Android 17 vs Kahseral & Android 18 saves Goku | Dragon Ball Super Episode 101

  • Published on Jul 30, 2017
  • Dragon Ball Super Episode 101 | English Sub
    Android 17 vs Kahsera
    Android 18 saves Goku

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  • Orochi the Ronin
    Orochi the Ronin 6 months ago +1

    Shpuld have used Hermit Purple

  • Games tech Guru
    Games tech Guru 9 months ago +7

    Even 17 and 18 met long time but their combination attack is best they can understand each other very well

  • Kok Yee Huei David
    Kok Yee Huei David 9 months ago

    I thought Khersal was some formidable opponent given his position in the Pride Troopers as the general but he turns out to be a joke. Universe 11 was only strong coz they had Jiren and Toppo.

    • mar mar - agar
      mar mar - agar 5 months ago

      True, i though all the pride troopers would dominate the whole arena but i was dissapointed, i didnt like that universe 7 was the main focus

  • Clarion XL
    Clarion XL Year ago +1

    0:28-0:29 this exchange these 3 had was quite engaging to me, I liked it

  • king of games and anime

    So, Kahseral knows killing is forbidden, right? Maybe those Ki swords aren’t the best idea?

    • mar mar - agar
      mar mar - agar 5 months ago

      He can always avoid the vitals like frieza did but then again i don't think the pride troopers will do that

  • Mermaid Neo
    Mermaid Neo Year ago

    Bad bad fuck

  • Antonio Arriaga
    Antonio Arriaga Year ago

    Man I fucking love strong women like 18

  • Synonymous User
    Synonymous User Year ago +24

    Android 17 is so hot..

    • F.B.I
      F.B.I Month ago

      u dumb cunt weeb

      RAHRAH RAH 2 months ago

      Well, go get him tiger.

  • The Bandit
    The Bandit Year ago +16

    17 is awesome

  • I am 40
    I am 40 Year ago +6

    2:07 have another taste of my justice spin
    Me: have another taste of a crash bandicoot wannabe

  • Bryan Elliott
    Bryan Elliott Year ago +24

    fucking love android 17

  • dat poor nigga rainbow lion

    From space jam to dbs

  • Gunner Aitsu
    Gunner Aitsu Year ago +28

    They speaking that gud English

    • polyopoly
      polyopoly Year ago

      Gunner Aitsu JUST IS SAH BRR

  • Marvel king Nova
    Marvel king Nova Year ago +3

    Gokus saving his power for jiren

  • Jr Ryder
    Jr Ryder Year ago +3

    What's the Clowns name? I'm still behind

    • Gacha noodlez
      Gacha noodlez 8 days ago

      Bruh it's belmond

    • Megrez Alberich
      Megrez Alberich 5 months ago

      I think there's no official - or at least consistent- spelling in Latin alphabet.
      His Japanese name is ベルモッド (BERUMODDO), a pun on vermouth (ベルモット > BERUMOTTO).

    • mar mar - agar
      mar mar - agar 5 months ago

      I hear ppl call him by 3 names, belmond, vermouth, and vermod

    • Megrez Alberich
      Megrez Alberich 6 months ago

      Vermoudh, a pun on vermouth. All the Gods of Destruction, as well as the Angels, are named after a type of alcohol.
      U1. Iwan > wine
      U2. Jerez > sherry/jerez or helles, a type of beer
      U3. Mule & Mosco > moscow mule
      U4. Quitela > tequila
      U5. Arak > arak
      U6. Champa > champagne
      U7. Beerus > beers
      U8. Liqur > liquor/liqueur
      U9. Sidra > Cider
      U10. Rumush > rum
      U11. Vermoudh > vermouth
      U12. Giin > gin

      As for the Angels
      U1. Awamo > awamori (type of sake from Okinawa)
      U2. Sour > sour
      U3. Campaari > campari
      U4. Cognic > cognac
      U5. Cukatail > cocktail
      U6. Vados > calvados (apple brandy)
      U7. Whis > whisky
      U8. Korn > Korn/kornbrand
      U9. Mojiito > mojito
      U10. Kusu > kuusuu (aged awamori)
      U11. Marcarita > margarita
      U12. Martiinu > martini

    • nicolas quezada
      nicolas quezada Year ago

      Jr Ryder

  • 魔理沙&霊夢
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  • BTS vmin Taehyung/Jimin
    BTS vmin Taehyung/Jimin 2 years ago +9

    Wow thx for this video!😊😊😊