Samsung Galaxy S10 5G vs S10 Plus | Bigger, and better?

  • Published on Jul 16, 2019
  • Comparing Samsung's Galaxy S10 Plus with the new S10 5G, to see which mighty 2019 smartphone is best for you. It's not just the 5G connectivity which separates these two - the specs and camera tech are also different in quite a few ways, as is the battery life.
    The S10+ might seem like a beast at 6.4-inches, yet the 6.7-inch Galaxy S10 5G is the biggest Samsung phone around. That's not the only hardware difference either. You get a larger 4500mAh battery in comparison to the Plus model's 4100mAh cell, while the more premium smartphones also boasts quick charge at 25W.
    The S10 5G serves up a bonus ToF camera lens around back, while also swapping out the front 8MP depth sensor for a second ToF lens. Those camera features and performance are almost identical however, with the exception of the new Live Focus video mode.
    Speed-wise, these phones are comparable - they both serve up the same specs, although the S10+ can be grabbed with 12GB RAM (can anyone say 'overkill'). However, the 5G version delivers better battery life, even if it lacks the expandable storage of the Plus.
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  • raul arzola
    raul arzola 2 days ago

    live focus video is on the s10+ 4g you just didn't see it. rewind and look carefully.

  • stsr11
    stsr11 3 days ago

    These phones are all now phablets. Way too big. Does anybody even have a pocket big enough to put them in? Just bought my wife an S10e and it's perfect.

  • Cedrix Rosario
    Cedrix Rosario 8 days ago


  • ashrage
    ashrage 12 days ago

    So can you get a duel sim version of the 5G?

  • Antonio Feliciano
    Antonio Feliciano 22 days ago

    I got the s10 plus 5g for $375 today unlocked with 3 phone cases brand new in the box I can't believe it I'm so happy I was trying to get a note 9 on offer up for $375 n everybody told me no n i got lucky n got this one I'm so grateful thanks God i got it so cheap

  • Anthony Ruiz
    Anthony Ruiz 29 days ago +3

    S10+ does come with a screen protector

  • bala murugan
    bala murugan Month ago

    My phone

  • Dennis Reyes
    Dennis Reyes Month ago

    Can you use a normal 4g sim card on an unlocked version of the s105g?

  • Adrianoxx
    Adrianoxx Month ago +8

    S10+ has screen protection on

  • Сергей Федюков

    Они_низнают _

  • ian greenacre
    ian greenacre Month ago

    mine comes today

  • Roy Moses
    Roy Moses Month ago +2

    I like the wallpapers how do I download one

  • Agent 82
    Agent 82 Month ago

    I live in Australia and just found out that 5g usage will come with A monthly access charges to the network after intro months

    • bb7827
      bb7827 Month ago

      That's total BS.. soon they gonna charge us a monthly fee for the oxygen we breathe... they fuck you any way they can here in the land of Oz

  • Joel McDonald
    Joel McDonald Month ago +10

    S10 plus with one handed mode on is still bigger than my phone ;)

  • Alexander
    Alexander Month ago +4

    I'm good with my s10+

  • doddussvg 123
    doddussvg 123 Month ago

    When coming India pizza tell date

  • Andres Aguiar
    Andres Aguiar Month ago +1

    Hey people of youtube on question. What phone is better the S10 5G or the Note 10?

  • lolo delpé
    lolo delpé Month ago +30

    5g more interesting than note 10.
    Headphone jack, 4500 battery, snapdragon 855.

    • N Stark
      N Stark 21 day ago +1

      No sd card

    • Kratos
      Kratos 24 days ago

      Bigger punch hole.. So senseless

    • Xept
      Xept Month ago


  • Nicholas Pookia
    Nicholas Pookia Month ago

    Those aren’t even Phones then Fake !!!!

  • Jayden Cameron
    Jayden Cameron Month ago +1

    I've had both but i personally recommended the 5G one works like a dream.

  • TheJohnnyGreat
    TheJohnnyGreat Month ago

    Remember when people went crazy cause the new phones were flat like when the iPhone 6 came out

  • George Morris
    George Morris Month ago +1

    No SD card killed the 5g. Was very interested until I read about that. Not worth the extra but a nice phone. I'll wait a couple years when 5g is fully up and running

    • N Stark
      N Stark 21 day ago

      Next year perhaps

  • Asthra Nick
    Asthra Nick Month ago

    Remove your S10 from Smart eye protection! The screen appearance is dull

  • crazyman54699
    crazyman54699 Month ago

    Going to Verizon now for one!

  • Juan Rivera
    Juan Rivera Month ago +11

    It's up to your budget. I have the 5g version. The camera is excellent. Charging is fast. Last all day with constant usage. Larger screen is beautiful. 4g is more reliable and faster.

