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Man in Cave

  • Published on Sep 28, 2022
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    Man in cave. Trapped.
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Comments • 16 639

  • Wendigoon
    Wendigoon 18 hours ago +59707

    I’m still not sure if trapping me in an actual cave for 72 hours was necessary to record my lines, but it certainly got results. We should probably go check on the editors though, even if “they don’t deserve food” I don’t think sealing them in was appropriate.

    • SpartanLink
      SpartanLink 54 minutes ago

      I FUCKING knew that was you. I've watched all your videos, Wendigoon.

    • Dori Cakuli
      Dori Cakuli Hour ago


    • Dana
      Dana Hour ago


    • monkey noises
      monkey noises Hour ago


    • Mordyth
      Mordyth Hour ago +1

      Dad and Historian. Just the thing to make my day

  • Starcat
    Starcat 18 hours ago +7403

    Internet Historian is going to put national geographic out of business with these types of amazing videos.

    • StrikeWarlock
      StrikeWarlock 2 hours ago

      No doubt about that. He's done a better production for Fyre Fest better than Netflix did and has done a better recounting of this event over an actual movie adaptation of this event.

    • Paul S Rohrbaugh
      Paul S Rohrbaugh 4 hours ago +1

      @CircumcisionIsChildAbuse I agree with your point but must hit dislike due to your antisemitic username.

    • Tready
      Tready 7 hours ago

      In a perfect world, he absolutely would be more prestigious than national geographic

  • KnapfordMaster98
    KnapfordMaster98 4 hours ago +509

    Homer is a real one, jesus christ. Went where no other man dared without hesitation, and mustered the strength of more than 5 other men to relieve his brothers pain. Gerald and Miller too, its just insane the loyalty and dedication these guys had.

    • Goddeperson No3
      Goddeperson No3 42 minutes ago +1

      news men were just build different back then

  • Mr. Bones
    Mr. Bones 3 hours ago +976

    Floyd tricking that soldier to come down just to die with him just so he wouldn't be lonely is probably the most haunting part of this story, seriously ominous.

    • MrArbaras
      MrArbaras 51 minute ago +2

      @carb har harb car Floyd died of exposure, at the point that the cave started collapsing Floyd was a goner and certainly wouldn't have survived. The other guy would've probably still been alive, but no way in hell someone would risk that just to console a dead man.

    • carb har harb car
      carb har harb car Hour ago

      funny thing is, if he HAD gotten stuck down there, and he happened to be have food/water with him, floyd might have survived. more likely that they both would have died, but its very possible that both of them could have gotten out of it

    • Casey Dopp
      Casey Dopp Hour ago

      @CODENAME surveyor of the national guard so yes the army

    • Niklāvs Melnbārdis
      Niklāvs Melnbārdis Hour ago +8

      @StrikeWarlock completely agree with you, his actions are completely normal considering the conditions

    • Vihara2
      Vihara2 2 hours ago +55

      @Jofe_co this, he was like a dying man in a hospital bed. People are social, pack creatures at heart, he was definitely the loner type, but this was an extreme that would leave him feeling very, very alone and scared, no wonder he wanted anyone to just stay with him, to distract him from the torment of his own thoughts.
      This is one of the more terrifying ways to die depending on your personal mental state, i struggle to think of worse ways frankly.

  • Sonia’s Way
    Sonia’s Way 4 hours ago +1002

    I don’t think I’ve ever felt more secure in my life than whenever Gerald showed up on screen, he just oozed charisma and security

    • ralek
      ralek 36 minutes ago

      @Mumkey Maan I thought that was a phrase for a "Dabonair" man and I thought it made sense. Rusty strong men who don't ever give up are cool

    • NefariousKoel
      NefariousKoel Hour ago +1

      It's the effect in which you wire someone awake and hit them with a hand of broken nails.
      Tie their lead, pull their chain, and watch their blood begin to boil.

