A delay to Brexit is 'almost inevitable', Scotland's Nicola Sturgeon tells FRANCE 24

  • Published on Feb 21, 2019
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    In an interview with FRANCE 24, Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon weighed in on the current Brexit impasse, saying she believes it's "almost inevitable" that the process will be delayed. The SNP leader also insisted she had a "democratic mandate" for a second referendum on Scottish independence, saying she will soon reveal when she intends to call one.
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Comments • 1 439

  • gfy
    gfy Month ago +2

    It's time to wake up dorothy . Yes dear, yes you see it's all been a dream. You are one stupid woman the other one lives in No 10.

  • TrainFan 95
    TrainFan 95 2 months ago

    It's "Jaguar", not "Jagwire".

  • catalin90vlad
    catalin90vlad 3 months ago

    France can’t wait for an independent Scotland! Champagne showers🥳 BTW Alsace-Lorraine also

  • Robert Barbour
    Robert Barbour 3 months ago

    Nicola really starting to get some traction now. She is fast becoming a sensible head whilst most politicians are running around with there hair on fire.

  • john metrac
    john metrac 3 months ago

    We voted out stop defying us we don’t want deals or delays!!

  • Dinamo
    Dinamo 4 months ago

    Fact checking,, ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐/⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐!!!

  • Lee Jones
    Lee Jones 4 months ago

    give scotland their wish and let them leave. on their heads let it be

  • Michael Griffiths
    Michael Griffiths 4 months ago

    Where has this odd little tart been. We should have realised shed have to surface some time. But, how could she reannounce herself ? Wee hoo Here I am. But no. No one would care. No. She chose the trouble of the minute and decided to try and say something contentious about it , to raise her profile out of the doldrums. No ones bothered about scotland leaving. Its all gone over to the whole country. Britains leaving. Goodbye luv. You can go back to sleep again.

  • Ollie J Kinder
    Ollie J Kinder 4 months ago


  • tatties and eggs
    tatties and eggs 4 months ago

    Salmonds wee anal toy sturgeon needs done in corrupt euro loving disgrace hang wee Burnie krankie the fraud

  • trueblue
    trueblue 4 months ago

    Wow cranky wants to be independent - - yet stay in the EU ? lol - - thats a contradiction if ever I heard one .She would do well working in Brussels with Juncker the drunkered - - -ignoring elections and what people want is a key requirement for the EU -

  • mmtot
    mmtot 4 months ago

    Nicola Sturgeon is a little globalist prostitute it's as clear as day

    • portaccio
      portaccio 4 months ago

      What does globalist mean?

  • Proselytizing Orthodox Pentecostal Trans Rabbit

    Can you imagine if having won her referendum, Nicola Sturgeon then told the UK Scotland would not leave unless it got what it wanted?

  • Uli Neunektar
    Uli Neunektar 4 months ago


  • Skodaman2
    Skodaman2 4 months ago

    Why does France 24 bother interviewing this raving communist. The SNP are finished anyway.

  • Marienkäfer
    Marienkäfer 4 months ago

    Alba agus Éire

  • med ray
    med ray 4 months ago

    Agree! we need a 3rd referendum if we lose again.

  • George Fowler
    George Fowler 4 months ago

    A second referendum ........oh didn't we get the first one right then

    • hyde1886
      hyde1886 4 months ago

      judging by pretty much every single metric that's been used so far ... yes ... yes you got it 100% wrong ...

  • Hog Wash
    Hog Wash 4 months ago

    Scotland. A nation of 5 million people. Whinging and whining about "Freedom!" and independence since the Stuart's were flipped the Spanish Archer because of their disasterous arrogance, which culminated in 2 civil wars and 3 pro Stuart rebellions. The Presbyterian Scots are also part of the problem that we now have in Ulster. Inside "The Union" of the UK since 1707 because they bankrupted themselves trying to colonise Darien in Panama with a few ships and even less money. Presently receiving free further education, free medical prescriptions, have their own parliament, and basically freeloading off England. Now talking about scuttling off to join another Union to fund them. "Freeeedom!"

  • wandering sadhu
    wandering sadhu 4 months ago

    can someone please sack fishwomen, why are scottish leaders always named after fish ?

