The Secrets Of A Celebrity Psychic (HBO)

  • Published on Apr 4, 2019
  • Thousands of people paid around $50 at a casino in Welch, Minnesota, to see Tyler Henry, a psychic medium to celebrities, speak to their dead loved ones.
    Henry got famous for his self-proclaimed powers after he was featured on an episode of "Keeping Up With the Kardashians." From there, he launched his own show, where he's given readings to celebrities like Moby, Lil Jon, and former NBC News anchor Matt Lauer.
    Psychics aren't new, but the industry has grown by 52 percent since 2005, becoming a $2 billion business that employs 90,000 Americans. The boom, however, comes with its skeptics. Steven Shaw, known to his fans as “Banachek,” is a magician, a mentalist, and a lifelong debunker of psychics. He argues that they pass off simple trickery as otherworldly powers.
    “I think the most important trick is making it seem like I have empathy for the people like you understand. You've been there before. You know what they're thinking. You know how they feel once you get that empathy," Banachek said. "And once you get a person believing that you're empathizing with them, then you can talk them into doing almost anything.”
    VICE News attended one of Henry's shows to examine the industry.
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Comments • 571

  • VICE News
    VICE News  5 months ago +11

    VICE News attended one of Henry's shows to examine the industry.
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    • A.S.I.A
      A.S.I.A 5 months ago

      What episode is this on? The April 4th episode is amount sumo wrestlers?!

    • **
      ** 5 months ago +2

      VICE News shame on you Vice. I didn’t watch and wish I could take my “view” from the view counter. Utter lack of integrity giving this piece of human garbage your platform for visibility. This is a disgrace. Take it down. Do something else. Take it down now.

  • dopier12
    dopier12 7 days ago

    Don't worry young man, though perhaps there is tiny bit of pure charlotins out there, if any, but somebody like yourself doesn't really need to elevate those so called skeptics on. Why are they so important anyway?

  • fork moynster
    fork moynster 9 days ago

    Lmao. I love how everything Tyler Henry spoke was a question asking about the person

  • fork moynster
    fork moynster 9 days ago

    Hollywood Ejaculation Master

  • Star Child
    Star Child 13 days ago

    I'm not for, neither against him. But the question, as it is with many other "approaches", is: if it makes people feel better, more at easy, calmer etc, does it matter if it's true or not?

  • Dominique M
    Dominique M 13 days ago

    This isn’t unbiased journalism. It’s just not. Tyler Henry seems like a genuine person to me. He exhibits empathetic reactions and a genuine Duchenne smile. I realize that there are charlatans out there. I do. But to assume that everyone is a charlatan is in and of itself intellectually dishonest and logically fallacious.

  • Industrial Painters Toronto Painting

    I must be psychic because I sense he's a gay.

  • JimSweet
    JimSweet 16 days ago

    Woman says, "It's just curiosity and a lot of questions I just want answered." so I'll believe that this guy really does what he does and the dead people will answer those questions. How about start with the questions about this guy being real before you believe that he is and want him to answer the other impossible questions. She thinks, if she can't answer some of these incredible questions, another mere human can. Yeah it doesn't matter if they are a celebrity or not, it's the same cold reading these people give everyone else, being a celebrity can only help with the information. Empathy and the idea of acing like the nicest and most relatable person as Tyler does, makes the person being read comfortable. it's like a used car salesman, but different, he's selling something different and people are buying it in more ways than one.

  • Nelly1
    Nelly1 26 days ago

    The guy is the devil

  • Nelly1
    Nelly1 26 days ago

    There are evil spirits in this world that are the fallen angels who followed Satan in rebellion against God. It’s in the Bible, Revelation 12:9, NKJV. "So the great dragon was cast out, that serpent of old, called the Devil and Satan, who deceives the whole world; he was cast to the earth.

  • llllMiNxllll
    llllMiNxllll 28 days ago

    THIS VIDEO IS FAKE if you want the REAL TRUTH inbox me readings $100 but for a limited time god got you for $60

  • Helen Petersen
    Helen Petersen Month ago

    This man legitimately believes that people cannot feel empathy towards others.... perhaps he is the one in the wrong?

  • B Bt
    B Bt Month ago

    I think he's totally full of s**t!

  • CH567849
    CH567849 Month ago

    2:45 take a look t this guys face...tells you's a vacant look as if he's deciding if he can pull one over on him...

  • Aurora Ramsey
    Aurora Ramsey Month ago

    How do I watch the full thing? I have HBO Now, but I don't see this episode.

