• Published on Feb 20, 2019
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  • FinessinBabyKay
    FinessinBabyKay 8 days ago

    EVA so OP

  • Dale 1
    Dale 1 9 days ago

    9:20 into the video is why I love doc and shroud so much

  • MissSamanthaAnn1988
    MissSamanthaAnn1988 17 days ago

    My go too spot in apex is market

  • michaelgamer60 .DLC.
    michaelgamer60 .DLC. 19 days ago +1

    I love eva 8 auto
    Peacekeeper: :(

  • pubgmTV
    pubgmTV 28 days ago

    The best shotgun in Apex : EVA-8
    MastiFF : Am I a JoKe To YoU?

  • Sam Grant
    Sam Grant Month ago +1

    “The alternator needs a buff” why’d you have to tell them shroud

  • ChaosCrafter
    ChaosCrafter 2 months ago


  • Dennis Rabha
    Dennis Rabha 2 months ago

    and here im still figuring out how to glide

  • Will Steward
    Will Steward 3 months ago

    Shroud: hurts arm and goes through recovery
    Me: it’s my chance to finally beat shroud
    *finds out it’s his left arm
    Me: aight, I’m about to head out

  • birdonawire
    birdonawire 3 months ago

    How are we suppose to learn any combat scenario tips when you edited the video to skip ahead during important battles ???

  • Abo Bobo
    Abo Bobo 3 months ago

    I like how shroud put his camera a little bit higher so people has compare his kills and damage with Dr.Disrespect ones.

  • Zak
    Zak 4 months ago +1

    I hab a *spitfire* and *eva 8*
    Use spitfire first or eva 8 first...
    Comment down below

    • Surveil
      Surveil 3 months ago

      Choose your fighting distance first

  • 기린이야
    기린이야 4 months ago

    why did he remove the damage signs? whats the advantage of it?

  • Grzegorz Kucharski
    Grzegorz Kucharski 4 months ago

    shrut sux solo q

  • mikehawk hurts24/7
    mikehawk hurts24/7 4 months ago

    I want y'alls opinion on the flateline for me it's so good iv got my best games with it.

  • Victor
    Victor 5 months ago

    rocks the 'zambique in the first couple of minutes

  • TheConCarlos
    TheConCarlos 5 months ago

    shroud have polish roots POG i didnt know

  • Slam Dunkey
    Slam Dunkey 5 months ago

    When he says hold right click what button is that on ps4?

  • Noble Society
    Noble Society 5 months ago

    Hey this is great work! Keep the consistency up & i promise you'll grow

  • squidword tenpoles
    squidword tenpoles 5 months ago +1

    What about *peace keeper*

  • Culinary God
    Culinary God 5 months ago

    at 10:45 how did he slide backward?

  • Officersexy 23
    Officersexy 23 5 months ago

    This game needs different game modes

  • Kirito Yashamito
    Kirito Yashamito 5 months ago

    i think shrouds aim need to be nerfed

  • xBranislav
    xBranislav 5 months ago

    Title refers to 3:34, thank me later

  • reeve kew
    reeve kew 5 months ago

    Why doesn’t shroud wanna use the wingman?

  • Sparda Warcry
    Sparda Warcry 5 months ago

    FIY he plays with the shotgun from 4:00 to 5:45... only.

    BHN MOB 5 months ago

    What’s dose right click do on pc on apex?

  • S0L4R ON3SH0T
    S0L4R ON3SH0T 5 months ago +1

    So the Mozambique is sh*t when I use it but when shroud uses it it’s like a laser?

  • GabbO's Tim3 3
    GabbO's Tim3 3 5 months ago

    Does he have auto aim? No, he is Shroud

  • The Fall of New Babylon

    I try to tell people the Eva shotgun is good

  • Adam Lipiński
    Adam Lipiński 5 months ago

    Which resolution shroud use? FULL HD 1080p? :)

  • Tyler Pierce
    Tyler Pierce 5 months ago

    at 11:38 in the video after the Pathfinder gets stuck, the arc star looks like it got pulled out and thrown off, no? do it at 0.25 speed

  • Rogue Raven
    Rogue Raven 5 months ago

    Eva 8 is my go to shotgun. I normally go r-99 and Eva-8 and I’m set

  • Skate Rock
    Skate Rock 5 months ago +2

    I main Gibralter with a spitfire and peacemaker....not sure Shroud and I would get along very well

  • Simay Eliacik
    Simay Eliacik 5 months ago

    how i can go up with the jump boost

  • Legendary Productions
    Legendary Productions 5 months ago

    Can u try using spitfire and g7 scout combination?