    • Dmcd Games
      Dmcd Games 29 days ago

      Juan where did u get thr phone

    • Sean Chandler
      Sean Chandler Month ago

      I'm thinking of buying this phone how long do it take to charge the battery

    • Sharma Vicky
      Sharma Vicky Month ago +1

      same dude

  • ItzRobTV
    ItzRobTV Month ago +2

    You didnt mention the power button placement. Much more natural on the 5g. Glad I swapped from the plus as I'm finding it much nicer to use.

  • Csanad Barczy
    Csanad Barczy Month ago +1

    Full 5G networks don't exist yet so just wait another 3 years and maybe it will happen then. And if you live in the US it will happen in 30 years.

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous Month ago +1

    How much is the 5G ?

  • Jordan Luers
    Jordan Luers Month ago +1

    Bruh... i just wanna know the speeds difference........

  • Yumin S
    Yumin S Month ago

    Loving my s10 5g

  • Assassin Master25866

    With every model with the s10’s the hole punch seems to get bigger e.g the s10’s punch hole is smaller then the s10 plus’s punch hole and the s10 plus punch hole is smaller then the s10 5G

  • imserious2187
    imserious2187 Month ago +1

    Screen quality looks better on the plus 🤷🏽‍♂️

    • Micah Wang
      Micah Wang Month ago

      imserious2187 I think it’s just the lighting

    • Mick Harrison
      Mick Harrison Month ago +1

      It's exactly the same

  • Joessepi Rangel
    Joessepi Rangel Month ago

    That 5g is a beast I'm finna get me one on. The 12 from Sprint

    • Antonio M
      Antonio M Month ago

      He said sprint 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Fresh Prinz
      Fresh Prinz Month ago

      Joessepi Rangel you better off going with Verizon or at&t sprints 5g sucks

  • Tim Custer
    Tim Custer Month ago +4

    I love both Samsung and apple they have there own amazing things

  • Martin Grant
    Martin Grant Month ago

    I'm thinking of swapping my s10 plus to the note 9 what's your opinion ?

  • Vincent Verbaeys
    Vincent Verbaeys Month ago

    Is this dual sim?

  • Tiby 7w7
    Tiby 7w7 Month ago +2

    What is the price of the s10+?

  • Victor Lazo
    Victor Lazo Month ago +11

    The 5g version seems to have a bigger front facing module. Seems weird

    • Bornto WorkandDie
      Bornto WorkandDie 17 days ago

      @RetroCat24lol ok 👌 pixel 4 has even more crap in top bezel than this though

    • RetroCat24
      RetroCat24 18 days ago +1

      Bornto WorkandDie no

    • Bornto WorkandDie
      Bornto WorkandDie Month ago +1

      @Grand Admiral Thrawn isn't that what I eluded to?

    • Grand Admiral Thrawn
      Grand Admiral Thrawn Month ago +2

      @Bornto WorkandDie on 5G model there's an additional ToF sensor between the 2 cameras from S10+

    • Bornto WorkandDie
      Bornto WorkandDie Month ago +1

      @Grand Admiral Thrawn Did he not mean camera nozzle module? He asked why it was wider than other s10, I answered him. Not sure why though, we all will die soon.

  • Justin Spencer
    Justin Spencer Month ago

    Sound on this video is a bit flat.

  • Yatin Vanmari
    Yatin Vanmari 2 months ago +1 @ Filth magnets!

  • Tyr Savy
    Tyr Savy 2 months ago +8

    If I wanted couldn't I just buy a S10 512 model and add another 512 micro SD card and make it a terabyte for less money?

    • Tyr Savy
      Tyr Savy 28 days ago

      @reckless on yeah I would be fine with 8gb and one tb of expansion storage tbh because it's still pretty good for alot cheaper

    • reckless on
      reckless on 28 days ago +1

      you cant upgrade the ram though. 12gb is overkill anyway

    • BennyWinZ
      BennyWinZ Month ago +2

      savy gamer 679 Yeah no problem man. Anytime. It’s definitely cheaper just to buy the SD card.

    • Tyr Savy
      Tyr Savy Month ago +1

      @BennyWinZ thanks just wanted to know definitely what I'm going to do it's much cheaper

    • BennyWinZ
      BennyWinZ Month ago +1


  • Totero
    Totero 2 months ago +1

    0:59 there is something called a pop socket

  • Owen Walters
    Owen Walters 2 months ago

    In February I bought the s9 plus and I'm regretting it now :( my parents are mad at me cause I change my phone every 6 months cause soon as I buy a phone a much much better one is released which I cant afford. But i want to change my phone again to the bigger galaxy s10 5G but it is over £1100 USED

    • jiggaboojones zair
      jiggaboojones zair 2 months ago +2

      That is how these phone development companies get you, it is a marketing scheme

  • Frankie Pacheco
    Frankie Pacheco 2 months ago

    No sd slot? Samsung... wtf???