  • my naphsha
    my naphsha Month ago

    This is crazy dude...the thing is “both” sides are convincing... the skeptical side makes complete sense because even the Bible Talks about staying away from these types of people...but then when you listen to the psychics, I don’t think they’re lying either. If they are lying it’s as if they’ve convinced themselves that they are legit

  • Maverick Good
    Maverick Good Month ago +1

    The skeptic had nothing to say. Empathy is the bad part? It’s the details in the reading that makes people believe.
    If your going to have a skeptic on, at least bring one on that has something interesting to say.

    • Tamer
      Tamer Month ago

      Agreed. The “skeptic” did a horrific job of disproving mediums. He did have great hair though.

  • Haley Landor
    Haley Landor Month ago

    He’s is not in contacting the dead. The Bible tells us that the dead knows nothing. So he’s connecting with demonic forces who are feeding off of people’s grief and emotions.

  • El EsDee
    El EsDee Month ago

    Cooooonnnnnnnnnn mmmmaaaaannnn!!!

  • Jay
    Jay Month ago

    Has a waiting list of 175000 lmao yea ok he uses that so if someone asks to get read he can refer to his waiting lists

  • jesse moulin
    jesse moulin Month ago

    If this is fake, then anyone can do it right? So why I haven’t seen a skeptic accurately recreate the results that these mediums get? If its a scam and they’re “tricking” people, I wanna see a skeptic demonstrate exactly how it could be done.

  • lzcdf
    lzcdf Month ago +1

    This is a gay pyscopath if I ever saw one, and I have researched Jeffrey Dahmer

  • Tasha’s Tube
    Tasha’s Tube Month ago

    Can ya”ll explain to me why during a session with a client I had this overwhelming loving energy surge through every cell of my being and then had a downloaded message into my mind- “ I am a family relative that has passed away and I am here to love and support him” I asked him and he said yes his father- So all you people that are calling him a con please explain to me what I experienced???

  • peppe pepe
    peppe pepe Month ago

    Studied this VT and his body language spoke volumes. When responding to questions: can the number of Eye closures more than 1.5 seconds normally somebody does this to avoid telling the truth. Eye squinting, his speech rates all confirm he is 100% an out and out liar. What a disgrace.

  • dusty3741
    dusty3741 Month ago

    HR of preperation, an HR on the internet! Aunt ruby's conning in

  • Links Loki
    Links Loki 2 months ago

    I'm glad James randi continues the good fight of fighting the scammers, it's the worst emotional manipulation to impersonate the dead.
    If they could really do it they would NEVER do it in a public setting because the information the dead would pass are very sensitive and would need to be done in private (no one should have to grief in a public setting, imagine if your therapist did a session in front of 50 strangers).

  • rvpstudioscanada
    rvpstudioscanada 2 months ago +1

    Who’s right?

  • johnny guntalilib
    johnny guntalilib 2 months ago

    again a room filled with about 400 people of course someone is going to have a connection with the name Susan or any name are people stupid wait they are stupid and gullible

  • Todd Egan
    Todd Egan 2 months ago

    I can’t stand this kid. What a phony. If you can’t see that just watching him talk, PT Barnum is your best friend.

  • Thornton Mellon
    Thornton Mellon 2 months ago

    Poor sad people want to believe in something. But don't let some 23 year old feminine fake smiley squinty eyed sociopath take your money. I got a feeling he'll be in a gay sex drug scandal within a year

  • Jackie Burruss-Monaghan
    Jackie Burruss-Monaghan 2 months ago +6

    As a tarot reader this pisses me off. Tarot is not a parlor trick. We are not all scammers. I generally do it as a therapeutic service. Sometimes I give some readings for free. People need to be less ridged and believe we are more connected than we think we are.

  • April West
    April West 2 months ago +1

    So he is full of it and he is a bad person.!!!!

  • Pain-Killer Yates
    Pain-Killer Yates 2 months ago +1

    When he smiles he looks really evil

  • Greg E
    Greg E 2 months ago

    A "2 Billion Dollar" a year industry?! I should be Shocked that we live in a country that is inhabited by so many Gullible, Ignorant, and Irrational people eager to be Duped by Lying Conmen. I should be; but then I remember this is the same Country that Elected Dirty-Donald Trump. I think that Shel Silverstein put it Best in his poem, "The Perfect High" as it ends;
    ""Well, that is that," says Baba Fats, sitting back down on his stone, Facing another thousand years of talking to God, alone. "Yes, Lord, it's always the same from Old men to bright-eyed Youth... It's always easier to SELL 'em some SHIT than it is to GIVE them the TRUTH."