    • Paulo Borges Da Silva Júnior
      Paulo Borges Da Silva Júnior Hour ago +3

      @Mumkey Maan I actually thought the "Rusty Cage Effect" was a thing

    • Mark Miller
      Mark Miller 2 hours ago

      Rusty Cage!

    • Artyom Dostoyevsky
      Artyom Dostoyevsky 3 hours ago +24

      @When you're so early Rusty Cage is the name of the dude who plays gerald. hes a youtuber

  • World of Tanks Europe
    World of Tanks Europe Hour ago +20

    The Internet Historian x Wendigoon crossover we didn´t know we needed! Your way of telling this story had us at the edge of our seats from beginning to end.

  • Devvy
    Devvy 4 hours ago +143

    As someone who lives like 20 minutes from Cave City, it's actually crazy to see the places I've personally seen on one of the Internet Historian videos. I've been inside the Mammoth Cave Baptist Church before and been to the cemetery behind it. There's always been rumors about it being haunted, but it's somewhat normal in there. A lot of restoration work goes into it. Never knew about this story though, next time I go I'll look for Floyd's tombstone.

    • Novsev
      Novsev 37 minutes ago +1

      Odd request but If you ever do go there could you leave a flower for me for him

    • The Hatter
      The Hatter 40 minutes ago +3

      Leave a flower for the man.

    • -Gemberkoekje-
      -Gemberkoekje- 42 minutes ago

      They should show this video in high schools in the county or something

  • The Act Man
    The Act Man 2 hours ago +214

    I always come to Internet Historian to feel claustrophobic and uncomfortable

    • Nothingtoseehere
      Nothingtoseehere 30 minutes ago


    • Matthew Donaldson
      Matthew Donaldson 38 minutes ago +1

      oh damn its the acting male man, how you doing?

    • Fabio
      Fabio 53 minutes ago +1

      Fancy seeing you here

    • PokeLegend
      PokeLegend Hour ago +1

      sup acting male

    • eppier
      eppier Hour ago +1

      Ive always loved the IH for my bi-yearly scoop of uncomforting and downright disturbing Information condensed into 1 hour segments

  • Jadelan
    Jadelan 3 hours ago +155

    I feel like I'm not seeing enough people talk about that genuinely terrifying nightmare sequence with the hands pulling Floyd under. I never expected that from an Internet Historian video.

    • D.W. Stratton
      D.W. Stratton 39 minutes ago

      @Lord Moncef What are you on about? Guy almost died. Hush yo stuff.

    • Lord Moncef
      Lord Moncef Hour ago

      Dude u just heard bout the story don t act like u knew this before

    • Bootboo
      Bootboo Hour ago +4

      @Saint-Izawa 伊澤😈 Fuck man, glad you’re still with us.

    • Saint-Izawa 伊澤😈
      Saint-Izawa 伊澤😈 2 hours ago +12

      The part that stuck 2ith me is went fllyod said "I'm not afraid of death but it's so slow" as someone who has almost died twice in an ICU this is stuck with me.
      People think death is quick and painless. Nope you don't choose how you die. It can be fast and painless or long and suffering.

  • Belmont Of Astora
    Belmont Of Astora 3 hours ago +95

    The story telling here was perfect. My heart actually sank in my chest every time a big setback happened. The second time the squeeze got covered was by far the worst one... That man suffered through hell. If I was him I honestly might have asked someone to bring a pistol and shoot me.

    • Yuutaruu
      Yuutaruu Hour ago

      @KitoMero No, it would have still been a slow death.

    • KitoMero
      KitoMero Hour ago +6

      The diesel machinery pumping in carbon monoxide might have been the best mercy

  • The Hanged Man
    The Hanged Man 15 hours ago +939

    Woah, Miller was hell of a journalist. Actually traversing the squeeze multiple times, then helping with the gravel and keeping Floyd company, so glad he won the Pullitzer prize in the end.

