Spinning Levers - How A Transmission Works (1936)

  • Published on Sep 11, 2012
  • The transmission in the modern motorcar -- the mechanism that makes it possible to have three forward speeds and a reverse -- is a series of levers, levers that spin.
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  • ShartingFish
    ShartingFish 23 hours ago

    Man i wish it was still so simple, i would have bought a new car at 16 and owned it till i died..

  • suman kumar
    suman kumar Day ago

    So gears are actually a loop of levers, we're doomed mate, humankind is fuckin' doomed.

  • Zastock
    Zastock Day ago

    Yes. This is just.....better. Makes me proud to think of that world as the ancestor to mine. What happened to all that class?

  • kennedy wong
    kennedy wong 2 days ago

    Wow! Everyone seem to drive stick back them. Now that cool. LOL!

  • Ronald Perez
    Ronald Perez 2 days ago +1

    Ahh back when all there was around were manual transmissions, what a time to be alive

  • Strange Person
    Strange Person 3 days ago

    I don't know who's grandma the driver is now, but I just wanna let y'all know that your Grandma is hot.

  • Prranjal Shrivaastav

    This is how they should teach at the school level too. It's easy to grab and interesting to learn. This is how education should be imparted to school kids.

  • Mohammad
    Mohammad 3 days ago

    Who is watching in 2019.

  • tata mata
    tata mata 3 days ago

    wait you want to tell me that they didn t had brakes like shifting in lower gear when rpm is high in higher gear can damage the motor

  • Ugur Uflaz
    Ugur Uflaz 3 days ago

    Watching this makes me wanna smoke cigarettes for some reason.

  • david Evans walker
    david Evans walker 4 days ago

    No te entendi no verga no hablo ingles ...:vv

  • Marco Pasta
    Marco Pasta 4 days ago

    Ah this video once again, thanks youtube!

  • mrbigg7255
    mrbigg7255 4 days ago

    Something about a lady with white gloves rowing her own........

  • ronizete cordeiro
    ronizete cordeiro 4 days ago

    boa noite. muito bom seus videos. merece uma traducao para o portugues Brasil.

  • Gilo Ginjang
    Gilo Ginjang 4 days ago

    America loves trumpets.
    Now they have Trump

  • Dan R
    Dan R 4 days ago +1

    My Honda Accord has a 6 speed manual. Sadly, manuals are on the endangered spices list. I enjoy shifting. My plan when Honda drops the manual, I'll find one of the last ones and keep it until I can't drive.

  • Fifty 1 Fifty
    Fifty 1 Fifty 4 days ago

    It's Saturday night and I'm watching a video about levers. I really need to figure out how I got here.

  • TH3O sl
    TH3O sl 5 days ago

    How did they edit the video? Look at those arrows, and gear

  • Domingo De Anda
    Domingo De Anda 5 days ago

    Pretty damn good.

  • Kodachrome40
    Kodachrome40 5 days ago

    I never miss a Jam Handy Picture.

  • Carlos Ospina
    Carlos Ospina 6 days ago

    Sería genial en Español

  • SleepDa Mouse
    SleepDa Mouse 6 days ago

    1:30-2:30 was an excellent way of explaining teeth. I never thought of it like that

  • union310
    union310 6 days ago

    Loving the gloves she wears

  • Apri Swajaya
    Apri Swajaya 6 days ago

    Omg, metal gear!!, it can’t be!!

  • dusty616l
    dusty616l 6 days ago

    wow i know how to drive stick now.
    i love you early american educational videos

  • FBI
    FBI 7 days ago

    4:55 Lenin approves

  • Tuna Semih
    Tuna Semih 7 days ago

    If Nazis had watched this, course of the ww2 would've been different.

  • MrRedstone
    MrRedstone 7 days ago

    Ah, the classic education films. They get several points across easily and quickly and don't make you feel like an idiot learning how to breathe.

  • Ariel Cotton
    Ariel Cotton 7 days ago

    Oh my a whole 60 miles per hour you say? 🤣🤣🤣🤣
    2019 fastest car 300 mph
    I love to see how far we've come. But it is 2019 and we still don't have easy access to "futuristic" cars.