    • Greg E
      Greg E 2 months ago

      @Thornton Mellon I'm not at all sure why you say "emotion." What kind of emotion did you get from my very straight forward comment? There was no anger or sadness or really any other emotion. I think that many people read comments and then read things into them that are based on Assumptions and not facts. I was simply making the point that this deceitful industry is a con job that many people buying into. I brought up Trump because I also feel he is a conman who lies to achieve his ends. He never accepts responsibility for his own actions, he tells the most ridiculous lies, he makes outrageous claims like he is the best this, no one in history is the least racist than him, he knows all the "best words". He makes claims that only he can solve everyone's problems and he is the best at nearly everything you can imagine. No other president in modern history (no not even Obama as you believe) is on record for saying the most Lies to the American people. Thus, I'm just pointing out facts that are easily available for anyone to read; if they are the least bit curious. Thus, Mellon "no emotions" were involved in my comment but if you can point them out in my comment I'll be happy to look at what you perceive as emotional in my comment.

    • Thornton Mellon
      Thornton Mellon 2 months ago

      Trump is bad. Obama was worse. You'll see if you take emotion out of it. If you can

  • Laura N.
    Laura N. 2 months ago +2

    I think if people got "personal" readings from them....tides may turn...but....idk....

  • Queen of Diamonds
    Queen of Diamonds 2 months ago

    *He's another illuminati medium, like John Edwards, Silvia Brown, etc. The 'hollywood' medium doesn't even look human. They talks to demons, not the dead. STAY AWAY. They take advantage of the vulnerable to make $. It's a profitable business. Especially when the satanic illuminati media gives them a platform, to do satan's evil work!*

  • Helen Menzies
    Helen Menzies 2 months ago

    Tyler Henry and his entourage would have researched the audience through ticket sales e.g.. names and addresses and found out enough information to make the show a success. He is a classic cold reader too, throwing out generalised statements that would fit somebody in a big audience. It is a total disgrace that this despicable, lying fraud gets away with this and earns a fortune doing so. He should be put in prison and his wealth given to charity.

  • lindsey french
    lindsey french 2 months ago

    So meeting someone for the 1st time I got 2 names Harry and Jerry and lady said my ex and my husband,how does that happen

  • Langdon Alger
    Langdon Alger 2 months ago +1

    Tyler, stop taking speed, go to rehab and when you're better, apologise to everyone you have lied to.😝

  • Greeneyed Gemini
    Greeneyed Gemini 2 months ago

    Why didnt TYLER not know that this SOUL coming through ,that he was "reading" name was Susie. Furthermore why didn't he know that the two WOMAN shared the same name .

    • whydorset
      whydorset Month ago

      I'd like to ask him why the dead are always so vague.

      Why do they have the power to bridge the chasm between death and life, to return from the unknown to give us tidings from the afterlife...but they can't be ever be 100 specific on their names?

  • Forugh Esmaili
    Forugh Esmaili 2 months ago

    the word exposed is missing in the title.

    • Andre Audi
      Andre Audi 2 months ago

      What was exposed exactly? Repeated talking points and theories that all skeptics use?

  • Royallamonique gsrsrxtct

    That's true

  • Arash Fariman
    Arash Fariman 2 months ago

    This has a huge karma and will ruin both sides life. Just check how man. Of these mediums, psychics are still in the spot after these years.

  • Hannah Sky
    Hannah Sky 2 months ago +2

    if you think Earth is all we are you are very mistaken. we are all souls, we communicate with eachother

  • Ryan Shelby
    Ryan Shelby 2 months ago

    Thousands of people work for the shows crew.... wouldn’t somebody have noticed something by now. Googling, ear pieces? Something?! Lol

  • Real Grammy
    Real Grammy 2 months ago

    I get so angry with people that refuse to have an open mind to something only because they don’t understand it. I do believe there are fakes out there. There’s fakes in every situation. My anger comes from closed minded people going “after” people that could have a special ability. Tyler does NO HARM to anyone he reads. I haven’t sailed the oceans but I believe that the world is round.

  • Mill
    Mill 2 months ago

    His facial expressions are so irritating. Psychics are real, but he is a fraud. Only got the show because his boyfriend worked for E!

  • Tasha’s Tube
    Tasha’s Tube 2 months ago +3

    No Trickery*** I did not seek this out* - Here is my experience- FIRST SPIRIT CONTACT-March 12th 2011 - Ive been a massage therapist since 2002- One of my clients name is Sammy and he was going through a really hard time with a break up and just really depressed- well 20min into the massage I felt this overwhelming presence of LOVE beaming through my entire body (the best words to describe something indescribable ) and then I got a download “ I am a family member that has passed and im here to love and support him- so I asked him , Sammy do you have any family relatives that have passed away... There was silence for a minute and then he said yeah my dad . In that moment I was shown the truth of our existence and that we never stop existing* We change form. This happened to me and its very real!

  • Monkey
    Monkey 2 months ago +1

    stars can be google, need an hour to prep/google.

