How Much Do Bananas Really Cost? The Price Farmers Pay | For Food's Sake! | CNA Insider

  • Published on Dec 4, 2018
  • Wholesale prices of Cavendish bananas from the Philippines has increased 25% in the last 3 years, according to one retailer in Singapore. Why? Banana plantations in Compostela Valley, the banana capital of the Philippines, were hit by the Panama disease in 2014, leading to a shortage in supply, driving prices up.
    Yet, farmers and contract work packers are not seeing the benefits of the price hike. So where is the money from consumers going to, ultimately?
    The series For Food's Sake investigates the factors - beyond the usual suspects of climate change and inflation - that are driving up prices of food such as chickens, cockles, bananas and rice.
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  • HaoPH
    HaoPH 4 months ago

    1:52 ano daw? Tinatang@#$ tinataniman ng saging

  • Tiny CreatureHub
    Tiny CreatureHub 9 months ago

    Now I know bananas also bad to workers.

  • Arief Rakhman
    Arief Rakhman Year ago +1

    We should push fairtrade agenda, but it's difficult.. I like cheap bananas..

  • BetaTubeRaggy
    BetaTubeRaggy Year ago

    Can't afford it? Work harder so that you can afford everything, even though the cost is rising.

  • aho baka
    aho baka Year ago +7

    only rich people gets richer.

  • mike lights
    mike lights Year ago

    This channel is great the videos ate very well made

  • anthtan
    anthtan Year ago +8

    Companies which spray pesticides without protecting their workers should be heavily fined

  • Meh meh
    Meh meh Year ago +6

    Wah the host so handsome

  • ThatAsianDudeWhoVlogs?

    so what we as consumers can do? Ans: DONT BUY BANANAS

  • SamT
    SamT Year ago +1

    Tough situation

  • Raeann Sum
    Raeann Sum Year ago +2

    I watched this on the tv at like 5.45in the morning !!!!

  • Andrew Yong Aych
    Andrew Yong Aych Year ago


  • Chsse Chen
    Chsse Chen Year ago +4

    Big global MNC need to b split up and shuffle so that competition can once again invigorated capitalism promoting innovation and lowering the cost.

  • Heng Hui Mei
    Heng Hui Mei Year ago +13

    this is bananas

    • SGG
      SGG Year ago

      I am

  • FIRELOOO123 Jr
    FIRELOOO123 Jr Year ago +30

    First cockles then sugar cane then now bananas shortage...when it is going to stop

  • Natural
    Natural Year ago +4

    Sad to not an easy job😏 I use to live in S. india and I understand how life as a farmers!!