A message for CJ E&M and every DIA TV Kpop YouTuber/Reactor

  • Published on Mar 9, 2018
  • Here's my message for CJ E&M and every DIA TV Kpop RU-clipr/Reactor...
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    sigh... I knew it. -_- cj e&m back at it again with the bullshizzle... :/ what's gonna happen at kcon australia? will they send hitmen after me? I guess we'll see. lol

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  • Peternoic
    Peternoic  Year ago +28


    • Jessica Torres
      Jessica Torres Year ago

      Jeremy Thanaparamy well you shouldn't be getting paid for saying false statements.

    • x amy x
      x amy x Year ago +1

      Jeremy Thanaparamy I don't really understand what you are typing but okay. Have a nice day and just remember, you are also giving him attention so it defeats the purpose of what you are saying .

    • Chen's Dinosaur
      Chen's Dinosaur Year ago +1

      Mrs. Dejesus OOH YAS HONEY DRAG *sips tea with you*

    • Jessica Torres
      Jessica Torres Year ago

      Then why the fuck you watching this then.

    • Jessica Torres
      Jessica Torres Year ago +2

      Jeremy Thanaparamy Okay mira aquí niñ@ you make no sense all I can't understand you and I don't subscribe to him because he's Australian I subscribed to him because I liked his content.
      You have now awoken a beast with your shit video and you are going to feel the wrath of the #jreamers and #babynoics because you are a low life you accepted money to make that kind of video.

  • Minyoung Ali
    Minyoung Ali Month ago

    CJE&M is very influential. Look at what is happening to YG. The things they've done...
    Evil and corrupt? Lol they work with dispatch. They contole mass media.
    I'm learning allot from you.

  • Minyoung Ali
    Minyoung Ali Month ago

    This.... says so much!!

  • Cassie The Strange

    I'm so sorry you lost your channel, i think u are brave and fucking awesome for having the balls to speak your mind and call them out in the few videos I've seen. I just subbed you dude, hope u climb back up on top u deserve it mate!

  • Yojana Castillo
    Yojana Castillo Year ago

    What just happened....

  • KpopNiDontStop
    KpopNiDontStop Year ago

    I did not even know people could be partners with Dia TV and some of the partners I see im like wtf they are not even that good of channels or not any better than even unknowns.

  • KpopNiDontStop
    KpopNiDontStop Year ago

    I went and deleted like over 20 kpop reactions I had it is depressing as hell and I am under 1 strike from them :( small channel squad!!

  • miz keane
    miz keane Year ago

    it might be people sabotaging k pop by acting as cj e&m
    check this for info ru-clip.com/video/Mx8hxOxXeeQ/video.html

  • MiddleEastMilli
    MiddleEastMilli Year ago

    Form of Therapy channel has your confirmation......

  • chyukun
    chyukun Year ago +1

    i just found out about this from the video of you calling CJ E&M, this is bullshit.

  • TrixR 4Kids
    TrixR 4Kids Year ago

    5:56 - 6:10. Tables have turned :-D

  • onee :3
    onee :3 Year ago

    I missed you so much...I'm sad because of your channel was deleted :( , I hope you can get the same love here as you had in the other channel. FIGHTING💓 I love you Peter.💕

  • Kduds x
    Kduds x Year ago

    Papa, keep fighting, keep going. U inspire me so much and I will support u in every way I can. Ur doing great and I know your not gonna give up. All my love, baby noic

  • Miskyo
    Miskyo Year ago

    I could only imagine what it feels like to have something that you worked so hard on to be stripped away from you, it sucks and its not right at all. I started my own kpop dance cover channel and if I were to lose all the hard work I put into learning each dance out of my own free time, to which I could be doing something else, to editing the videos myself and uploading them, just to find out the next day that my channel has been terminated for someones own personal gain, I would be upset, it would literally kill me inside. Honestly I hope someone smacks a reality check into CJ E&M because what they're doing is not only physically damaging, but also psychologically damaging as well, stripping away someone's whole lively hood and basically not caring about what will happen afterwards is so inhumane. I will make sure to spread the word because no one should have to go through this, you're brave to speak out man, just gained a subscriber!

