MASSIVE KOREAN SEAFOOD HOTPOT! Seafood Tour of Jeju South Korea

  • Published on Oct 8, 2018
  • I went to Jeju Island in South Korea for its amazing scenery and ended up eating some of the FRESHEST seafood I've ever had! SERIOUSLY the abalone was one of the BEST seafood items I've ever had.
    I started off with some fish, then moved on to the abalone and finished off with a massive seafood hotpot that would satisfy any appetite. But make sure to add that grilled abalone to your seafood bucket list because it needs to be at the top.
    Places I went to:
    - 명물식당 : jorim
    Address: 1167-4 Samdo 2(i)-dong, Cheju, Jeju-do
    명진전복 (MyeongJin JeonBok): abalone
    Address: 1282 Haemajihaean-ro, Gujwa-eup, Cheju, Jeju-do
    성산 고등어 쌈밥 : mackerel ssam rice
    Address: 232 Goseong-ri, Seongsan-eup, Seogwipo, Jeju-do
    대원가 (Eng: DaeWonGa) : seafood pot
    Address: 62-1 Donam-dong, Cheju, Jeju-do
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  • wisterV
    wisterV Day ago

    “This is the greatest (fill in the blank) I have ever had in my life!”
    Every episode! 😂😂😂

  • Jea Dusek
    Jea Dusek 8 days ago

    It looks like you carry your own chopsticks. What kind are they, and where can we get some like them?

  • Slagg CS
    Slagg CS 9 days ago

    You're getting so jewed on those prices

  • Jefferson Thabah
    Jefferson Thabah 10 days ago

    Almost in every video "you should come to this place just for this" .. I can't even go to just one of any of the place recommended 😂

  • Sinermox
    Sinermox 17 days ago

    Why are the Paua (abalone) so small lol.

  • Mayette Arriola
    Mayette Arriola 18 days ago

    Do you travel by yourself?

  • Bob Easy
    Bob Easy Month ago

    Prices have really really gone up in Korea!!!

  • Edward Traxler
    Edward Traxler Month ago

    I found that eating with metal chopsticks in Korea took some time for me to get used to .. lots harder than wooden chopsticks.

  • Dan Smith
    Dan Smith Month ago

    I know what all you guys thinking bout

  • Khanh Tran
    Khanh Tran 2 months ago

    Yo mike bro... just wanna say man your freakin entertaining as heck brother 😁✊ keep up the good work bro your my favorite person to watch when is come to trying to discover great food restaurants.. your the man man!!👍👌 much love and respect bruh 💕❤️🔥😁

  • Chante Hayward
    Chante Hayward 2 months ago

    Nearly cried watching this. Not in a good way either. In Cape Town, South Africa, abalone is so badly poached from our coastline that it nearly went extinct. We have nurseries along the shoreline where we have to raise them safely. There is places where there are about 5 feet deep of just abalone shells. If you are caught poaching, it's jail time and a massive fine.

  • The Observer That Knows nothing

    The american jackie chan

  • Jo Ryker
    Jo Ryker 2 months ago

    When i become rich im just gonna travel and eat!!!

  • Tube Sum
    Tube Sum 2 months ago

    Come gangnam Wang’s pub!!!!!!!!

  • Roseemerald Sapphire
    Roseemerald Sapphire 2 months ago +2

    Korea. .love from Bangladesh... wud love to visit... love to watch u and ur xhanbel awesome videos

  • katya imai
    katya imai 2 months ago

    Im hungry

  • Dan Gonzalez
    Dan Gonzalez 2 months ago

    stay out of my country you kanche

  • Xray Chan
    Xray Chan 2 months ago

    Does anyone thinks Mike Chen looks like a grown midget 🤣🤣🤣

  • Han Park
    Han Park 2 months ago

    I audibly gasped when he broke apart the fish at the beginning and the white meat shined through the sauce

  • Charleelae Chae
    Charleelae Chae 2 months ago

    Jeju island is seafood heaven and i go there alot bc the seafood is so fresh

  • Stephanie Dantzler
    Stephanie Dantzler 3 months ago

    I loved his face he eats the Abalone. He cracks me up. Pure Joy

  • Joyngaihte Ngaihte
    Joyngaihte Ngaihte 3 months ago

    Iam so jealous of you eating a lot of sea food , Iam 25 now and I had only a tiny piece of octopus so far 😅😅😅

  • Milcah Joyce Rafon
    Milcah Joyce Rafon 3 months ago

    Im starting to hate how mike express his delight on da food.
    Im hungry!!! Why are you like dis? I just ate!!!

