The Outrage Over Ghostbusters: Afterlife Just Got Real

  • Published on Dec 11, 2019
  • The trailer for Ghostbusters: Afterlife has finally dropped, and prepare for a shock: some fans on the internet aren't happy.
    Apparently, the spot's fairly straight-faced, serious tone and mostly youthful cast which includes Stranger Things star Finn Wolfhard has a vocal minority of viewers convinced that the new flick will be nothing more than a lowly rip-off of the hit Netflix series. A handful of said fans took to Twitter to voice their displeasure.
    While it's true that the spot is pretty restrained, foregoing goofy humor in favor of some table-setting for the flick's story, one could be forgiven for thinking that the absolutely insane number of callbacks to the original, classic Ghostbusters movies contained therein would have been enough to make any fan grin like Slimer with a mouthful of hot dogs. One would need to have forgotten the nature of the internet, however, to think that's true; there will always be a certain subset of fans who won't be happy with any interpretation of any beloved property no matter what, and the duly elected representatives of this subset were on Twitter in full force this week.
    Most of their missives were short and to the point. One Twitter user stated bluntly:
    "The new Ghostbusters movie is gonna be a Stranger Things ripoff."
    Another peeved user, on the other hand, snarked:
    "Just watched the new Stranger Things season trailer, and it's called Ghostbusters for some reason."
    Meanwhile, another irked tweeter complained, quote, "Why does the new Ghostbusters look like a ripoff of Stranger Things? When they had that shot of the 2 kids walking down the road I laughed out loud." The same user later tweeted, quote, "Maybe we shouldn't be making any more Ghostbusters movies, ever."
    While some Twitter users were obviously displeased, others advanced the same opinion - but weren't quite so harsh. Keep watching the video to see the outrage over Ghostbusters: Afterlife just got real!
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  • Looper
    Looper  Month ago +80

    Is Ghostbusters being derivative?

    • Spider Web
      Spider Web 22 days ago

      Probably Not.

    • Winter Now
      Winter Now 25 days ago

      Is Ghostbusters being derivative? Dude, AYFKM? If you write for Looper, EVERYTHING you produce is derivative!

    • Chris Baughman
      Chris Baughman Month ago

      @Andrew Bowman yes true maybe they didn't want to out of respect for harold not saying they couldn't have done it they will be in the film as to what context is unknown

    • Andrew Bowman
      Andrew Bowman Month ago

      @Chris Baughman didn't seem like Mark or Carrie had any problems.

    • AmaraOlorin
      AmaraOlorin Month ago

      At this point of utter memetic saturation, is there anything that ISN'T derivative?
      ST is derivative of the entirety of the 1980s, including Ghost Busters.
      To now imply that the new GB is derivative of ST is just reinforcing that this iteration of GB is... original.

  • Tom Gallagher
    Tom Gallagher 3 days ago

    Growing up as a kid watching the original film Ghostbusters. Not knowing much about today’s film, stranger things. After watching the trailer for Ghostbusters three, I will tell you this, if the movie is there anything like the trailer, this will be a phenomenal film! So far, the story is great! Today’s generation is so judge mental and immature. Learn from your elders , Sit down, shut your mouth, watch the film.

    DEADPOOL 9 days ago

    The people who are calling it a Stanger Things ripoff are 12 year olds. Not 11. Not 13. 👌Literally 12.👌

  • Zavier Boy
    Zavier Boy 11 days ago

    Fake it sucks copy cats so disappointed

  • Raptor Burritos
    Raptor Burritos 13 days ago

    As a fan of ghostbusters, I never wanted a reboot. A (IMO) tasteful sequel that not only respects the original but also pays homage too is welcome in my view. It’s awesome to see the timeline continue and see ecto 1. Only sjws wanted bridesmaids 2 ghostbuster remake.

  • GameHammer Classic Gaming

    I think you’ve entirely missed the point of the criticism, which is that this supposed sequel to the two original Ghostbusters films showed lots of children and NO GHOSTBUSTERS. We keep being told “the original cast are in it!” but if we don’t see anything about HOW they are in it, the worry is that this is going to be Monster Squad 2 (or Stranger Things 4) with Ghostbusters cameos. Sony has a poor track record thanks to the last film (which I enjoyed but don’t think lives up to the originals) so they need to show that this time they’ve got it right... and they didn’t do that with this trailer.

