Kicked by a Taekwondo Expert

  • Published on Mar 14, 2019
  • Gav and Dan learn what is required of someone on the Kukkiwon Taekwondo.
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  • Hosanna Spencer
    Hosanna Spencer Day ago

    I do Taekwondo but i'm only a green and blck belt

  • Barak Terakata
    Barak Terakata 6 days ago

    I do taekwondo

  • Wood Heap
    Wood Heap 8 days ago

    gav and dan I do taekwondo but Im not that good

  • Spreadbirch7
    Spreadbirch7 11 days ago +1

    Hey guys if you need a black stripe belt (1 away from black belt) to preform take downs I could help. Get back to me if you do want to see that.

  • Benjamin Kim
    Benjamin Kim 14 days ago

    I speak korean to

  • Benjamin Kim
    Benjamin Kim 14 days ago

    Your my favourite RU-clipr keep it up

  • Benjamin Kim
    Benjamin Kim 14 days ago

    I am a taekwondo 🥋 master

  • Mstluanga Tochhawng
    Mstluanga Tochhawng 14 days ago

    7:37 my face exactly when i tricked my friends.... wait and watch them fall for it.. 🤭 😂😂😂🤣🤣

  • AgentBlack
    AgentBlack 14 days ago

    Is it just me or does it for some reason looks like Gav and Dan are in front of a green screen in the first half?

  • GoodAtNoGames
    GoodAtNoGames 18 days ago

    "Remind me to never get into a fight with a 7 yr old" HAHAHA

  • Messy Mussy28
    Messy Mussy28 18 days ago

    M8 in karate u go through 10 black belts, and say ur on ur 3rd one it will take u 4 years to train for your 4th one

  • Redbeast13
    Redbeast13 19 days ago

    "We need a TaeKwonDo expert who can kick" knowing that TaeKwonDo is a style that heavily relies on kicks for some reason makes that sentence funny to me.

  • gta Uknown
    gta Uknown 19 days ago

    As much as you can respect martial artist (me included but on much lower level) I am incredibly annoyed with the noises they make

  • John Price
    John Price 20 days ago

    I was a black belt and a instructed at a teakwondo Academy and watching them doing this is somewhat amazing, As a bigger person i usually hold the board or throw people in the air but I want to say this, this isn’t a hobby or a job for them this is there life. At most I was putting 30 hours a week and I could never dream pulling stunts like this.

    YOUR NAME 22 days ago

    i was expecting a taekwondo master, not what i had in mind, but just as good, she's adorable

    TOFU TIKI 23 days ago

    Dan reminds me on nacho libre

  • דוד בוחניק
    דוד בוחניק 23 days ago

    The translate girl so cute 🥰

  • Don't Ask
    Don't Ask 24 days ago +3

    Is it bad that I wanted to see Dan kick the 7 year old?

    • urmom
      urmom 21 day ago

      Don't Ask yes

  • nardgames
    nardgames 24 days ago

    See if you can film Judo. Would look really cool.

  • Sal1203
    Sal1203 25 days ago

    May I just say, not all black belts have only trained for around 2 years. For example, my disciple called sung moo kwan, if you start at 4 then you should expect to get your black belt around 15, because over half of the belts you need to have for at least a year before testing again.

  • Casey Flentye
    Casey Flentye 25 days ago

    Omg I wish she would beat me up. She’s gorgeous.

  • Tre Flip
    Tre Flip 25 days ago


  • Steven Faiello
    Steven Faiello 25 days ago

    You so mean

  • eidgenossenarkebuse
    eidgenossenarkebuse 27 days ago

    whats the training montage music? any title? did someone got that?

  • • Matt •
    • Matt • 27 days ago +1

    Who actually heard "cookie won team"? 😂

    Gosh I feel stupid

  • sunbladedrgn
    sunbladedrgn 28 days ago +23

    LMAO The moment I saw the two boards at 7:03, I knew exactly what was going to happen. One was with the grain and the other against the grain. Good luck ever punching against the grain and winning.

  • Waberoid
    Waberoid 29 days ago +1

    Even getting a 4th degree black belt was brutal but well rewarding.

  • Brandon B
    Brandon B 29 days ago

    More martial arts slow motion different styles and welding.

