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Dove Cameron - If Only (from Descendants) (Official Video)

  • Published on Jul 30, 2015
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    Music video by Dove Cameron performing If Only. (C) 2015 Walt Disney Records
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Comments • 71 995

  • katie ruiz
    katie ruiz 4 months ago +6365

    Dove Cameron put her whole soul and body into this masterpiece

      CRTERJD 11 days ago

      @Shane Beudeker there was auto tune but it didn’t fully help, she’s actually an amazing singer and actress. She could’ve did amazing with or without that auto tune. She actually sung it without auto tune a few times and at her concerts, she’s amazing

    • Shane Beudeker
      Shane Beudeker 26 days ago

      @tigrese whatever No one does since she always uses autotune... you kinda ran into that one...

    • tigrese whatever
      tigrese whatever 26 days ago


    • toji mop
      toji mop Month ago

      @Tony Mai what does he gotta do with this-

    • xstarliqhtxjr 🎧
      xstarliqhtxjr 🎧 Month ago

      @youngeuns girlfriend She did eat it up!!

  • Cerys_ Xx
    Cerys_ Xx 7 months ago +8657

    Can’t believe it’s been six years.... I was obsessed with descendants when it first came out-

  • Yes my pfp is me irl
    Yes my pfp is me irl 7 months ago +2400

    I can’t believe that Descendants is already 6 years old. I remember being 11 and watching the movie in 2016 and absolutely loving it. Now here i am at 16 re-listening to my favorite descendants songs. Thank you Disney and everyone for this beautiful series.

  • slaythiccynicci
    slaythiccynicci Month ago +427

    Those highnotes still give me goosebumps

  • Sweet dreams
    Sweet dreams 28 days ago +127

    I haven't listened to this in so long. And I really needed to hear it again. Not only where the lyrics and melodies powerful themselves, but Dove's performance says it all!

  • Jay Olaya
    Jay Olaya 4 months ago +254

    Definitivamente ésta es una de las canciones más lindas en cualquier producción de Disney, ojalá fuera más larga🙇🏻‍♀️

    • fuñtime powęr
      fuñtime powęr Month ago

      There is one

    • Molly davenport
      Molly davenport Month ago

      There is a longer version. I have posted the lyrics to it :)

    • Andrés Arias
      Andrés Arias Month ago

      La versión completa esta en spotify

    • Thea
      Thea 2 months ago +1

      This is not the full version. This is just the only part that made it in the movie.

    • Liyah Dana
      Liyah Dana 3 months ago +3

      There is a longer version 🙂

  • haley rose
    haley rose 4 months ago +769

    6 years later and this song still a amazing. 9 year old me had no reason to sing this with her heart and soul

    • The ugly Being
      The ugly Being 2 months ago +3

      Lol I'm 19 here and this was my childhood song when I was 14

    • Karen Llamas
      Karen Llamas 2 months ago +3

      Same I had no business in signing this when I was 9 I'm 14 now and I still love this song 💖

  • Miryam Monda
    Miryam Monda Month ago +38

    This movie is so important to me.
    It helped me realize my queerness when I was only 12, with a HUUUGE crush for Dove Cameron (especially with "If only", still my feel-better-song after 6 years).
    I was so scared because of my fam never being supportive to the LGBT community, but having realized it so young forged the path for self-acceptance as a teenager. Without Descendants, I could have still been the homophobe I was when in middle school, influenced by my parents. I could have stayed hidden to myself.
    Thank you, Mal. You're the reason I now know myself more. This may sound stupid from outside, but my queer pals will understand. 🙏🏳️‍🌈

    • Diya Senthil
      Diya Senthil 10 days ago +1

      Good for you😊 I am still in question and don't know but I hope I will find out soon🌈!

