• Published on Oct 27, 2018
  • Hi, im a Pensioner . Apart from my work i like DIY stuff, lifehacks, how to make, experiments, well everything that can be made by hand in a home enviorment. This channel " Rough Hands and Unusual Ideas " about new and old ideas that you might have known . This channel is a HACK COLLECTION. It’s an entartainment oriented channel, so do not try to repeat at home everything you see, as it might be dangerous. So take care of your health.
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  • Patrick Freeman
    Patrick Freeman 13 days ago

    I think it's a great idea. perpendicular drill guide and T-square in one, awesome. Now I need to figure out how to do it without a welder. Maybe JB weld?

  • Larry Riffett
    Larry Riffett 14 days ago

    Dumb waste of time.

  • rideordieguy rideordieguy

    was enjoying till that mouth noise YACKKKK BYE

  • AnyWho
    AnyWho 16 days ago

    i think its a drill press but i cant say for sure tho cuz the moron covered up the main viewing area with more links blocking the device ...

  • Julie Leulliot
    Julie Leulliot 16 days ago

    So this guy has a grinder, welder and would have to guess much more and he has no drill press? If you have all those tools, I guess this is a project. If you have no access to a drill press and need this tool you would most likely not own all the tools needed to build it.

  • Chester
    Chester 16 days ago +1

    Great to watch the male mind in action. Nice job but a lot of work.

  • pasqualeredo
    pasqualeredo 17 days ago +3

    Wtf isit and what's it supposed to do? WASTE OF TIME

    • Tony Lewis
      Tony Lewis 10 days ago

      its a guide so you drill straight holes. ( and how can you say it its a waste of time if you dont even know what it is? Educate yourself before you make stupid statements )

  • Elizabeth McKenna
    Elizabeth McKenna 26 days ago

    Thanks for blocking my view of the video I was watching idiot.

  • Heather65 Renwick
    Heather65 Renwick Month ago

    For all the haters. Instead of commenting rudely it’s best to keep it to yourself. This gentleman uses his imagination, he shares his ideas and talents with us. What will you all turn out to be when you are a pensioner. Will you use your imagination , if you have one, or will just sit on the porch drinking booze and smoking cigarettes? Be respectful. You don’t know what this gentleman’s life was like but you criticize. I very much appreciate this gentleman and love his ideas. He is contributing to society. What are you haters doing besides hating. Make this world a better place like this man is 🥰💕

  • Bernard MICHEL
    Bernard MICHEL Month ago

    Really boring to see a guy doing something you do not know anything about , not even what is going the use of it !!! And we have to try to discover what he has done !!! Please !!!

  • William Charles
    William Charles Month ago

    Nice device, I wonder why you don't apply for a patent. You may also find it easier to weld your projects with a small flux core MIG welder. You can probably find a used one for $60 US.

  • Kenneth Stevenson
    Kenneth Stevenson Month ago +1

    When you are cutting the square tube with the grinding wheel you should wear gloves and grab the handle of the grinder in such a way so your hand or arm is not crossing the arc of the cutting wheel. You could suffer a serious injury if the cutter would bind when you are in this position. You look like an experienced fabricator , I am surprised that you have not suffered serious injury. Don't operate a chainsaw with body parts crossing the plane of the cutter, you could loose body parts or even your life.

    • Chris Daniels
      Chris Daniels Month ago

      Kenneth Stevenson it out the guard back in the grinder but I don’t think he likes the guard. It gets in the way.

  • Bob Marshall
    Bob Marshall 2 months ago +2

    The angle grinder with the guard removed is just asking for trouble!

  • windy pup
    windy pup 2 months ago

    Better drills have built in depth gauge bars, you can also buy rings that fit drill bits allowing you to control depth or buy a pillar drill. This rubbish is called 're-inventing the wheel.'

  • Hans van de Riet
    Hans van de Riet 2 months ago

    Very nice, but I wish he would show more consciousness regarding safety.
    PLS man put a safety guard on the angle grinder especially with those thin discs.

  • Canis Poetam
    Canis Poetam 2 months ago

    He hasn't marked the square for length.
    What good is a squarer without a scale?
    That's just wrong.

  • Brutally Honest
    Brutally Honest 3 months ago

    You mean to tell me you have an arc wielder, bench vise, grinder, diamond rotor cutter and you don’t own a drill press 🤷‍♂️ so you need to use all that shit just to make a home made drill press 🤣🤣🤣🤣 uh if you invested in all those other machines would it hurt to buy a drill press 🤔🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Brutally Honest
    Brutally Honest 3 months ago

    Who the hell has all those tools and machines especially if you live in an apartment 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • gary rumbaugh
    gary rumbaugh 3 months ago

    one can purchase a simple plastic collar that tightens onto your bit or simply use masking tape on your drill bit to mark how deep you want to make your hole. A lot less time and effort. The store bought collars cost about a dollar. Yikes!
    He has way too much time on his hands. Also a drill press would work just fine, a whole lot better. I suggest you put your tools to work to make money instead of videos.

  • John Conrad
    John Conrad 3 months ago

    so much time and energy wasted!! You could have put a tube cut to size on the drill. it would have stopped the drill just where you wanted it,

  • Ozzie Wozzie Original
    Ozzie Wozzie Original 3 months ago

    music to noisy

  • John Morrison
    John Morrison 3 months ago

    how this gets over 1000000 views is beyond me , gives you a 90 angle in one direction only, more shit

  • Barry Jensen
    Barry Jensen 3 months ago

    Yes I just DON'T happen to have a vise, welder, or 2-3 hours to make something like this

  • Jimmy Phelps
    Jimmy Phelps 3 months ago +1

    yhoughy for sure a zip gun were is a video for zip gun?

