The United States Air Force joins the Captain Marvel Red Carpet Premiere

  • Published on Mar 5, 2019
  • Members of the US Air Force talk about why they chose to serve and what it's like seeing a fellow Air Force pilot like Carol Danvers represented in film in Marvel Studios' Captain Marvel.
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Comments • 192

  • enjoyment garanteed
    enjoyment garanteed 22 days ago

    avenger end game to relaese in pakistan plzzzz

  • Jejej Jfjsjjej
    Jejej Jfjsjjej 29 days ago

    That’s my sister

  • thegiantpaperpanda
    thegiantpaperpanda Month ago

    The best branch is the Coast Guard. 'Nuff Said!!!

  • splits seconds
    splits seconds Month ago

    War propaganda for the simpletons.

  • Leandro Escobar
    Leandro Escobar Month ago

    I'm only a TSgt and have more ribbons than that Major.

  • iashlnzavsl
    iashlnzavsl Month ago

    Gotta love how this "feminist" movie is sponsored by one of the largest killers of women

  • benjamin a
    benjamin a Month ago

    I see a white male in the back there. Lets kill him!

  • Jason ‘Jay’ Fox, Jr.

    In Loving Memory Of Stan Lee

  • N. AZZH##N
    N. AZZH##N Month ago

    In asia People working 7- 9 March...Asian 8 March don't have woman day in the calendar...only family day in Sunday

  • ice godd
    ice godd Month ago +2

    This movie sucks

  • A Sense of Pride and Accomplishment!

    United Feminist States

  • Austin212
    Austin212 Month ago +2

    This is so surreal and phony...

  • N. AZZH##N
    N. AZZH##N Month ago +3

    How much Disney and marvel pay the soldiers to see captain marvel

  • Todo
    Todo Month ago +2

    What the hell are all these white men doing here and why do they think they deserve to live... shame on them for spoiling these minorities and womens movie time...

  • Rock'n'Roll Werewolf
    Rock'n'Roll Werewolf Month ago +5

    What the hell are all these white men doing here and why do they think they deserve to live... shame on them for spoiling these minorities and womens movie time...

    • Rock'n'Roll Werewolf
      Rock'n'Roll Werewolf Month ago

      +Daniel Lee believe what you want to believe... your doing that anyway...

    • Rock'n'Roll Werewolf
      Rock'n'Roll Werewolf Month ago

      +Big Gus they should have more respect for those who serve our country...

    • Big Gus
      Big Gus Month ago

      Rock'n'Roll Werewolf
      They didn’t even interview a single white guy in the Air Force.

    • Daniel Lee
      Daniel Lee Month ago

      Rock'n'Roll Werewolf yea ok total believe that all those desperate emojis are ver convincing

    • Rock'n'Roll Werewolf
      Rock'n'Roll Werewolf Month ago

      +Daniel Lee ... funny that you assume im white 😆 ... dont hurt yourself in your confusion mervtard😂😅😆😁😀🙄😏😑😐

  • Joan Sibbald
    Joan Sibbald Month ago

    THEY TOLD US IT WAS A FEMINAZIS PROPAGANDA FILM! Nazi propaganda minister said the only effective propaganda is masked as entertainment! NPC PROGRAMMING! YOU ARE BEING BRAINWASHED!

  • Cnn is Fakenews
    Cnn is Fakenews Month ago +3

    I am confused, What does the air force have to do with this "feminist movie" ?

  • Just Frame Deep
    Just Frame Deep Month ago +1

    Greetings from India

  • Robert Houtsch
    Robert Houtsch Month ago

    That was cool. Cheers! =D

  • st domitius
    st domitius Month ago

    The chair force

  • Mina Myouillegal_
    Mina Myouillegal_ Month ago

    Can the Space Force join in GOTG too?

  • Grayson Schrader
    Grayson Schrader Month ago


  • Jimbo Bimbo
    Jimbo Bimbo Month ago

    Why haven’t it happen ever in other movies

  • twinodoom
    twinodoom Month ago

    But will the space force be joining?

  • Chicot The Jester
    Chicot The Jester Month ago +2

    What a shame these brave people weren’t invited to a good movie.

    • Chicot The Jester
      Chicot The Jester Month ago

      Loy Turns You think the Oscars are a good guide for anything other than virtue signalling? Idiot.