  • Brockbby
    Brockbby Year ago +2

    Thanks for sharing your opinion,peter.

  • Shelby Aesthetic
    Shelby Aesthetic Year ago +1

    Okay but can we talk about the fact that Peter's almost at 500, gaining 💪🔥

  • mari •
    mari • Year ago +9

    I was sh00k when I saw that your channel was down.
    I was like, "OMF NOT PETERRRR"

  • Infinitecrazy Aff
    Infinitecrazy Aff Year ago +9

    Dont be suprised if kpop loses a lot of international fans just like jpop did..

  • ShinyBusterBaby
    ShinyBusterBaby Year ago +1

    As mad as you've made me in the past, I have to say, I'm so sorry you lost your channel. I think that what you are saying is truth and I wholeheartedly agree with you! I wish well, and I hope that your starting over is successful. Good luck, hon!!!

  • Krystal Castro
    Krystal Castro Year ago +3

    No matter how many times you lose your channel I'll be here to subscribe in a heart beat

  • Inappropriate K-Pop Mum

    To clarify, no it doesn't appear that any DIA TV members got strikes BUT, that statement they made was to DIA TV members and they have said that DIA TV partners can NOT use Mnet, Lives, Mamas and TV shows either. Only music. So we basically got a warning as well as far as TV shows go. But yes it looks like they HAVE said only DIA TV can use their music and others can't. Which is a shame. Because it will affect their artists in the end. But please don't bring DIA TV creators into it. They've done nothing wrong and are just trying to create KPOP communities on youtube, same as you.

    • Deann Coates
      Deann Coates Year ago

      It was also stated that DIATV Reactors CAN in fact get their permission to react to the live/award shows according to a DIATV Reactors video he made addressing this issue as well. So, the content usage is still muddy, but it appears their intentions/goals are the same.

    • muridae83
      muridae83 Year ago +1

      to be fair its not him thats bringing in DIA TV. If i were with DIA TV i would get out as fast as i could. Any company, ANY COMPANY that put up material on youtube could easily sue DIA TV at any moment due to the actions CJ E&M is taking. CJ E&M is making unfair business climate for DIA TV by allowing youtubers under that company to "react" to material that they are striking. So ANY company that puts up material on youtube could file a lawsuit against them for that. Kpop youtubers that "reacted" cant really do anything since they aint a company and that law doesnt include them unfortanately. but for a company its a clear cut win with ease. If i were a kpop youtuber i would keep reacting to full clips that DIA affiliated youtbers react that too. and any claims or strikes i would email CJ E&M and tell them that they are breaking laws by doing it. Kpop youtubers should try and reach out to any company that might want to take this lawsuit up. Protect urself!

  • Isaac S
    Isaac S Year ago

    Some people is this against the law

    • iamyoonis
      iamyoonis Year ago

      It's not against the law at all. In fact, they own the rights to the music and the video clips, so they can do whatever they want. That's how megaconglomerates in Korea work, they have these crazy monopolies and an ability to control every part of the manufacturing process.

    • Sacredproz
      Sacredproz Year ago

      Yeah, but its unlikely that the other companies would do the same as CJ as they dont have a 'youtuber creator group' like DIA TV to promote and they dont lose anything from letting people promote them, they only have to gain. If a company like loen decides to do this it would be the end of the kpop community lol.

    • Isaac S
      Isaac S Year ago

      Wut really

    • Sacredproz
      Sacredproz Year ago

      Sad to say but this isnt against the law, in fact the law is on their side, so its hard to talk them out of it. They own the copyright, they call the shots. In fact any other big company like loen(they own 1thek channel, so essentially they own copyright to almost all nugu groups even up to Gfriend, seventeen or IU), sm, jyp or yg could do the same thing. Its just that they chose not to do anything so far, until cj.

  • Minded
    Minded Year ago +3

    Peter don't be sorry we are here to support you

  • Isaac S
    Isaac S Year ago +1

    Its war

  • Nicole❤️
    Nicole❤️ Year ago +2

    Omg I’m soo sorry Cj whatever is really shady and I love kpop but the people around kpop like cj is straight up buzz killers hugggs

  • Minded
    Minded Year ago +1

    You tell them!

