Mentalist Lior Suchard Bends Harry Connick Jr. & Alice Eve's Minds

  • Published on Nov 1, 2016
  • James welcomes mentalist Lior Suchard to demonstrate his abilities, guessing Harry Connick Jr's pin number and getting the audience to draw the same image.
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Comments • 6 533

  • Steven Seltzer
    Steven Seltzer Day ago

    Not sure if anyone said this but he spelled star in his examples. The "S" in Superman, the T for the cross, the "A" for the mountain and rabbit was an upside R.

  • anonymous soul
    anonymous soul Day ago

    Whole show is set up i can clearly say that

  • Taha Bhar
    Taha Bhar Day ago

    live morocco

  • jean paul francisco

    Pssst! Red John is Watching :)

    TEMS CHUTIA Day ago

    It’s impossible .... it’s a big money deal game show

  • sunny Rajkarnikar

    Harry tried the Houdini

  • YourMomsFavorite

    I drew a pot leaf, guess mind control doesn’t work on stoners 🤣

  • Nikki Harpana
    Nikki Harpana Day ago

    Damn! I drew a star...

  • שלו אביבי
    שלו אביבי 2 days ago

    כבוד !!!

  • Vex T
    Vex T 2 days ago

    Harry Connick Jr saw voodoo for the first time in California after living most of his life in the southern USA!

  • duhawma
    duhawma 2 days ago +1

    If you forget your passcode go to this guy. Lol

  • Mr. Barnes
    Mr. Barnes 2 days ago

    This guy does a lot of YaYo...

  • Mohammed Amine Jallouli

    well did not work on me since I have other background, but it is simple if you were raised christian. he Drew Superman that can fly and very powerfull, in conjunction with the cross leads to jesus, and then the mountain something high, and the rabbits stands for easter. So kindof you get the idea of Jesus resurrection and going to the sky, hence the star

    FOOD FIGHTER 2 days ago +1

    what's wrong with that girl???? she's annoying

  • Zack Manani
    Zack Manani 2 days ago

    He talks so fast!

  • Th paorai Paorai
    Th paorai Paorai 2 days ago

    Is this serious???

  • B4 REAL
    B4 REAL 3 days ago

    I wonder if he plays poker?

  • Ana Rock
    Ana Rock 3 days ago

    She knew it was fake

  • BigOne1
    BigOne1 3 days ago

    Lmao I wanted to draw a moon, close but not quite

  • sohaib To
    sohaib To 3 days ago

    simon biker wonaa be

  • Gougoulina 20
    Gougoulina 20 3 days ago

    DEVIL among US

  • Andrew Sigmon
    Andrew Sigmon 3 days ago

    she has sold her soul

  • Curva del Aprendizaje

    Shit... I was really thinking about my drawing will be a candle. This guy is satan... Get away from him..

  • John Davison Rockefeller SR.

    Jew dont belive in god and the devil help him

  • Darshan Modi
    Darshan Modi 4 days ago

    I am running too😱

  • Suvo Tech
    Suvo Tech 4 days ago

    This man is a genius

    FUNKYKHAN 5 days ago

    Thts bullshit lol everyone was in on it

  • Fredde
    Fredde 5 days ago +4

    I thought about drawing a smiley face. I Guess im just too stupid for mind control 🤣

  • Diandro Archiovelli
    Diandro Archiovelli 5 days ago

    The shittiest trick ive seen in a while.

  • MoJo PFC
    MoJo PFC 5 days ago

    Very nicely scripted, bravo😂😂

  • Ramiro Gonzalez Jr
    Ramiro Gonzalez Jr 5 days ago +7

    makes you wonder what they're trying with all the social media and television, commercials, etc....

  • TheTraffic247
    TheTraffic247 5 days ago

    Wth is wrong with alice. Seems quite standoffish.

  • aceofspades02
    aceofspades02 5 days ago

    From what planet is he from again?

  • Dardan Daniel Ushtelenca


  • UltimatePokeGamer7
    UltimatePokeGamer7 6 days ago +1

    How does one learn this?

  • Wenceslao Futanaki
    Wenceslao Futanaki 6 days ago

    I am fucking serious when I say this, I guessed the pentagrams!

  • Umer Abas
    Umer Abas 6 days ago

    No one actually believe this crap do they??