  • TheBigENN
    TheBigENN Month ago

    6:22 thats my kinda training :)

  • Chief Malkallam
    Chief Malkallam Month ago +3

    Respect for the edit to make it look like he hit the 8th one the second time

  • GalaxyOfReeses KIng

    Intro looks like an AMC Movie AD

  • Imnotacop
    Imnotacop Month ago

    yes yes, getting on the kukkiwon team is amazing, but what about the cookie-one team?

  • Mikaeel Ahmed
    Mikaeel Ahmed Month ago

    Please come to Zimbabwe as I do karate and would love to show you (I'm a brown belt 2 away from my black)

  • George Mckinney
    George Mckinney Month ago

    I will love to Learn🥋💯❤️

  • Maximumchimp230 Aka Benjamin

    7:45 the grains are the opposite direction

  • Rice Crash
    Rice Crash Month ago

    For some reason I think of Krammer, toughest student in his dojo.

  • I don't post
    I don't post Month ago

    im a blackbelt in taekwando and i was sparing my older sis and the instructer said go easy and she kicked me across the room and i hit the wall and i was like "thats easy" "no, thats beginner mode"

  • M. Sama
    M. Sama Month ago +1

    I would do absolutely anything to have them take me as a student

  • Jack Berry
    Jack Berry Month ago

    This brings back so many memories. I got my 1st Degree Black Belt in TaeKwonDo when I was 11, and that little girl oddly reminds me of all the friends I made at that time in my life. Thanks for the two videos guys! That team and what they do is absolutely unreal.

  • Hectic
    Hectic Month ago

    Im doing teakwondo right now I do it quite alot and Im 10 and wow Im astonished this could be what I could do

  • Jithu Paul
    Jithu Paul Month ago

    The board don't break because if the lines in are horizonal.. If it's vertical it can be easily break.

    • Jithu Paul
      Jithu Paul 29 days ago

      @Shemegory hit to the center.. you have two choices..
      1. You will be in hospital next day
      2. You'll break it.

    • Shemegory
      Shemegory 29 days ago

      Rotate the board 90 degrees then?

  • Akahoshi
    Akahoshi Month ago

    This is insane!!!!

  • DriftyDifty
    DriftyDifty Month ago +5

    I used to do Taekwondo and i was SUPPER close to black belt but i had to quit because of school.
    Edit: I was red belt 3 Strip

  • Jake Bordenca
    Jake Bordenca Month ago

    7:48 another reason the board didnt break is that his elbows werent locked. When Gav punched through the board, Dan’s elbows were locked out so the force is all going into the board. If the holder’s elbows arent locked, the flexing of the elbows absorbs some of the force.

  • 유동현
    유동현 Month ago +1

    한국어로 써주세요

  • Ozhy Arrozy
    Ozhy Arrozy Month ago

    First one I think that board is difficult to break it,but that was a fake board-_- nice martial arts :)

  • Jacob Kim
    Jacob Kim Month ago

    The whole time I was wondering what is wrong with Dan's labcoat. Dude, just completely rip off the sleeve!

  • Dragon Lover
    Dragon Lover Month ago

    I'm a third degree and I've been training for nine years. Just saying if you ever see me dont bully me.

  • -Sub to me I sub to you -

    This looks more like a acrobatic circus act

  • Gary Rathbone
    Gary Rathbone Month ago

    Fake wooden boards

  • gamer#1 123
    gamer#1 123 Month ago

    Im a green belt in teakwondo

  • djbme83
    djbme83 Month ago

    Gav held the board against the grain when Dan was punching. That's dirty.

    KINGLINE Month ago

    Never make a joke about Taekwondo

  • The Sprawl
    The Sprawl Month ago

    Pretty sure I saw these guys when Conan went to S. Korea. Very, very cool.

  • Tito
    Tito Month ago

    Tay weando

  • sam signorelli
    sam signorelli Month ago

    Little girl's kiai was adorable....even as she made perfect contact with Dan. Form was perfect.

  • Kevin P
    Kevin P Month ago

    So your saying a seven year old can beat me up??

  • Booper Dooper411
    Booper Dooper411 Month ago

    I know a black belt in taekwondo and he can bareley do a 360 jumping kick

  • The Burger Guy
    The Burger Guy Month ago

    I thought she gonna kick in Dan's face

  • jinxmaster1
    jinxmaster1 Month ago

    props to dan, he had the perfect distance to that hard board.