How To Make Temaki

  • Temaki Recipe. It's fun, it's healthy, it's Sushi. A quick tutorial telling you all you need to know to make the hand held Sushi cones Temaki. Enjoy our Temaki recipe.

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Comments • 45

  • Ken Shin
    Ken Shin Month ago

    ( )
    We offer the best price of “Sushi Nori”, “Wakame”, “Konbu” on Ebay market here.

  • da ne
    da ne Year ago

    I have had something similar to this its just cubed salmon sesame with green onion on top of the rice in the cone and I add spicy sweet chili sauce on top but I think it can be made with lemon ceviche salmon

  • petra beth
    petra beth 3 years ago

    probiere ich mal aus 😘😍

  • Alva Nieves
    Alva Nieves 3 years ago


  • A Google user
    A Google user 3 years ago +4

    the crispy it is the better

  • Randy Oliva
    Randy Oliva 4 years ago

    よくやった 。

  • Bianca Panzram
    Bianca Panzram 4 years ago

    Will be doing this tonight...

  • Andy Zhang
    Andy Zhang 5 years ago


  • JonArt93
    JonArt93 5 years ago

    can we grill the salmon?

    • 🌟 Donatella Poidomani
      🌟 Donatella Poidomani Year ago

      Of course you can

    • CatMilk
      CatMilk 3 years ago +1

      You can put anything you want in it. I like mine with crispy duck, hoisin sauce and scallions

    • Braxton Dennis
      Braxton Dennis 5 years ago +1

      no.... then its not temaki

  • tori
    tori 6 years ago +27

    the crisper it is.. tHE BETTER.

    • fluo
      fluo 4 months ago

      lol "crisper"

    • Randy Oliva
      Randy Oliva 4 years ago

      tost your nori over a flame for a more crispy nori.

  • TheArtCrazed
    TheArtCrazed 6 years ago

    You just cut the square into two halves. But it would still be delicious either way, just with a slightly different shape!

  • オルソヌジェイ
    オルソヌジェイ 6 years ago

    We don't care. And you look hispanic to me

  • guidomaria inocencio
    guidomaria inocencio 7 years ago +2

    the CRISPHA it izs, the BETTAH!!!

  • Michelle L
    Michelle L 7 years ago

    my nori is square shaped....yours is rectangular shaped...does this make a diffrence?

  • Kim Jungmin
    Kim Jungmin 7 years ago

    left handed chef !! So am I. Many chef says left handed chef has a limit to become a great sushi chef.. don't know why but do you guys think so?

  • Jacky
    Jacky 7 years ago

    Nori. Some type of seaweed.

  • Brad Jones
    Brad Jones 7 years ago

    ChocoboxManiac: look at me, look at me! I know Japanese, I live in Japan for 10 years!!! Mispronunciation really really irks me and it irks every Japanese person Ugh ugh ugh.

  • Brad Jones
    Brad Jones 7 years ago


  • Random Mix
    Random Mix 8 years ago

    Tha crispeir is - tha bettah!

  • johnnyboi943
    johnnyboi943 8 years ago

    @LakerGold24 he sound like bear if you know him

  • Geert Wilders
    Geert Wilders 8 years ago

    that is shake temaki richt?

  • nethanbabes
    nethanbabes 8 years ago

    @ChocoboxManiac Wow really? i gotta work on my pronounciation then!

  • anarhy09
    anarhy09 8 years ago

    @SwerdThaViewer Nice, i didn't know about the health benefits. Thank you for telling. ^^

  • SwerdThaViewer
    SwerdThaViewer 8 years ago

    @anarhy09 Also great for your health too. Nori has many useful vitamins and also aids in digestion.

  • Marina
    Marina 9 years ago

    Круто, а есть их руками???? или как????

  • LakerGold24
    LakerGold24 9 years ago

    The crispier... THE BETTAH!!!

    • fluo
      fluo 4 months ago

      he said "crisper" lmao

  • anarhy09
    anarhy09 9 years ago

    @Seirios86 Nori? The seaweed sheets? Are quite very good... I could eat them without other ingredients xD Also, seaweed is very good with seasalt and is also good marinated. :)

  • yani mendez
    yani mendez 9 years ago

    that is like a Mexican Burrito or an american wrap, I like it

  • MR Translator
    MR Translator 9 years ago

    @ChocoboxManiac Yes, you're right, however I don't necessarily think it's bad pronunciation, but rather accent. And that's not something you can easily work against.

  • Alex Gia
    Alex Gia 9 years ago

    how does this seaweed taste and feel? i've never eaten one xD

  • WEKS
    WEKS 10 years ago

    Yes indeed I did.

  • WEKS
    WEKS 10 years ago

    I'm sure all two Japanese people who have seen this video are greatly offended.

  • ChocoboxManiac
    ChocoboxManiac 10 years ago

    I'm sorry that my annoyance over pronunciation offended you. If you lived in Japan you'd know that every mispronunciation irks them, or is made fun of. So, in fact they do care. And, I would just like to say that I am not a weeabo. I've lived in Japan for ten years so far and I am Asian. I'm sorry you had to reply to my measly comment.

  • WEKS
    WEKS 10 years ago

    Truly a great injustice have been made towards all weeaboos on the Internet. The Japanese? they don't give to cents of a f*ck.

  • ChocoboxManiac
    ChocoboxManiac 10 years ago

    ugh temaki mispronounced.
    it's teh-mah-key

    • fluo
      fluo 4 months ago


  • blueboy4rock
    blueboy4rock 10 years ago

    i understand the sushi ... the fish... and thats like all what the hell is other ? liek first thing ? o.o

  • chudroy
    chudroy 10 years ago +1

    thanks but i live in spain :s

  • Theresa Murphy
    Theresa Murphy 10 years ago

    They have it in most chain supermarkets like Food-loin or Safeway.

  • Krogoth04
    Krogoth04 10 years ago

    they might be a yt partner so yt may be forcing them to make a million vids every day or something =\

  • chudroy
    chudroy 10 years ago

    too bad i have no frieken idea where to buy nori :s

  • Lianna Nadon
    Lianna Nadon 10 years ago

    the unsub dumbass rofl

  • nevek20
    nevek20 10 years ago

    "this will make the nori soggy" I'm guessing soggy is a technical term like JIgerrypokery :D

  • EGON65
    EGON65 10 years ago


  • Incuby
    Incuby 10 years ago

    Isnt it a Californiarole?

  • thejmsfreak
    thejmsfreak 10 years ago

    great made that in school
    was great :P