  • Zachariah powless
    Zachariah powless 7 days ago

    Ford sucks ass to this very day

  • C u
    C u 8 days ago

    Motor car lol

  • Joseph Pruett
    Joseph Pruett 8 days ago

    I finally know how to use those old school can openers...

  • Louis Krs
    Louis Krs 8 days ago

    Todays kids think this is animation in Black n White. Good ol' days

  • Blame USA
    Blame USA 9 days ago

    .also look how sexist we was back then........ idiots

  • Blame USA
    Blame USA 9 days ago

    wow 3 forwards gears.... lol

  • Eduardo Minor
    Eduardo Minor 9 days ago

    Magnífico video 😶😶👏👏👏🤟👌👌

  • Zhanna Reich
    Zhanna Reich 10 days ago

    At work we had very old technican car with well worn gear shift mechanism so i managed to switch into first and second gear at same time successfully killing gear box.

  • Alex Augustine
    Alex Augustine 10 days ago

    No one can explain this better...even today. This was even before the synchronizer became clutch, still it explains the theory very well.

  • Tom Van Alst
    Tom Van Alst 11 days ago

    First gear it's alright...... third gear hold on tight......

  • Jim Phillips
    Jim Phillips 12 days ago

    I could watch this all day

  • Shark Music
    Shark Music 12 days ago

    youtube has been recommending me this since 3 years...

  • Edwin Yaril
    Edwin Yaril 12 days ago

    This is so Layman's... Simpliest bold explaination 👏👏👏

  • max hacks
    max hacks 12 days ago

    I was looking at rc engines. How the fuck did youtube take me to this.

  • J Curry
    J Curry 12 days ago

    These old tech videos are so awesome... and classy.

  • Ryan Goodloe
    Ryan Goodloe 13 days ago

    Yeah, now we have 7 gears. Did they really have signs that said "down hill use 2 gear"?

  • RE K
    RE K 14 days ago

    dang this lady's settin a speed reocrd on the hill

  • Jacob H
    Jacob H 14 days ago

    1936 3 spd transmission
    2020 38 spd transmission

  • CrunchyPotato9
    CrunchyPotato9 14 days ago

    Only if they could have made a video like this for a 9 speed... That would be interesting

  • Ingot
    Ingot 14 days ago

    I learned more in this little video than I did in 2 years of engineering classes...


  • Bill Bright
    Bill Bright 14 days ago

    Can you flick on that light 💡 switch?
    Why of course. Anyone can.
    Then you can drive the new 58 Edsel with exclusive Tele~Touch transmission selection. The only car where your hands stay safely at the wheel.

  • Adi Yuwana
    Adi Yuwana 14 days ago

    the 30-year explanation video is more understandable than today's 3D graphics animation

  • Captain Sparks
    Captain Sparks 15 days ago

    1:02 "Tough luck ol’ boy" I love it

  • The Dangerous Scientist
    The Dangerous Scientist 16 days ago +1

    Thats really cool i always wondered how a transmission worked

  • TheReborne
    TheReborne 17 days ago +1

    1934s man : the test is tuesday

  • chunkie gaming
    chunkie gaming 18 days ago

    wait a wowen was driving these guys were crazy to lets a creature like that behind the steering wheel

    • Steve R
      Steve R 16 days ago

      Well did you notice she was to drive that car at 60 mph Down hill! A man would think twice about it.

  • Ardi Pahlawan
    Ardi Pahlawan 18 days ago +1

    this is better than my teacher preaching :D

  • Stuffy Noodles
    Stuffy Noodles 19 days ago

    Now we have tesla

  • TheMp44drophyd
    TheMp44drophyd 19 days ago

    Wonderfully intuitive explanation that builds upon the basic physics. No distracting animation.

  • 234dilligaf
    234dilligaf 20 days ago +1

    Awesome! Very educational!

  • Chris Mayer
    Chris Mayer 22 days ago

    Remember, Engineers invented gear synchronizers for transmissions in order to make a big MESH of everything! *RIMSHOT*