    HEAVEN! Year ago +21683

    People who actually watched the movie can like

  • Itz Gabbyyy
    Itz Gabbyyy 2 months ago +321

    A million thoughts in my head
    Should I let my heart keep listening
    'Cause up 'til now I've walked the line
    Nothing lost but something missing
    I can't decide
    What's wrong, what's right
    Which way should I go
    If only I knew what my heart was telling me
    Don't know what I'm feeling
    Is this just a dream?
    Ah oh, yeah
    If only I could read the signs in front of me
    I could find the way to who I'm meant to be
    Ah oh, if only
    Ah, oh
    Am I crazy? Maybe we could happen
    Will you still be with me when the magic's all run out?
    If only I knew what my heart was telling me
    Don't know what I'm feeling
    Is this just a dream?
    Ah oh
    If only, yeah
    If only, yeah
    If only, yeah
    If only
    If only

    CRTERJD 11 days ago +7

    Dove has truly grown as an actress, performer, and singer, she’s grown and she was so amazing even with this song. She poured her whole heart and soul into this song, to think that I was listening to this 6 years ago never knowing she would make such a big name for herself

  • Mari
    Mari 7 months ago +576

    Que sentimento de tristeza e nostalgia dessa época, quando todos estavam juntos, quando o Cameron estava vivo e quando nossa única preocupação era esperar o filme dois..

    • NM HD
      NM HD 26 days ago


    • •Moonset🌙
      •Moonset🌙 Month ago

      @Gabriele nocera man, Cameron Boyce died in 2019

    • Gabriele nocera
      Gabriele nocera Month ago

      @•Moonset🌙 😐😶...ok can you explain me this?

    • •Moonset🌙
      •Moonset🌙 Month ago

      @Gabriele nocera dove didn't died, but cameron died

    • Gabriele nocera
      Gabriele nocera Month ago

      @Victor wait, was alive? She didn't died men😂

  • Reid Giasson
    Reid Giasson 2 months ago +70

    This song just reminds me of when times were simple everyone was normal and innocent and now life’s just miserable 🙁

  • Camilo Jurado
    Camilo Jurado 2 months ago +22

    todavía recuerdo cuando la escuche por primera vez y nunca me voy a cansar de escuchar las canciones de descendientes porque son simplemente arte ✨🛐

  • AMA
    AMA Month ago +14

    This song is honestly still the masterpiece it was when the movie first came out.

  • 🎀 A G U S  C 🎀
    🎀 A G U S C 🎀 6 months ago +62

    No puedo creer que ya ha pasado 6 años y aún sigue siendo mi cancion favorita !! ❤😥

  • Aleatório 0
    Aleatório 0 3 months ago +48

    Mano essa música é muito linda eu lembro que eu escutei ela pela primeira faz alguns anos atrás é eu vim aqui relembrar né e por incrível que pareça eu senti a mesma sensação que eu senti quando eu escutei ela pela primeira vez é isso e muito mágico pra mim

  • chidi obioha
    chidi obioha Year ago +12108

    Descendants is like the high school musical for this generation...

  • Manu:)
    Manu:) 7 months ago +92

    Essa música é tão perfeita:(💗

  • The Empty
    The Empty 7 days ago +3

    This song will always be one of my fav Disney songs

  • Soobinie:]
    Soobinie:] 4 months ago +45

    There's no way this was 6 years ago it feels like a week, thank Dove Cameron for making my childhood memories

    • Lil Widdes
      Lil Widdes 4 months ago +3

      no literally i remember watching this movie for the first time like it was yesterday

  • sea fairy my beloved
    sea fairy my beloved Month ago +8

    A million thoughts in my head
    Should I let my heart keep listening
    'Cause up 'til now I've walked the line
    Nothing lost but something missing
    I can't decide
    What's wrong, what's right
    Which way should I go
    If only I knew what my heart was telling me
    Don't know what I'm feeling
    Is this just a dream?
    Ah oh, yeah
    If only I could read the signs in front of me
    I could find the way to who I'm meant to be
    Ah oh, if only
    If only
    If only
    Every step, every word
    With every hour I am falling in
    To something new, something brave
    To someone I, I have never been
    I can't decide
    What's wrong, what's right
    Which way should I go
    If only I knew what my heart was telling me
    Don't know what I'm feeling
    Is this just a dream?
    Ah oh, yeah
    If only I could read the signs in front of me
    I could find the way to who I'm meant to be
    Ah oh, if only
    Am I crazy? Maybe we could happen
    Will you still be with me when the magic's all run out?
    If only I knew what my heart was telling me
    Don't know what I'm feeling
    Is this just a dream?
    Ah oh
    If only I could read the signs in front of me
    I could find the way to who I'm meant to be
    Ah oh
    If only, yeah
    If only, yeah
    If only, yeah
    If only, yeah
    If only
    If only

