TikTok Star Lil Huddy Confronted During Haircut | Jeff's Barbershop

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    People in this vid:
    Lil Huddy

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    Simon Rex
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    Oscar Alva
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    Nathan Speiser
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    Joe Vulpis

Comments • 80

  • Maria Victória
    Maria Victória Hour ago

    i dislike this kid so much

  • Julian Hacman
    Julian Hacman 2 hours ago


  • KTBx
    KTBx 2 hours ago

    This guy grew up right across the street from me and he was best friends with my brother, never did I see this coming

  • Rachel rose
    Rachel rose 2 hours ago

    Facts he still didn't explain his self about y he said the n word

  • InfernoTheFirs1 aw
    InfernoTheFirs1 aw 4 hours ago

    Wtf happened at the end

  • Gilbert S
    Gilbert S 4 hours ago

    what happened to the fade?

  • Zerus
    Zerus 5 hours ago

    I want to hang myself after watching this

  • Fifi EXTRA
    Fifi EXTRA 7 hours ago

    Notice how he dodged answering why he said the N word

  • Zhia Martin
    Zhia Martin 8 hours ago

    when he didnt say anything about the n word

  • Aesthetic Vibes :3
    Aesthetic Vibes :3 9 hours ago

    Jonah made it so much better 😂😭

  • Ey3zJr
    Ey3zJr 9 hours ago


    yw boys.

  • Ahmed Almelde
    Ahmed Almelde 9 hours ago

    Idk I feel like Jonah is not funny at all he just pisses me off sometimes like he thinks it’s made for him if it ain’t it just ain’t for him

    • Ahmed Almelde
      Ahmed Almelde 9 hours ago +1

      And he should take a joke if he wants make one

  • Baba _ tunde
    Baba _ tunde 10 hours ago

    I hate how y’all bully Jonah he’s the one I want to meet the most out of all of the vlog squad member

  • Baba _ tunde
    Baba _ tunde 10 hours ago

    I love how Jonah is just sitting there

  • F. Jiotsop
    F. Jiotsop 10 hours ago +1

    Wait so we're not gonna acknowledge that he fat shames

  • Tiny Cyclone
    Tiny Cyclone 10 hours ago

    Jonah is pretty much everyone when it comes to the hype house

  • richard lopez
    richard lopez 10 hours ago

    Johnas annoying and a bitch

  • Renato Medina
    Renato Medina 11 hours ago

    Why did he say the n word

  • AKermit_
    AKermit_ 11 hours ago

    Im rewatching this and i just realized that person wasnt david dobrik it was fuking ALEX WARREN

  • Connor King
    Connor King 11 hours ago

    he looks like joe santagato

  • nonchalant
    nonchalant 11 hours ago +1

    lil hoodie 💀 0:57

  • trailer park boy
    trailer park boy 12 hours ago

    What is Jeff wearing he looks like he already got caught by the police

  • Evelyn Allison
    Evelyn Allison 12 hours ago

    the way he didn’t answer the n word question-

  • Sesina Birhanemaskel
    Sesina Birhanemaskel 12 hours ago

    he didn't answer the n word question.... 6:45

  • Julissa Paez
    Julissa Paez 12 hours ago

    This is sad

  • TheSeriousShow
    TheSeriousShow 12 hours ago

    This plays like an Eric Andre episode

  • Briana Parks
    Briana Parks 13 hours ago

    Sounds like he's saying lil hoodie

  • Izzyrawr Camps
    Izzyrawr Camps 13 hours ago

    K, why did u skip the n word question? It’s very agitating/makes it seem like you’re okay with his behavior. .. ....

  • Keiwanna Wallace
    Keiwanna Wallace 14 hours ago +1

    I have no idea why people are defending lilhuddy saying the n word no white person should ever say the n word and even if it was on accident he shouldn’t be defended for saying it

  • Grace Usher
    Grace Usher 14 hours ago

    Did anybody realize that he didn’t answer the n word question hhhhhhhhmmmmmm fishy

  • Dionne Murry
    Dionne Murry 15 hours ago

    Love how he doesn’t say why he said the n word

  • Nasa
    Nasa 17 hours ago +1

    Lil Huddy looks like Woody

  • Yonatan Garfinkel
    Yonatan Garfinkel 18 hours ago +2

    This feels like an episode of the Eric Andre Show with Jonah as Hannibal

  • Kaitlyn Harney
    Kaitlyn Harney 19 hours ago


  • shark man
    shark man 19 hours ago

    He low-key looks like Joshe pack

  • x lS-P-Ł-Yl x
    x lS-P-Ł-Yl x 21 hour ago

    What a weird video😐

  • 415. roy
    415. roy 21 hour ago +1

    How is this nigga famous he’s personality is boring asf

  • Fernando_
    Fernando_ 21 hour ago

    he didn’t answer the question.

