CGI 3D Animated Shorts : "LAST DAY OF WAR" - by Dima Fedotov | TheCGBros

  • Published on Jun 25, 2016
  • Enjoy this part 2 of the Last Day of War" by the talented Dima Fedotov! The last war broke out. All the people are dead, but the machines continue dutifully to follow orders. The automatic base machines begin fueling and charging the weapons of last surviving bomber preparing it to drop bombs on the dead enemy city. This happens until the last echo of mankind subsides completely. Then comes a new era in which there is no place for us. For more information, please see the details and links below:
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  • VLADisLOVE1255
    VLADisLOVE1255 16 hours ago

    Пока существует США, будет велика вероятность такого конца...
    As long as the US exists, there will be a high probability of such an end...

  • Doc Will
    Doc Will 21 hour ago

    I know not what weapons WW-III shall be fought with, but I know WW-IV shall be sticks and stones.
    Alberto Enstine.

  • I I
    I I Day ago

    Goodbye, Fortress......

  • Саша Иванов

    Рисунок бабы на бомбе на литаке это стёб над американцами - Энола Гей?

  • tran offline son
    tran offline son 2 days ago

    hello everybody i'm from VIETNAM , nice to meet you

  • Человек Разумный


  • Shinju Mizushima
    Shinju Mizushima 2 days ago +1

    The music at the end really hit me, I wonder if I can find the full version somewhere

  • Alex Petruco
    Alex Petruco 2 days ago

    опять !одни олени выжили(

    SR71ABCD - BETA TYSON 3 days ago +6

    This is what aftermath of WWIII would look like and world with no human survivors just nature itself.

  • Burton Williams
    Burton Williams 4 days ago

    WOW, just wow. Nicely done.

  • Colonel Klink
    Colonel Klink 4 days ago

    War...war never changes.

  • Nick Moore
    Nick Moore 5 days ago

    "I have become Death, the destroyer of worlds. Gaze upon my works, and despair."

    6:00 OMG, the homage to Cernunnos absolutely nailed it for me! #Subscribed

    • cailco
      cailco 3 days ago +1

      I've seen this a long time ago and I always just thought it was something the come from all the nuclear weapons and radiation used. Didn't think it could be linked to anything. Learn something new everyday

  • Elizabeth Jones
    Elizabeth Jones 5 days ago

    Now I know what America will look like after its war Trump is pushing for against Russia looks like, I must looks good!!
    Go Russia slaughter America 2020... It's in the Bible apparently we normal people are forbidden to question it's authority on angels and demons and spirits of giants or anything cause we are labeled the Antichrist mundane of that breed of fleshys such thing as hu man it's a myth..

  • Hicks
    Hicks 5 days ago

    So beautiful

  • tronlag tv
    tronlag tv 6 days ago

    Výborná práce nejlepší krátký film

  • Tommy Jehma-Müller
    Tommy Jehma-Müller 6 days ago


  • Tommy Jehma-Müller
    Tommy Jehma-Müller 6 days ago


  • Tommy Jehma-Müller
    Tommy Jehma-Müller 6 days ago


  • Tommy Jehma-Müller
    Tommy Jehma-Müller 6 days ago


  • Pierre Jourdan
    Pierre Jourdan 7 days ago

    Super beau !!! Merci et bravo...

  • Nico Cathelot
    Nico Cathelot 7 days ago

    The coolest plane I've ever seen if it weren't for that dumb painting on it

  • The Other Side
    The Other Side 7 days ago

    *This is why it is necessary that nations that are not advanced should do their best to resist taking sides when the big players are having issues. Let them - through the mechanisms of their own inventions - destroy themselves, and then what would be left still standing strong would be the former little guys.*
    *This is to all the Americans, Russians, Chinese, British, French, North Koreans etc; when you guys will start your WWIII, the smaller guys like us will sit it out and watch you all bomb yourselves back into Stone Age, and we will be the ones calling the shots in the new world that would be left behind.*

  • The Other Side
    The Other Side 7 days ago

    *Where is Part 1?*

  • SonOfTexas 1836
    SonOfTexas 1836 8 days ago

    What was that last song at the end????

  • Alex 180SX
    Alex 180SX 8 days ago

    This garbage fire was obviously lost in translation! 🤦🏼‍♂️

  • Play Station
    Play Station 8 days ago

    Was that the dark side of war😧

  • Oliver Tapia
    Oliver Tapia 8 days ago

    La humandad y la abarisia van hacer los causantes de nuestra desaparición

  • Taikung 321
    Taikung 321 9 days ago +1

    Oh well...They are still using FLAK 88

  • Sloan
    Sloan 9 days ago

    Very arty but make no sense.

  • Константин Павлюченко

    Че? Боитесь америкосики "Периметр"!?

  • devildog1982z
    devildog1982z 10 days ago +1

    Fucking stupid.

  • Ernesto Laureano
    Ernesto Laureano 12 days ago

    Me recuerda un cuento corto, y creo que era de Ray Bradbury...