  • Andrelikeaboss 1
    Andrelikeaboss 1 5 months ago

    ahhahaha bom video colegahahaha

  • sharpshot2899
    sharpshot2899 5 months ago

    10:03 holy sh*t that was graphic af

  • aidan wilson
    aidan wilson 5 months ago

    Why does he use hemlock on single shot

  • The Rater
    The Rater 5 months ago

    Lol Dr D always dieing on em

  • TBPKenobi
    TBPKenobi 5 months ago

    Bruh that name is actually sick... last name backwards

  • Reginald Buxton
    Reginald Buxton 5 months ago

    soon as wraith lands connection timed out gg shroud

  • UrbanerHail3
    UrbanerHail3 5 months ago

    "You still keep track of your wins"

  • Alan martinez butron
    Alan martinez butron 5 months ago

    hello shroud could you please win a game with mozambique as secondary? I know you can XD

  • Ezra Smith
    Ezra Smith 5 months ago

    All the pro players say playing alone is shit but I have played for 3 days and I've got 15 solo wins but have never won with my friends . I guess it depends on your friends whether to which you prefer lol. A lot of matches will be 2 bad teammates dying instantly and exiting tbh

  • David Kandinov
    David Kandinov 5 months ago

    3:34 the first ever kill with a Mozambique in the history of apex legends

  • David Gomez
    David Gomez 5 months ago

    Shroud’s gameplay, dope.
    Shroud’s commentary, garbage.

  • Mehedi Hasan
    Mehedi Hasan 5 months ago +1

    thats why i hate peacekeeper

  • Gaming by The Rook
    Gaming by The Rook 5 months ago

    Man you are pretty good! If you ever want to Squad up let me know, you should check my clips Shroud! I wiped a squad with my alternator with both my teammates down!

  • Tambony
    Tambony 5 months ago

    they didn't know KeisezrG is his last name backwards or was that a troll

  • End Headz
    End Headz 5 months ago

    I think the peacekeeper is a "better" gun, it's really overpowered sometimes and it requires no skill which ticks me off because you just get wrecked by like level 5 idiots it's retarded

  • Flocky
    Flocky 5 months ago

    I prefer the peacekeeper and eva-8 over the mastiff tbh...

  • ObscureNameDigit
    ObscureNameDigit 5 months ago

    When more than one person goes on a zipline it causes it to bounce. Noticed the other day.

  • Michael Lim
    Michael Lim 5 months ago +5

    "You guys still keep counts of your wins?"
    Shroud being savage without even trying 🤣

  • DT Drakes
    DT Drakes 5 months ago


  • Talwert
    Talwert 5 months ago

    Shroud doesn't give callouts so he can get the kills I love it

  • Ivan Lozano
    Ivan Lozano 5 months ago

    Random tip/trick: if you jump on a wall without hopping over it you can stay on the wall and peek.

  • Silvia
    Silvia 5 months ago +5

    Shroud: Alternator needs buff
    Mozambique: *Imma be real with you chief*

  • SteamedBunGaming
    SteamedBunGaming 5 months ago

    K here’s the question: Flatline or R301?

    • OxM
      OxM 5 months ago

      SteamedBunGaming R-301, Flatline is trash

  • Joshua Brown
    Joshua Brown 5 months ago

    They say aim for the healer then the healer takes out your whole squad feels bad man

  • Nation wide
    Nation wide 5 months ago

    10:38 - how does he see theres 2 people behind him? i paused and i dont see jack shit

  • Chris Dobson
    Chris Dobson 5 months ago +2

    Balloon trick doesnt work on console

  • Alin
    Alin 5 months ago

    Alexa, play Truck truck truck by Shroud.

  • NSGArcade
    NSGArcade 5 months ago

    @Shroud really thought it was a Keyser Soze reference from The Usual Suspects... Oh well

  • VespidChain50
    VespidChain50 5 months ago

    Hey shroud. I love your gameplays on apex legends and I was wondering if you had time to answer this message, my question is how could I become a better apex player?

  • fuehwbdb
    fuehwbdb 5 months ago

    Don't lie Mosambik is 1000 times better.😂

    • OxM
      OxM 5 months ago

      fuehwbdb Tf is a “Mosambik”

  • #KrishIsBetterThanninja 7

    Don't use bad words

  • Mike Sully
    Mike Sully 5 months ago


  • Abegail Rama
    Abegail Rama 5 months ago +1

    9:20 😂

  • Littlepony
    Littlepony 5 months ago

    Shroud ... why is that nose on your cartoon self so ... strange?

  • Mo Amin
    Mo Amin 5 months ago

    When I use shotguns they never do me any good. But when other people use them they either one or two shot me without lvl 3 armor

  • Aslan Hutto
    Aslan Hutto 5 months ago

    Why is lifelines voice so damn annoying

    • Aslan Hutto
      Aslan Hutto 5 months ago

      @William lmao his is kinda badass in my opinion

    • William
      William 5 months ago

      Have you ever played with a caustic?

  • Skizofrenia GAMING
    Skizofrenia GAMING 5 months ago

    next video is Shroud killing everybody of the server with just a spoon XD

  • 6spdkeg
    6spdkeg 5 months ago

    "God this game is shit alone" LOL!! My tolerance for insanity is evidently high with this game for some reason.

  • Austin Stringham
    Austin Stringham 5 months ago +3

    RIP pubg: shrouds view on the wingman is skewed because he has 90 plus percent accuracy