  • Richard Kieffer
    Richard Kieffer 3 months ago

    Well it wasn't a homemade boot pistol but was actually much more useful. 👍👍👍

  • Flap Zapple
    Flap Zapple 3 months ago

    I have to buy a welder to make a drill press? What bullshit! I already have a drill press. Blacklist this guy.

  • inge görhan
    inge görhan 3 months ago


  • marv strickler
    marv strickler 3 months ago

    The finish on the gadget is High Polish with deep scratches.

  • William Kreh
    William Kreh 4 months ago

    Very useful and well thought out sir!

  • James pond
    James pond 4 months ago

    If you had called your video a depth drilling gauge i would be happy with it,But when you try to con everyone with the thumbnail i just make a note of your name and never watch another video of yours

  • William Bramhall
    William Bramhall 4 months ago

    Rough Hands, Anyone having similar experience as I in the welding/metal industry knows that the First safety is for self. Gloves are priority in my shop. You would not last the day in my shop.

  • Luis Fernandes
    Luis Fernandes 4 months ago

    Meus parabéns pela sua inteligência meu amigo

  • Tobias
    Tobias 4 months ago

    Nice idea, but as far as drilling to a specific depth just buy a set of drill stops for a few bucks.

  • Bob Collins
    Bob Collins 4 months ago

    Brilliant! Register the design. Bob Collins.

  • Peter Labarque
    Peter Labarque 4 months ago

    Ebike mini

  • Brian Richardson
    Brian Richardson 4 months ago

    You owe me 7 minutes.

  • Bmw E36
    Bmw E36 4 months ago

    Fucking bastard video

  • Ismo N
    Ismo N 4 months ago

    so much work for some crap... well done

  • Duane G Canaday
    Duane G Canaday 4 months ago

    Get rid of that bass. People don't want to listen that.

  • Humblehombre
    Humblehombre 4 months ago +3

    With some better materials, I think you have a very good idea. Just make it smoother to operate, and much more precise. Nice one.

  • Steeple Jack
    Steeple Jack 4 months ago +2

    Me? I just put a bit of insulation tape on the drill bit to show when I have gone deep enough!

  • DemonsMayCry
    DemonsMayCry 5 months ago +2

    damn man why make it look like a homemade pistol in the thumbnail when it is not that?

    • DemonsMayCry
      DemonsMayCry 4 months ago

      @Assassin Iron Man fucking baiters.

    • Assassin Iron Man
      Assassin Iron Man 4 months ago +1

      DemonsMayCry Clickbait, that’s how RU-clip is these days 😢

  • Sinner Sinner
    Sinner Sinner 5 months ago

    Ээээ нет спасибо! Я обойдусь меткой маркером на сверле, ну а если не видно будет то намотаю синюю изоленту пару витков! Отращивать себе такой рак мозга чё то не хочется совсем!

  • Harry Mason
    Harry Mason 5 months ago

    It only needs a thread rod for a stop but it doesn't need to slide like that for a depth stop. It's like spending a dollar to make a dime.

  • Atikh Shaikh
    Atikh Shaikh 5 months ago

    Very bad

  • Atikh Shaikh
    Atikh Shaikh 5 months ago


  • TruAnRksT
    TruAnRksT 5 months ago

    I sat through 5 min of this garbage only to learn it is fucking garbage.

  • c b
    c b 5 months ago

    I’d comment on the video but I didn’t get a chance to watch it. Was too busy reading comments to see what the hell he was making. Still not fully sure. Fuck it! I guess I don’t need one of those then.

  • first last
    first last 5 months ago +1

    I don't think that's what I thought it was

  • Harry Hunter
    Harry Hunter 5 months ago +6

    good idea for keeping drill square especially for drilling and tapping and you've always got a square at hand. i would rather listen to grinding and welding than that irritating noise that has the faintest resemblance of music

  • Kevin Park
    Kevin Park 6 months ago

    awesome tutorial! but I wish I could just hear the sounds and not this shitty music... :p

  • EFD620G
    EFD620G 6 months ago +6

    You can afford a welder and grinder and other tools, but you're to cheap to buy a drill press

  • Sylvain
    Sylvain 6 months ago +2

    I dislike because i thought that was a pistol...

  • El Davoo
    El Davoo 6 months ago

    Yo pense que era un arma jjajajaja

  • Richard Prutz
    Richard Prutz 6 months ago

    Sir, May I Suggest to Get A Mig Welder, You will Love it. Thank You

  • Frank Colontone
    Frank Colontone 6 months ago +2

    You can eliminate fabrication of the first part entirely by using a split collar.

  • Boone Callen
    Boone Callen 6 months ago

    what a waste of time

  • ШоуТВ 1
    ШоуТВ 1 6 months ago

    А фломастеры для чего отметил и все

  • Фон Гадке
    Фон Гадке 7 months ago

    Хорошая идея. Возвратную пружину надо!

  • J Lath
    J Lath 7 months ago

    ya know those are pretty cool things you made, But it would be more interesting if you would leave out the music and do a little explanation along with video.