• Published on Jul 7, 2019
  • The #montecristo #sandwich is compose of layers of ham and cheese with a touch of strawberry jam and mustard. The sandwich is then dipped into an egg wash and fried like french toast. Mmm...let's do this!
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    My Inkigayo eggsalad sandwich:
    Don Quijote Hawaii Haul:
    My recipe was inspired by Cooking Tree's Monte Cristo:
    Hilah's Monte Cristo:
    Disney's Monte Cristo:
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  • Aubrey Asay
    Aubrey Asay 10 hours ago

    Emmy I love your videos! You're one of my "pocket pals" (someone who is just so cute/adorable that you could carry them around in your pocket).

    HORDAK SKELETOR Day ago +1


  • Phantom Alpha
    Phantom Alpha 4 days ago

    I always made these without the jelly but with miracle whip and I keep the crust on because it’s the best part duh 🙄 .

  • Jace Hawkins
    Jace Hawkins 5 days ago +1

    I actually didn't know there was a difference between jelly and jam. I just thought it was a word preference. That was really interesting to learn.

  • solovief
    solovief 6 days ago

    Hands down, my fave sandwich.

  • Pepper Creek Botanicals


  • Lucy
    Lucy 10 days ago

    I love being a beautiful lovely

  • ana
    ana 11 days ago

    maybe it’s bc I’m on my period but this looks sO GOOD TO ME and I don’t even like jam and I’m allergic to mustard sksks

  • Just Jo
    Just Jo 11 days ago

    The jam looks mostly like pectin, what if u want a less jellied texture?

  • Just Jo
    Just Jo 11 days ago

    Deep fried monte Cristo is delicious! I had it once at a place in Marco island but the batter was made with melted vanilla ice cream instead of milk!
    Also, many people eat monte Cristo sandwiches with powdered sugar and maple syrup. I personally like it with just a little powdered sugar! It's my absolute favorite sandwich! Now I want one, lol!!!
    Noooo, dont remove the crust, its the best part and that why no instructural integrity! And no mustard or jam!
    Nice griddle, what brand is it?

  • Lantanana
    Lantanana 13 days ago

    I WILL be making freezer jam! Thank you for the video!

  • camille
    camille 14 days ago

    i saw strawberry jam and i was like "yep... i'm not gonna eat that thing"

  • Mary Stevenson
    Mary Stevenson 15 days ago

    You have grown into such a Beautiful woman!

  • curliefro
    curliefro 15 days ago

    Even though I am vegetarian, that looks and sounds yummy 😛
    I would love to try and make that jam 😛

  • Graham Burchell
    Graham Burchell 15 days ago

    Yummy! 👍

  • As Told By GiGi
    As Told By GiGi 16 days ago

    She said “Cuzzzzz you wanna watch me wash things?” 😂😂😂🌯 idk why I found that soooo funny!!!

  • Nelly’s Cloud
    Nelly’s Cloud 17 days ago

    Hey awesome channel! Please help my channel grow! Subscribe and leave comments if you have any requests!

  • dellboy 84
    dellboy 84 18 days ago

    wtf strawberry jam...

  • Mike Sheridan
    Mike Sheridan 19 days ago

    No cinimen? No vanilla extract??

  • Thomas Müthing
    Thomas Müthing 21 day ago

    Naturally, French Toast has nothing to do with France. Crap like that can only come from America.

  • Ashely Díaz
    Ashely Díaz 22 days ago +1

    I didn't even know this was a thing in another part of the world. My grandmother use to substitute jelly for pickle relish when shed run out and make a ham and cheese sandwich for me with scrambled eggs on the side

  • Valerie Sheppard
    Valerie Sheppard 23 days ago

    strawberry and cheese? oh no no no. lol JUST MY pallet!

  • Jacob Hansen
    Jacob Hansen 25 days ago

    Hey that's my family's strawberry jam recipe too!

  • Kathleena Walton
    Kathleena Walton 26 days ago

    I made a DYI one it was amazing. I had to leave out the strawberry jam because my allergy👌🏾🤤. So yummy 😋. Thanks Emmy💜.

  • David Miller
    David Miller 27 days ago

    Mmm looks super delicious!

  • Mary Sample
    Mary Sample 29 days ago

    I used to make a jam for my mom that was sugar free as she was a type 2 diabetic. She would stir equal in before she used it. Maby other people can do it with other artificial sweeteners or with Splenda.

    DRAGONFLY 29 days ago


  • Ben Adelie
    Ben Adelie Month ago

    I always thought the highest ratio of sugar to fruit in a jam is 1:1. This is 2:1 😱 no wonder Emmy has to make a special effort to make them taste fruity. My strawberry jam has a ratio of 1:2 (sugar to fruit). It's as fruity as it can be. Also, doesn't require pectin either. Just fruit suspended in slightly sugary fruit-juice.

