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Who should police social media? | Inside Story

  • Published on Jan 25, 2022
  • Social media firms pare coming under increasing pressure to remove content deemed offensive or illegal.
    Twitter says it received a record number of government requests to delete tweets in the first six months of 2021.
    The firm says the requests revealed a 'deeply worrying trend' against freedom of expression.
    So is this censorship, or a way to maintain a safe and open internet for all?
    Presenter: Imran Khan
    Quinn McKew - Executive Director, ARTICLE 19.
    Vigjilenca Abazi - Assistant Professor of European Law, Maastricht University
    Melody Patry - Advocacy Director at Access Now, an NGO working on digital rights
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Comments • 26

  • Kyle
    Kyle 4 months ago +5

    The real question is: Who should be in charge of letting 85% of the world's population know their opinions/actions are garbage?

  • Siyad Yusuf
    Siyad Yusuf 3 months ago

    the power of social media and their damaging affects are felt more in poorer or instable governments across the globe particularly in Africa where everyone who has vested interest in keeping those poorer countries more fragile spread hateful and massive disinformation to pressure already week governments either to collapse or accept their subjugation..

  • nokul haridas pal
    nokul haridas pal 4 months ago

    Well indeed, social media like Facebook should have policing on them bcos they have left their original purpose and entered human lives, being an interference of an ugly kind, the consequences are already visible in different countries, like United States and India. And in India, whenever a region sees a political turmoil, the administration bans the whole Internet to stop social media intervention.

  • M E
    M E 4 months ago

    Excellent job imran

  • Samson Zakana
    Samson Zakana 4 months ago +1

    Nice one

  • Imran Baloch
    Imran Baloch 4 months ago

    Ban tweeter

  • jawkys center
    jawkys center 4 months ago

    If social media censorship hits im gone, goodbye usa, and Goodluck.

  • Allan Turpin
    Allan Turpin 4 months ago +3

    Starting with the assumption that social media needs policing.
    Censorship by any group limits the ideas to what that group considers acceptable, and no group is trustworthy enough to make those decisions for everybody.

  • Arri James
    Arri James 4 months ago

    No one

  • sunshineuk1965
    sunshineuk1965 4 months ago +2

    We had DECADES or social media with no "policing" , the existing hate crime and obsenity laws were enough.

  • djbonfig kby
    djbonfig kby 4 months ago


  • Hunter's LabTop
    Hunter's LabTop 4 months ago +8

    The world would be a better place if social media did not exist.

    • M E
      M E 4 months ago

      I understand your argument. However, friendly conversation such as us talking right now, wouldn't happen either, as RU-clip would not allow comments.

    • Faith Over Fear
      Faith Over Fear 4 months ago +2

      Indeed!! In fact to save the world we need to remove their Wi-Fi signal towers. Get back to community and family. 🖒🖒

    • shalu Rai
      shalu Rai 4 months ago +4

      Yeah it's true ☻