Should I Buy Butter or Margarine? - Heart Smart® Grocery Store Tour

  • Published on Jun 25, 2010
  • Which is healthier - butter or margarine? Make sure you’re making the right choice for your heart and diet with these tips.
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Comments • 6

  • Legendzerox
    Legendzerox 6 years ago

    Saturated and Trans Fats in butter are actually very healthy. Saturated Fats help your body absorb Omega fatty acids a lot better.

  • MrMcluvin97
    MrMcluvin97 7 years ago

    don't just look in the nutrition facts label, look at the ingredient list, and serving size. Just to point out, I love butter especially from organic valley or organic pastures, and i hate margarine. I try to avoid it as much as possible.

  • frosted1030
    frosted1030 7 years ago

    I always did love England. One day I will visit.

  • rugbydazz
    rugbydazz 7 years ago +1

    You are 1 million percent right I would choose butter everytime, fact your body is not geared up to process a petro-chemical by product i.e. hydrogernated fat, my grand mothers generation here in England ate Lard, Dripping and Butte and DID NOT have 1/4 of the health problems that we are experiencing today, God be with you and keep passing on the message.

  • frosted1030
    frosted1030 7 years ago +1

    Another believer in the lipid hypotheses. Please update your info, butter is better for you than any margarine. Saturated fats promote health, and weight loss. Since the movement to margarine in the US around 1900 to now, obesity has increased. Is there a link? Look at the facts. Recently, in 1992, the government promoted eating a vastly unhealthy number of servings of grains. After a huge spike in the number of diagnosed diabetics, and drug company profits, minor changes were made.

  • Ad Shaffer
    Ad Shaffer 7 years ago +3

    Please stop blaming Saturated fat for heart disease.