Fire Ants vs. Water

  • Published on Mar 31, 2018
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    Can fire ants conquer water? Moving my massive fire ant colony into their new home, a 100 gallon South American biotope (all animals and plants from South America) paludarium (half land- half water) was an intense experience to witness! At the onset, it seemed the fire ants, a colony we call the Fire Nation, was having troubles dealing with the river we made in the setup, not to mention being completely chastised by the river's fish. Watch how the Fire Nation deals with their new life in the Selva de Fuego, and check out the surprises and twists that happen along the way. Hope you guys enjoy this week's episode!
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  • Enolam
    Enolam 17 hours ago

    ANT FACT!: Some species of Ants are actually great swimmers, because they have developed their own type of Doggy Paddle. But, only some species can. Ants can do really good things when it comes to water though. They can use leaves as boats and go across water. Ants also have Rafts in the Ocean, Fire Ants specifically!

  • Celeste Medina
    Celeste Medina 18 hours ago

    7:30 the Queen is not a VIP, she is a VIA

  • ptrev30
    ptrev30 Day ago

    calm down

  • Smartech Automation & Control

    to ensure the place is safe . and to create space where she can give birth to ants . and store the ants eggs .

  • Donesse
    Donesse 2 days ago

    This is so good that I dont even care about the 2 ads they're better for the build up LOL

  • ellie obrien
    ellie obrien 2 days ago

    dude you are actually a genius, the rain oml how'd you even think of that

  • kyuubi nine
    kyuubi nine 3 days ago

    You make this video really interesting and amazing

  • Purple Roosta
    Purple Roosta 3 days ago

    the cockroach was paid actor

  • kApRiSuN
    kApRiSuN 4 days ago

    why is this so entertaining

  • Funworks 163
    Funworks 163 4 days ago

    Why am I so hyped for this!??!

  • Jack Opulski
    Jack Opulski 4 days ago

    Only channel in the universe where you can see a fish couple watch a 24/7 ant reality TV show

  • Naminda Perera
    Naminda Perera 5 days ago

    nice narration... you should be in discovery and i just subscribe

  • Akumok Eternal Suns
    Akumok Eternal Suns 5 days ago +1

    Your good at your hobby man, plus narrative skills are spot on, you should work for nat geo or something of sorts

  • Jonathan
    Jonathan 5 days ago

    So beautiful to see someone have passion for the amazing creatures of this world. You my friend are a class act. Inspiring

  • Rychelle Teo
    Rychelle Teo 6 days ago +1

    Idk why but I love how he narrates everything about the ants

  • Danger Noodle
    Danger Noodle 6 days ago

    I accidentally clicked on this video, but I’m glad I did! It was really interesting to see how the ants all worked together on the frog bit “islands”.

  • Extreme Gaming
    Extreme Gaming 6 days ago

    Makes it well to dramatic then what it is 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • can’t tell you cuz ur a stranger

    holy crap theyre freaking ants

  • X x_Alex_x X
    X x_Alex_x X 7 days ago

    Why is this so entertaining?

  • I don't get likes
    I don't get likes 7 days ago

    So basically the queen is Azula

  • Alcxy
    Alcxy 7 days ago

    lol bruh he obviously put the tube near the water there to create tension in the beginning. i mean smart for the video but risky. i will not believe for a second someone who knows this much about ants and clearly invests a lot into it wouldn't have thought to put the tube on the soil...

  • Kevish Fernando
    Kevish Fernando 9 days ago

    Your Channel is freaking awesome

  • Set_Zanx-
    Set_Zanx- 10 days ago


  • Jepoy Domingo
    Jepoy Domingo 10 days ago

    Ants have lifes pls stop killing it is in 10 commandments

  • Anarchon
    Anarchon 10 days ago

    Imagine some stuck up parent berating his kid for being interested in ants and not doing his homework, let your kids express themselves, they will find a way, like the ants do.

  • Brickyway Bricks
    Brickyway Bricks 10 days ago

    *moves a tube out of the water
    after this major change to our river we can move on!