    • Penthesilea Urso
      Penthesilea Urso 2 hours ago +1

      @Colbio Hell yeah

    • Colbio
      Colbio 3 hours ago +4

      Best part that's not covered in this video actually:
      Years later, Miller got a team together and finished the job for Floyd. He dug out that fuckin crystal cave.

    • Penthesilea Urso
      Penthesilea Urso 4 hours ago +2

      @Luke Skywalker I mean, journalists back then *definitely* did that too. Probably more often, if we're being frank.

    • huh968
      huh968 10 hours ago +2

      @XXHoboCatXX profit can come in more forms than just money

    • Shakes.Don't know what yer gettin
      Shakes.Don't know what yer gettin 11 hours ago +4

      @XXHoboCatXX He profited colossally from it.

  • Jobie Heiser
    Jobie Heiser Hour ago +25

    I'm convinced internet historian is THE BEST storyteller on youtube. Period. Even the ads are extremely entertaining. When I started this video I looked at that daunting 1hr run time and thought maybe I would save it for later. 5mins in I was hooked and there was no way I was turning it off. God tier content.

  • The Joker
    The Joker 4 hours ago +55

    The intro legitimately made me get a lump in my throat from the sheer suspense and terror of imagining what it would be like to be down there. Great job, guys.

  • ThaRixer
    ThaRixer 4 hours ago +4

    Extremely captivating. Well done

  • 20k challenge with 0 video
    20k challenge with 0 video 4 hours ago +267

    The full hour of the rescue story is a tale of the pure kindness and determination by people to save and honor someone
    The last 9 minutes are a sharp "nevermind"

    • M Alif
      M Alif Hour ago +8

      Like another guy kinjo in this comment section said, this story is incredibly bittersweet
      Showed both the absolute best and worst of people & humanity

    • Charlie Ritchie
      Charlie Ritchie 2 hours ago +13

      His dad kinda fucked the mood lmao

    • Koen Van Damme
      Koen Van Damme 2 hours ago +32

      Though in the end, I suppose Floyd got exactly what he was aiming for: the cave became a succesful tourist attraction.
      This whole thing really reads like a darker storyline out of the movie Bedazzled.

  • イゴール / igor
    イゴール / igor 11 hours ago +1107

    i was like... "damm three days stuck in a cave must've been terrible, poor guy." and then the hours kept on going and going and going and going

    • Marco Bott
      Marco Bott 8 hours ago

      @credit crazy it is gross and will probably seen as comedic for some people , but he was pissing and shitting himself down there for that whole time he was trapped--which is easy to forget since the video didn't deliberately point that out. wouldn't be surprising if he got infections from his wounds while waiting to die.

    • Hell no remora
      Hell no remora 9 hours ago +1

      I've never truly experienced a claustrophobic situation, but I sweated profusely throughout the entire story.

    • credit crazy
      credit crazy 10 hours ago +10

      And to make it worse is how little he could move not to mention how he probably couldn't use the bathroom ether honestly I'm surprised how quickly the story blew up most story's today with the internet don't go viral that fast

    • kotzpenner
      kotzpenner 10 hours ago +48

      when they were drilling that hole and were at about 360 hours, I was like "alright he's probably dead now", and then the hour counter just speeds up and never stops. It's insane.

    • Oskar636
      Oskar636 10 hours ago +8


  • Trent Fowler
    Trent Fowler 3 hours ago +43

    "No more hour-long videos," he said, before turning around and giving us this masterpiece.

    GLOWBIES ! Hour ago +17

    Honestly I was at the edge of my seat wondering what could happen next. The part where he asks the worker to stay despite knowing what would happen is one of my favorites since it shows the desperation this poor man felt. And let’s be honest wendigoon’s photo added 10x more sympathy to it.

  • June
    June Hour ago +39

    The 3D rendition of the cave structure at 5:09 is so well-done in showing how far down Floyd was. I can't imagine how brave he was to go cave-exploring on his own.

