Ben Mendelsohn on being the villain! | Captain Marvel Red Carpet LIVE Premiere

  • Published on Mar 5, 2019
  • LIVE from the Red Carpet premiere of Marvel Studios' Captain Marvel, Ben Mendelsohn (Talos) joined us to talk why he loves playing the bad guy, what it's like to be a Skrull and how he feels about joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe!
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Comments • 201

  • wiinterflowers
    wiinterflowers 29 days ago

    He was so AMAZING IN THE FILM!

  • Darth Wampa
    Darth Wampa Month ago +1

    I love how he is always the bad guy, especially krennic that was amazing.

  • Mary Anne Ayumi
    Mary Anne Ayumi Month ago

    0:05 BEN IS SO CUTE HERE! hahaa❤️ cant imagine a villain will be this cute sometimes lol

  • Mary Anne Ayumi
    Mary Anne Ayumi Month ago

    Batman: The Dark Knight Rises as Daggett
    Star Wars Rouge One as Director Krennic
    Ready Player one as Sorrento
    Captain Marvel as (no spoiler)

  • Christophe GAMO
    Christophe GAMO Month ago

    Director Krennic

  • Conor Fitzgerald
    Conor Fitzgerald Month ago +1

    Hopefully we get more Talos in the MCU him and Nick Fury were easily the best parts of the movie

  • Vincent Arceo
    Vincent Arceo Month ago +15

    MCU has found a hidden character gem... He needs to return for Phase 4!

  • Gonkosan Roberto
    Gonkosan Roberto Month ago

    He was the highlight of the movie

  • Schlock Jocks
    Schlock Jocks Month ago +1

    He must've been happy to learn the truth about Talos when he was cast in this compared to his usual roles.

  • Fandom Cultures
    Fandom Cultures Month ago +1

    Loved Talos in this movie

  • Android Gamer
    Android Gamer Month ago +5


  • Monkey Mutant Boss
    Monkey Mutant Boss Month ago +16

    Marvel used his status to provide a brilliant twist in the movie.

  • Jem-Kimber-Aja-Shana

    Ready Player One

  • Lana Del Taco
    Lana Del Taco Month ago +2


  • Omega Prime
    Omega Prime Month ago +2

    The “villain”

  • Tony Stark
    Tony Stark Month ago

    he's very underrated .

  • Online Streaming
    Online Streaming Month ago +2

    You gotta adore him!

  • koonpingth.
    koonpingth. Month ago

    Director Krennic

  • Vaigar TheCrazy
    Vaigar TheCrazy Month ago +1

    This guy is absolutely hysterical.

  • vishal mellark
    vishal mellark Month ago +7

    Loved him in captain marvel, need more of him in mcu!

    • Azat Nur
      Azat Nur Month ago +1

      +Jweeping Er mine too

    • Azat Nur
      Azat Nur Month ago +2

      Totally agree!

    • Jweeping Er
      Jweeping Er Month ago +3

      Totally agree. He is my absolute favourite character in Captain Marvel.

    A REAL TASTY APPLE Month ago +4

    He'll honestly make a great 80s businessman villain.

    • CC B
      CC B Month ago

      A REAL TASTY APPLE idk why, but he reminds me of Principal Vernon from the Breakfast Club

  • TechnicJunglist
    TechnicJunglist Month ago +1

    Mendelsohn rules!

  • POL
    POL Month ago +5

    I need to search him after watching Captain Marvel. Talos is really a good chracter. I was able to understand his motives towards the movie. long live Talos!!!

  • sithlordsoup
    sithlordsoup Month ago

    “Why would I want to be a filing cabinet.”

  • Rae Lynn
    Rae Lynn Month ago

    for the money! lol

  • pookim kutsel
    pookim kutsel Month ago

    Poor guy lol, he needed to pee so bad haha!

  • SkyFury
    SkyFury Month ago +14

    He’s the villain... at least until you watch the movie lol

  • Kiki Shabrina
    Kiki Shabrina Month ago

    Ben Mendelsohn: Hello there, hi marvel fans

  • SandvichInc
    SandvichInc Month ago

    I actually never knew he was australian and im loving it.

  • ice godd
    ice godd Month ago

    White men 🤢

  • General Kenobi
    General Kenobi Month ago

    Hello there

  • Boris Boček
    Boris Boček Month ago +8

    Ben: Hello there!
    Me: General Mendelsohn!