  • Ara Z
    Ara Z Day ago

    Didn’t answer the the n word question

  • Flippy top
    Flippy top Day ago

    8:38 Jonah thought he was going to get hit

  • khaila fratis
    khaila fratis Day ago

    he rlly thought he did sum with that diabetes joke🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️

  • 831 SHOTS
    831 SHOTS Day ago

    Huddy can’t body shame with that fucking bodh

  • benlogik
    benlogik Day ago

    I don’t think chase and Jonah would fit in screen together

  • Lulu Cruz
    Lulu Cruz Day ago

    He really said what’s what boy meets world 🤦‍♀️

  • Raul Floriano
    Raul Floriano Day ago +2

    You should ask these “influencers” about the bootleg David Dobrik. Warren

  • xo simsi
    xo simsi Day ago +1

    Lil hoodie is a fraud he is white he said nigga

  • Elnaz Shema
    Elnaz Shema Day ago

    chase is genuinely a rude and inconsiderate human being.

  • Luke Beaudet
    Luke Beaudet Day ago

    First thing I hear is this kid making diabetic jokes fucking asshole bro

  • Mason Cleverley
    Mason Cleverley Day ago

    everytime I see Lil Huddy I start to lose brain cells

  • JB Studio
    JB Studio Day ago

    Notice how he didn’t respond to why he said the N word

  • Jack Turner
    Jack Turner Day ago

    Tik toks like that dude are the opitomy of cancer

  • Marcus Perttula
    Marcus Perttula Day ago

    i thought people did that to cover the dirty underside of the nails

  • Kylie Blanco
    Kylie Blanco Day ago

    Why didn’t they talk about the n word 😂😩

  • Crackhead kaylee

    this video make me hate lil huddy even more


    It’s so many white people on tik tok that yeh n word situation went untouched that why it’s obvious🤦🏽‍♂️


    This shit allready seems like another team ten to me😭

  • Ethan Hughes
    Ethan Hughes Day ago +1

    11 minutes of lil buddy and Jeff fat shaming Jonah

  • Niki Niks
    Niki Niks Day ago

    That bich from germany? Yeah shes a fucking....

  • Riley
    Riley Day ago

    how DARE you disrespect the love of my life that is Shawn hunter

  • Riley
    Riley Day ago

    This is so awkward and I absolutely love it


    That chair Jonah was sitting on was dieing as soon as he sat on it🤣

  • Wig Stores
    Wig Stores Day ago +4

    “Lil hoodie”

  • Martin Hanna
    Martin Hanna Day ago

    bruh i love jonah but like can he stfu damn.

  • AMM Vlogs
    AMM Vlogs Day ago +1

    JONAH GIVES NOOO FUCKS 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Thomas Mahoney
    Thomas Mahoney Day ago

    Lil huddy is a cocky shit

  • PurRe_Louis
    PurRe_Louis Day ago


  • Nina McCormick
    Nina McCormick Day ago

    i got second hand embarrassment watching this

  • L. D
    L. D 2 days ago +2

    i dont like jeff in this video because he is on still softish side and im not here for it

  • L. D
    L. D 2 days ago +8

    jonah was acctually funny. Meanwhile still softish just fat shamed him like he did sum

  • Marione Mendoza
    Marione Mendoza 2 days ago +1

    You guys need to stop giving Jonah shit coz it’s not funny and lil Huddy looks like the biggest fuck boi on earth

  • beatsbyzed
    beatsbyzed 2 days ago

    Why does this remind me of Adult Swim

  • Ben Churchill
    Ben Churchill 2 days ago +1

    Jonah has some THICK SKIN

  • Em La
    Em La 2 days ago +1

    Ok, why tf was he talking to the guy like that ?? Like if ur close friends I get it, but they didn’t seem like they were LMAO. The fact chase told the dude about how he should worry about diabetes is just OMG. I can see why he would date a 15 year old... it’s bc they have the same fucking mentality. Dude really needs to act his age 🤢

  • M L
    M L 2 days ago +2

    Jonah is a mood

  • Christopher Saavedra

    Didn’t ask for a fade

  • lalala :D
    lalala :D 2 days ago


  • Angel
    Angel 2 days ago

    “No Cap” had me dying 💀😂

  • Max FN
    Max FN 2 days ago

    He said can I get these in a size 10.5 I was dying

  • Tiana Little
    Tiana Little 2 days ago +4

    I'm feel sooooooo uncomfortable watching this 😂😂😂😂

  • Joseph Arnoult
    Joseph Arnoult 2 days ago

    Good shit Jeff really liked this vid , only thing tho get Jonah tf outta there it’s actually embarrassing, replace him with some one better like Tod ,