    • Loy Turns
      Loy Turns Month ago +2

      Brie Larson. Who won an Oscar for Best Actress. Sure, man. Keep crying.

    • Emo parker THE BEST PARKER
      Emo parker THE BEST PARKER Month ago +1

      +Chicot The Jester you must be smart 😂

    • Chicot The Jester
      Chicot The Jester Month ago

      JAMES C An easy way to tell if a movie will be bad: is Brie Larson in it? If yes then save your money.

    • JAMES C
      JAMES C Month ago +1

      From a guy that didn't see the movie....

  • ChubbyTheEwok
    ChubbyTheEwok Month ago +2

    Americans are brain washed. Just like north koreans

  • Dragon Lightgalatic

    air force are amazed by captain marvel military life.

  • John Powell
    John Powell Month ago +2

    Disney and marvel are getting desperate. But the movie is even hated by the French that tells you alot.
    Boycott the movie and move on... Even the rest of the avengers actors are not happy.

    • Adam Love
      Adam Love Month ago

      John Powell grow a set pog

    • Ezequiel
      Ezequiel Month ago

      +JAMES C dont pay atention to this. Its not worth it

    • JAMES C
      JAMES C Month ago +2

      I looked up some French papers and blogs and it appears you are wrong.
      I will make sure to come back here to post the box office numbers for you.

  • Pokemon Master
    Pokemon Master Month ago +2

    They forget hal gorden from green lantern was apart of air force

    • Loy Turns
      Loy Turns Month ago

      Hal Jordan is a DC character.

    • Danny D's World
      Danny D's World Month ago +1


    • JAMES C
      JAMES C Month ago +2

      We don't talk about that movie. Deadpool corrected the timeline.

    • Tommy Boman
      Tommy Boman Month ago +2

      who cares? And what is that? Ignore... does not exist.

  • Rafael Rodrigues
    Rafael Rodrigues Month ago +8

    PROUD! THIS IS WHAT MATTERS! Dudebros can die watching our success!

  • Roshan Kumar
    Roshan Kumar Month ago +1

    According yo me being a fighter pilot is the most impressive job possible.....

  • mic chequeone
    mic chequeone Month ago +5


    • hawkeye hood
      hawkeye hood Month ago +4

      +John Powell Carol Danvers is a character, not an actor.

    • John Powell
      John Powell Month ago +5

      Not really it's called acting..

  • shah ankit
    shah ankit Month ago

    Indian Air Force is best

  • Crimson Fucker
    Crimson Fucker Month ago +3

    Oh look at the two white males behind them. Hiss...

    • the cartoonist
      the cartoonist Month ago

      Danny D's World, well said!

    • Danny D's World
      Danny D's World Month ago +1

      Look at the White male director, co-stars, and guests.
      Its almost as if the assertion she hates them and wants them nowhere near her is completely fabricated and stupid!

  • SystemRichie
    SystemRichie Month ago +6

    Its almost like they said they don't want any white air force members at the front. LOL

    • Big Gus
      Big Gus Month ago

      Obviously you never served. Enjoy your liberties you ungrateful socialist! I’d like to see your peace sign try to stop foreign invaders if it weren’t for our military.

    • syafiqjabar
      syafiqjabar Month ago +4

      Hey, the army is don't care what race you are as along as you can help murder children and foreigners and don't come grovelling to them for help once you're discharged after being disabled in combat.

    • Crimson Fucker
      Crimson Fucker Month ago +2

      Yeah notice how they only asked the two "minority’s" questions...

  • NismoFury
    NismoFury Month ago +4

    Wow how dorky. Let's get the military during the premier to try and regain the white males lost. 🍿

    • Big Gus
      Big Gus Month ago

      Starwars Geek
      It had nothing to do with white people and everything to do with colored people like the girl and the 2 black guys lol

    • NismoFury
      NismoFury Month ago

      +JAMES C 1. Not true just made up conjecture on your part. 2. You should read about the controversy then reread what I said.
      Interesting how a nosy person like you needed to dig into the channel in order to comment. My videos were banned hence no content. And why do you need to know what I like or what I subscribe to? Why not just comment on the comment. ... Digging for ammo huh? 🙄

    • NismoFury
      NismoFury Month ago

      +Starwars Geek Has nothing to do with white people? Well it has to do with white males. The whole controversy where white males got offended by what Brie said whether or not she meant this or that white males were offended. So much the anticipated box office numbers dropped. So what is a company going to do? Damage control. Let's try n get some of these males with some patriotic looking effort. This isn't the 1st marvel movie with the military.