  • Barry Allen
    Barry Allen Month ago

    General Kenobi!

  • MrDK0010
    MrDK0010 Month ago

    Wow he sounds SO different in his movies.

    • wiinterflowers
      wiinterflowers 29 days ago

      MrDK0010 He actually uses his Aussie accent when in Skrull form.

  • Jmgjgdjd5
    Jmgjgdjd5 Month ago +1

    Are we blind? DEPLOY THE GARRISON!

  • Yoerie
    Yoerie Month ago +1

    drunk? XD

  • chase21592
    chase21592 Month ago +1

    0:04 Hello There

  • Sunrise Alex
    Sunrise Alex Month ago +14

    "are you blind?! DEPLOY THE SKRULLS!!!"

  • David Vecea
    David Vecea Month ago +3

    Ben Mendelsohn: Hello there!
    Me: Director Krennic! You are a bold one!

  • chowder
    chowder Month ago


  • Intergalactic Tantric SMURF

    Why be evil? Adrenochrome. Hellywood

  • Marisol Garcia
    Marisol Garcia Month ago


  • Donald Trump Cat
    Donald Trump Cat Month ago

    Do you feel in charge?

  • Sean Fitzgerald
    Sean Fitzgerald Month ago

    The Dark Knight Rises. Broken neck prick millionaire dude has transferred to marvel

  • Austin Michl
    Austin Michl Month ago


  • JediWilli
    JediWilli Month ago


    General Kenobi

  • Sebastian Verano
    Sebastian Verano Month ago +1

    rotten tomatoes score updates 91%

  • MG16NCP
    MG16NCP Month ago


  • mrchinee25
    mrchinee25 Month ago

    Is he holding up a pee or does he has ants in his pants?

  • Stan ezen
    Stan ezen Month ago

    Lmao the cringe

  • Otti-Wan Kenobler
    Otti-Wan Kenobler Month ago +12

    I just love his slight lisp.

  • Charlotte Di Angelo

    Oh gods his vOICE

  • Derrick Williams
    Derrick Williams Month ago +2

    Apparently without this guy the movie wouldn't have worked, I'm hyped to see what he brings!

  • diane cry-anne nguyen
    diane cry-anne nguyen Month ago +3

    i love seeing melbourne actors getting their dues

    • diane cry-anne nguyen
      diane cry-anne nguyen Month ago

      +s1r1 suck ch0de nice. that's eltham high, right? didn't emily browning also go there?

    • s1r1 suck ch0de
      s1r1 suck ch0de Month ago

      Dude literally went to my High School... And the Somebody that I used to know guy went to Parade college

  • diane cry-anne nguyen

    men bendelsohn

  • JCLegoMan
    JCLegoMan Month ago

    This guy sounds like a bogan.

  • DtoonerGames 7
    DtoonerGames 7 Month ago

    Mendo is actually just a skrull

  • isaac rodriguez
    isaac rodriguez Month ago

    I love this man.

  • Black Shadow
    Black Shadow Month ago +106

    Ben Mendelsohn: Hello there!
    My brain: General Kenobi!

    • poida
      poida Month ago

      Love the lithp!

    • Andre Hall
      Andre Hall Month ago +8

      Black Shadow He definitely knew what he was doing

  • MarkFaust
    MarkFaust Month ago

    Wait. The villain is a WHITE MAN? Whaaaaaat?

    • M Bintang
      M Bintang Month ago

      The villain is actually a kree? Whaaaat?

    • TheJessy8888
      TheJessy8888 Month ago

      Tell that to Brie Larson

    • Danny D's World
      Danny D's World Month ago +1

      The villain is a green shape shifting alien.

    • Maciek Kutera
      Maciek Kutera Month ago +2

      The villain is an alien. Whaaaaaaaat?

    SUPERIOR DHP Month ago

    Want a true villain??? Here he is....

    • M Bintang
      M Bintang Month ago

      Want a true villain??? Yon-rogg

  • Galva Tron
    Galva Tron Month ago +4

    I heard he stole the show

    • TechnicJunglist
      TechnicJunglist Month ago +1

      +Lautaro Vera I'll check it out TY. He's a cutie lol

    • Lautaro Vera
      Lautaro Vera Month ago +1

      +TechnicJunglist True, but having seen him in Ready Player One, Talos, his character, is beyond comparison, Its simply amazing.