  • Angie Mingo
    Angie Mingo 9 months ago +5895

    6 years later and i’m still listening to this song 😭

  • Butterfly🦋
    Butterfly🦋 3 months ago +49

    6 years i havent heard this song and i still know the lyrics by heart

  • Zhongli Vago Mundo
    Zhongli Vago Mundo 3 months ago +12

    2022 and this is still a masterpiece.

  • Aidee Franco
    Aidee Franco 4 months ago +24

    Es increíble como pasa el tiempo, y esta será una de mis favoritas

  • Thaynara DV
    Thaynara DV 6 months ago +9

    Nem acredito que ja fazem 6 anos... Lembro de ficar escutando na escola quando tinha 14 anos, agora estou com 21. Que nostalgiaaa

  • Dasha Duka
    Dasha Duka 2 months ago +14

    I was so OBSESSED with Descendants when it first came out. I remembered it again

  • Cat Liz
    Cat Liz 2 months ago +25

    I used to sing this everyday and intended to lern the lyrics, I didn't listen to this song in years but I like how I still remember them.

  • Fernanda:)
    Fernanda:) 3 months ago +7

    essa música é incrível!vai ficar smp no meu coração 💖✨

  • Bunni
    Bunni Month ago +6

    6 years and this song is still one of my fav descendants songs

  • -Hannah-
    -Hannah- Year ago +3140

    So... why isn’t everyone talking about how Dove slays those high notes?

    • FreeSpiritPaulette
      FreeSpiritPaulette 2 months ago

      But I still understand what you mean

    • FreeSpiritPaulette
      FreeSpiritPaulette 2 months ago

      I’m a man and I can hit those notes. Granted not very well, but I can still hit them, I’d assume a woman could as well so I’d tend to agree with the prior replies

    • Kylee Aultman
      Kylee Aultman 5 months ago

      She does

    • Celine Aviliani❦♪
      Celine Aviliani❦♪ 5 months ago +1

      @Honest Chin My singing teacher be like: so I'm not a boy then??

    • Celine Aviliani❦♪
      Celine Aviliani❦♪ 5 months ago +1

      @fearless That was not quite a high note, I could sing it no sweat, she was just expressing her emotion, that face expression is when you sing with not just your voice but with your heart too

  • Mariana
    Mariana 4 months ago +14

    Essa música é linda e nostálgica

  • まさみ
    まさみ Month ago +6

    I remember going over to my friends house when I was in 3rd grade and we both watched Descendants together and we screamed this song at the top of our lungs. Ahhhh how has it already been 6 years 😭

  • Zen ashley dela pena
    Zen ashley dela pena 4 months ago +24

    It's been 6 years now.. but i can't stop listening to this song it's make me so calm. 😭❤ i miss watching this movie 💖

    • noltson
      noltson 4 months ago

      the trilogy is on disney + !! i love the first one best tho

  • ꧁Majestic 𓅓 Skye꧂
    ꧁Majestic 𓅓 Skye꧂ 3 months ago +9

    This is one of my favorite songs that Dove (Mal) sings in the "Descendants" franchise. I can't believe that it's almost been 7 years since the 1st film came out in 2015. By the way, Cameron Boyce (Carlos) will be greatly missed. He was a great Disney actor and his life was taken away too soon. Rest in peace, Cameron. Rest in peace.

    TAEKOOKIE!!! Year ago +2319

    "Will you still be with me when the magic is all run out? "
    Yes, Mal. He will be.