    • D.W. Stratton
      D.W. Stratton 37 minutes ago

      @J It's desperation from financial destitution and a brazen hope for a better life. The United States and the state of Kentucky failed this man and his family in life and for another 60+ years after his death.

    • J
      J 42 minutes ago +1

      Is it bravery or stupidity?

  • Tubplunger
    Tubplunger 3 hours ago +17

    Despite knowing how the story ended I was on the edge of my seat the entire time hoping that they'd get him out despite knowing what happened.
    And I was still completely devastated that they found him dead, all that effort from people working together and they were still just too late.

  • ThatDudeinBlue
    ThatDudeinBlue 17 hours ago +29234

    Never in my life did I think an internet historian video would make me feel so tense. What a wild story.

    • Alejandro Solis
      Alejandro Solis Hour ago

      Omg I know... really really great videp

    • Dornpunzel
      Dornpunzel 2 hours ago

      Oh boy, just DO NOT bring yourself in situations where it is VERY likely that you will suffer a very unpleasant death.
      I was almost not able to watch through this. What a freaking NIGHTMARE.

    • Cute Animals
      Cute Animals 3 hours ago

      It feels cool. Worth watching

    • ThatDudeWithBoobs
      ThatDudeWithBoobs 4 hours ago

      I don't know who you are, but I feel like we're brothers.

    • Cypress Thunder
      Cypress Thunder 4 hours ago


  • Aaren Herron Presents: Do I Make Sense?

    This is one of the most beautiful videos I’ve ever seen. Every moment of hope and compassion from just complete strangers, unifying an entire country, like damn man. What horrors you bring about such beauty

    • M Alif
      M Alif Hour ago +5

      This video showed both the absolute best and worst of humanity
      Also crazy that he went from talking about 4chan shitpost operations to this
      Enormous glowup and that's saying a lot considering the former content was already good

  • Ridley
    Ridley Hour ago +9

    At first I thought this was going to be a thrilling story about a cave rescue, and then you said his name. Then I knew exactly who it was. I knew exactly how it ended. I didn’t hold out hope because I knew there was none. Congrats on making me sad, I’m going to go watch some Vsauce to get some of that grade A Philosophical Hopium™️ to make me feel better.

  • MrWasjig
    MrWasjig Hour ago +10

    That was quite the gripping story. After getting engrossed for an hour only to learn of the outcome, I felt genuinely defeated. Amazing story telling of an amazing story.

  • William Burtnett
    William Burtnett 2 hours ago +14

    I am extremely claustrophobic and the second Floyd Collins got trapped I almost backed out. But Internet Historian's storytelling ability kept me around. Keep up the good work brother. You never miss.

  • Jonathan Price
    Jonathan Price 10 hours ago +3896

    I'm in awe of the moral integrity on Miller. He goes there for a scoop but ends up risking his own safety time and again for a man he barely knows. Even when Floyd passed going so far as to decline that million dollar contract to stay humble. He deserved more than just a Pulitzer.

    • MaximumHeresy
      MaximumHeresy 46 minutes ago

      Both an exemplary case of investigative journalism, and one of humanity.

      GAMER123GAMING Hour ago

      @MK Ultra ok

    • M Alif
      M Alif Hour ago

      He was a true hero

  • Bruh
    Bruh 2 hours ago +52

    I physically gasped, covered my mouth, and began to weep when the news of Floyd's status were revealed.
    So tragic that the cave would take him like that.

    • Tubuxis
      Tubuxis 50 minutes ago +1

      Haha no you didn't

    • Bruh
      Bruh 2 hours ago +13

      Remember that the last time he saw someone, it was before the cave in. I just hope that he could have known the effort so many people were still making to save him. That they didn't give up on him.

  • FloridatedH2O
    FloridatedH2O 2 hours ago +7

    The fact that in 2020 when I first heard this story it was STILL very hard to find good diagrams clearly showing the geometry of the cave and how Floyd was stuck is mildly infuriating for some reason.

