Casually Explained: Levels of Wealth

  • Published on Nov 25, 2017
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Comments • 8 966

  • Gemein Hardd
    Gemein Hardd 8 minutes ago

    His outros are the best

  • Mark Mckckck
    Mark Mckckck 19 minutes ago

    This is my new favorite channel

  • Mattx
    Mattx 44 minutes ago

    i laughed when you left out the rest of the world.

  • yazmin gutierrez
    yazmin gutierrez 3 hours ago

    Very vaguely inaccurate brackets lol. 300k a year 1% lmao nah . . 1million dollars will literally get you a crappy 1k square foot house in my area so by the time you’re making 300k a year you won’t be looking wealthy that’s for sure. If you make that much money, you can’t properly invest and flex plus at that tax bracket the government literally takes half your money. You’d have to do some long term savings/being mad cheap and investing if you even want the 1k old home

  • Chenggong Lee
    Chenggong Lee 3 hours ago

    Lmao “with one roommate they can afford rent but with two they can afford furniture” true af

  • Rohith Kumar
    Rohith Kumar 4 hours ago

    You forgot to realize even if the demographic from 3rd world counties such as India is around 5%, the population of India is around 2 billion, that's still a lot of people.

  • Suleiman Migwi
    Suleiman Migwi 5 hours ago

    It's actually true, we don't have internet or electricity here in Kenya. I watched this video courtesy of a reflection of the rain water that formed a mud puddle outside my homestead.
    😂 Also, shove your demographics up your nostrils!!

    JOSHUA ABRAHAM 5 hours ago


  • Good Bye
    Good Bye 6 hours ago

    What about the people that sell ed their wife for internet connection

  • Suriya Ali
    Suriya Ali 6 hours ago

    You guys really need to visit a 3rd world country to understand.... Trinidad and Tobago is a 3rd world country 🙄and there is wifi every where i go.

  • Angela King
    Angela King 10 hours ago

    “With one roommate you can afford rent.. with you two you can afford furniture”
    This makes me feel so much more normal

  • Boris Karavasilev
    Boris Karavasilev 10 hours ago

    The end was terrific 😂

  • Harun Komagay
    Harun Komagay 10 hours ago

    Even though we have a internet most of us dont know english 😅

  • Amanuel Temesgen
    Amanuel Temesgen 11 hours ago

    They don't have internet 😂😂 love that.
    But we do....... I hope we do 😶 this is the internet rightttt 🤔

  • Francisco Iglesias
    Francisco Iglesias 11 hours ago

    I'm one of the third world audience ! Jajaja

  • yit the yak ,
    yit the yak , 13 hours ago

    'I don't think i could spend the money if I tried'
    Mr. Beast: hold my beer

  • adorable cheetah
    adorable cheetah 13 hours ago

    I'm from a third world country and I'm offended

  • Junior Arreola
    Junior Arreola 13 hours ago

    Like Ma momma always says money doesn’t buy happiness but it sure does feel good as hell knowing you won’t ever starve yourself if you have it tho it’s always better to have something you don’t need than to need it and not have it 💯

  • Harisankar M
    Harisankar M 13 hours ago

    In India, Internet costs about 2$ per month, free 4G calls/txt and 45GB internet per month. For 10$ you will get 200mbps FTTH broadband with no limit

  • Christopher Kersey
    Christopher Kersey 14 hours ago

    Money may not bring happiness but poverty ain't really knockin' people's socks off either...

  • chizpa305
    chizpa305 14 hours ago

    Another reason why people from the rest of the world don't watch your channel might be that they don't speak English. There is a whole world out there of RU-clip channels in different languages that you don't even know of because due to some algorithms they will not show up in your recommended videos unless you start digging out for them.

  • Jordan Payne
    Jordan Payne 14 hours ago

    So you blanket one category from 38k-300k? There’s about 3-4 levels of wealth in that “middle class” sector

  • Zulfahmi Othman
    Zulfahmi Othman 16 hours ago

    Third world viewer here

  • Honey
    Honey 17 hours ago

    Why should I pay for someone to do my surgery when I’ve watched 6 seasons of grey’s anatomy? I got this.

  • Ken Heart
    Ken Heart 17 hours ago

    When you're in the top 0.0001 % it's like everything in the world is free

  • Emory Jacob
    Emory Jacob 18 hours ago

    The appendix comment earned the sub 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Andrés Felipe Guzmán López

    Last joke was so unnecessary, man... I live in the third world and we do have internet.
    That was such a poorly made video.

  • Joaquín Barragan
    Joaquín Barragan 19 hours ago

    I belong to the 0.0001% of the 3rd world country viewers that aren't completely poor.

  • Ahmad Al-Sadoon
    Ahmad Al-Sadoon 19 hours ago

    I’m from the third world .. we have internet

  • Ren Hill
    Ren Hill 19 hours ago

    I absolutely love your humour can I marry you

  • J. Haynes
    J. Haynes 19 hours ago

    The wealthiest 3 individuals in the US own more wealth than the bottom 50% of the population (about 150 million people)....

