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Electric Fossils and Thundercrabs by Peter Mungo Jupp - Thunderbolts Picture of the Day - 10-07-2013

  • Published on Sep 13, 2020
  • Could fossilization be a rapid process? 🤜🏼⚡️🤛🏻
    Written by Peter Mungo Jupp
    Thunderbolts.info Picture of the Day (TPODs)
    Oct 07, 2013
    Original Author- Paulina West (condensed from an article at ancientdestructions.com)
    Narrated by Electric Universe Eyes - ⚡️EUE2020VISION⚡️
    Fair use. For educational purposes.

Comments • 65

  • Alicia Evans Underwood Productions

    What a cool article to share!

  • Gebwalter
    Gebwalter 2 years ago +4

    Much gratitude for this! Got a few agates last weekend and I thought to myself they sure seem like they could be a fossil of some sort.

  • Christopher Rothe
    Christopher Rothe 2 years ago +8

    Awesome post, this is exciting and shows that Roger from the Mudfossil university is right. Fantastic post Brother, Great job ⚡

  • FinsToRite
    FinsToRite 2 years ago +5

    When I was younger I often beachcombed for fossils at Beverly Beach Oregon. They're everywhere. Agates and other minerals too.

  • AguaTec -- Sistemas de Nevoa

    The biblical account of what happened to Lot’s wife (instantly turning into a pillar of salt as she disobey God order and stopped to look back) does shed a new light in the account of that event, as viewed from the “electric fossilization” perspective.

  • M Scott
    M Scott  +1

    Explains a lot. I always assumed that immediate

  • Bohab Destructo
    Bohab Destructo 2 years ago +7

    With the information gleaned by the saffire project the possibility of sudden transmutation through electrical discharge seems a lot more plausible than before.

  • Stefan Stoyanov

    Does anyone else finds similarity between this and the myths of the Gorgon's throughout the mythologies of old?

  • Reverse Universe

    I’ve always wondered how fossils fossilised into rock and it just doesn’t make sense how some are turned to full rock fossils I’ve always doubted scientists beliefs in a lot of assumptions and this proves our knowledge is a mixed up unproven facts so I’m onboard with the electric universe it just fits in with so many theories just like comet tails aren’t ice particles is one example.

  • Jesper Andersson

    In some sense, some human acheological sites (I have no examples) will likely show similar characteristica, although war is the usual one

  • Kronos -
    Kronos - 2 years ago +6

    Perhaps the reason for some ancient megalithic structures was protection from dinosaurs

  • Ken McClellan
    Ken McClellan 2 years ago +2

    Would it make any difference if I told you the wolf god Shinarov, or however you pronounced it, has returned and is due to duke it out with the Raven for the next three years? The world is about to be remade.

  • Pedro Rojas Cervantes
    Pedro Rojas Cervantes 2 years ago +12

    Emmanuel Velikovsky was on the right track.; "Worlds in Collision"

  • Ben Winter
    Ben Winter 2 years ago +3

    Ole Venus/Medusa turning critters into stone during her drive by shootings

  • zsolt karner
    zsolt karner 2 years ago +2

    They were blown there by the supersonic winds and baked in the stone by the plasma. No more, no less.

  • jemussi7
    jemussi7 Year ago +1

    Interesting concept from Mungo Jupp but needs a lot more fleshing out. I seem to recall from high school chem that the atomic number(protons) determines the elent's identity. Therefore simply adding neutrons will not cause transmutation uness some of these change to protons and electrons somehow. At this stage we are still in the realms of fanciful speculation here.

  • Mudfossil Gaia
    Mudfossil Gaia 2 years ago +1

    I guess you DO know the Hero Twins! Awesome!

  • Johnny Ray Bramton
    Johnny Ray Bramton 2 years ago +2

    Thank you.

  • cokemachine

    not in millions of years.

  • Caroline McGreal
    Caroline McGreal Year ago +2

    Noah's flood, checkout : Is Genesis History, on you tube.