star
    Black Star 3 months ago

    Let's face it my boy seto kaiba shoulda been number 1

  • Definitely Underdog
    Definitely Underdog 3 months ago

    Where is Itachi and Obito?

  • vala alisaeedi
    vala alisaeedi 3 months ago

    im so sad not seeing nagato

  • ilovefood
    ilovefood 3 months ago +1

    jeremiah, cornelia & villetta in Code Geass??

    FRIKI ZONA 3 months ago


  • antwnis fwstieris
    antwnis fwstieris 3 months ago

    Ren was a pretty big one , i think he sould have been higher on the list but i think that not a lot of the millenials have seen the shaman king ...Also Gaara mission was to destroy the hidden leaf village , 2 years later he is not only Kazekage but commanding the hollle ninja Army as wel. Vegeta deserves N1 but Gaara sould be the N2

  • Yolanda Chen
    Yolanda Chen 3 months ago

    Where’s bon clay 😢

  • ChemiX
    ChemiX 3 months ago

    This list really just needs Garra, Hiei, and Vegeta

  • Joseph Lobos
    Joseph Lobos 3 months ago


  • TTD: Time To Draw
    TTD: Time To Draw 3 months ago +1

    Vegeta is my favourite dbz character...
    But *for me* Gaara is a better villain turned hero!!!

  • Elvis Adonis Latcu
    Elvis Adonis Latcu 3 months ago +1

    You forgot Piccolo and Majin Buu.
    They too were villans and now they are good guys.

  • Peter Van Eno
    Peter Van Eno 3 months ago

    That's a common anime theme. I think pretty much every anime has a bad guy turning good or a good guy turning bad.

  • Dragonpulse
    Dragonpulse 3 months ago

    Accelerator is my favorite character in the a certain magical index/railgun series!!!(a certain scientific railgun is my favorite anime ever)

  • dce
    dce 4 months ago

    What about Sesshoumaru?

  • Xenia Monzo
    Xenia Monzo 4 months ago

    Pretty much nearly every fairy tail antagonist

  • Lyserg1260
    Lyserg1260 4 months ago

    English dub is garbage

  • gemstony85
    gemstony85 4 months ago

    9:25 "Huh? Android 17? Heh..."

  • Wanderlust 12
    Wanderlust 12 4 months ago

    That is a damn winner of a thumbnail.

  • kaustubh kalambe
    kaustubh kalambe 4 months ago

    Vegeta is biggest tsundere in anime lol

  • Pro Wolf
    Pro Wolf 4 months ago


  • Gerard Fernandes
    Gerard Fernandes 4 months ago

    I’d put Jellal there instead of Gajeel

  • Kamaria Wade
    Kamaria Wade 4 months ago

    This is Sesshomaru erasure

  • Saqib Farooq
    Saqib Farooq 4 months ago

    Vegeta is the best villian turned hero and the most developed character in dragon ball

  • Rich 256
    Rich 256 4 months ago

    Sauske, Obito???

  • Daniel Maciel
    Daniel Maciel 4 months ago

    You forgot brolly💔💔

  • Daniel Srbija
    Daniel Srbija 4 months ago

    Vegeta Sure 1 hiei Sure 2 the list miss piccolo

  • Cedric Martin
    Cedric Martin 4 months ago

    They called themselves Anti-heroes

  • Cyber Viruz999 ANIMEEE!
    Cyber Viruz999 ANIMEEE! 4 months ago +1

    I feel like kaurama should be here cause if you think of it before kaurama became a human/demon he was basically a king and was evil enough to try to kill his friend when he hired a demon to kill him.

  • manuel bismarck animas pérez

    Almost all the enemies on dai no daiboken

  • Ethan Radd
    Ethan Radd 4 months ago

    Number one should have been Deckard Shaw
    from Fast & Furious

  • Ryuga Zeus
    Ryuga Zeus 4 months ago +1

    King vegeta 👌👌👌👍

  • James Esterline
    James Esterline 4 months ago +1

    Ok, we all knew Vegeta would be number 1.

  • Moaad M
    Moaad M 4 months ago


  • Joshua Ponder
    Joshua Ponder 4 months ago

    What about Grimmjow from Bleach,Kongou/Haruna from Arppeggio of Blue Steel, or Piccolo/Android 18 from Dragonball Z?

    • Joshua Ponder
      Joshua Ponder 2 months ago

      @Tenryuunaito fair point.

    • Tenryuunaito
      Tenryuunaito 2 months ago

      Grimmjow never became a hero. You're mixing up the ideas of allies and heroes. There's a difference between the two.

  • jai ganesh
    jai ganesh 4 months ago

    Most of the villian characters are died as a hero in Naruto.U can pick 10 characters in Naruto itself

  • Arturo Cabral
    Arturo Cabral 4 months ago

    You should’ve put English dub of Gajeel. My favorites are Gajeel, and Gaara

  • ben jonas
    ben jonas 4 months ago

    Alot of the cast on dragon ball were villains,
    Vegeta android 17 and 18(16 never really were a villain),piccolo, tien,majin buu
    And they all became a hero

  • Mister B
    Mister B 4 months ago

    Hiei better be on this list, tired of YuYu Hakusho getting shitted on

  • Goku Son
    Goku Son 4 months ago

    This list should basically be everybody Naruto uses talk no jutsu on

  • Accel.otaku
    Accel.otaku 4 months ago

    You have no idea how happy I am too see Accelerator make this list

  • that one person
    that one person 4 months ago

    I'm a simple person I see vegeta I click. But if I see some cr***ie photo of obbitto I'M PISSED BECAUSE WHY WOULD YOU PUT OBBITTO? he's not a good villain at all!

    DHILIP KUMAR 4 months ago


  • william mason
    william mason 4 months ago

    Kinda funny that Vegeta hasn't actually killed on people on Earth till until the Buu Saga.

  • bayr
    bayr 4 months ago

    Piccolo jr?

  • RemyLeBeau
    RemyLeBeau 4 months ago

    Piccolo like seriously his sacrifice for Gohan was not enough to put them on top not even an honorable mention

  • Nik Pap
    Nik Pap 4 months ago

    am i the only one that thinks gin should have been in this list?

  • Dr. Animatronic
    Dr. Animatronic 4 months ago

    Buggy from One Piece
    He turned into a anti hero

  • Zankenfrasher
    Zankenfrasher 4 months ago

    Huh... No honorable mentions...

  • Edgar Uriel
    Edgar Uriel 4 months ago

    Vegeta is just my favorite anime character.

  • Assassin Ferret Project

    At least you make a good video watchmojo