  • Triumph OnTour
    Triumph OnTour 4 months ago

    Who votes for this cranky looking wally ?? Hilarious stuff... at what point does she hold her hands up and recognise that if Scotland had won their independence they would now be billions in debt as the entire economics behind it was based on the value of oil at that time. Just dumb politics. Entire Scottish parliament subsidised by the rest of the UK. Ever heard of not biting the hand that feeds you ? She’s got one thing right... Brexit is a joke and we need the EU just as much as they need us. If Brexit was reversed tomorrow, the pound would shoot up, money markets would flourish, house prices will rise and everyone would be a winner !

  • Евгений Увин

    Nicola Sturgeon is woman??

    KAI SHEN 4 months ago

    I like Scottish people~~~~

  • Joe Clooney
    Joe Clooney 4 months ago +1

    That Chucky doll still ranting on ey, one of the most irresponsible politicians in the UK

  • john tash
    john tash 4 months ago

    Democratic choices,....her party took away(initially) my tax creds..thru a wage rise and the s.l w.both of which I never asked for...and deciding people drink too much .to hit the non alkys in pocket too....im neither fir or against snp..

  • Marcus W
    Marcus W 4 months ago

    So screw everyone els in the U.K. ok got ya
    Anyone who buys into this woman’s rubbish is a fool, Westminster made everyone earning low wages they pay no income tax at all, this woman decided no and put it back in Scotland then she raised taxes on everyone in Scotland earning over 24k a year (cause that’s a lot of money lol)
    She’s bungled the nhs budget in Scotland.
    Education level is dropping like a stone because of her policy’s.
    Local councils in Scotland who are not SNP had their budgets slashed 50% lol 😂
    She’s a hypocrite and a lier.
    She lost HALF her seats at the last election. Scotland is wising up to her bulshit

    For the record I voted remain and I am Scottish

  • DF Amaris
    DF Amaris 4 months ago

    I saw it when it aired, Nicola made me want to be Scottish, nothing but love for her

  • custom bikes
    custom bikes 4 months ago

    You must also remember that before the English civilised the Scot's they were still eating dung and marrying there sisters! So just a simple thank you will suffice.

  • custom bikes
    custom bikes 4 months ago

    Unless they make Haggis and whisky two of our five a day Scotland could not survive on its own.

  • Jack Grimes
    Jack Grimes 4 months ago

    Nicola Sturgeon says "We all suffer if the principles of democracy are undermined - yet she wants Scotland to be in the EU, where the leadership is unelected. Talk about a contradiction in terms! She would of course then be entitled to a lucrative EU pension. The EU allows poorer countries to join so they can lend them money. Then what happens? They impoverish those countries. Look at Greece, a basket case now owned by Germany. Italy, now officially declared as in recession. €200 moved from Italy to German banks over the last 18 months. The same is happening from other EU countries. If/when the Euro collapses, Euros in German banks would go up in value, whereas in other states currencies would be devalued. This means, in a single currency environment, the German Euro is worth more than that of other Eurozone members. The German banks are already prepared to print Deutsch marks - maybe that has something to do with it? Look at what's happening in Spain and Portugal, massive unemployment and unrest. Look at France, where increases in taxes are starting to really bite. Look at Ireland - young men fought and died to gain their independence from GB, only to give it away by joining the EU. The Irish PM says, when Teresa May visits, that he won't be discussing the Irish back stop and Brexit - why - because he can't speak for Ireland, it's owned by the EU. Only they can deal on Ireland's future. They Irish PM may be smiling when he appears on TV, but his people are in desperate straits. Denmark and Sweden are also suffering. Any MP of a sovereign democratic nation, who votes to surrender that sovereign democracy to a union that is not democratically controlled, is a traitor to those they represent. The EU, like the Eurozone, are rapidly failing experiments. The rate of failure is accelerating exponentially. The UK will probably not be allowed to leave, because the political and wealthy elite have too much to lose. But if Brexit is successful it will no doubt be blamed for fetching down the whole EU experiment. It will be a contributory factor - but it's falling apart anyway.

  • Jack Grimes
    Jack Grimes 4 months ago

    I'm English. I'll be among the first in the clamour to help pay for it.