  • Sarah
    Sarah 4 months ago +42

    feeling nostalgic, still a hit

  • Jacob Belmonte
    Jacob Belmonte Month ago +4

    Its almost been 7 years and im still listening to this🖤

  • Rory Lumen
    Rory Lumen 29 days ago +2

    This is still one of the best music in descendants. 🤗

  • Tori Williams
    Tori Williams Month ago +6

    this song hits so much harder when you get older and understand what she means-

  • Dhwani Gola 🎵
    Dhwani Gola 🎵 2 years ago +1599

    I love how the line “Will you still be with me when the magic’s all run out” is completely related to the movie but also implies the insecurity of any person in a relationship- will the other person love them for who they really are, who they are when they are in their darkest times.

    • Thinker Bud
      Thinker Bud 2 years ago

      197m coz the movie is amazing

    • its Natalie and Tracey
      its Natalie and Tracey 2 years ago +1

      That’s the saddest part

    • Pryzylla
      Pryzylla 2 years ago +3

      at first it's a cute crush and puppy love, but when that runs out it starts to get boring. The magic has run out and has become dull. You're left to wonder: 'will you still be with me?'

      EGILDO FERREIRA 2 years ago


    • christina coffey
      christina coffey 2 years ago

      i got this too 999 likes:)

  • Tamar Almeida
    Tamar Almeida 7 months ago +6

    Maravilhosa demais

  • Elsa Pato
    Elsa Pato 8 months ago +15

    Viejos recuerdos que jamás quisiera olvidar. :''3

  • Ariana Arisamj
    Ariana Arisamj 5 months ago +6


  • FS Sadie
    FS Sadie Month ago +4

    I love her voice it’s so peaceful!🎶🎵🎤

  • LivAlly RooneyMoon
    LivAlly RooneyMoon Year ago +3382


  • Rayane Silva
    Rayane Silva 3 months ago +17

    I get goosebumps every time I hear this song, like it's the first time 😭😍

  • eddie kaspbrak's mom
    eddie kaspbrak's mom 2 months ago +4

    I used to be so obsessed with this song when i was 8. i’m turning 16 this year and it’s still a bop

  • Monserrat Cruz
    Monserrat Cruz 28 days ago +3

    Me encanta esta canción 🥰✨💗

  • - valsmxgic -
    - valsmxgic - 4 months ago +5

    I cant believe i’m still singing along even though I haven’t heard this song in 3 years i miss this 😭

  • Alex Walker
    Alex Walker Month ago +4

    I absolutely love this song I’m obsessed with it 😻😻😻😻 amazing job dove Cameron 😽😽

  • AJ FLaSh Stewart
    AJ FLaSh Stewart 2 months ago +5

    6 years later I’m still listening to this the song is to good

  • michelle marusak
    michelle marusak Month ago +2

    I absolutely love this song by Dove Cameron

  • tomates rellenos
    tomates rellenos 7 months ago +3

    es mi canción favorita de descendientes, la verdad que dove cameron canta divino

  • JJ.Kpop_edits
    JJ.Kpop_edits 11 months ago +1033

    The fact this movie was so many peoples whole childhood, I know we were all obsessed with this song 😆 I can’t believe it’s been 5 years and I’m 13 now, even though as I grow the movie starts to have its cringey and cheesy moments I will always love it 😊 I still keep my spell book I got from the Disney store when the 2nd movie came out ❤️

    • Diya Senthil
      Diya Senthil 10 days ago +1

      This song just made me want to watch the movies again!

    • Kota :D
      Kota :D 2 months ago

      im 13 too and this movie was my everything

    • 0hItsSage
      0hItsSage 2 months ago


    • Eloise Kim
      Eloise Kim 3 months ago +1

      samee I'm 14 and this is rlly my childhood

    • Julia Diane
      Julia Diane 3 months ago

      I am also 13 :)

  • Milagros ._.
    Milagros ._. 6 months ago +6

    Sigo amando esta canción y la película como la primera vez ❤️

  • ¿ ŮŔ MØM ¿
    ¿ ŮŔ MØM ¿ 24 days ago +2

    When I was a kid Dove Cameron was my whole world all the Desendants 1 2 and 3 were so awesome and i watched it multiple times
    And still now I'm 14 I still listen to this song after 6 years literally I still love Dove Cameron Desendants all charters even if we're missing one.......