  • Ann Lake
    Ann Lake 3 months ago


  • Super Alpaca
    Super Alpaca 3 months ago

    mike sucking abalone juice.

  • D Vills
    D Vills 3 months ago

    say abalone one more time

  • Chit Mon
    Chit Mon 3 months ago

    Seafood is my favorite

  • Anne Corey
    Anne Corey 4 months ago

    You love your spicy foods go round the World for your healthy food very good nice to do this you got to have lots of monies to do it awesome thank you for sharing Bless you

  • AmazinglyPotato
    AmazinglyPotato 4 months ago

    this makes me so homesick i can’t even function

  • Jennifer Dempster
    Jennifer Dempster 4 months ago

    what abalone tastes like?

    • Kevin Lee
      Kevin Lee 4 months ago

      It's like a super tender scallop but way more savoury and has the deepness... honestly cant be explained. seriously you need to try it yourself

  • anaya Amoren
    anaya Amoren 4 months ago +2

    Me and son we always watch your videos i mean almost everyday and we love it so much... Big love from Philippines ❤❤❤🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭

  • Meghan Banner
    Meghan Banner 4 months ago

    Did anyone see how shiny that shell was I would have kept it lol

  • Meghan Banner
    Meghan Banner 4 months ago

    There not good there supposed to look kind of flat

  • Alaskaan
    Alaskaan 4 months ago

    Why does he always cover exaggerate when he eats ??

  • J C
    J C 4 months ago

    How does he communicate with the
    waitress? Does Mike knows Korean?

  • Yunita Rizki
    Yunita Rizki 5 months ago

    Take me there 😳 I want to eat seafood

  • Seams Latasha
    Seams Latasha 5 months ago

    Jeju Do! Eating seafood fresh out of the ocean will spoil all other seafood eating experiences. Oh man....abalone is the best....lucky you.

  • Terri Ellis
    Terri Ellis 5 months ago

    Mike I wish you would tell us what the price of every, single item you have is, right in the video.

  • florencetay999
    florencetay999 5 months ago

    Can I now the NAD of Restaurants. Visiting soon.

  • Amanda Williams
    Amanda Williams 5 months ago

    Why are the abolone so little?

  • A Kim
    A Kim 6 months ago

    Does Mike travel with a camera person?

  • John Iong
    John Iong 6 months ago

    9:36 I tried the raw abalone and now abalone is one of my fav food

  • lexi kawaiiqueen
    lexi kawaiiqueen 6 months ago

    I wish my bf talked about me like he talks about seafood 😁

  • wt f
    wt f 7 months ago

    Are you mikey chen

    Oh yes u r

  • Nina Nguyen
    Nina Nguyen 7 months ago

    You are making me crave abalone 🤤🤤🤤

  • gayatri sud
    gayatri sud 7 months ago

    Can anyone tell me what kind of weather it is Rn in jeju?

  • Raine Mueller
    Raine Mueller 7 months ago

    I’m chewing gum and when you swallowed the fish i almost swallowed my gum.

  • Chrystal Munroe
    Chrystal Munroe 7 months ago

    I tried my first hot pot and I’m absolutely hooked. It was so delicious

  • HyMiNameIsTyler
    HyMiNameIsTyler 7 months ago

    Those are some tiny abalone. Another youtuber I watch dives for them in a few videos and they are 9 inches! Like good God that's huge.

  • diane gentle
    diane gentle 7 months ago


  • Abigail Spelman
    Abigail Spelman 8 months ago

    😍 envious!! Food looks delish ahh

  • krux hill
    krux hill 8 months ago

    Those abolony are only little babys

  • tom desantis
    tom desantis 8 months ago

    That hot pot omg God man

  • tom desantis
    tom desantis 8 months ago

    You need to try the dog I'm not joking its good

  • RainCloud210
    RainCloud210 8 months ago

    Oh... you poor soul. Best abalone is raw abalone. Try it next time.

  • blue hid
    blue hid 8 months ago

    Did I miss the abalone prices?🤔 they look divine 🤤

  • Yêu & Yêu
    Yêu & Yêu 9 months ago

    Abalones look good.

  • Î Bäbçõćk
    Î Bäbçõćk 9 months ago

    I don't get what you mean by fish that's not fishy. (mild?)

    It's not like you said a stick wasn't sticky

    I've taken to watching these vids at meals. Less disruption of apatite

  • Jaocb
    Jaocb 9 months ago

    Those paua were taken too early

  • mick Wang
    mick Wang 9 months ago