  • Minded
    Minded Year ago +1


  • maud rat
    maud rat Year ago +1

    i found you omg- i love you so f’ing much Peter. keep doing what you’re amazing at and i’m glad that ur back on a new channel!! 😭❤️❤️❤️

  • Beanie_bts.trash
    Beanie_bts.trash Year ago +1

    Love you papa Peter ♥

  • x amy x
    x amy x Year ago +1

    This drama is ridiculous :( I hope everything will get better soon. Ily💜

  • Gacha Ann
    Gacha Ann Year ago +3

    You got this Peter! 💪

  • Tao Chen
    Tao Chen Year ago +3

    What the hell is wrong with this company! Ten times worse than Naver! Goodness! Everyone is trying to stop us from making what we want! It’s just reactions to music that we love! What the crap! Peter I hope this stops! I am so happy that you are fighting! Keep fight! We are behind you fighting with you!

  • Kamilė Rumbutytė
    Kamilė Rumbutytė Year ago +1

    When your going to do omegle video? Oh and when ur going to, so can you tweet it and say that ur going to the omegle right now and tweet what ur going to search like BTS or KPOP In there, so fans can meet you! ^°^
    I mean please make a video where you meet fans in omegle on chat not video pls ^¬^

  • Sarah Summers
    Sarah Summers Year ago +8

    The tea is served piping hot 😮 well done Peter *subscribed* and shame on CJ E&M for being so shady, jeopardising not only their own acts reputation and popularity internationally, but having a negative effect on how people internationally view not only Kpop but also South Korean business practices. I’m embarrassed for them 😬

  • Nevermore
    Nevermore Year ago +1

    I can't say I'll boycott them because I've never heard of them.

  • Lawliet Patty
    Lawliet Patty Year ago +10

    PPP=Preach Papa Peter💪

  • Courtney Smith
    Courtney Smith Year ago +11

    Honestly, everything that's going on with CJ E&M is ridiculous. The fact that they're purposely going out of their way to find and terminate channels that aren't with DIA TV is dumb, pointless, and a waste of time. If they want their platform to get more recognition then they should try to appeal to channels that have a decent following and not try to censor the content they produce. CJ E&M need to look at their methods and come up with a new, more efficient way to handle Kpop channels IF they want those channels on their team. I just find this whole thing ridiculous and I had no idea that this was happening until you mentioned it, more people need to know what's going on in the community and CJ E&M need to do some changing and reflecting.
    Peter you're amazing, send much love

    • muridae83
      muridae83 Year ago

      its not just dumb its illegal... they are creating a unfair business climate for DIA TV.

  • namjoons tiddies
    namjoons tiddies Year ago +9

    You're doing so much for us just by keeping on going ❤ I'm one proud Babynoic

  • Retro Toys
    Retro Toys Year ago +8

    CJ E&M: Kpop reactors are saying this company is hurting Korean music.

  • Kamilė Rumbutytė
    Kamilė Rumbutytė Year ago +4

    I dont understand this drama ;-;
    I wach all your vids but I'm so lost

    • Nevermore
      Nevermore Year ago

      A couple Kpop companies basically only wants their own chosen people to review/comment about their music videos... so they're copyright striking anyone who's not on their approved list that ever used any of their music videos. Effectively abusing copyright law to create a monopoly of their own video commenters on RU-clip to censor out any negative speech.

  • Retro Toys
    Retro Toys Year ago +8

    David vs Goliath: Gooooooo Peter!!!!!

  • namjoons tiddies
    namjoons tiddies Year ago +3

    oof you tell 'em! 😒

  • Sweetiekan Coral
    Sweetiekan Coral Year ago +5

    It's true bigger channels have a bigger army so to say more soldiers to fight for their cause. I wish there were more of us to fully help and support you and your values Peter. This was really informative I appreciate how honest and upfront about this you are I like how you don't feed us that fucking sugar coated bullshit. 10/10 #PeternoicRealASF

  • namjoons tiddies
    namjoons tiddies Year ago +3

    hiiii I love you ;-;

  • Nadine Chamas
    Nadine Chamas Year ago +5

    Ily peterrrrr😋❤️

  • Yves Apples
    Yves Apples Year ago +4

    First for the drama