  • frost thehos
    frost thehos 19 hours ago

    oh we do have internet we just watch our youtuber channel instead

  • Soulworld
    Soulworld 19 hours ago

    We do have internet, it may be wired through vines and kept in place by monkey tree houses but... we do.
    The monkeys don't give away the wi-fi password though

  • godiraone moatlatsi
    godiraone moatlatsi 20 hours ago

    🐄cow tipping right😂😂😂😂

  • Ole K.
    Ole K. 21 hour ago

    Bill Gates is actually on top, but he has donated that part to his charity.

  • Vrijman
    Vrijman 22 hours ago

    So I guess I'm a 0.001% from the third world country since I've 300mbps internet connection?

  • marquitossotelo
    marquitossotelo 22 hours ago

    I watch your video from Argentina

  • Atheist Guy18
    Atheist Guy18 23 hours ago

    That last bit was burn!!😂😂

  • Luka Vukovic
    Luka Vukovic 23 hours ago +1

    Well I’m from a 3rd world country and we get internet from the ruins of nato bombing us in 1999 ):)

  • Peter!
    Peter! 23 hours ago

    What a dumb dumb video..

  • supersmex
    supersmex Day ago

    As a gay I am putting a stop to my family having so much children

  • B O
    B O Day ago

    The ending 🤙

  • valentina castano

    Actually, there’s internet in 3rd world countries maybe they don’t watch your stuff because not everyone in the world speaks English.

  • Miguel Gomez
    Miguel Gomez Day ago

    Damn, you blew it with you stupid final comment about third world countries.

  • T T
    T T Day ago

    You get a like for that third world shit at the end

  • Zeta Rusi
    Zeta Rusi Day ago

    Money can’t buy happiness
    Poverty can’t buy anything

  • the feels
    the feels Day ago +1

    I rather cry in a mansion than in a small little room I’m renting in 😒

  • Jus Les
    Jus Les Day ago

    im Kenyan and my wifi is faster than NASA wifi

  • Sebastian Wolf
    Sebastian Wolf Day ago

    i like yout style.. youre hilarious 🤘🏻🤘🏻😂

  • Jarib  Arevalo
    Jarib Arevalo Day ago

    That last part tho 😂

  • Adel Z
    Adel Z Day ago

    Watching from Algeria..
    Nice trick to get comments btw.

  • collin miller
    collin miller Day ago

    And then there are college students:) reppin the underside of the base of that triangle!

  • NectrozNeroz
    NectrozNeroz Day ago

    Hi from Argentina! We are playing with this magical thing called internet

  • Hydraulic Edge
    Hydraulic Edge Day ago

    Money can’t buy happiness and love can’t buy a Lambo

  • Thierry Onyango
    Thierry Onyango Day ago

    He indirectly said "fuck 3rd world countries"

  • Thierry Onyango
    Thierry Onyango Day ago

    I'm watching from Kenya and yes, we do have internet and yes, It's ranked better and faster than yours.

  • Robert Downy
    Robert Downy Day ago

    Money cant buy happiness, only pleasure.

  • sadiki reda
    sadiki reda Day ago +1

    I'm from morocco, and i watch your content through a crystal ball, no need for internet and stuff

  • King Libra
    King Libra Day ago

    The casualty in the video is upsetting and somehow arousing.

  • AV8R
    AV8R Day ago

    thisvideo sits at 6.7 M views. thats at least $15,000 in income for this guy

  • Max Power
    Max Power Day ago

    "I don't think I could spend the money if I tried"

    Fucking amateurs 😂😂😂😂

  • Trevor Carpenter

    Threw some shade at the end there

  • Nicanor Núñez
    Nicanor Núñez Day ago

    Yes agree with the comment section, fuck u. Also hi, I'm from Colombia and my wifi works fine as long as I pay every month the cost on blood and innocent lives.

  • Black Shark
    Black Shark Day ago

    So you see?? Money is true happiness, because when you have tons of it, you'll never worry about going homeless, starving, becoming unemployed, or just unable to afford medical attention if needed.
    Money, will bring you great peace of mind which in terms equals to happiness. Relaxation, worry free!!!!

  • _DrScout_
    _DrScout_ Day ago

    I'm from a third world country and I'm offended you didn't include us

  • saleh saif
    saleh saif Day ago

    High level graphics and animation.

  • Angel Martinez
    Angel Martinez Day ago

    I’m from Mexico and my internet is a wire connected to a half-full tequila bottle

  • Lieyuel Lee
    Lieyuel Lee Day ago

    Third world country resident here!

  • Emron Walker
    Emron Walker Day ago

    Please elaborate on the rest of the world compared to US.

  • Aravind Venugopalan

    In India, you can get mobile data of 2 GB per day at 5 dollars each month. You don't even need a broadband connection.