  • chris
    chris Hour ago +5

    The amount of irony of the exploitation of his tragedy and death all caused by his fascination with the abyss of the cave and his own plans to commercialize it is staggering. A story with enough symbols and inherent meaning to pull from it, but must I separate myself from non-fiction and just applaud you for your storytelling.

  • Busta von Nutz
    Busta von Nutz 3 hours ago +4

    The entire story is dripping with tragic irony, yet you totally did it justice. Kudos, always worth the wait.

  • Hunter Hefti
    Hunter Hefti 5 hours ago +1566

    Miller was absolutely inspiring. He was a man who came down to get a scoop. Braved the cave when no one else would, to get said scoop. Saw Floyd first hand, and chose to stick around and help him get out. A complete stranger risking his own life over and over again, to help a person in need

    • KismetHavok
      KismetHavok Hour ago +2

      Miller, Homer and Gerald were all real bros.

    • M Alif
      M Alif Hour ago +18

      He was a massive legend
      The dentist at the end of the story however is the polar opposite, calling him a massive fucking prick would be an understatement

    • jjcoola998
      jjcoola998 3 hours ago +32

      A based stranger

    • 「Iberis」
      「Iberis」 3 hours ago +100

      @theguyyouhate Miller did not take the money at the time of Great Depression, my man is an absolute chad.

    • theguyyouhate
      theguyyouhate 3 hours ago +103

      honestly what cemnted him as inspireing was saying no to the deal. now don't get me wrong i completly understand why his brother took it. but Miller had nothing more to do with the case. and rather than enrich himself on the entire story, which wouldn't even be that bad a thing really, he was done.

  • Mark Troianovski
    Mark Troianovski 3 hours ago +6

    man what a rollercoaster of a story. the whole thing made me feel clausterphobic and it was terrible finding out floyd died. well done.

  • Blerst
    Blerst 4 hours ago +14

    "The story of Floyd Collins' entrapment in the cave system as well as the effort to rescue him was detailed by the RU-clipr "Internet Historian" in a video entitled "Man in Cave" on September 29, 2022." -Wikipedia

  • Ed D.
    Ed D. Hour ago +6

    I heard Floyd's story before, I knew how it ended, but somehow I thought "maybe I misremembered it and he really does get out" but no. Your storytelling gave me hope for someone I knew died in the end.

  • Mozzie
    Mozzie Hour ago +4

    This is the first 1 hour+ RU-clip video that I actually sat and watched in its entirety. You've done a fantastic job conveying the mood of the story through the right choice of words and tones. I'd like that thank your editors as well for their fantastic skills in making the video entertaining and visually stimulating, it helped reinforce the moments in the story as well as release the anxiety of the topic using some visual humor.

  • Havoc
    Havoc 13 hours ago +538

    Miller was there for the content of the story but stayed to geniunely help Floyd to be rescued. Sadly he died, I'm sure he remembered those moments they talked in that cave. Such a wild story and undeniably a good reason why its popular for years to come. Rest in Peace Floyd.

    • Adrian The Normie
      Adrian The Normie 11 hours ago +2

      @august lavdal sad they don't make journos like him anymore

    • august lavdal
      august lavdal 11 hours ago +10

      "For the content" lol. Miller was for sure one of the most kind hearted people to ever walk this earth.
      You may ask why. Ask yourself if you were a reporter: Would you risk your life like he did? Your job was to report to a newspaper not to save a person, would you still keep risking your life? you have never been in a cave before and have no experience, do you still do it?
      Everything seems to point the other way.
      Miller must have had a lot of compassion and willpower.
      What a manly man!

  • Skye
    Skye 3 hours ago +2

    It's been awesome watching Internet Historian make the jump into deep dive, real life documentaries while keeping his own style and humor. Love to see it, and the content keeps getting better. Cost of Concordia was great but this is a big step up. I'll patiently await the next one.

