Alabama QB Jalen Hurts loses bet to Charles Barkley, wears Auburn jersey | ESPN

  • Published on Mar 8, 2018
  • After losing a bet to Charles Barkley, Alabama QB Jalen Hurts follows through on it by wearing an Auburn jersey to class ... but not without carrying the College Football Playoff championship trophy in his bag.
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Comments • 124

  • LBK_Bros
    LBK_Bros 4 days ago

    That is great

  • badlolfer
    badlolfer 3 months ago

    He would ride the pines at Auburn and anywhere else for that matter

  • Josh Blocker
    Josh Blocker 5 months ago


  • Justin Byrd
    Justin Byrd 8 months ago

    Roll Tide 4 Life🐘⚪️🔴

  • Vice Man
    Vice Man 9 months ago +2

    Hemay transfer and play somewhere but to me Jalen will always be a Bama man. He might as well stay and try to get on Saban's coaching staff.

  • JarvisLas Crawford
    JarvisLas Crawford 9 months ago


    KOLBY 11 months ago


  • Mason Wiseman
    Mason Wiseman Year ago

    Plot twist: He is transferring to auburn

  • Guadalupe Serna
    Guadalupe Serna Year ago

    Lol pretty creative. Showed class, then found a way to still diss Auburn by showing them hey you beat me, but it didnt do you any good since I got the title lol

  • Joseph Gonzalez
    Joseph Gonzalez Year ago +1

    Deshaun watson destroyed bama🔥✔

    • Derrick martin
      Derrick martin Year ago

      Joseph Gonzalez No he didn’t the Defense got tired if they would of held out for the last minute Bama would of been national champs again then you would of had a 3peat. Deshaun deserved it though after being cheated out of the heisman he deserved something

    • Tee Jay
      Tee Jay Year ago

      Jerry Lakendall Brown he got hurt in practice...

    • Joseph Gonzalez
      Joseph Gonzalez Year ago

      Jerry Lakendall Brown have you seen what he did with the texans?? He's made us look good and hopefully it's just one injury, and how do you know Clemson paid for the game??

    • Jerry Lakendall Brown
      Jerry Lakendall Brown Year ago

      Joseph Gonzalez wrong!
      That was Watson last year and NFL scouts and other high profile people paid for that game. Did you watch the rematch.?
      Watson tried to play college football in the NFL and it got him hurt didn't it lol...

  • Gary Johnson
    Gary Johnson Year ago

    That piece started good but ended terrible War Eagle any way

  • Wesley Hudson
    Wesley Hudson Year ago +1

    Even with tons of Auburn graduates in my family, it’s hard being an Alabama fan and rooting for them. However, I don’t agree with how some Alabama fans are, like the one who poisoned the trees and the very rude ones. Auburn has beaten Alabama fair and square when they have and I’m glad Jalen owned up to his part of the deal against a top 15 SEC basketball player of all time. Roll Tide and may the best team win the Iron Bowl this year!

  • Autigers2010
    Autigers2010 Year ago +3

    26-14!!! What a punkass thug! He didnt when the trophy, someone else had to come in and win it for his goofy ass!!!

    • Ennis Whalen
      Ennis Whalen 5 months ago

      A2010 - Oh, like Jalen Hurts came in to win the trophy for Tua's "goofy" ass on December 1, 2018?

    • B. Myleek
      B. Myleek Year ago +2

      autigers2010nc how is he a thug?

  • X X
    X X Year ago +4

    In other words.. "Yeah we lost to Auburn, but we still national champs"

  • Classical Liberal Warrior

    Nice one, Jalen! ;-)

  • Adam Long
    Adam Long Year ago

    Fuck this shit! Am I the only Alabama fan who is disgusted by this?!?

  • J H
    J H Year ago

    Hopefully he's a running back now. Jesus Christ don't let him get under center again the man is a runner for God's sake let him run.

    • jackie chan
      jackie chan 11 months ago

      SHIBBITY BEBOP he’s not a running back. To slow to get started. Not sure where they might put him but we r to loaded at rb.