  • Cacun
    Cacun Day ago

    Hi from the third world 🙄🙄 we kinda exist 🇺🇾

  • Luke Robinett
    Luke Robinett Day ago

    Money can’t buy happiness but it can buy hookers and coke

  • N_Kuz
    N_Kuz Day ago

    $300,000 is middle class?? yeah right, thats WAY UPPPERRRRR middle class at the least... you will have no financial stresses whatsoever in life for $300k a year...

  • depresseddude12
    depresseddude12 Day ago

    I'm from Costa Rica and we do have internet. And good thing we do, I'd hate to miss out on your videos

  • Logan Occhionero

    I just got an ad for the new slipknot song and when it ended and the video started it was a huge change in pace.

  • Kevin Sellitto
    Kevin Sellitto Day ago +1

    Great video, but I'd like to add, there are more sub groups in the working class groups that afford different privileges. Someone who makes 100k plus family income lives a totally different life than someone at 32k. Someone at 200k a year lives quite a bit different as well.
    100k households are still firmly middle class, but can own fairly new cars, buy a house, have a couple kids.
    Someone at 200k would be boarder line exiting working class. They can own a nice sports car, boat, race bike, etc stuff someone at 100k usually will not be able to afford.

  • Tyler Durden
    Tyler Durden Day ago

    1:15 *HEY!* How did you know my medical insurance plan!?!? Did you peek?

  • Jared Sherr
    Jared Sherr Day ago

    I don't have F-you money, but I do have hey-you-can-you-take-my-order-please money.

  • Nikita Kleymenov
    Nikita Kleymenov Day ago +1

    Hey! Nice video. Concise and well-put-together.
    Also, I'm watching this from Ukraine, where we have a war, lots of corruption, bad roads, and the newly elected president is a comedian with no political experience. Don't know if it qualifies as a third world country, but I have 50 Mbps WiFi at home, and a 3G mobile internet strong enough to watch RU-clip all across my town.
    But no offense taken, I know it was a joke.
    It would be really interesting though to see a similar video about worldwide wealth breakdown.

  • Kyle
    Kyle Day ago +9

    Watching from my igloo in Canada. The wifi is transmitted through Special grade maple syrup that can conduct electricity

  • toprz
    toprz Day ago +1

    This guy is basically mansplaining the world at a professional level
    ... 😎

  • Gavin Lee
    Gavin Lee Day ago

    Gassin the 3rd world hahahaha

  • Mosa Ledwaba
    Mosa Ledwaba Day ago

    😂😭😭😭 as I watch from Africa

  • The Golden Boy
    The Golden Boy Day ago

    And if you say "Hey babe how about i drive this time"
    You're talking to the car


  • Shadow Sokudo
    Shadow Sokudo Day ago

    I'm feeling rich this week with my tax refund

  • Arianne Chavasse

    I would like to humbly offer you this quote for your Wikipedia page : “I consider Brazil, UAE, China, India, the whole Balkan territory, Japan, Thailand, Iceland and Mexico underprivileged enough to be called by me a Third World country. “

  • aby0ni
    aby0ni Day ago

    I'm from the 3rd poorest 3rd world country, and I watch all your videos 😭

  • Warrior Son
    Warrior Son Day ago +1

    I live in a 3rd world country... 😔

  • Nipun Bhalla
    Nipun Bhalla Day ago +13

    "You can't make you sneakers and wear them too."
    This hit HARD?!

  • Gökhan İpek
    Gökhan İpek Day ago

    We watch your videos dude. Your collage loans (100k Dollars) is more than an avarage person can earn in their lifetime even if they earn modest salaries :(

  • Albert Einstein
    Albert Einstein Day ago

    3:58 You still call other developing countries “third world”? Fucking pathetic

  • Something Unoriginal

    You did not have to roast third world country’s like that.

  • audex
    audex Day ago

    Is chile not a 3rd world country ?

  • T.
    T. Day ago +1

    Marriage is a scam, just made for keeping you in your low and middle income class...

  • Dawson Jay
    Dawson Jay Day ago

    Imagine if we created wealth worldwide instead of just in the first world. The first world has 1 billion people, the rest of 6 Billion people just don’t count? 😂 We could actually have billions more potential consumers if they got out of poverty , there would be 7x the amount of customers.. It would be 7x easier to sell something..

  • Bakerygo
    Bakerygo Day ago

    Fucking amateurs !!! That was the best part!

  • puggy420
    puggy420 Day ago

    Money can definitely buy you happiness, no questions about it. The saying that it can’t buy you happiness is propaganda enforced by poor people to feel less miserable. When every problem you can imagine is fixed with money, you are very happy.

  • Tanayjit Chakraborty

    Hello from a third world country

  • United Kreative
    United Kreative Day ago

    Thaaaats a low blow. 3rd word countries with no internet 😒

  • Aleksey Voznesenski

    end demographic comment made me lol! well done!