  • King Rivers
    King Rivers 12 days ago

    All that futuristic ass tech and they flying a O ww1 ass plane.

  • Big Mike
    Big Mike 12 days ago

    Who turned off the lights

  • 짝퉁 제품
    짝퉁 제품 13 days ago

    데드스페이스 인줄...

  • Killed By Cobras
    Killed By Cobras 13 days ago

    I'm sorry... what was that all about?

  • Futur Planet
    Futur Planet 13 days ago +3

    War... War never changes....

  • Thomas Tovey
    Thomas Tovey 13 days ago

    Beauty always comes from extreme tragedy and destruction...very meaningful piece of film this is....too bad humanity will more or less suffer this fate.

  • Mostafa Bolour
    Mostafa Bolour 14 days ago +1


  • Nena Ora
    Nena Ora 14 days ago

    Supeeer, homo sapiens the end.

  • il mio Mondo
    il mio Mondo 14 days ago


  • John Malkovich
    John Malkovich 15 days ago

    Беспонтовая хуета, ни о чем.

  • 65elcamino283
    65elcamino283 15 days ago

    Melancholy to the N'th degree...

  • StormTrooper 1134653 2
    StormTrooper 1134653 2 15 days ago +1

    in a way it's sad

  • CrawDad1131
    CrawDad1131 15 days ago

    War will be a part of man's existence until the population has been reduced to one or less.

  • Danielle
    Danielle 15 days ago +2

    That was an eye opener......Beautifully done!

  • Герман Мосолов

    Приветствую! Дружище, тебе надо Ваху 40к экранизировать. Продашь потом ГВоркшопу, было бы круто.

  • Vault Legend
    Vault Legend 16 days ago +11

    A war long over still fought by confused machines

  • rocket knight
    rocket knight 16 days ago +1


  • Jakub Krejčíř
    Jakub Krejčíř 17 days ago

    I am not sure ... But it was Linger (part with bombs)

  • Dave Halkovic
    Dave Halkovic 17 days ago +1


  • Alejandro Garcia
    Alejandro Garcia 17 days ago

    Our ruins will be our story that once a great civilization. Killed by our greed and power.

  • Augustus McGovern
    Augustus McGovern 20 days ago

    Deep, but true. Well done. War doesn't decide who's right. Only whos left. In this situation 20 years after the war... nobody's left.

    МАКС МАКС 20 days ago


  • Решат Якубов

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  • dan destecroix
    dan destecroix 20 days ago

    It's nice but not the full vid

  • Francisco Contreras
    Francisco Contreras 20 days ago

    war will makes stronger

  • Dario Eufrausino
    Dario Eufrausino 21 day ago

    Destino da humanidade se tiver uma guerra atômica. 😓😓😓😓

  • Joel Quintero
    Joel Quintero 21 day ago +3

    brush I was wondering who's piloting it then DUN DUN DUUUUUUNNNN!!!! HE'S DEAD!!!!

  • Owen Kittredge
    Owen Kittredge 22 days ago +2

    Just remember green is bad and deep machine voices

  • Napalm1967
    Napalm1967 22 days ago

    This animation is beautiful

  • Владимир Долганов


  • indy
    indy 23 days ago +18

    this is so beautiful....i'm speechless.....and amazed.
    keep in mind...THIS IS 2016 ANIMATION..and it has the best particle animation i have seen in MY LIFE! this...this is...why did people dislike is way past it's time....

  • 勇者アイルー
    勇者アイルー 23 days ago


  • Legobus Aw
    Legobus Aw 23 days ago

    I have on question when will this get its award

  • Atomic Crafts
    Atomic Crafts 24 days ago +1

    The trailer to an epic game.

    • ethan spaziani
      ethan spaziani 20 days ago

      A game of which no one will ever get to play

  • Robert Geiter
    Robert Geiter 25 days ago +4

    Really enjoyed this very beautiful

  • Joe Bloe
    Joe Bloe 25 days ago

    One could only hope this comes to pass one day. The end of the human plague.

    • Joe Bloe
      Joe Bloe 24 days ago

      @Josef Stalin no worries. We'll do it together. Pick the bridge and time. See you there

    • Josef Stalin
      Josef Stalin 24 days ago

      Joe Bloe well well then jump off a bridge and help the cause mate

  • Awesome trucker 747
    Awesome trucker 747 25 days ago +26

    Would make a cool ass game.

  • whatsgoingon07
    whatsgoingon07 26 days ago

    To many this is a dream come true

  • Eron Limos
    Eron Limos 26 days ago +14

    My god this is amazing. I would watch this over and over such godly animation, Great work to the people who made this, you guys deserve a subscriber, thank you

  • newsham house
    newsham house 27 days ago


  • KemyTymek _95
    KemyTymek _95 27 days ago

    If all people on earth die who was recording this. hmmmmm 🤔🤔

  • Lil Legume
    Lil Legume 27 days ago

    Damn it do be like that sometimes

  • Marcel Thompson
    Marcel Thompson 28 days ago +2

    But the Jägermeister was comming at the End