Common Road Hazards for Motorcycles and How I Avoid Them

  • Published on Jun 18, 2018
  • This book is going to help you understand the important “dos and don’ts” of the motorcycling world!
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    I had such a great reception to my last few tip videos that I wanted to make another. I did a live edit of this so check that out for some behind the scenes looks of how this was made. I will come back to this type of motorcycle tips video at a later date when i get better at editing. Hopefully this helps some of you!
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Comments • 72

  • Uvi
    Uvi 10 days ago

    Can you guys in America just switch Lanes without blinking? Because in Europe thats a big nono, for Bikes too.

  • zdravko zdravojevic
    zdravko zdravojevic 21 day ago +1

    Dan"man why didn't you put right mirror too? You said you like to change lanes, isn't it useful for that? Btw you rule keep it up! And thx for road exp :P

  • Rideshare jeep Guy
    Rideshare jeep Guy Month ago

    Awesome video! Thanks Dan!!

  • Fun Chef
    Fun Chef 2 months ago

    Hey Bro! What's up with the subscription price? I have followed you and a few others here because of your knowledge, and leadership. Can't help but see that you are all now going to a subscription. So sad. Especially you being a humanitarian, and firefighter wanting to save people. Please don't follow the trend of making the American dollar. You already get the the products for free to showcase to your audience. Be cool Bro!

  • Jonathan Toll
    Jonathan Toll 2 months ago

    I have not ridden yet. This really helped me understand using positions within the lanes when riding by cars and maximizing your visibility. Awesome video!

  • BrendaK4931
    BrendaK4931 2 months ago

    Be safe Dan!

  • Blah Anger
    Blah Anger 2 months ago

    Always asume the worst from other drivers/riders not to be negative but to stay safe.

  • Tyler Wegener
    Tyler Wegener 2 months ago +2

    I have a class A license and drive for a company well known for excellence in safety. We are trained to scan the road in a similar way. It is impressive to see that you have this level of skill and awareness. People drive like lemmings and stare at the car in front of them. It’s important to have a good eye lead time well ahead of you, which you covered. Keeping a safe following distance as well is really important, which you also covered. Having an escape route is another key point. Very impressed with this level of skill. Very few people drive at this level. If more people drove/rode like you, there would be far fewer crashes and fatalities. I subscribed.

  • Jack Moore
    Jack Moore 3 months ago

    Golden Rule - Ride Alert all the time, like everyone is OUT TO GET YOU! This will keep you poised and positioned to maintain of a "buffer" (space) between you and potential danger..... side to side and front to back... stationary or moving....

  • Justin Aleman
    Justin Aleman 3 months ago

    Great video

  • Ben Smith
    Ben Smith 3 months ago +4

    Getting my first bike today. Got all the gear, licensed, and ready to ride. And still after watching all these videos in nervous/excited!

  • Doug Mercer
    Doug Mercer 3 months ago +1

    I love how the USPS truck did not use a turn signal...

    BLUE SKY BROTHERS 3 months ago


  • gemini232003
    gemini232003 3 months ago

    I see a Denny's and they have an all day breakfast, time to eat. Anything over 70 degrees I would be working on my tan. I never wear gloves or a jacket unless I am cold, and what many find cold is still nice weather for me.

  • Jason Roman
    Jason Roman 4 months ago

    Helpful tips bro . I'm going to practice this at my mss course thanks

  • D e x
    D e x 4 months ago

    In stead of a circle, use a laid on it's side figure "8" for your visual scan. What happens at the crossing lines of the "8" is where your bike is traveling and most important to watch. Debris there means you are executing an escape. But if you are looking for an escape when you should be seeing debris, you are road kill.

  • Alex Supremo
    Alex Supremo 4 months ago

    Excellent! Probably the best street riding tutorial on RU-clip. Great work with the real-time arrows and visuals! Much more useful than other videos where the author is just talking -- your method makes it easier to analyze and absorb information. I can also pause your video and analyze further. It would be awesome if you did the same format for twisty mountain riding, especially if you FOLLOW another skilled rider and a NEWBIE rider and point out their PROPER technique and MISTAKES. (Unless you can film yourself with a drone and show both good and bad styles/mistakes yourself :-))

  • Miguel Angel Figueroa Rivera

    Thanks for your video bro

  • Sebastian Ibanez
    Sebastian Ibanez 4 months ago

    I really enjoyed this ride !

  • Josh
    Josh 5 months ago +6

    Killer quality video with tremendous value. You always have great insights and your explanation of everything is always more than adequately thorough. You're one of the highest quality motovloggers that exists. Every video I watch from you teaches me things that will likely save my life. Always always always remember your worth.