  • Oranguice
    Oranguice Month ago

    I discovered the Monte Cristo when I was in college. It was nothing more than 2 French toast slice's with ham and cheese. It was so gooooood. My mind was blown. A sandwich but the bread is French Toast? WTF! Every sandwich should be made with French Toast.

  • John Thomas
    John Thomas Month ago

    I tried and failed 😥. I wasn't patient enough.

  • Amanda Akers
    Amanda Akers Month ago

    There is something so ASMR about your videos ❤️

  • Taylor Weir
    Taylor Weir Month ago

    Isn't it supposed to be dusted with powdered sugar or is that just someone's personal preference I saw one time?

  • Gidget
    Gidget Month ago

    Strawberry freezer jam was really popular back in the 1970s. Might have been when it was first invented. 🤔

  • Laine T.
    Laine T. Month ago

    I thought when she said, "you wanna see me wash dishes?" I found it a little funny. Kind of like, "C'mon guys, really?" I had no idea that was even a criticism. I mean, seriously?

  • Isabel Morgan
    Isabel Morgan Month ago

    I love making jam you should try making pumpkin jam its lovely for autumn has a great kick from ginger :)

  • -trashy_ pop-
    -trashy_ pop- Month ago

    I discovered Emmy cause of the inkigayo snadwich😂

  • Lupita Aguilar
    Lupita Aguilar Month ago

    You forgot the powdered sugar! 🤔

  • Juan Garcia
    Juan Garcia Month ago

    Emmy nooo!! Yo forgot the cinnamon in the egg wash !!!

  • Sarah Dalton
    Sarah Dalton Month ago

    Cheddars has a Monte Cristo that rivals the Disney version, and they serve with raspberry preserves on the side. It’s so good but soooooo bad....yum!!

  • HuffleZPuffle
    HuffleZPuffle Month ago +1

    I'm so there for an Emmy & Alton collab!

  • Christopher Pappas
    Christopher Pappas Month ago

    Emmy, thanks for re-sparking a beautiful memory of my mum. I had tears in my eyes while you made the jam. That's the only way she made it and I always helped because she would pick buckets of them at the farm every year. Thanks again, only complaint you never asked if we wanted a bite of the sandwich:)

  • Timothy Smit
    Timothy Smit Month ago

    You should make a video with John Rose!!!

  • Trueshogunate
    Trueshogunate Month ago

    Thank you for your freezer jam recipe, Emmy! I just made it today, fingers crossed that it came out good! I didn't have any pectin on me so I made homemade pectin from some apples.

  • Snow white
    Snow white Month ago

    I use strawberries, honey and chia seeds. So good.

  • Ashley Bertschinger

    Should have had your mustard icecream with this

  • S. Bay
    S. Bay Month ago

    I will try the jam , looks delicious, How do you freeze it please , glass won’t crack inside a freezer ?

    • liz2biz
      liz2biz Month ago

      Glass or plastic works fine. Just don't fill all the way to the top before freezing.

  • Steven Pickett
    Steven Pickett Month ago

    I've learned some things from your videos

  • Steven Pickett
    Steven Pickett Month ago

    How many TV chefs do we see washing their utensils in front of the audience?

  • Cindy S
    Cindy S Month ago

    The jam looks wonderful but very hard pass on ham n cheese with jam.

  • Cinder Man
    Cinder Man Month ago

    There is a DEEP FRIED Monte Cristo? Sign me up ASAP!

  • boobtuber06
    boobtuber06 Month ago

    Which Don Quixote- Waipahu or Kailua(is that one still open??)

  • boobtuber06
    boobtuber06 Month ago

    You look really pinoy

    LOUIE WEP Month ago


  • Cliffton Whitaker
    Cliffton Whitaker Month ago

    According to google itadakimasu means “you will receive” but Bing says it means “let us eat” which is it Emmy?

  • Kathy Fleet
    Kathy Fleet Month ago

    Hi Emmy, Mama Loves Food sent me🌟🌟🍓. I really enjoy your shows🌹

  • usagi18
    usagi18 Month ago

    I have some guava jam in the fridge, will give it a shot, what can go wrong?

  • sushi ninja
    sushi ninja Month ago

    mmmm i just bought a jalapeno jam thinking it was salsa. Now I know what I'm going to use it for!!

  • bcgrote
    bcgrote Month ago

    I love hot ham and cheese sandwiches, but my body can't tolerate them. Guaranteed a week of purging, can't even hold down water. It sucks.
    My husband was working in NYC once, went to a deli to get a Monte Cristo. It was served toasted, and open faced! What even is THAT!

  • Mary Ann Barbee
    Mary Ann Barbee Month ago

    I adore you Emmy, been watching for awhile. But boy when I have bread scraps like that, I would of been making bread pudding. Yum ; )

  • Merle Morrison
    Merle Morrison Month ago

    nope - you need RASPBERRY JAM to make a proper sandwich!!