  • Stranger
    Stranger 4 hours ago +7

    While it's not nearly as tragic as the fact that a man lost his life in one of the most terrifying ways possible there, I am pretty saddened at how his bungled rescue has more or less completely prevented anyone from seeing that beautiful Gypsum hollow he was trying to uncover, and instead had to have his corpse paraded around like a carnival sideshow as the main attraction of the cave.

  • Tico
    Tico 2 hours ago +4

    The tension was built so well, it made me so invested in this story to the point where i could feel my heart pumping faster & faster, mad props to you internet historian.

  • JJJameson
    JJJameson 3 hours ago +10

    Not only was this the 1# trending video, but it keeps suspense and intrigue through the whole thing. Incredible!

  • Your Favorite Shiba
    Your Favorite Shiba 8 hours ago +1590

    The fact that Gerald moved a half TON of rock is just awe inspiring. The strength and willpower to do that is just insurmountable. I wouldn't doubt that he would have chipped away the whole damn cave to save his friend.

    • leon as
      leon as 2 hours ago

      he did it while being upside down. His strength was incredible.

    • AxeGamingYT
      AxeGamingYT 4 hours ago +1

      @Savuth by hand in a cave too.

    • Savuth
      Savuth 4 hours ago +6

      @Joe He did it by hand though

    • Joe
      Joe 6 hours ago +1

      If you've ever shoveled out a truck bed that was full of gravel, then you've also moved at least half a ton of rocks. Lol

    • Incognito Man
      Incognito Man 6 hours ago +5

      As I saw that, I was awe-inspired. Wow.

  • HQi88
    HQi88 Hour ago +3

    Storytelling is an art and one that Internet Historian has mastered. I didn't think it was possible to get claustrophobia from watching your video but here we are.
    The amount of effort that has gone into scripting, recording, animating and editing clearly shows.
    Can't wait for your next video :)

  • Arcade
    Arcade 2 hours ago +4

    I love the Wendigoon collab, so out of left field. You never cease to surprise, internet man

  • f
    f 59 minutes ago +2

    this video was so unexpected but I love it

  • 20k challenge with 0 video

    If anyone ever haunted anything, this man is for sure haunting the shit out of that cave

    • LadyofSwearsalot
      LadyofSwearsalot 37 minutes ago +1

      @Travis Tucker you're right. If anything he is haunting that asshole dentist's house

    • The Hatter
      The Hatter 37 minutes ago

      @Travis Tucker doesn't have to be a willing haunting

    • Travis Tucker
      Travis Tucker 58 minutes ago +3

      No, the last thing he would ever do is spend one more second in that God forsaken cave.

  • Michael McDoesn'tExist
    Michael McDoesn'tExist 14 hours ago +1571

    This story both demonstrates humanity's best, and humanity's absolute worst. *That part where two random losers just lied that he was fine, is so disgusting.*

    • Peter Clarke
      Peter Clarke 10 hours ago +9

      They gained the same thing that all people like them gain: the smug feeling that they have done something to manipulate (or derail) a big event.
      It's ultimately always about power and control, about having a dark little secret that makes them feel special. Same thing that's happening today in the states.

    • nikki terry
      nikki terry 11 hours ago +3

      @Tom M his mother had died tho… so who did the letter even go to? It’s just weird because they didn’t benefit from that whatsoever

    • Pandie Goodies
      Pandie Goodies 12 hours ago +3

      Time truly is a flat circle with how humanity is.

    • Marcus Grimm
      Marcus Grimm 12 hours ago +3

      the duality of man

  • Eoin Lenihan
    Eoin Lenihan 2 hours ago +2

    This video is a masterpiece. Genuinely one of the best videos I've ever watched on here. I watched it when it came out yesterday but wanted to come back and just comment on it. One of the fastest hours of entertainment in a long time. Great storytelling.