    • Frankie Pacheco
      Frankie Pacheco Month ago +1

      Juan Rivera it’s easy for me to transfer my sd card into a different phone. Makes me feel better if the screen gets cracked that the sd card has all of my kids pics and wifeys booty pics saved and accessible just a by switching the card.

    • Juan Rivera
      Juan Rivera Month ago

      Take my word for it you won't need it.

  • Haxcks
    Haxcks 2 months ago +11

    Just to be sure all the galaxy 10's are able to redeem the ikonik skin right?

  • david tuggle
    david tuggle 2 months ago

    Great breakdown

  • Jermaine Reese
    Jermaine Reese 2 months ago

    I enjoyed watching this on my gs10 5g

  • War-Robots Beast-Gaming
    War-Robots Beast-Gaming 2 months ago +5

    The s10plus does have a built in screen protector

    • can I get 1000 subs
      can I get 1000 subs 28 days ago

      War-Robots Beast-Gaming yes

    • War-Robots Beast-Gaming
      War-Robots Beast-Gaming Month ago +1

      @Gene Yumang yes I know that a tempered glass is better but the phone does come with a screen protector

    • Gene Yumang
      Gene Yumang Month ago

      Screen protector useless from drops u need tempered glass like i bought last week wednesday

    • 김사월_April
      김사월_April Month ago

      All new S series have them. But it’s just a film one where it prevents scratches on actual screen but you need a tempered glass made for this phone to protect it

    • Gene Yumang
      Gene Yumang Month ago +1

      U need a tempered glass

  • Wyatt B
    Wyatt B 2 months ago +5

    Tell me why we want 5G exactly?

    • Kay
      Kay 2 months ago +3

      Waste our data faster

    • RED the Flame
      RED the Flame 2 months ago +1

      Faster speeds

  • Troll Brothers
    Troll Brothers 2 months ago +2

    The s10 plus is perfect for my hands

  • Techie Time With GD Three

    How can you afford all of these phones? I heard RU-cliprs don't make that much?

    • BalthazarTheGreat
      BalthazarTheGreat 13 hours ago

      Where did you hear RU-cliprs don't make much money? Was it the same news channel that says 5g causes cancer lmao? RU-cliprs with over 10 million subscribers make at $1,000,000 a year.

  • Sugar Wolf
    Sugar Wolf 2 months ago

    I'd buy it, but the curved glass is a huge weak point, along with Bixby

  • S. c4d4
    S. c4d4 2 months ago

    Useless ! Instagram quality on this still pathetic ! Stick to S10 or plus

  • uwu グーチ owo
    uwu グーチ owo 2 months ago

    Your wallpaper is pretty

  • Welly
    Welly 2 months ago

    love your reviews and your accent.

  • shanghaichica
    shanghaichica 2 months ago +3

    The retail version of the S10+ has a preinstalled screen protector.

  • Gilbert
    Gilbert 2 months ago

    Wallpaper please!

  • Win From Within
    Win From Within 2 months ago +1

    5G is very dangerous and shouldn't be used

    • BalthazarTheGreat
      BalthazarTheGreat 13 hours ago

      How is 5g dangerous? It's not ionizing radiation so getting cancer from that alone is next to impossible. I'd be more worried about getting in a car crash with how many fuck heads that can't drive.

    • Wyatt B
      Wyatt B 2 months ago

      WiFi is more dangerous than 5G

    • Devil's Bunks
      Devil's Bunks 2 months ago +3

      No it's not dumbass

  • Fabien Charles
    Fabien Charles 2 months ago +8

    Thanks for the great video! Can you do a Note 10 vs S10 5G in August please? I'll be waiting for that video.

  • The Dreamverse
    The Dreamverse 2 months ago +7

    Ive had both and felt the 5G battery lasted me alot longer

    • The Dreamverse
      The Dreamverse Month ago +1

      rimpompin i never they shop returned the s10 plus for me and changed me onto 5g they only changed my monthly bill

    • rimpompin
      rimpompin Month ago

      Why waste so much money on two phones I would only buy 5g galaxy why would I buy another phone y rather spent than money on a something else

    • The Dreamverse
      The Dreamverse Month ago +1

      Dardahan i returned the S10 plus and got S10 5G

    • Dardahan
      Dardahan Month ago

      How you have both?

    • Leigh’s Simple Tech
      Leigh’s Simple Tech 2 months ago

      Exynos or snapdragon version