  • Shaun Giovanii
    Shaun Giovanii Year ago

    I lost 5 star job ask can Marino bill romaski like kleckly hassalback, about my last job europa sports as I was white not alloud to work in Hawaii. ski kick saber who's dad was a slave coal minor what jobs is worse than that besides us navy, Miami wanted me for linebackers w al Davis when he was their but he wanted Hawkins instead I was stronger than all of them he drafted

  • Shaun Giovanii
    Shaun Giovanii Year ago

    Did u know the hawains were not from hawaii they are the ones went to hawaii and massacred the original people of hawaii mehunes took their land, then king kammhi did same thuing again killed all 7 other kingdoms of hawaii to be king. TRUTH Google. I'm rooting for u be qb send tua to space colony on the moon insure their original island is now under sea so small not matter so their not american in America illegally not Hawkins so send them to moon

  • Eat Sleep Drum Repeat

    Smart ass😂😂

  • CrimsonTide
    CrimsonTide Year ago +1

    Dual QB at Bama, the competition will have double the trouble.

  • Matthew Johnson
    Matthew Johnson Year ago

    HAHAH thats Awsome

  • King JRC IV
    King JRC IV Year ago +1

    Roll Tide

  • Soviet Bear
    Soviet Bear Year ago +3

    Let's add another one to our trophy case Roll Tide

  • clash PROD
    clash PROD Year ago

    funny thing is he's toting the national title trohpy that he would have LOST if he didn't get yanked from the game LOL LOL LOL can't wait for bama to get busted like USC did, its comming

    • Owl Ovio
      Owl Ovio 10 months ago

      clash PROD smh haters

  • Mack Daddy
    Mack Daddy Year ago +2

    Jalen ty Holy Jesus for getting your hair cut and honoring a bet. WDE!

  • Mark Ochoà
    Mark Ochoà Year ago +5

    He cut the dreads

  • crazynalabama35540
    crazynalabama35540 Year ago +24

    I guess a national championship trophy takes the sting out of losing the Iron Bowl! Jalen Hurts is one classy young man. Roll Tide!!!

  • J Rock
    J Rock Year ago +1

    Ok ok Good one Jalen. You one up'd us on that one 😂😂 . Atleast you're a good sport though .. WDE !

  • Stoney Hurst
    Stoney Hurst Year ago +6


  • Marlee Maddox
    Marlee Maddox Year ago

    Who knew he was going to do something to make the bet funny?

    CARNEL JENKINS Year ago +15

    Pure savagery. ROLL. DAMN. TIDE.

  • ACE 6
    ACE 6 Year ago +3

    Jalen is going to be a good foot ball player

    • Gary Johnson
      Gary Johnson Year ago

      In another uniform last year in tuscaloosa going transfer after this season

    • Jonathan Beeler
      Jonathan Beeler Year ago

      When, in his dreams?

  • Martinez Solomon
    Martinez Solomon Year ago +33

    Damn...... This is how you lose a bet

  • B. Svpreme
    B. Svpreme Year ago +1

    Oh shit... He chopped off his dreads.

  • Sam M
    Sam M Year ago +20

    Beautifully done by a classy young man. Something that I dreaded clicking and watching left me laughing my ass off. Well done, sir. Well done!
    Roll Tide Roll

  • J. Allen
    J. Allen Year ago +5

    This was good.

  • Julian Aguirre
    Julian Aguirre Year ago +12


  • garyfiasco1
    garyfiasco1 Year ago +1

    Saw the thumbnail before the title and my heart skipped a beat

  • jan3195
    jan3195 Year ago +53

    Classy young man. Expecting great things from him (again) this year.

  • Ctay
    Ctay Year ago

    War damn

  • Official Shrek Fan Club

    He also lost his job

  • King Baldwin IV
    King Baldwin IV Year ago +1

    This is a SOS, Auburn needs to save him, lol.

  • Sean Byrne
    Sean Byrne Year ago +10

    From the thumbnail I thought he was transferring to Auburn

  • Giffond Hall
    Giffond Hall Year ago

    Ucf would have beaten bama

    • Chief 91
      Chief 91 Year ago +2

      Giffond Hall Alabama limped in then limped out with the championship. Thanks Auburn for beating us. We needed that. Auburn limped in the Sec championship and the bowl game after playing Bama. The running back was beat up. Everybody wants bama until the actually get them. Try playing in a real conference.