    • TechnicJunglist
      TechnicJunglist Month ago

      He usually does lol

    • Lautaro Vera
      Lautaro Vera Month ago

      Yes, he totally does!

  • mic chequeone
    mic chequeone Month ago

    This man, this legend.

  • Definitely Not Tommy Wiseau

    Often plays nasty villains but is such a fun, relaxed dude in real life. Signs of a great actor.

  • aditya paul
    aditya paul Month ago +24

    He is getting so much praise !! love it !!

  • RaysNobody
    RaysNobody Month ago


  • Oli Jackson
    Oli Jackson Month ago


  • Ice Fury, Director of Shield

    Looks like Orson Krennic survived the blast on the planet Eadu...

  • markusvaan
    markusvaan Month ago +3

    He was so good in Bloodline

  • William King
    William King Month ago +2

    When is he NOT the villain, seriously? One role, where he's a good guy.......just one. Heroes get paid too ya know, lol.

  • Thomas Casillo
    Thomas Casillo Month ago

    Every movie I have seen him in he is a bad guy.

    BSJ IN YO HOUSE Month ago +3

    _Starring Mendelsohn has the villain._

  • XΛNDΞR :]
    XΛNDΞR :] Month ago +2

    Amazing actor

  • Spideybops
    Spideybops Month ago +2

    That’s not Ben Mendelsohn! That’s a Skrull!!!!

  • 8118Badude! !!!
    8118Badude! !!! Month ago +37

    Did he just walk away backwards down the steps? Lol

  • 8118Badude! !!!
    8118Badude! !!! Month ago +7

    Kinda High or something lol
    This is interesting lol

  • ThickManatee
    ThickManatee Month ago +1

    Ben Mendelsohn is so great

  • Adolfo Pena
    Adolfo Pena Month ago +79

    I hope he gets an Oscar nomination someday.

    • Verónica Hpinos
      Verónica Hpinos Month ago

      I hope too

    • Bio Kimistry
      Bio Kimistry Month ago +1

      He has an Emmy so that's something.

    • Quinn Dang
      Quinn Dang Month ago +1

      Yeah, I saw him first in The Place Beyond the Pines. Loved him in every role he’s ever taken.

  • my father's son
    my father's son Month ago +47

    His offscreen personality is soooo live😀 he's cool

    • TheJessy8888
      TheJessy8888 Month ago

      +Shabbizzle Blabbizzle they come from different culture.... you know Austria is not Australia, only one of those has kangaroos and aussies, the other one gave the world a Hitler.

    • Shabbizzle Blabbizzle
      Shabbizzle Blabbizzle Month ago +1

      i realized he's so much more chill than Cristoph Waltz

  • Maurizio de la Torre
    Maurizio de la Torre Month ago +7

    The best character in bloodline!

    • M. D.
      M. D. Month ago +5

      great f'ing character in bloodline

  • Akhil Global Media
    Akhil Global Media Month ago +1

    💪💪👌👌Captain Marvel💯💯💪💪👌👌 കിടുക്കാച്ചി

  • Jai Norman
    Jai Norman Month ago

    We'll see when the movie comes out friday

  • Rahul Borah
    Rahul Borah Month ago +3

    Skrulls are supee chill 😎

  • Shreyan Sen
    Shreyan Sen Month ago +115

    I hope he doesnt choke on his aspirations here😅

    • jayag26
      jayag26 Month ago

      After seeing the movie... he earned it

  • Capn Tac000
    Capn Tac000 Month ago


  • Moe Alo
    Moe Alo Month ago +1

    reasons why you should NOT watch “Captain Marvel”
    - Rather than telling an intriguing story about a hero’s struggles, “Captain Marvel” will slam “feminism” everywhere in the movie
    - Brie Larson thinks she is the first EVER female hero that’s a role model for young girls (it seems that young boys can’t relate to female heros, or females in general), apparently Wonder Woman, Princess Leia, and half of the Disney princesses didn’t exist
    - Rather than actually trusting a female director to helm the film, marvel studios and Kevin Feige had to assign her a male co-director (and they keep talking about equality)
    - Brie Larson started a go fund me page urging people to donate money to help poor girls, not including boys, to go watch HER movie. Rather than setting a go fund me page to help get girls education, shelter, and other necessary things they might need since they can’t afford to go to the movies.
    - “HER”O (self explanatory unless you’re as thick minded as Brie Larson)
    - Prior to the movies release, the “want to see” score on rotten tomatoes was 28% only, marvel had the guts to tell RT to remove that, AND THEY DID (it’s treason then)
    - The weekend of March (8th), opening night, Marvel booked all of the screens for Captain Marvel, to a point where you can’t watch any other movie that weekend, toxic much?