  • Lah Peshai
    Lah Peshai 7 days ago +1

    That girl sucks..

  • Bernard Manek
    Bernard Manek 7 days ago

    Wow 😍

  • r g
    r g 7 days ago

    While watching this vedio, when he ask audience to draw figure, even i strangely thought of drawing star. Strange indeed..

  • Your God
    Your God 7 days ago

    Want to learn it

  • Madison Harper
    Madison Harper 7 days ago

    What makes me think this is real is the fact that one guy drew a cock and balls and another guy drew a music note.

  • Mani Subramani
    Mani Subramani 7 days ago

    Fuck I got the same drawing in my mind

  • Reuben Jones
    Reuben Jones 8 days ago +1

    a star never entered my mind... maybe you have to be there for it to work. my first thought would have been to draw a cat face (im not very imaginative)... but then i thought, nah, thats too simple, and imagined myself drawing a pair of glasses.

  • L.A. Hensley
    L.A. Hensley 8 days ago

    Harry's like SEE YA SUCKERS!!!

  • jibran ali
    jibran ali 8 days ago +2

    a good example of how Israel is controlling world's mind

  • Doctor Brown
    Doctor Brown 8 days ago

  • Hisham Ragheb
    Hisham Ragheb 8 days ago

    WHAAAAT!!!!!!!!!!! I swear I also thought to draw a star

  • Jairo Nuñez
    Jairo Nuñez 8 days ago

    WTF!!! I was thinking about a Star too!!!!!

  • Wenslack Taboada
    Wenslack Taboada 8 days ago

    I draw a star too😱

  • Aj Ghost music fever

    Like I did this while watching it on RU-clip but my drawing was really a star

  • Stella White
    Stella White 8 days ago

    What up? I drew a Star! Now am delighted! Impressed...

  • Kari McDonald
    Kari McDonald 8 days ago

    Right? There were definitely a few anomalies sprinkled in there amongst the stars. I mean it’s impressive nonetheless (in the abstract though seemingly prompted) , it just wasn’t a clean as some of the mentalists we’ve seen!

  • Super Speed
    Super Speed 9 days ago

    I thought about an star by the way

  • Magie Oliveros
    Magie Oliveros 9 days ago

    So cool 😎👌

  • Magie Oliveros
    Magie Oliveros 9 days ago

    So interesting

  • sk y
    sk y 9 days ago

    That one guy couldn’t even draw the star why would he even try lol

  • sk y
    sk y 9 days ago

    Because they rehearse this 100 times

  • Harman bradley
    Harman bradley 9 days ago

    That girl be like why no one giving me attention😁😁

  • Xzander Ryan
    Xzander Ryan 10 days ago

    there is 1 guy who drew a musical note 😂

  • SouLz RuIn
    SouLz RuIn 10 days ago

    At 9:29 the bald guy he is the third person form the bottom right. He drew a penis lol

  • Unknown
    Unknown 11 days ago

    Mentalist guy is using hacker techniques

  • Paola M
    Paola M 11 days ago +22

    You know what’s weird is that I was thinking about like if I did this I would have drawn a star too and then later on it showed that everyone drew a star and I was s👀k!

    • makeuptemple makeuptemple
      makeuptemple makeuptemple 6 days ago

      I was thinking if it was me I'd have drawn a star & was shocked to see everyone drew a ⭐️ I was like what

    • Saba Shiva
      Saba Shiva 6 days ago

      omg me too 😱😱😂😂

    • Deepak Nanda
      Deepak Nanda 9 days ago

      I did same while watching.. with pen and possible ?

  • Aatif Khan
    Aatif Khan 11 days ago

    Thats what i was thinking of.

  • Chris Harris
    Chris Harris 11 days ago +1

    I wouldn't have been able to join in the fun drawing a football 😪

  • Livewithlife andsoul
    Livewithlife andsoul 11 days ago +1

    May be he should drink some water..

  • Heyyy Sucker
    Heyyy Sucker 11 days ago +2

    How to he do that anyone can tell me

  • Long Tin
    Long Tin 11 days ago


  • maka3230
    maka3230 12 days ago

    Who does 1111 as pin code...

  • Josh Mallett
    Josh Mallett 13 days ago

    Alice. Oh Alice