  • Queen JadedRose
    Queen JadedRose 10 days ago

    I just happened upon your channel and I must say I am very impressed! It is so lovely to see a channel where I can play on my tv for my children! Thankyou for sharing this because I could never have any ants due to my young children but I’m subscribing and I will be following with my 7 8 and 1 year olds!! Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou!! So educational and emotional all in one. It’s very sweet to see your love for Ants! 🐜

  • Hijack Wolf
    Hijack Wolf 10 days ago

    I bless the rains down in Africa

  • Hijack Wolf
    Hijack Wolf 10 days ago

    The fish are very hungry that’s why they’re trying to get the ants and they’re bullying them if you try and do something like this again I suggest you feed the fish before you put the ants in that way they’ll be less likely to bully the ants so harshly

  • JellyBiceps_ZA
    JellyBiceps_ZA 11 days ago

    Amazing work that you do!

  • Exogen Design
    Exogen Design 11 days ago +1

    Damn, feels like I was watching Discovery channel

  • jk
    jk 11 days ago

    I love nature shows but I never thought I could enjoy watching ants run around for 40 minutes. Thank you. You're a great narrator too

  • Jacob French
    Jacob French 11 days ago

    Master blueprint... build a massive ship beginning as a station and move from the earth to Mars in the giant colony ship complete with hydroponics bays shuttle bays and harvesting platforms for mining asteroids by pulling a single asteroid from the belt into the mining platform then sending the ore to the refineries onboard the ship which doesn't use heat but magnetic energy and force.

  • Alex Brown
    Alex Brown 11 days ago

    Not a single soul:
    Cockroach on a stick: KILL ME!!!!

  • Nasticus
    Nasticus 11 days ago

    Are the ants walking around underwater?!

  • Gaspar Zielinski
    Gaspar Zielinski 11 days ago

    Day 2 expansion: Spider royale.
    Something tells me your gonna add predators to stop them... That would be interesting

  • Jay-R Weber
    Jay-R Weber 11 days ago

    What's with these ants. For some reason i am feeding ants in our yard lol

  • Tristan Tristan
    Tristan Tristan 11 days ago

    Bit OTT, there just ants!

  • I don't know what to call it

    4:20 you can’t tell me the fish on the left isn’t lagging.

  • Joacy Fonseca
    Joacy Fonseca 12 days ago

    Bro you should work for Discovery Channel! I felt like I was watching a documentary! I’m amazed!

  • vj v
    vj v 12 days ago

    I thought you were going to add Bear Grills

  • Georgia Trucker91
    Georgia Trucker91 12 days ago

    Very interesting and educational.

  • Read More
    Read More 12 days ago

    I’m not the only one who smiled when they reached the wood on the plant.😌

  • Osama Bin Laden
    Osama Bin Laden 12 days ago +1

    Ants are communists

  • princewish
    princewish 12 days ago

    At first you knew that some ants may die and you said population control. Then you were freaking out the second a few fell in. Damn you need to chill you’d think a family member was drowning. they have navigated the Amazon for millions of years they’ll be fine.

  • Jason Burns
    Jason Burns 12 days ago


  • Viperbronco Almasty
    Viperbronco Almasty 12 days ago

    what was that stuff called that deters ants?, how long does it last

  • Alex Trujillo
    Alex Trujillo 12 days ago

    I like those two little shy fishes,
    Kinda reminds me of myself when I was young lol

  • M. Torres
    M. Torres 12 days ago

    Kinda like London....

  • D. Day
    D. Day 12 days ago +32

    Makes u wonder how many ant drownings go unreported each year in the Amazon.

  • T D
    T D 12 days ago +1


  • danial wirdan
    danial wirdan 12 days ago

    Antsgers : Endgame

  • HELLOuw
    HELLOuw 13 days ago

    From what documentary did you grab the lines?

    BARNEY PURPLE 13 days ago +1

    Thank you so much for producing these videos! It just makes me so happy!

  • Boneyfreak
    Boneyfreak 13 days ago

    The ants have been overeating and got too fat, never seen a fat tightrope walker because they all fall and get injured or drown.

  • JHamilton
    JHamilton 13 days ago

    Here's part three to this story!

  • AH-64 Apache Attack Helicopter

    You my friend have earned earned subscription...

  • Jon B
    Jon B 13 days ago

    is anyone else wicked itchy watching this!!!

  • Marco Puma
    Marco Puma 13 days ago

    I dindn't know ants could carry out SAR operations.

  • Alex
    Alex 13 days ago

    I wanted the queen ant to fall in