Top 15 Shocking Live TV Moments

  • Published on May 2, 2016
  • Here are 15 of the most shocking moments caught on live TV...
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    Written by: Jonah Petruic
    Kevin MacLeod (
    Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

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  • heheClaire
    heheClaire 13 days ago

    4:49: the people on camera
    chills:many people fled to the pitch

  • Tanya Heeter
    Tanya Heeter 22 days ago

    Oooooo AHHHHH

  • Tanya Heeter
    Tanya Heeter 22 days ago +1

    911 knocks on my door buts it the FBI. knock knock knock FBI OPEN UP! *BREAKS DOOR* AND SAYS JOHNNY JOHNNY ME: NO PAPA

  • Bigkingof1 Gaming
    Bigkingof1 Gaming Month ago

    Nascar 2001

  • 501st trooper
    501st trooper Month ago

    Earnings shuled have been in the top 3

  • John Dion
    John Dion Month ago

    Wtf is Walko Texas? It's Waco. Way-co.

  • SkyDubz
    SkyDubz Month ago

    Number 12 looks like if you're cheering 9/11

  • CaliberStory
    CaliberStory Month ago +1


  • Ta Ma
    Ta Ma Month ago

    Richard heeny was framed, go watch the internet historian's video

  • Justzadrian Yt
    Justzadrian Yt 2 months ago

    I meant hello people

  • Justzadrian Yt
    Justzadrian Yt 2 months ago

    Help people

  • Dende The Namekian
    Dende The Namekian 2 months ago

    Allu akbarrrrrr

  • Calvin Brown
    Calvin Brown 2 months ago

    Sadly the same thing would happen 17 years later by one person

  • Azan Sajad
    Azan Sajad 2 months ago

    Who stayed in the comment section the whole time

  • [ المانيا النازية]

    I like his voice

  • Abraham Hanhan
    Abraham Hanhan 2 months ago

    Hey diddle diiidddle the cat and the fidddlleee

  • RelativelyRelated64 •


  • Wofieman 800
    Wofieman 800 2 months ago

    The September 11th attacks at 19:07
    Number 1

  • Randy Cameron
    Randy Cameron 3 months ago +1


  • Kellieshae Bee
    Kellieshae Bee 3 months ago

    Number 7, the way he pronounces Waco cracks me up, WAY-COH is how it's supposed to be pronounced lmao

  • Jillian Roberts
    Jillian Roberts 4 months ago

    Num 7 Couldn't have been February 29th 1993 as that year was NOT a leap year

  • Dkstar73
    Dkstar73 4 months ago

    I lost my friend, Paul, on flight 77 at the Pentagon on that blue skied Tuesday.. He was such an awesome guy! We all miss him every day. I dread that day each year. :(

  • Hellothe414
    Hellothe414 4 months ago

    turn on captions...

  • CaliLove
    CaliLove 4 months ago

    I really like this guy's voice.

    • - kevin
      - kevin 4 months ago

      CaliLove ight imma head out

    • CaliLove
      CaliLove 4 months ago

      @- kevin no it's not. This is a different guy.

    • - kevin
      - kevin 4 months ago

      *Itz chills, ma darling*

  • Seirra Duncan
    Seirra Duncan 5 months ago

    #13 happened in my hometown I was watching wdbj7 the morning it happened

  • RedKresnik11
    RedKresnik11 5 months ago

    A little surprised the Hindenberg wasn't mentioned if you're mentioning old footage like Oswald...

  • Julie Croak
    Julie Croak 5 months ago

    One thing that was unsettling about Dale Earnhardt's death is that his son won the race. How bittersweet.

  • Memes4Hire Is an 「ENEMY STAND」

    Dude, I lost my dad in 9/11. His last words were “Alluh Akbar”

  • JoAnne Korosi
    JoAnne Korosi 5 months ago

    U Sounds like chills

  • Peter Villaluz
    Peter Villaluz 5 months ago

    When you see the killer on number 13 you could see part of his face

  • Sam Rodabaugh
    Sam Rodabaugh 5 months ago

    9/11 was scary my mom has a job based on it

  • M&M_RatPack
    M&M_RatPack 5 months ago

    Ruby killed Oswald because he was in on the conspiracy

  • Erin Marie
    Erin Marie 5 months ago +4

    Waco is pronounced as WAY-KO and the Branch Davidians are pronounces as Branch DAH-VID-EEANS

    • Jamie Dawdy
      Jamie Dawdy 4 months ago +1

      Thank you that was really frustrating me!

  • Martin James
    Martin James 5 months ago

    Glad you did Munich. You surmised it well

  • Charlotte Allison
    Charlotte Allison 6 months ago +2

    It's WAY-ko, not WOK-ko. LOL!

  • Full Throttle Gaming XP

    Good voice for telling horror stories. But I couldnt imagine listening to him otherwise 🙉🙉

  • dead ed
    dead ed 6 months ago

    Um um excuse me? The african American los angels community...
    Thank you 😁

  • zzzut
    zzzut 6 months ago +1

    I can understand viewers who criticize the narrator's tone of voice but let's face it, what exactly is the proper tone of voice to use in order to describe all those horrors?

  • Chloe Trash Bag
    Chloe Trash Bag 6 months ago

    17:23 "Libary"

  • Jv Magapa
    Jv Magapa 7 months ago

    Theres watching now 2019 june

  • Landon Kvittem
    Landon Kvittem 7 months ago

    Sorry but waaaco

  • Jay D
    Jay D 7 months ago

    Everybody knows what number 1 should be and will be before they even start watching this......nothing will ever top that day as far as shock value. The question is, was flight 175 hitting the South tower as shocking as the South tower collapsing? Not so sure. NOBODY watching all that hapoen ever expected to see the whole building collapse.

  • King Period
    King Period 7 months ago

    1 like = 1 life for the people and family’s who lost there life😭😭😭😭😢

  • Joker
    Joker 7 months ago +1


  • Needless
    Needless 7 months ago

    wow, i found this video interesting!

  • Iconic Shaman
    Iconic Shaman 7 months ago

    If you have captions on you find that he says is he a zombie


    I can't stand your voice pal, please leave the weed away!!

  • Dark_Insxnity
    Dark_Insxnity 7 months ago

    Ok hold up how tf do you mistakenly say all the passengers are dead wouldn’t you hear gunshots

  • Corner Store 101
    Corner Store 101 8 months ago +25

    99.999999% comments-

  • FoxBoyFunky
    FoxBoyFunky 8 months ago

    Turn on Captions
    0:05 LOL

  • AbsurdChunk
    AbsurdChunk 8 months ago

    Pronounce it yorkshere not yorkshire

  • fukyertrigger sukme
    fukyertrigger sukme 9 months ago +5

    Chills... Its Way-co Texas

  • Rajya Lakshmi
    Rajya Lakshmi 9 months ago

    Only news can capture these moments clearly

    Jacob BARTHOLOMEW 9 months ago

    How to get anxiety
    Watch chills

  • Danelle Breed
    Danelle Breed 9 months ago

    Number 1 xxxtentacions death

  • CJ Cribb
    CJ Cribb 9 months ago

    Omg his voice is ANNOYING AF

  • Robert E.O Speedwagon
    Robert E.O Speedwagon 9 months ago

    Number 15 Burger king foot lettuce the last thing you wanted on your hamburguer is foot fungus

  • Jason Fink
    Jason Fink 9 months ago

    Please learn how to properly pronounce names and places!

  • Poofesure PG3D
    Poofesure PG3D 9 months ago


  • Poofesure PG3D
    Poofesure PG3D 9 months ago

    My Stepdad dad during 9/11