Drag Race: Mercedes-AMG E63 S Estate vs BMW M760Li vs Audi RS 6

  • Published on Oct 7, 2017

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    ARSHAL ANTONY 7 months ago

    I like Mercedes

  • Theodor Tømte
    Theodor Tømte 9 months ago

    Do the same race, but with a BMW M550d wagon

  • john smith
    john smith Year ago +1

    Id still have the merc thank you very much

  • Iqbal Tahir
    Iqbal Tahir Year ago +20

    You stole this video from carwow

  • Sergiu Puscasu
    Sergiu Puscasu Year ago

    Why didn't you include the Tesla P100D in the title? It beat them all, so it must be there!

  • Alexandru Pitas
    Alexandru Pitas Year ago

    In this test audi smoked out the mercedes. So whats up? Is this fake ?

    • Heino Arly Madsen
      Heino Arly Madsen Year ago

      *Are you that stupid? That video you linked to is the old E63S from 2014 with the 5,5 M157 585hp. If you didnt see that, you need to get off the internet!*

  • Flaviu
    Flaviu Year ago +1

    God dam ... that Tesla :))

  • Martin Ivanov
    Martin Ivanov Year ago +3

    The Best or Nothing

  • goldenboy omed
    goldenboy omed Year ago +1

    Fake race

    • Andrew Calk
      Andrew Calk Month ago

      goldenboy omed you know nothing

    • The Dudeface
      The Dudeface Year ago

      Even as an Audi fan, I say the E63s is better, for now. The RS6 came out in 2011, it's a 7 year old design, yet it still finished so close. The next RS6 is coming out this year with 700bhp, that will once again be the fastest.

    • john smith
      john smith Year ago

      goldenboy omed amg 4wd will roast rs6 anyday

  • Vpe **
    Vpe ** Year ago +1

    Nah bmw must be facing s63 and s8
    But when the new m5 was there maybe it could beat model s

    • Martin Ivanov
      Martin Ivanov Year ago +1

      Young dagger ru-clip.com/video/EfZtr6Sc6q0/video.html

  • Cabbarov_ Fərid_001

    Audi is lowes

  • Саният Джанхот

    Layer, audi fasted

  • Tem Detail
    Tem Detail Year ago +4

    Damn MB. You are crazy fast and leave RS6 in the past. Nice replacer for the 4 zero’s brand.

    • AriM8 ,
      AriM8 , 9 months ago

      This new e63s really fucked the rs6 up 🤣

      SHADY FOREVER Year ago

      Detailing Art - luxery car care 😂😂😂

    • nadir rahmouni
      nadir rahmouni Year ago +1

      Fil Cona yes it is

    • Fil Cona
      Fil Cona Year ago +1

      new m5 is faster