    • jayag26
      jayag26 Month ago

      Female power vs female empowerment was HUGE. RT taken down because people were bombing it without even seeing yet...

    • Akmal Danial
      Akmal Danial Month ago

      Apart from the movie having a female lead, there's no feminist agenda in the movie.

    • Zal Adi
      Zal Adi Month ago


    • Danny D's World
      Danny D's World Month ago

      ...the "assigned co-director" is her partner who she works with on every project.
      Troll harder.

    • diane cry-anne nguyen
      diane cry-anne nguyen Month ago

      we only have one life and you choose to waste yours ragging on films you won't even see? pathetic

  • Furry Donkey
    Furry Donkey Month ago +21

    0:01 I guess he didn't learn from Ready Player One........

  • Hello There
    Hello There Month ago +6

    This reminds me when Chris Evans was a lil loopy and he was interviewed by the same lady

  • Sophie
    Sophie Month ago +32

    god i love him so much

  • Nyles Garrison
    Nyles Garrison Month ago +5

    Ben, 🤢Skrullin on that brown stuff 🥃 before the red carpet, we see how you do Lmao!! 😆

  • Uglyguy 25
    Uglyguy 25 Month ago +2

    He seems like a cool guy. Too bad his accent won't let me know what he sounds like XD

    • Danny D's World
      Danny D's World Month ago

      +Emilio Estevez I knew there was something off about the Aussies.

  • Dylan Winters
    Dylan Winters Month ago +3


  • Theman Joe
    Theman Joe Month ago +6

    chew and swallow, Ben. chew and swallow.

  • Travis Spazz
    Travis Spazz Month ago +56

    Had some whiskey before hand??

    • Maude Dillin
      Maude Dillin Month ago

      He always this fidgety. I'm not sure if it's ADHD or anxiety or what but he's like that in literally every interview

    • Bio Kimistry
      Bio Kimistry Month ago +1

      I think that's just called 'being Australian'.

    • Michael Miles
      Michael Miles Month ago

      Yeah looks like he kicked back a few cold ones before he left his hotel room..... 🍻🍻

    • Sunrise Alex
      Sunrise Alex Month ago +6

      "they see me skrullinn, they hatinn..."

  • dontcallmewave
    dontcallmewave Month ago

    27 percent

  • Felipe Gabriel
    Felipe Gabriel Month ago +2

    Deixa ele mija

  • Therealdale
    Therealdale Month ago +23

    Ben, is a bit of a softie.

  • Mystic
    Mystic Month ago +139

    Ben Mendelson is the villian in every movie lmao

    Especially Director Krennic :)

    • Jem-Kimber-Aja-Shana
      Jem-Kimber-Aja-Shana Month ago +1

      He played a villain in Ready Player that came out last year in March.

    • R4#7726F
      R4#7726F Month ago +3

      Not in captain marvel

    • Lautaro Vera
      Lautaro Vera Month ago +6

      he really isnt

    • Shabbizzle Blabbizzle
      Shabbizzle Blabbizzle Month ago +2

      are we BLIND?
      deploy the GARRISONS~!

      p.s. -- my favorite pick of his performance.

  • DarthGamer2004
    DarthGamer2004 Month ago +27

    I am ready for Talos!!

  • Exampl32005 Gaming
    Exampl32005 Gaming Month ago +22

    I hope thanos makes a cameo in captain marvel

    • diane cry-anne nguyen
      diane cry-anne nguyen Month ago

      if he was, brolin would have been credited

    • Mathews Mordecai
      Mathews Mordecai Month ago

      +cristiano Ronaldo Steve and Natasha check out Fury's pager and thinking what to do and Capt.marvel shows up from behind and asks where fury is

    • cristiano Ronaldo
      cristiano Ronaldo Month ago +1

      Mathews Mordecai can you explain the post credit scene.

    • Mathews Mordecai
      Mathews Mordecai Month ago +4

      No he's just mentioned in the movie by Ronan but Steve and Natasha show up in post credit scene