  • Robert Coppola
    Robert Coppola 7 months ago

    What kind of gloves do you wear Dan

  • INCE Marketers
    INCE Marketers 7 months ago

    Awesome Video! Thank you!

  • WellKek
    WellKek 7 months ago

    Heck yeah Arizona!

  • Joe Star
    Joe Star 8 months ago

    Quality content as usual

  • Ed Rich
    Ed Rich 9 months ago

    Helps A LOT! Thanks man!

  • Milton Taylor
    Milton Taylor 9 months ago

    I think this is a pretty good video however the rider should not be switching lands without signalling. Secondly, he unnecessarily ride too close to the divider markings not allowing enough space for other vehicles that might swerve into your lane. Also, excessively changing lands is not advisable. Otherwise, pretty good tips!

  • TrizerFlame
    TrizerFlame 10 months ago

    This is how I drive a new car; you would be a great driving instructor for any vehicle. Best tips ever.

  • Will Smith
    Will Smith 10 months ago

    I love all of your videos, this one is one of my favorites. Been riding for around 4 years but your videos keep me aware of everything going on around me, keep up the great work bro!

  • Rob Sadler
    Rob Sadler 10 months ago

    DDFM it's 2018! How dare you assume the gender of the mail PERSON!
    All jokes aside.. Thank you for another quality video and for helping teach us your ways :)

  • jeep2liberty
    jeep2liberty 10 months ago

    It is good you are watching, but you FOLLOW TOO closely. Please consider increasing your following distance.

  • Avery Lucas
    Avery Lucas 10 months ago +10

    This is alot to take in lol. When your watching saftey tips and you havnt even got the bike yet

    • Papa Hop
      Papa Hop Month ago

      It's a lot to think about when you first start, but after a few times on the road in traffic, your body starts to automatically do these things

    • Maureen Oyarzo
      Maureen Oyarzo 2 months ago

      And one important thing .... don’t ferry your new bike hone yourself, your are gonna get in too much trouble. Sharpen up your skills before any attempt of going to busy roads.

    • D e x
      D e x 4 months ago

      Best time to learn. There is no rule that says you have to drop your bike or make bad decisions your first year of riding. More to you if you are smart enough to avoid it. Just remember when you get the bike, schedule some serious time in a MSF course range (when classes are not running) or a parking lot and practice. Don't be the guy or gal that dropped their bike at the gas pump on film. Take the MSF or advanced rider course.

    • Miguel Angel Figueroa Rivera
      Miguel Angel Figueroa Rivera 4 months ago +1

      Avery Lucas same bro 😂 But better to be ready for it.

    • Sebastian Ibanez
      Sebastian Ibanez 4 months ago +2

      Same here lol

  • gfro6
    gfro6 10 months ago

    my new tip from class is stopping with foot on rear brake and I tap it a few times so people behind me are aware of me and I also don't gun it when light turns green in case someone is coming at me and I'd rather deal with a honk from the person behind me

  • The Andy Affect
    The Andy Affect 10 months ago

    I appreciate this video
    Very informative. Love it!

  • Gérard Gohl
    Gérard Gohl 10 months ago

    Daniel! I loved watching this clip and was reflecting my own driving style meanwhile. Here in Switzerland, driving laws are different, streets are much more narrow and driving in intersections works differently. But still, I learned a lot whilst following your explications. Watching your clips makes me and many others better and more considerate drivers and you can be proud of yourself and your achievements! Thank you so much.

  • Joey Sublett
    Joey Sublett 11 months ago

    For me...this was absolutely epic!!! As a noob to this world on two wheels, I could watch videos like this for hours. Literally. So many things that I take for granted inside a 4 door vehicle will be soon take on new meaning. And to get some time viewing the world as you ride and talk your way through it....just epic, man!!! Thank you SO MUCH for making this video. Hope to see more just like it soon

  • Dustin Gray
    Dustin Gray 11 months ago +1

    Great video! I love the editing and the red arrows!

  • ccrpalex
    ccrpalex 11 months ago

    Good Job, i'm getting my motorcycle license next week. Read that crashes that involve motorcyclists is due to people in vehicles ignore them, they expect a car, so their brain doesn't register the motorcycle when they expect a car. So always good to be extremely cautious on a bike.

  • MC Rider-416
    MC Rider-416 11 months ago

    this video needs more views. great video i really liked how you did live edits used the arrows.. great work man. i am gona watch this video few times it will really help me out since i am a beginner rider.

  • Ian Poole
    Ian Poole 11 months ago

    This was a very helpful informative video for us noobs, would love to see more like these! Maybe some freeway/heavy traffic/etc situations!

  • J Hask
    J Hask 11 months ago

    Great insight but DUDE! You follow way too close to the vehicle ahead of you. Instead of implementing the 2 second rule it's more like 1/2 to one second most the time. Please drop back,...especially when vlogging.