  • John Thang
    John Thang 2 months ago +1

    I don’t normally believe in mediums but somehow, I believe him.

  • Heidi B
    Heidi B 2 months ago

    wow this comment section is so negative... let's still be open-minded, people ugh

  • Kerene Rodriguez
    Kerene Rodriguez 2 months ago +5

    I’ve been read by a medium who’s not famous. They aren’t always a scam

    • Kerene Rodriguez
      Kerene Rodriguez 2 months ago +1

      Marian McAfee I believe you people think it a fake but it’s not. She shocked me too she told me and described my daughters room only after I asked what her future would be. She said things that no one knew about. Idk I mean I guess some people can guess. But she didn’t even want to do it because she was afraid I would judge her. She didn’t even do it for money. So she was very honest. Luckily I was able to communicate with my sibling. And she even said words that only my brother would say. Some people thought I was desperate for thinking it was true but if you don’t experience it you’ll never believe it. You know. I thanked her for doing it and for interpreted the dream for me. Apparently the dream was kind of a warning. Damn even told me something about my time come to an end. Idk I think everyone’s future is destined. But what is crazy is I dreamt of dying in an accident and so did my daughter who has a lot of dreams like me. Idk I don’t think I should be afraid but and I honestly don’t even think she told me in that way she was kind of in a trance.

    • Ziggy3339
      Ziggy3339 2 months ago +2

      I went to one who told me things that all came true. I took another person and she told him scary that was true. She was a psychic to the police in a very large city where I lived at the time (assisting in cases). I have no idea how she tapped into this stuff. She was a nice, normal mother of a seven year old in a suburb. It was many years ago.

  • Kerene Rodriguez
    Kerene Rodriguez 2 months ago

    If you’ve never had a psychic reading them you’ll never know or even believe it’s real

  • Maryann McQueen
    Maryann McQueen 3 months ago

    this guy for sure has never had a reading sorry buddy it is real

  • Sandy De Loera
    Sandy De Loera 3 months ago

    The secrets to a celebrity Psychic is google! Lmao 😂 come on people!!

  • Wazza55
    Wazza55 3 months ago

    I believe that there is gifted people in this world. But there's more fakes than gifted.

  • DJ
    DJ 3 months ago

    SonOfaCock! I need to come up with a bullshit scam!

  • DJ
    DJ 3 months ago +2


  • Linda Moore
    Linda Moore 3 months ago +3

    He gave a reading to Alan Thicke regarding heart ❤️ issues just months before he passed. He died of a ruptured aorta. Things that make you go hummm???

    • Linda Moore
      Linda Moore Month ago

      whydorset Yup!

    • whydorset
      whydorset Month ago

      It doesn't make me think at all. Henry tells Thicke to watch his heart because of some family history with blood pressure or a heart murmur or arrhythmia. He claims to be talking to a relative who died from a heart-related issue, and whose message to Alan Thicke is something like, "Don't be like me. Go see a doctor before it's too late."

      And he misses on all of it. Henry said that there's a history of heart problems for *men* in the family, and claims to talk to one male relative who died because of it. Thicke is unaware of any family history of heart trouble, except for his *sister* who is *still alive*. The "relative" that Henry is talking to is never identified in any way - no name, no sense of how he's related to Alan Thicke.

      So all we have is Tyler Henry telling a 69-year-old man to be mindful of the No. 1 killer of 69-year-old men...and then that 69-year-old man later dying of that very common thing (though not of the specific causes that Henry warned about) a few months later.

      ...Actually, looking at it again, Henry does say it's an issue for men in his family - but he doesn't specifically claim that the man he's "talking" to is a relative. Seems like he's careful not to explicitly say that. He's just getting "a couple people who came through," who have died of heart problems. If there is a history of heart disease in the family, Alan Thicke is likely to fill in the details for him...he'll remember grandpa or a favorite uncle and then Henry looks like he's made contact. But if there's no history (which is the case), well, he didn't say it was a relative.

    • Andrew
      Andrew Month ago +1

      Linda Moore that’s fine, I only have a problem when people act superior and say things like are you so naive that you believe that this world is all there is and shit like that. Anyways good day.

    • Linda Moore
      Linda Moore Month ago

      Andrew Well, yes if that's your beliefs that's cool. Mine are quite different. But, that's not to say I believe in this kid and I'll leave it at that. ✌️

    • Andrew
      Andrew 2 months ago +1

      Linda Moore my main thing is that it is scientifically impossible and for me that’s that. I don’t believe in spirits or anything beyond particles and energy, so how am I supposed to believe him if he would be doing the impossible.

  • kay bay
    kay bay 3 months ago +3

    I’m gonna need him to sit with Jonbenet Ramsey’s parents 🤔