  • Arantxa Flores
    Arantxa Flores 8 months ago +12

    a seis años de esta canción y me sigue encantando :)

  • Rea Mae Añonuevo
    Rea Mae Añonuevo 3 months ago +15

    I remember seeing the movie when I was 13, I’m turning 20 this year 😳

  • Danielle DeFosses
    Danielle DeFosses 6 years ago +1622

    Her voice is amazing, she is the perfect person for her part, and she is a amazing actor!

    • Zuzanna Dressler
      Zuzanna Dressler 3 years ago +1

      My Favorit song in film

    • SOLO
      SOLO 3 years ago +3

      @PenWielder Magic not true. Auto tune just fixes the pitch. If ur voice sounds terrible, it will still sound bad but on pitch. Being on pitch isn't the only thing that makes your voice sound good. There is also good tone which auto tune can't give you.

    • SOLO
      SOLO 3 years ago +3

      @Delish For Dogs do u not know how auto tune works? It doesn't make ur voice sound good. It corrects the pitch.

    • Weronika Kulanica
      Weronika Kulanica 3 years ago

      That's so truth OMG❤

    • Alejandra Ruiz
      Alejandra Ruiz 4 years ago +1

      Yokizzz Ramvelz

  • Tea party
    Tea party 2 months ago +6

    Idk if you guys notice but if you listen closely when mal said “if only” at the end you can hear ben’s voice this is too cute

  • 👑 키사라기 스아🦋

    I'm still listening. The same song as my life and feelings now. I always listen to it before going to bed.

  • Lia Cruseskär
    Lia Cruseskär 5 months ago +2

    I really loved this song since 2018 and i still love it

  • Dre0mY
    Dre0mY 3 months ago +5

    This movie will always be my fav Disney movie

  • Cunning Smile
    Cunning Smile 2 years ago +1853

    This song showed how far Mal had changed. She had fallen in love with Ben, but she was too afraid to follow her heart.

      COMMENTS GIRL 📝❤ Year ago

      @Vago right

      COMMENTS GIRL 📝❤ Year ago +1

      @anime gal who tall you she fall in love? it's so clear it's just crush, and ben is her's first crush so she's afraid of it

      COMMENTS GIRL 📝❤ Year ago +1

      @Bittersweet Ti you so right, they doing first date and than married 😑

      COMMENTS GIRL 📝❤ Year ago

      yeah but.. we can't know if ben love her back, cause he's still with the spell! mal spel ben

  • Miley and Riley
    Miley and Riley 2 months ago +5

    Cant believe its been 7 years since descendants came out. Time flies...

  • Irune COPA
    Irune COPA 2 months ago +1

    I love the voice of Dove Cameron in this song

  • Sha Sa
    Sha Sa 2 months ago +3

    6 years ago, when im 11 y.o.. and now i still love this song

  • Jazzmin Hubbard
    Jazzmin Hubbard 4 months ago +7

    this will always be one of my top five favorite disney songs

  • aron lauresta
    aron lauresta 2 years ago +1666

    My favorite songs in descendants
    1.If Only
    2.Queen of Mean
    3.Space Between
    4.Ways to be Wicked
    5.Once Upon A Time

  • iits Sara
    iits Sara 3 months ago +8

    i really miss this franchise and i wish it were to never end because it was amazing

  • bri
    bri 4 months ago +5

    I still love this song after so long. Still here in 2022

  • RDGTrap
    RDGTrap 4 months ago +10

    When I was 7 this song went hard but now I'm 13 and it goes even HARDER then before. Time really flies

  • Pamella  Aranha
    Pamella Aranha 2 months ago +2

    Coisa mais linda! DOVE EU TE AMO

  • Eva Hamilton
    Eva Hamilton Year ago +1451

    I love how the straps of her dress give the suggestion of dragon wings.

