The Librarian - SNL

  • Published on Oct 2, 2016
  • Five students (Bobby Moynihan, Kenan Thompson, Kyle Mooney, Mikey Day, Alex Moffat) get more than they bargained for when they hit on the librarian (Margot Robbie). [Season 42, 2016]
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Comments • 5 097

  • Rea Santos
    Rea Santos 3 hours ago

    Nobody is gonna talk about they all had sunglasses in the end.🤣😅😅😂

  • seafoam latte
    seafoam latte 5 hours ago

    I love the skits that just escalate to insane proportions.

  • TaylorandSaid
    TaylorandSaid 7 hours ago

    this is basically the plot for jennifer’s body

  • Conneil
    Conneil 12 hours ago

    Why did she slowly start to look kinda like Emma Stone, like there was a point I thought it was Emma Stone under the makeup.

  • Lunar Liam Productions
    Lunar Liam Productions 13 hours ago

    Great lesson, don’t be attracted to women or they’ll turn ugly and murder people.

  • 박현빈
    박현빈 Day ago

    SNL이엘편 원본이 여기 있누ㅋㅋㅋ

  • hongli ma
    hongli ma Day ago

    Conflicted feeling........................

    RED CULT Day ago

    Margot Robbie must be a very funny person

  • M.C.L.A Studios
    M.C.L.A Studios Day ago


  • Steven Eusebio
    Steven Eusebio Day ago

    "not the stick..."

  • Sheena
    Sheena Day ago

    All i heard is panpan talking hahahahaha

  • rushae brown
    rushae brown 2 days ago

    Lol I swear this as got me shiting my pants

  • Lucas Gray
    Lucas Gray 2 days ago

    Margot Robbie looks like she's a lot of fun with this

  • Elly Wagler
    Elly Wagler 2 days ago

    Not the stick!

  • SoundWave Rj1
    SoundWave Rj1 2 days ago


  • TheOlondo
    TheOlondo 2 days ago

    "by the power of boobs I banish ye from this plane of existence"
    Them: worth it

  • Cierra Hill
    Cierra Hill 3 days ago +1

    I'm scared of librarians now.

  • Akym Rinkovsky
    Akym Rinkovsky 3 days ago

    Well actually this would be concidered a good day for me 🤣😁😀~ I've had worse 😉 lol thanks you guys & MR 🙏

  • Matthieu Dirty
    Matthieu Dirty 3 days ago

    You donkus!

  • Gacha Puppeteer
    Gacha Puppeteer 4 days ago

    Why does Margot Robbie look like Taylor Swift?

  • Night shade
    Night shade 4 days ago

    The corrosive acidic salvia is an instant boner killer. 😥

  • Deserve Not Desire
    Deserve Not Desire 4 days ago

    Yeah, so THIS is WHAT harley quin is really supposed to be like so REALLY don't stick it in the crazy y'know dude, do not do it, don't

  • Joaquín Lombardi
    Joaquín Lombardi 4 days ago

    I got an ad for a Margot Robbie movie in front of a Margot Robbie sketch wtf

  • JohnathanLeeSprite
    JohnathanLeeSprite 4 days ago

    I'd still tap.

  • Men’s Kingdom
    Men’s Kingdom 4 days ago

    Oh, the disappointment. Just when I thought she was gonna strip, twerk, drop, pop and lock it. 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Kali Johnston
    Kali Johnston 5 days ago

    Okay byt when she murdered Cecily that was kinda hot

  • olavo silva
    olavo silva 5 days ago


  • EastIsUp
    EastIsUp 5 days ago

    What did I just watch ?

  • jin jo
    jin jo 5 days ago

    How is this funny??

  • Dale Wylie
    Dale Wylie 5 days ago

    when i clicked on this i thought she was emma stone

  • I'm fiery
    I'm fiery 5 days ago

    I got turned on until..... @1:40 Hell no 😂

  • Simple
    Simple 5 days ago

    Oh yeah

    ASTRO R 5 days ago


  • JP VanDërBilt
    JP VanDërBilt 6 days ago

    You could do this skit in 2016, but not in 2019. The world is changing fast.

  • IntelliXun
    IntelliXun 6 days ago +1

    Who is whatching still in 2020... Ohhh yeahhh ...

  • Scott Waddington
    Scott Waddington 7 days ago

    Very similar to a waynes brother movie . I'm going to get u sucka

  • fortflan
    fortflan 7 days ago

    The moral of the story is that Margot Kidder is hotter than hell.

  • Greg Z Fainberg
    Greg Z Fainberg 8 days ago can do better than that...

  • Tim Miller
    Tim Miller 8 days ago

    Who is Margot Robbie. Another nobody

  • Rag Hato
    Rag Hato 8 days ago

    Margot Je t'aime à la folie !!!

  • Guy Pseudonym
    Guy Pseudonym 9 days ago

    This is how you seuxalise a person

  • xanMan.74
    xanMan.74 10 days ago +2

    This was actually really duckin funny lmaoooo

  • Blake Moore
    Blake Moore 10 days ago

    Still feels like objectification

  • The 8-Bit Show
    The 8-Bit Show 10 days ago +3

    "WOW! that went from a "SNL comedy skeet" straight to "Robot Chiken skeet".

  • Celest Soliman
    Celest Soliman 10 days ago +3

    Margot Robbie she’s so pretty no matter what💘

  • Brian Trend
    Brian Trend 10 days ago

    fuck me!!!!!!

  • Loukes
    Loukes 11 days ago

    I lost Kreygasm

  • Tezzington Sir
    Tezzington Sir 11 days ago

    Still would

  • igor lima
    igor lima 11 days ago

    Wait... WHAT?

  • Loneliest Lonely Loner

    I can never unsee this!

  • Garcia dany
    Garcia dany 12 days ago

    Love this

  • Big Man
    Big Man 12 days ago


  • Ten Hyung
    Ten Hyung 12 days ago

    aww that pam pam voice

  • 2allure
    2allure 12 days ago

    what means fish man?

  • Shiwan Mavaneh
    Shiwan Mavaneh 13 days ago

    Thus scene never gets old. 🤔

  • Mattias Rhawi
    Mattias Rhawi 13 days ago

    Margot Robbie is too hot dude

  • Calvin Woolfolk
    Calvin Woolfolk 15 days ago +2

    This scene reminds me of the library ghost scene in Ghostbusters n the scene in weird science after they make the girl but in a creepy scary funny way lol

  • D. B.
    D. B. 15 days ago

    All seriousness, what if your librarian was this hot...👁️

  • Eric G
    Eric G 15 days ago

    If I see that cheeks dude ad one more time...