  • TTR 1969
    TTR 1969 11 months ago

    Hey Dan
    When viewing a video about traffic safety, what should be aware, it would be best to hold at least one hand on the handlebar when driving. You mention it yourself at some point, but nevertheless it happens sometimes in some of your videos (which I also follow with pleasure).
    Good summer

  • Brian Walker
    Brian Walker 11 months ago

    Awesome video Dan, thx!! I'm going to show it to my 17-year old son, to help him learn some of these road-safety tips. Hey, could you recommend a Bluetooth device so that as we are riding side-by-side in our 2-seater Polaris ATV, we can talk to each other with our helmets on?

  • southernbelle84
    southernbelle84 Year ago

    Thank you so much. I am making repairs to my 87 Rebel 450 (new owner/rider), so I have not hit the actual road yet, just my neighborhood. Loved my MSF course on the basics. But even in my neighborhood, I have learned how to start from a stall on a hill (carb issue), avoided stray dogs, etc. This is a great video. All about being aware of your surroundings. Thanks DAN!

  • Alex and Ellie
    Alex and Ellie Year ago

    wait ur a fireman omg who knew

  • Joe Stout
    Joe Stout Year ago

    As a new rider, I can't thank you enough for these videos! My riding and awareness have improved dramatically because of them. Keep it up!

  • ThisLifesAdventure

    Hey Dan. Bloody great video mate. Explained it so well and as a new rider I found it extremely helpful. Thank you.

  • Adam Cox
    Adam Cox Year ago

    Hey Dan, I haven't been a subscriber for too long but I do have to say they you have some amazing content. I saw the videos about your depression and knowing that someone out there that deals with it like me is able to bring so much joy to other people just gives me some hope for myself. Well I'm just gonna end this with I hope you keep up the great work and keep living life to the fullest you can.

  • Saul17r
    Saul17r Year ago

    This was Great! Thank you

  • jo toad
    jo toad Year ago

    Hey love your videos very helpful for new riders trying to learn how to ride safely

  • Alan C Hall II
    Alan C Hall II Year ago

    Might be wise, @DanDanTheFireman, to always establish some a good amount of ‘Space Cushion’ (a half-car length in vehicles & roughly the same via motorcycles/scooters) prior to stopping to anticipate accidents with drivers in front and/or behind you (coming from a Driver’s Ed instructor btw). ✌🏾

  • Janis Liepins
    Janis Liepins Year ago

    Brilliant video Dan! It really worked out so much better than previous one. I even learned a new thing about looking in circles. Good little tip. Thanks.

  • Planelover4life
    Planelover4life Year ago

    Dude you’ve been a great help! Been learning how to ride cause I’m getting my licence in a few months, your videos are always content packed and very interesting and your knowledge is amazing. Thank you for everything and keep doing what you’re doing


    Now that was a great vid
    Like this version or style
    Really helped out
    Conquered parking lots
    Conquering my nieghborhood
    Soon the streets
    Then the city
    Then the state
    Then the southwest
    Then the country
    And soon the world will be in Cobras hands
    Evil cobra commander laugh and Im out
    Thanx D.

  • Kevin Toole
    Kevin Toole Year ago +3

    Fantastic Dano. This is like a video version of my hyper-vigilant brain as I ride

    • Janis Liepins
      Janis Liepins Year ago

      haha agreed. better safe than sorry though

  • Midnight Korvo
    Midnight Korvo Year ago +1

    Hey, thats Dan. This video is by far the most helpful video I've seen and I thank you for the advice.

  • Jim Redtalon
    Jim Redtalon Year ago +3

    Don't drive hangry y'all.

  • MLC - Mid-Life Crises

    Been watching your videos all weekend. I’m a new rider and this video convinced me to join your Patreon.

  • Mark Smith
    Mark Smith Year ago

    Pretty girls going to the beach, how to avoid road hazard distraction, move to desert. Some nice cactuses, huge intersections. Always could say you are riding without hands and steering with legs/body to practice for "The Prisoner" plastic bag of death that needs your two hands to dislodge it from your face. Long but good video.

  • Ted Kiley
    Ted Kiley Year ago +9

    I liked this version. The freeze frame at intersections with arrows helped me understand what you saw. Arrows while at speed also helped. Did not have to skip back to see what you were talking about. Great video.

    SAM FISHER Year ago


  • Banjo Marky
    Banjo Marky Year ago +1

    Another safety tip for riders.
    Don’t make videos and talk to yourself while riding. Hahahaha.
    Only joking. Some really good tips and advice on this vid.

  • Andrew Nelsen
    Andrew Nelsen Year ago +5

    This is really awesome content!!

  • Moonlesslamb
    Moonlesslamb Year ago +2

    Excellent video