  • Emi
    Emi 8 months ago +1

    Mano, q nostalgia aaaaaaa

    S JANAMPA FLORIAN 17 days ago

    Me siento identificada con esa canción cuando estoy triste. 😊

  • Estefania Torrez
    Estefania Torrez 7 months ago +7

    Pasaron 6 años y buelvo a escuchar esta cancion y sigo llorando😢😢😭😭😭😭😭

  • Lily barton
    Lily barton 8 months ago


  • Alejo
    Alejo 3 years ago +704

    Actually, this is the BEST song that Disney has made in the last years. A lot of emotions, the rhythm, the lyrics, it's just perfect, and Dove's voice is just fabulous, I completely love this song.

  • Manuela!
    Manuela! Month ago +1


  • mariana lessa
    mariana lessa 4 months ago +1

    essa música é incrível

  • vintae jay
    vintae jay 4 months ago +1

    first time watching it was when i was 10 and now im 17,this now has become my childhood comfort movies.I still cant believe how i really thought i was a princess while singing this song with my whole chest acting like a prince just broke my heart💀

  • Melissa Santana
    Melissa Santana 4 months ago +4

    I miss being a kid and this type of Disney songs hit different 😭

  • 💜Summertime💜
    💜Summertime💜 Year ago +4332

    Did anyone else notice that she was singing at the top of her lungs while Ben was possibly drowning?

    • Mariia Nosova
      Mariia Nosova 4 days ago

      Also who are those voices helping her sing sounds a lot like Ben dontchu think

    • Mariia Nosova
      Mariia Nosova 4 days ago

      Omg ikr bro yes my soulsista

    • Zyan Alexes
      Zyan Alexes 4 months ago

      Yes 😂

    • Veronica Armenta Zepeda
      Veronica Armenta Zepeda 7 months ago

      @Brittany Tissiere loo9

    • Gaming Raiders
      Gaming Raiders 7 months ago

      She’s literally singing a song about him and her when she well i think knows that when he comes up for breath he can hear…

  • Julia Nina
    Julia Nina 3 months ago +4

    this song hits different, brings up memories

  • Jasmine
    Jasmine 3 months ago +1

    I was hooked in this song even before I watched the movie and now I'm obsessed to both😃🥰😍

  • GrannyIsScARyyy
    GrannyIsScARyyy 3 months ago +6

    I was obsessed with this song when I was four it makes me wanna cry I'm 9 now. nostalgic!!!

  • Sad Bunny Gold
    Sad Bunny Gold 3 months ago +7

    6 years ago??? Woah I grew old, I miss my childhood self watching Descendants and singing along. Love you Descendants Casts!

  • Gavier Dean
    Gavier Dean Year ago +605

    This song is where Mal realizes she truly loves Ben.
    The line "will you still be with me when the magic's all run out?" expresses that.
    I felt it too- sometimes that "magic" is love/interest and we never want it to run out :(

    • Heidi Teague
      Heidi Teague 3 months ago

      mel and ben are my fav disney desendents characters

    • Syrck WildBerry
      Syrck WildBerry 4 months ago +1

      Magic to me here represents the honeymoon phase. Not necessarily love.
      Cause love can remain after the honeymoon phase.

    • Ilover0ses
      Ilover0ses 4 months ago +1

      Fr sometimes love is sad cuz they loose feelings :((

    • Petronela Bulboaca
      Petronela Bulboaca 5 months ago +1


  • Hello Kitty
    Hello Kitty 5 months ago

    Her voice is so beautiful 🥺❤️

  • Sergio andres Cuartas
    Sergio andres Cuartas 18 days ago

    I love this song! 💙😍

  • Nathalia Jimenez ... 😃


  • Qiqi
    Qiqi 3 months ago

    6 years and im still in love with this song

  • Chiyah Guiden
    Chiyah Guiden Year ago +2620

    Here almost 6 years later and still know all the words

  • The void
    The void 3 months ago +2

    The fact I can fall asleep to this on loop-

  • 64.Kenzie
    64.Kenzie 2 months ago +1

    This song will always be one of my favorite songs from these movies 😅

  • It's my life
    It's my life 4 months ago +3

    Wow what a tune I really like this song 🖤

  • poprocks
    poprocks 3 months ago +2

    Still loving this song after 6 years ^o^