    • JAMES C
      JAMES C Month ago +1

      1. Only people who grew up in the 80s use dorky. 2. Not sure how a racially diverse group of people would appeal to just white males.
      Interesting from a guy who privately hides his channel. Politically motivated? Extremist recruiter?

    • syafiqjabar
      syafiqjabar Month ago +2

      You realise this movie has been partly a recruitment drive since pre-production, yes?

  • ThePixelMan
    ThePixelMan Month ago

    Oh No ThErE ArE mOrE mEn ThAn WhAmEn

  • luv4life1
    luv4life1 Month ago

    So upset I didn't get an invite

  • Sarwan Ali
    Sarwan Ali Month ago +4

    Oh look at these bunch of terrorists who invade countries kill women & children

  • izayuh.
    izayuh. Month ago +9

    This is very cool! I've been a military child my whole life. Currently @ Minot Air Force Base rn! Any other Military brats in the comments!?

    • 30secondstomarsMBH
      30secondstomarsMBH Month ago

      +Chicot The Jester Mmmmmk. Why is that relevant?

    • JAMES C
      JAMES C Month ago +2

      Thank your parents for their service! Chicots dad too!
      Although we all have our favorite movies, I hope people appreciate those who serve. Without their hard work, we would not live in a creative and free country today.

    • Chicot The Jester
      Chicot The Jester Month ago +1

      My father spent 25 years in the Air Force and there’s no way he would’ve gone to a movie like this.

    • Mukundmarvel4
      Mukundmarvel4 Month ago

      izayuh. 🤭Not me

  • Mike Noir
    Mike Noir Month ago +19

    AWESOME! Glad they love it! These people are heroes!

  • Adolfo Pena
    Adolfo Pena Month ago +1

    I wonder if any of these Air Force members even like superheroes?

    • 30secondstomarsMBH
      30secondstomarsMBH Month ago

      321,444 active duty airmen and women.

      I'm pretty sure you could find 10 members of the US Air Force that like superheroes. It's not gonna be too difficult.

    • Keenan Smith
      Keenan Smith Month ago +6

      You do know we're humans too right? I'm a vet and I love Marvel and DC.

    • Mike Noir
      Mike Noir Month ago +4

      They wouldn't have showed up if they didn't... Plenty of people in the Air Force are just like you and I

  • Lovewith Koenigsegg
    Lovewith Koenigsegg Month ago +2

    Well usa is the most powerful country in the world

    • Gothead420
      Gothead420 Month ago +1

      In military terms, yes.
      In a world where might makes right, only the strong can survive...

    • 장원준
      장원준 Month ago +1

      USAF's power accounts for about 70% of the world's air force power

    • Lovewith Koenigsegg
      Lovewith Koenigsegg Month ago

      +Starwars Geek is it? I always thought usa bc the technology air force ,army and marine have is incredible

    • Starwars Geek
      Starwars Geek Month ago +1

      Lovewith Koenigsegg
      Actually, China is the most powerful country.

    • Lovewith Koenigsegg
      Lovewith Koenigsegg Month ago

      +Tim Tam's which one great wall of China

  • Adolfo Pena
    Adolfo Pena Month ago +20

    They all have more honor than the president.

    • MANGA Country
      MANGA Country Month ago +4

      God Emperor Trump

    • Loy Turns
      Loy Turns Month ago +2

      Dr. Doom has more honor than the President.

    • Maximilianmus' eye
      Maximilianmus' eye Month ago +2

      Hey there buddy. Nobody said anything about the president. There is no point of this.

    • Chicot The Jester
      Chicot The Jester Month ago +10

      Adolfo Pena And I’m guessing even the president has more honor than you.

    • Mukundmarvel4
      Mukundmarvel4 Month ago +2


  • Shubham Khatdeo
    Shubham Khatdeo Month ago +1

    Green lantern ripoff

  • Pyrex
    Pyrex Month ago +10

    Excited for this movie

  • Addicted to music Katykat

    I'm so happy to see this 💗💕🙌

  • 1 Million Subscribers Without Any Content

    Are they real air force?