  • ImSidgr
    ImSidgr 4 months ago

    A Scotty and a Frenchy speaking Eigo, huh

  • Guru Sandirasegaram
    Guru Sandirasegaram 4 months ago

    Hon first minister Nicola Sturgeon I asked you
    You want to me to sign divorce paper.( Scotland wants independent from England)

  • coelo physis
    coelo physis 4 months ago +1

    A DELAY = remain in EU (EU is great on paper but so was the USSR). Uncertainty is the real enemy of the democratic wishes of British people.

  • epsleon
    epsleon 4 months ago

    How is the fact that a region within Britain voted differently to the winning result a sign of failed democracy?
    Is forcing Scotland to stay in the EU undoing the winning result, that 38% of Scots voted for, not a sign of a failed democracy?

    Remember when UKIP got 12% of the votes in a general election to win 1 seat and SNP only got 4.7% but won 56 seats? 2.5 times the public support, 1/56th of the political power, sounds like a failure to me.

  • Daz Davis
    Daz Davis 4 months ago

    What a plonker she really is

  • Jintaro Kensei
    Jintaro Kensei 4 months ago +1

    Sturgeon is an interesting name.

  • Sammy b's Tv
    Sammy b's Tv 4 months ago

    Wat bout the ppl in Scotland who voted to leave 🤦‍♂️ divide the votes whichever way u like. dividing ppl is all governments and media do! That’s how dictators operate.

    • alen40to
      alen40to 4 months ago

      What about the 48% of people in the Uk that voted to remain? Isn't that a divide? Or were they the lesser part of the country so their opinion doesn't matter? because if so, then the lesser part of Scotland voted to leave..

  • Felix Powell
    Felix Powell 4 months ago

    An evil and treasonous woman.

  • Micheal Currie
    Micheal Currie 4 months ago

    Resources, all down to resources in the end.......Think ahead. The world is full of self preservation, independent of how positive and peaceful we may think that it is. Dangerous times!

  • Tel
    Tel 4 months ago

    Send 1 billion snackbars now to Edinburgh and paisley in case there hungry

  • KentuckyBourbon Fade
    KentuckyBourbon Fade 4 months ago

    why do politicians of current preach on about democracy yet choose to ignore it when the British public have their say? The Scottish didn't want to leave the United Kingdom, and the United Kingdom wants to leave the EU. Yet we can see (transparency!) individuals trying to block the wishes of the country. Those politicians are in the process of destroying the trust, the very thing (democracy) which supposedly differentiates the Nation to others around the world. Is the UK a democratic Nation or not?
    PS - all this talk about the UK now knowing the facts that it didn't know at referendum is utter nonsense. All we have heard are phrases such as "Cliff edge" all designed by remainer media organisations like the BBC in hope of brainwashing the UK public. Half empty - half full. What about the impact it will have on the rest of EU when the UK leaves!? German cars. Italian fashion. French wine. Spanish tourism. Greece yogurt. etc. etc. Are they really going to cut off their nose to spite their face!?... I don't think so. That is why the UK will get the deal it needs, or ought too should the politicians that the UK public put in Parliament, act out the will of the Nation. There will be a massive revolt should those empowered by trust choose to dictate rather than proceed as the county wishes. This is going to be a massive historic event one way or another!

  • Robert Anderson
    Robert Anderson 4 months ago

    The vote was to " LEAVE " , no if's, no but's , GET ON WITH IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • hyde1886
      hyde1886 4 months ago

      i like your row of exclamation points ... they look like eu mandated straight bananas ....

  • Groovy Kid
    Groovy Kid 4 months ago

    why are you waiting, please hurry up.

  • thisisbob1001
    thisisbob1001 4 months ago

    Problem was the eu expanded too fast for the UK. They were happy when just west Europe.

  • kyle watt
    kyle watt 4 months ago +1

    she is letting the eu divide the uk....

    THE WHITE DEVIL 4 months ago +2

    What a joke leave means leave, or it use too in the English Dictionary!!!

  • William Wilberforce
    William Wilberforce 4 months ago

    Where is Scotland's future if it does not have a veto on the brexit mess?

    • Albert Pike
      Albert Pike 4 months ago

      @alen40to It was a UK vote and not a Scottish vote. I know many SNP voters who voted to leave the EU dictatorship and Sturgeon is ignoring them.

    • alen40to
      alen40to 4 months ago

      @Albert Pike It actually voted overwhelmingly to stay.. Just because England voted to leave and has a much higher population does not mean that Nicola Sturgeon represents England. She represents Scotland.