  • Finn the Squire
    Finn the Squire 3 hours ago +3

    I have heard of this before and I knew the outcome but it still hit me so hard when they found him. Rest in peace Floyd.

  • scruffy makaveli
    scruffy makaveli 4 hours ago +4

    You are an amazing storyteller. A pride of RU-clip.

  • Lisa M. Willson
    Lisa M. Willson 59 minutes ago +3

    Never in my life did I think an internet historian video would make me feel so tense. What a wild story.

  • Huggbees
    Huggbees 19 hours ago +4328

    Missed opportunity to call it "Man in Hole" but still excited nonetheless.

    • XOmniverse
      XOmniverse 12 hours ago

      Huggees on Incognito Mode when?

    • Matthew M. S., CFP
      Matthew M. S., CFP 13 hours ago

      I would have called it "Man Cave".

    • 七Nana Chi乳chi
      七Nana Chi乳chi 14 hours ago

      Time to to dub this vid with a documentary of a lazy sleepy man refusing to leave the cave and his brother crying about it.

    • Rookless
      Rookless 14 hours ago

      Bro, you survived the hurricane!

  • Nathan
    Nathan 4 hours ago +2

    I'd love to see a follow up with ways he could've actually been saved, at so many points I started to have hope and I can't help but wonder what would've happened if Homer and Johnnie had told the crowd to piss off and handled it themselves.

  • Benjamin Kelly
    Benjamin Kelly Hour ago +3

    A brilliant, sad story of a doomed man and the various valiant rescue attemps of his best friends.
    IH, congratulations on a truly magnificent video 🥂

  • Imotekh
    Imotekh 3 hours ago +2

    Amazingly produced content as is usual with the historian. This was an utter Rollercoaster of emotion to go through, tense, exhilarating and heartbreaking to see how it ended. Absolutely amazing
    I, however, wanted to ask a question to anyone who may know as to another now likely deleted channel of a project the historian did. Around the time Kingdom Come: Deliverance released there was a reading of the codex by him. I remember it distinctly but it is no nowhere I can find. I would appreciate at least a second acknowledgement to prove that I wasn't entirely crazy and it did exist.

  • Jack the Worm
    Jack the Worm 45 minutes ago +1

    I once saw an article about this cave, and I was just too horrified at the mere premise to read it. You made such a terrible story so much more palatable for me, your storytelling skills are astounding. Thank you for you work.

  • Collin McLaren
    Collin McLaren 17 hours ago +1015

    By the last 5 minutes I'm just like *"HAS THIS MAN NOT GONE THROUGH ENOUGH?!? Just let him be at peace!!"*

    • Shakes.Don't know what yer gettin
      Shakes.Don't know what yer gettin 11 hours ago +1

      Nobody tell him that someone since dug him up and stuffed him back in the cave...

    • Geoffery Swanson
      Geoffery Swanson 16 hours ago +18

      How he survived so long is insane

    • 「Iberis」
      「Iberis」 16 hours ago +20

      But the bit about the two mysterious mens hurling Floyd's body into the sky and missing the river is hilarious though ngl xD

    • C O L I N
      C O L I N 16 hours ago +6

      i like your name

  • Staticatt _
    Staticatt _ 3 hours ago +2

    This story is utterly heartbreaking. Well done! Mr Storian

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    Many of the plotlines and characters aren't accurate to this particular case, but the main character is a newspaper reporter who stumbles upon a cave-in victim as the family and townsfolk attempt to free him. I won't spoil the movie if you want to watch it, but it's a great Film Noir movie, and I would recommend watching it.

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    (Although, in objective retrospect......the whole grand affair, where so many people's lives were put needlessly in danger.......kind of funny/sad that the whole affair arose simply from one man not having basic common sense of danger. There's bravery, like risking getting stuck in a collapsing cave to save someone's life.....then there's risking the same just so maybe you can make more money than you might otherwise.....not sure I'd call that brave so much as stupid.)

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