How We Faked Keanu Reeves Stopping a Robbery

  • Published on Jul 14, 2019
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    Take a look behind the scenes of the crew's most ambitious deep fake yet: Keanu Reeves.
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Comments • 4 971

  • Crab
    Crab 3 hours ago

    *Caualy opens box with guillotine*

  • Navdeep Singh
    Navdeep Singh Day ago

    Anyone else thought he was the real keanu reeves 😅

  • Tito Gaming Master

    I don't want to comment on the "Keanu Reeves Stops a Robbery" video for other audience's enjoyment. My wife and I watched it multiple times. The effect is butter smooth. It's 96% Keanu. Good Job @Corridor

  • terry krab
    terry krab Day ago

    So it was fake keanu 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Jayisthefame
    Jayisthefame Day ago

    Everyone knew you did

  • Aram Bersk
    Aram Bersk Day ago

    They call Dante, AMAZING

  • Donut Likes Ramen

    Do Thanos robs a Liquor Store because he's drunk.

  • Mhel Padilla
    Mhel Padilla Day ago

    I knew they faked it because his face was the only one moving around

  • Yolo Swagger 6000
    Yolo Swagger 6000 2 days ago +1

    7:39 "Keanu Reeves Stops a Robery"

  • Lucas Duarte
    Lucas Duarte 2 days ago


  • Pushpdant Sharma
    Pushpdant Sharma 2 days ago

    You faked it u bitches

  • Sierra LVX
    Sierra LVX 2 days ago

    Cmike getting dusted away at the end, ohmygod.

  • Angery Bear
    Angery Bear 3 days ago


  • Arcel
    Arcel 3 days ago

    This is what happens when Dante stabs himself with a pencil

  • Rob Schouten
    Rob Schouten 4 days ago

    I had my doubts with the hair, at first, it was just a feeling something wasn't right with the greasy hair.
    But I needed this video's confirmation, I would've either dissected every frame or I would've bought into the whole thing (probably without ever getting rid of that gnawing feeling that something wasn't quite right, but still...)

  • Goge
    Goge 4 days ago

    Special effects were breathtaking.

  • preston garvey
    preston garvey 4 days ago

    Wait I thought that was Keanu

  • theadore rockingham
    theadore rockingham 4 days ago

    they pancaked the graphics cards

  • Rohit birhade
    Rohit birhade 4 days ago

    I want to know that computer specs 😍😍

  • Stay Hydrated
    Stay Hydrated 4 days ago

    So Keanu was never there?

  • HAF 2000
    HAF 2000 4 days ago

    Jesus !!!!!!
    It's Far more cooler than I thought !!!!!

  • gabiluch87
    gabiluch87 5 days ago

    LOL They used the guillotine to open the box

  • Da Mario
    Da Mario 5 days ago

    he stopped a robery

  • Jesse Hartless
    Jesse Hartless 6 days ago

    They had us in the 1st half,not gonna lie

  • matt wood
    matt wood 6 days ago

    Can I have you Keanu Reeves mask?!? It would give me the confidence I need to wear a Keanu Reeves mask.

  • MrProgrammer
    MrProgrammer 6 days ago

    Hey Corridor Digital , please do a video on some of the greatest Malaysian films Effects Munafik 1 , Paskal , Ola Bola , Desolasi , Puteri Gunung Ledang , Pulang ,

  • The Marvel Dork
    The Marvel Dork 6 days ago +1

    I shouldn't be watching this at 2 am

  • Alex Andersen
    Alex Andersen 6 days ago

    Did Niko just spit fire at 18:54?

  • CrazzeyChris
    CrazzeyChris 6 days ago +3

    My life is a lie, I thought it was the real Keanu Reeves

  • Sp3cialForce21
    Sp3cialForce21 6 days ago +1

    So already knew it was fake

  • Hunna Bridge
    Hunna Bridge 6 days ago +1

    lesson 4 and lesson 4

  • sirMAXX
    sirMAXX 7 days ago

    Someone should have told them when you snap someone's neck, it doesn't spin 360 degrees.