    • Albert Pike
      Albert Pike 4 months ago +1

      Scotland voted to leave the EU as part of the UK.

  • martin manifold
    martin manifold 4 months ago +2

    The money for this vanity exercise has been stolen from core services in scotland ....

  • Danny Feller
    Danny Feller 4 months ago +5

    Ah the poisonous politician speaks again. This character does not represent me and I live in Scotland. She has created more problems than solutions. I would also point out the referendum was held as a UK referendum. I do not have words to describe how little I think of her.

  • compendious succient
    compendious succient 4 months ago +2

    ‘Strong independent country in the EU’ with no control over trade, borders, currency, domestic policy and soon to be international. Ridiculous

  • Chris hepburn
    Chris hepburn 4 months ago

    England fund Scotland .Freeloaders.

  • ebenezer scrooge
    ebenezer scrooge 4 months ago +1

    hope someones do the right thing and turns her into worm food

  • ebenezer scrooge
    ebenezer scrooge 4 months ago +1

    what a pathetic cvnt

  • Mohsin Shahbaz
    Mohsin Shahbaz 4 months ago

    Nicolas should push more to Corbyn for a second referendum... The PM has made a mockery of brexit full of lies and discreet discrepancy

  • Adelante077
    Adelante077 4 months ago

    Your all idiots (both sides)

  • airzoomhuarache
    airzoomhuarache 4 months ago

    Just Scotland could claim for independence even without brexit at this point just becoming a true nation so these Brits goats in Westminster will learn how to listen others instead taking decisions for all!! huahah so hilarious 😂

  • Alan High
    Alan High 4 months ago

    Nicol is entirely right about Cobyn who is only counting down the clock with May. Get your act together Cobyn!

  • Alan High
    Alan High 4 months ago

    Nicola Sturgeon is a rare politician that is able to put her point across in a very articuate way. No comparison to the Brexit and tears parties that sound like the blokes in the pub with anti-- their european banter lies. Bravo Nicola for your integrity a non nonsense approach to politics. I will gladly vote for independence now.

  • Tristram Lai Miles
    Tristram Lai Miles 4 months ago

    Why doesn't NS step up and run for PM? She's far more capable than most and would then be in a far better position to represent Scotland's interests. She's the only strong capable leader in UK politics at the moment and she can't have it both ways; 'Scotland should be independent, but then dependent on the EU'. Her constant undermining of the union and hatred of the Welsh, English and Northern Irish undermines Scotland's voice in parliament.

  • Author Damien Isaak
    Author Damien Isaak 4 months ago +2

    I HATE that woman

  • Joaquin Andreu
    Joaquin Andreu 4 months ago

    What would be the point of the extension? The UK doesn't seem kind to make a second referendum, Westminster doesn't seem to agree with any deal.... why extend this charade? better get done with this Brexit craziness the sooner the better.

  • Steven Smith
    Steven Smith 4 months ago +1

    I think Nicola Sturgeon is a bit odd as she wants Independence for Scotland but still wants to be in the EU which will still require Scotland to follow EU Laws

    • hyde1886
      hyde1886 4 months ago +1

      if you could belong to larger group (europe) whose laws, values and general outlook meshes with your own and interferes much less with your ability to more autonomously govern your affairs ... versus larger group (england) which does not ... are you really unable to see why you may be ok with one and be not ok with the other ...

  • Safrus Salmus
    Safrus Salmus 4 months ago

    In my opinion a delay to brexit is almost impossible, because neither side wants to be the one to ask for a delay.

  • Philip Harris-Smith
    Philip Harris-Smith 4 months ago

    Presumably the plan (by the EU) is no British MEP’s😂😂😂. If so this is likely to cause a General election.

  • Kevin Joe
    Kevin Joe 4 months ago

    uk is ruined, it is better to join the usa as three states or four

  • john stone
    john stone 4 months ago


  • Night Rider
    Night Rider 4 months ago

    716 hours left. its too late. AND i dont care either.

  • Richard Naylor
    Richard Naylor 4 months ago +2

    She's back, vile woman

    • J R
      J R 4 months ago

      That's a horrible thing to say about your mother, Richard. Have some respect.

  • SandgrownManc
    SandgrownManc 4 months ago

    Oh the Sun is full of shite, who knew?!!!