  • ItsYoBoi BMoney
    ItsYoBoi BMoney 16 days ago

    The only ones who are mad for sjws, everyone else is happy

  • Darachu 64
    Darachu 64 17 days ago +1

    My only problem with it is that it says "There hasn't been a ghost sighting in 30 years" even though the last we've seen of the timeline was in 1997 with the Extreme Ghostbusters.

  • ShockCo Truth
    ShockCo Truth 17 days ago

    True fan here. Super excited.

  • MobileAlabama
    MobileAlabama 17 days ago +1

    If this is done wrong we won't forgive them.
    My biggest problem is lack of any sighting any of the original cast.
    It feels like a bait and switch

  • Dexx Pheonix GameOnPointTV

    Finn Wolfard was in It and that movie did not make me think of Stranger Things. This trailer looks great, especially after watching the girl Ghostbusters movie. Some people just need attention and something to bitch about in constant concession.

  • Cody Paradee
    Cody Paradee 20 days ago

    The trailer looks amazing. Ghostbusters is a cornerstone of my childhood and is a part of who I am now as an adult. So i have this to say to anyone speaking of it being a rip off ....sit down and stfu Bradley...I use bradley as a generalization for douchiness.

  • Hugo Garza
    Hugo Garza 20 days ago

    Real fans love it..those ones bitching about the trailer are fucking a fan and LOVED this trailer

  • Daily_Vibes
    Daily_Vibes 21 day ago

    I love the car it’s sounds GREAT

  • Omar Valderama
    Omar Valderama 21 day ago

    I don’t know but I have a big question wt ever happened to the cgi movie that was planned for ghost busters that was going to theaters any body has answer plz

  • Omar Valderama
    Omar Valderama 21 day ago

    If look at it ghost busters is the king of pg13 horror n through them all these other pg13 horror movies came from Crazy if you think about it

  • P.C. Windham Paranormal/Romance/Sci-fi/Fantasy

    Calling this "Stranger Things" because it has a particular actor in it is like calling "The Fugitive" Star Wars because it had Harrison Ford in it.

    • The Fandom Menace
      The Fandom Menace 19 days ago

      But you've got to admit, 2:31 has a very ST feel to it!

  • Dissecting Diy
    Dissecting Diy 24 days ago

    I’m excited! They have the original equipment, ecto 1 and if it has the original characters done right. It could work. I would love to see more ghostbusters. But there’s something about the original designs of the ghost trap, containment, ecto-1 etc. in all honesty a lot of the pushback to Franchises like Ghostbusters, Star Wars, even Star Trek is they just waited to long to do anything with the franchises. They’ve allowed so much time to pass that a lot of the original actors have no way to continue to spend another 10+ years making another series of movies.

  • Keystone79
    Keystone79 25 days ago +3

    How to create outrage online:
    Step 1: Do or say anything.
    The end.

  • Shann Congdon
    Shann Congdon 25 days ago

    As a man who grew up with this movie, and has a home-build positron collider --- I'm HAPPY. So, give it a chance. It's not a stream of SNL-appropriate jokes. Just let it happen, and enjoy it.
    I'm staying alive for this movie. Let me have it. :)

  • prawny12009
    prawny12009 26 days ago

    I hope this is the film to finally bring Rick Moranis out of retirement.
    They could play him either way, an unlikely hero that has been preparing for something terrible, scarred by his experience as the keymaster.
    Or as the bad guy seeking to regain the power he felt as keymaster.

  • Erin Stretch
    Erin Stretch 26 days ago

    They are just nutballs that come off the street.

    MR DELORIAN 28 days ago

    Idk. It looks alright. Some cool callbacks, Paul Rudd. Buy other than that...
    -I heard the OG cast is supposed to be in it, and that they’d be appearing in the next trailer (besides obviously Harold Ramis). Hope that’s true..or they might not be in the movie at all...would be cool to see them together again.
    -I could agree to a certain aspect there was a little too much....I don’t even know how to put it. Like the end of the trailer when they were messing around with the ghostbusters mobile (idk the actual name) and they made a joke...that was so stupid.
    -I also guess...anh. Idk about kids. I don’t find it to be a stranger things rio off. But I don’t know how I feel about kids. I’ll give it a shot...but I would like to see maybe the original cast help them...that would be cool...only I could dream. I’ll definitely give it a chance.
    Excited?...idk. Willing to give it a chance?...yeah.