    • Zzor Nhs
      Zzor Nhs 5 days ago

      if you’re being sarcastic then ok

  • Grahpayy
    Grahpayy 7 days ago

    These kinds of videos would make a great TV show

  • Daniela Barrantes
    Daniela Barrantes 7 days ago +1

    Oh wow guys, this is impressive! You actually tricked all of us.

  • The Shedposters
    The Shedposters 7 days ago

    dont clean monitors with windex. it strips the anti glare coating

  • lil guppy o
    lil guppy o 8 days ago

    Keanu is so nice he liked this

  • Ethan Denton
    Ethan Denton 9 days ago

    It's almost like he's leaking/declassified their names haha.. They totally got me on the deep fake though.

  • Manny Q
    Manny Q 10 days ago +1

    11:34 LMAO!! the sound effects, imposed onto him IM DEAD! XD

  • Xiron24_
    Xiron24_ 10 days ago

    They got fucking dante

    ZAP ANIMATIONS 10 days ago

    11:54 subtitles: “it’s been a long day clamp”

    Wait (- _ -)

  • Marsel J
    Marsel J 10 days ago

    B R E E T H takimg

  • Mr Krabs
    Mr Krabs 11 days ago


  • progamer man
    progamer man 11 days ago

    This ruined my day thank you

  • SonicUnderground316
    SonicUnderground316 11 days ago

    Try putting Arnold's face over the big Russian assassin from Stranger Thing Season 3 (Grigori was is name, I think). I mean, he kind of look like Arnold already and his performance was obviously meant to mirror _The Terminator so that would be really awesome.

    PICMDEEP 13 days ago

    Nice work! Awesome deepfake. New found appreciation for what you guys do. At 37 seconds of the actual deepfake video was the only time his face looked off. Great job

  • badboi
    badboi 13 days ago

    Ngl I cried i got tricked :(

  • CoolGamer101588 Roblox And More!

    plot twist: Keanu is actually using a deepfake and the part where it looks like there is a deepfake is the real footage

  • Mortineur/Tideur
    Mortineur/Tideur 13 days ago

    50ct per hour of running a GPU 100% ????? What is this GPU ???

    KIDZULU Kd 14 days ago

    I knew it was fake

  • Sven Moestue Solheim
    Sven Moestue Solheim 15 days ago

    12:58 this suddenly turned into a jake paul video or some shit

  • Yohan Sudarman
    Yohan Sudarman 15 days ago

    He looks like Mark Wahlberg! 😂

  • Triple Xp
    Triple Xp 16 days ago

    The actor looks like Reuben Langdon

  • Zach Adair
    Zach Adair 18 days ago +1


    • Zach Adair
      Zach Adair 16 days ago +1

      Triple Xp yea lmao. Reuben is a god

    • Triple Xp
      Triple Xp 16 days ago

      Devil may cry reference

  • Art Lover
    Art Lover 18 days ago +1

    0:48 "What if Keanu Reeves stopped an armed robbery with kindness"
    0:52 *Shoots a guy straight through the head*

  • Matt Fairfield
    Matt Fairfield 19 days ago

    Sooooo you guys doing face swap porn yet?

    Big market for that 😂

  • Meme City
    Meme City 19 days ago

    I hated you guys until this appears in front of my eyes. Well done. Asshats.

  • Kenzan Yukishiro
    Kenzan Yukishiro 19 days ago

    They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery...

  • RalfsStuff
    RalfsStuff 20 days ago

    John wig

  • unclemikiesworld
    unclemikiesworld 20 days ago

    How about Keanu as Jesus kicking the money changers asses out of the Temple Neo / John Wick Style with the visual Aesthetics of 300

    • unclemikiesworld
      unclemikiesworld 20 days ago

      Who knows maybe the actual Keanu will want to partake in that

  • Aloken
    Aloken 21 day ago

    Keanu love came back? I was unaware it went anywhere.