    • Big Gus
      Big Gus Month ago

      1 Million Subscribers Without Any Content
      Stolen valor???

    • Pro Bot
      Pro Bot Month ago

      No, you're not real, 1 million subscribers without any content.

    • Keenan Smith
      Keenan Smith Month ago +1

      Yes, they really are. Vet here.

    • Enrelie
      Enrelie Month ago +1

      1 Million Subscribers Without Any Content no they’re imaginary air force...
      yes they’re real😂 we do in fact exist

  • ranjith kumar
    ranjith kumar Month ago +2

    So focus too flop 😂😂😂😂

    • syafiqjabar
      syafiqjabar Month ago +2

      Let's not kid ourselves, the last time an MCU movie can be considered a flop was The Incredible Hulk in 2008.

  • Sean Ngyuen
    Sean Ngyuen Month ago +89

    They should have done this with Captain America- have real life Army soldiers see Cap.

    • Zboy 115
      Zboy 115 Month ago

      Sean Ngyuen true

    • Jojo 1961
      Jojo 1961 Month ago +1

      Yup, seems more deserving then this, if only they did that in the cap winter soldier film.

    • Emma Eng
      Emma Eng Month ago +12

      He said army soldiers

  • Stimp-C
    Stimp-C Month ago

    Real heroes to look up to

    • Mike Noir
      Mike Noir Month ago +1

      Captain Marvel, Captain America, War Machine, and Falcon are modeled after real heroes

  • #StARK
    #StARK Month ago

    So flood

  • number 3
    number 3 Month ago +6

    long live the boycott

  • Moon Wolf
    Moon Wolf Month ago +13

    🔥Captain Marvel🔥

  • Steven F
    Steven F Month ago +29

    I see 15 comments all saying "First." Like...who do I know?

  • XΛNDΞR :]
    XΛNDΞR :] Month ago +1


  • KAGE Spider
    KAGE Spider Month ago +30

    What's funny about the trolls and haters is why don't you just ignore the movie. Why the hell are you guys just mass spamming on every single tweet or upload about it it's really pathetic

    • Big Gus
      Big Gus Month ago

      LightSpeed X
      Funny how you assume criticism as spam. Get real!

    • Mao Metal999
      Mao Metal999 Month ago +1

      Russian Troll here!

    • The1TheOnlyG2
      The1TheOnlyG2 Month ago

      Instead of just not seeing the movie and not causing more of a fuss than there has to be, they do the complete opposite. I guess it’s just voicing their opinions, but it’s getting real old.

    • The1TheOnlyG2
      The1TheOnlyG2 Month ago +2

      They love the drama. The controversy. It’s like a virus they want to spread. Hence the “Rotten Tomatoes situation” was made.

    • TanTheMan
      TanTheMan Month ago +6

      Cause they insecure

  • Lenny Linn
    Lenny Linn Month ago +2

    Hurray :D

  • Ice Fury, Director of Shield

    The REAL heroes of our country!

    • Zinyak
      Zinyak 27 days ago

      +Dara middle east people are blowing themselves up without any foreign intervention. Terrorism is a part of islam from many decades.

    • Dara
      Dara Month ago +4

      Yep, bombing villages in the middle east is very heroic

    • Mohsen 96
      Mohsen 96 Month ago

      There are no heroes in this world

    • Screative 31
      Screative 31 Month ago

      +aditi jaiswal yeh gora bss specifically inki baat kar raha hai,

  • Sumaya Akter
    Sumaya Akter Month ago

    Nice bro

    El MILLONARIO Month ago +5

    I love Marvel

  • Idk_a_good_name ?
    Idk_a_good_name ? Month ago +16

    I don’t know a good comment

  • 10000 subscribers with no videos challenge

    RU-clip, are you drunk again?
    0 views, 7 likes


    • Markysharkboy02
      Markysharkboy02 Month ago +1


  • Angymary Santana
    Angymary Santana Month ago +1


  • Simranjeet Singh
    Simranjeet Singh Month ago +2

    Best like Karo

  • Navneet Kishan
    Navneet Kishan Month ago


  • Fer Di Ar
    Fer Di Ar Month ago


  • La caja Amazon
    La caja Amazon Month ago


  • Pranit Abraham Thomas


    • JoFist
      JoFist Month ago

      You mean third?

  • Nataly Garcia
    Nataly Garcia Month ago


  • JoFist
    JoFist Month ago