  • Ayden Burris
    Ayden Burris 28 days ago

    I'm not hating on it really, but this movie seems alot like the new star wars movies, just a replay of nastalgia to get money. I'm tired of poor plotlines mixed with these cheesy scenes where new characters discover the footprints of the original movies, like Finn and Rey finding the millennium falcon

  • Andrew Ford
    Andrew Ford 29 days ago

    The trailer is decent except, for the kids F’ing around with backpacks, both shitting on fans, and 80’s films of substance

  • Cody Rowell
    Cody Rowell 29 days ago

    Every fan i know is super excited about it. Fans that like legit built proton packs and go to cons.

  • Terra_the _Nightingale

    Are people just saying it’s a rip off of Stranger Things because Finn Wolfhard is in it? Or because it’s an 80s supernatural element with Finn Wolfhard in it cuz that’s kind of his thing with ST and It.

  • Jason Murray
    Jason Murray 29 days ago

    It's going to be like stranger things because the actor from stranger things is in it? So if they had Arnold Schwarzenegger in it would they say it's going to be another terminator....People are so stupid

  • Boxing4Life
    Boxing4Life Month ago

    omg this movie suck already a little girl is the lead starring wtf ghostbuster is suppost to have malesssssssss lead actors not a little girl in lead fuck this movie already

  • james frank
    james frank Month ago

    Shove it up your ass sjw's this movie OBLITTERATED 2016 completely hahahahahahahaha.

  • イカ
    イカ Month ago

    The "fans" who praised the previous Ghostbuster?

  • Kaboom 214
    Kaboom 214 Month ago

    Looks like a GREAT movie! I am guessing all the non fans want another lame woman Ghost busters

  • Jonathan Pinzon
    Jonathan Pinzon Month ago

    Why not just wait and see? Those butthurt “fans” just want to complain immediately. I’m sure this is going to be a amazing Ghostbusters movie. Jason Reitman is a amazing filmmaker and a cool guy. What I’m excited about this is a brand new setting, a new set of young characters, and continuing where we left off in the original universe. I’m sure his father and the original Ghostbusters Director Ivan Reitman must be proud of it.

  • Ernie Rice
    Ernie Rice Month ago

    Betcha the kids are the new “strait guy” or sane-ish/serious people who go huh when Akroyd and Murry start doing their thing. Winston and Dana did it in the first two, but I’m sure they’ve been assimilated after 30 years or they want younger people so that the younger generation can relate to the retorts. 😋

  • Retro dealer 64#
    Retro dealer 64# Month ago

    Only person I recognized so far is Ant Man. Are they bringing back some of the original cast?.

  • Retro dealer 64#
    Retro dealer 64# Month ago

    I'm already annoyed as hell with this f****** movie. Little curly-haired bone rack kid playing with a Ghostbusters weapons. Nuclear weapons like they're bunch of Walmart toys. Give me a f****** break!.

  • Carl Thomas
    Carl Thomas Month ago

    Some people just need to stay off Twitter. Attention seeking crybabies.

    • Jonathan Pinzon
      Jonathan Pinzon Month ago

      Carl Thomas thank god I did because I’m suspended from Shitter.

  • Daemien Black
    Daemien Black Month ago

    Fuck off Looper and your liberal propaganda... no one gives a fuck what the sjw's think.

    • Jonathan Pinzon
      Jonathan Pinzon Month ago

      Daemien Black STFU! This isn’t propaganda idiot. SJWs are a myth.

  • Gerald Murrill
    Gerald Murrill Month ago

    Take note rian johnson, this is how it's supposed to be done. Honor the legacy rather than crap all over it and claim to be "subverting expectations" when all you're really doing is giving the finger to the fans and the original characters and story. As for the twit-tard. woke brigade not liking this trailer.....GTFOH. LOL

  • Andrew Bowman
    Andrew Bowman Month ago

    Did anyone commenting actually WATCH this video?

  • Glenn Miller
    Glenn Miller Month ago

    Reitman’s SON Jason is directing this movie. Having grown up entrenched in the Ghostbusters universe, he knows exactly what we want, given what he can work with in the modern era given the original cast has aged immensely. You cannot call this a “Stranger Things” rip off based on casting, that’s completely ST fanboy driven. And lastly, Feig’s 2016 god awful ghostbusters/bridesmaids mashup was an absolute abomination and public relations stunt, SJW asskiss movie. I don’t mind women replacing the roles of men, but that movie SUCKED, and anyone that says different is a clown.

    • Jonathan Pinzon
      Jonathan Pinzon Month ago

      Glenn Miller your opinion against women is invalid. SJWs are a straight up myth.