    • Josué MHJ
      Josué MHJ Year ago


    • Austin Lewis
      Austin Lewis Year ago

      Wrong again hater!!!!!! Bama will run UCF out of the city of Orlando in an instant especially with Tua! Jalen Hurts in my mind has got to go.

    • Cody Sanders
      Cody Sanders Year ago

      Giffond Hall I don’t think that won’t happen

  • Quentin Gartside
    Quentin Gartside Year ago

    No lie fuck roll tide but that was clean👌🏼

  • TheTruthiest
    TheTruthiest Year ago

    He only has that trophy because Saban pulled him from his job, which people like myself had been calling for all year.

    • Jerry Lakendall Brown
      Jerry Lakendall Brown Year ago

      TheTruthiest so I suppose you would have been better??The Eagles won the superbowl without their starting QB.

    • Chief 91
      Chief 91 Year ago +4

      TheTruthiest go cheer for someone else. Only a true Alabama fan whouldn't bash a kid that helped Alabama win games.

  • Lil Dagga
    Lil Dagga Year ago +7

    Transfer Youngblood Saban embarrassed you on national television

    • jonnygunn100
      jonnygunn100 Year ago +2

      He embarrassed himself by not being an efficient passer .

    • Chris Lane
      Chris Lane Year ago +1

      Saban embarrassed him by handing him a National Championship ring.

  • God pigeon
    God pigeon Year ago +47

    Was I The only one that thought he was transferring to Auburn because he lost his Job at Alabama

    • mari turcios-martell
      mari turcios-martell Year ago


    • Proudmule1
      Proudmule1 Year ago

      Yes, M Scott, you were the only one that was that big of an idiot.

    • Chief 91
      Chief 91 Year ago +1

      Metta World Peace did Nick leave Alabama?

      BAMAFAN Year ago +1

      He hasn't lost it yet

    • Cello 1k
      Cello 1k Year ago +1


  • Tae-007
    Tae-007 Year ago +9

    he cut his dreads 😭😭😭

  • Black Phillip
    Black Phillip Year ago

    War damn eagle

  • dolomite Rydah
    dolomite Rydah Year ago +35

    damn that trophy looks so beautiful

  • Cole Tadlock
    Cole Tadlock Year ago +17

    Bruh, I can't wait until college football! Geaux Tigers!

  • Neighborhood Crackhead

    Loss his starting job to Tua too

  • D. Booker
    D. Booker Year ago +35

    Backup qb...Alabama backup qb

    • HoodieJ of 300
      HoodieJ of 300 10 months ago

      Dee Booker stfu

    • mari turcios-martell
      mari turcios-martell Year ago

      Nope..... so far he's our starter.

    • Derrick martin
      Derrick martin Year ago

      Keoni Mana they didn’t put Ohio St in there over what happened the year before when they got their but smacked by Clemson don’t need a repeat of that. Clemson had it coming for them. Ohio State wouldn’t of beat Clemson nor Georgia. I don’t even think they would’ve beat Oklahoma.

    • Z.D.T Squaad
      Z.D.T Squaad Year ago +1

      Keoni Mana we only lost one game and barely lost that . And that’s cause our defense was banged up. We literally blew damn near every team on our schedule out. Ohio state lost 2 games one was a blowout to an unranked team . All the teams in the playoffs either is undefeated or only 1 lost under them but a 2 game losing team is definitely out the question

    • kyo
      kyo Year ago

      he was the starer tho

  • The King of New York
    The King of New York Year ago +14

    Jalen should transfer Tua will be starter and I hate Alabama

    • Tyrann
      Tyrann Year ago +1

      They will play a 2 quarterback every game they will rotate in and out possessions jus watch

    • Chief 91
      Chief 91 Year ago +2

      The King of New York is Alabama paying you to make that decision? Nick is still the coach right?

    • 3finger10
      3finger10 Year ago +1

      Bammers suck......

    • Joe Public
      Joe Public Year ago +2

      Alabama hates you, too.

    • Roy Staggers
      Roy Staggers Year ago +1