  • triplebackspace
    triplebackspace Month ago

    So the critics want the original cast , okay cut to a haunted nursing home. Most these guys would look fairly pathetic if they suited up. I would rather see a well made movie that pays homage to the old and passed the torch to the new generation than a fan service bullshit version.

  • Nomadcreations
    Nomadcreations Month ago

    Its a movie for Entertainment, Take It Or leave It. TOO many Wimpy Whiney Entitlists have to Shoot their Mouths Off For Attention = Arrogance & Narcicism. WTF isnt Fake Now days, Original GB Cast isnt even all Alive 2 Do original reboot. Objective Opinions Are OK Whinies Are NOT. So Many Immatures these days & Immatures Are What govt & Businesses Want bcz Dumbos are EASIER To Con Into Things/Sales/Beliefs/Philosophies. = TRUE Fact Of Emotional Retardation Which is Chosen By Each only each Dip Shit Can Choose 2B Smarter But They B 2 Lazy 2 learn. Movies Are Entertainment & To Make HUGE Profits!!!!!!!!!

  • Mervin Gonzalez
    Mervin Gonzalez Month ago

    I dont watch stranger things so I guess this is why I'm stoked for it.

  • Pappy O'hoolihan
    Pappy O'hoolihan Month ago +1

    The public says they want a ghostbusters sequel so Hollywood immediately interviews 90 screenwriters and 60 directors who were all fine until the title ‘Ghostbusters’ is mentioned; at which point they all go completely catatonic with faces like a horse that was trying to solve a calculus equation.... a watchable ghostbusters sequel canNOT be done. That much is clear now...

  • rgjmg070607
    rgjmg070607 Month ago +1

    ....and ..the flowers are still standing - Bill Murray

  • Vortex Video Games
    Vortex Video Games Month ago

    "Respect the past - Represent the future." I think this film will do that and I'm excited to see if this movie will be able to entertain multiple generations. Fingers crossed Jason Reitman can pull it off.

  • Akihito007
    Akihito007 Month ago

    The SON of Ramis is directing this! Screw the ones who bashed the trailer!

  • Anonymous Rex
    Anonymous Rex Month ago

    Reminds me of a Ghostbusters quote about how many miserable people there are living in the tri-state area. I find it sad that there are just so many people out there these days that have nothing better to do than whine, cry and bash everything on social media that comes along... no matter how good or bad it may be. Why can't we all just sit back and be our own judge of what we like and don't like without having to shove our opinions down everyone else's throats on social media?

  • iamkwil43
    iamkwil43 Month ago

    All these people that are talking crap need to rethink something's a d possibly get a better life

  • D C
    D C Month ago

    Hi there Looper, what's the music you used to play in the background for this video ..... please.

  • tornay131
    tornay131 Month ago

    But wait until the outrage articles and videos start.

  • joel mavity
    joel mavity Month ago

    I'm so looking forward to this movie!!!

  • lone wanderer
    lone wanderer Month ago

    These are all the people who are butt hurt about the crappy all female Ghostbusters tanking

  • Nubyrc
    Nubyrc Month ago

    Hollywood please quit fucking up our beloved 80s movies.

  • J Howard
    J Howard Month ago

    Anything that makes an sjw mad is going to be good. Its how I pick most of the things I watch. Lol

  • Wesley EP
    Wesley EP Month ago

    Isnt the fucking "joke" of Stranger Things (which I do love by the way) is that it's a rip off of everything in the 80s with a side of Stephen King and a touch of Sci-Fi?

  • Fly Guy FPV
    Fly Guy FPV Month ago

    Well what do I say about that and those people who just want to be on Twitter what the fuck is Twitter.I do that with my wife during the evenings and I still watch Ghostbusters as I am just loving life and people get butt hurt over the littlest of things not just including movies but something personal to them. If these people got an issue then what are they torturing themselves and watching the shit they’re not a fan of or are they a fan or are they just a picky fan did they have a bad day . When I saw that trailer it was like an early Christmas to me brought me back to feel like a kid again. I’m stoked I’ll let you guys go twitter that someone stoked about Ghostbusters afterlife Twitter Twitter Twitter......

  • Gavin Jackson
    Gavin Jackson Month ago

    Rather have this than watch 3 tired looking 70 something year old men fight ghosts

    • The Fandom Menace
      The Fandom Menace Month ago

      Fun fact: Paul Rudd is older right now than the original Ghostbusters were in 1984!

  • Destrate
    Destrate Month ago

    Give me an effing break internet butt lickers...