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  • Опубликовано: 7 окт 2015
  • Top 10 Outrageous Fast Food Options (From All Around the World) - TopTenzNet
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    Up until recently, we were under the impression that the United States sat atop the throne uncontested for “world’s fattest country”, and it also seemed like general knowledge that many countries resented America for holding that title. After careful, painstaking, and sometimes stomach-turning research, we’ve found that many other countries are producing over-the-top fast food items that may give America run for its money. Here are some of the most outrageous options we’ve found. Horrifying? Some of them, yes. But that certainly isn’t going to stop us from giving them a try.
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    10. Sausage and Barbecue Sub (Subway, Japan)
    9. Hot Dog Pizza (Pizza Hut, USA)
    8. Napoli Crispy Pizza Chicken Wing (KFC, Hong Kong)
    7. Birizza (Pizza Hut, India)
    6. Surf & Turf Burger/Lobster Caviar Sandwich (Wendy’s, Japan)
    5. Gracoro Burger (McDonald’s, Japan)
    4. Black Ninja Burger (Burger King, Japan)
    3. Zinger Double Down King (KFC, South Korea)
    2. Double Down Dog (KFC, Philippines)
    1. Double Sensation Pizza (Pizza Hut, Singapore)
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Комментарии • 445

  • Alex Grover
    Alex Grover 7 дней назад

    I was hoping that something other than US originating chains would be featured.

  • Aurelia Fe Steger
    Aurelia Fe Steger 20 дней назад

    I never eat KFC cause its soo bad

  • Tzisorey Tigerwuf
    Tzisorey Tigerwuf Месяц назад

    B...Banana and Sprite challenge?

  • helookalikaman79
    helookalikaman79 Месяц назад

    the black bun has some side effects when those buns were available it was all over facebook

  • Trevak D'hal
    Trevak D'hal Месяц назад

    Why are so many currencies have super high amounts comparatively? It can't all be inflation, Japan is pretty top tier economically (or seemingly so) and the Yen is kinda nuts with how much it costs for a given thing.

  • Bjørn Post
    Bjørn Post 3 месяца назад

    I feel the need to go to Japan now

  • Mark-Leon Thorne
    Mark-Leon Thorne 5 месяцев назад

    So, this is actually menu variants offered by American fast food chains in Asian countries. The title is a little misleading. I would be more interested in seeing unique fast food options in a variety of countries. Such as the cheesy chips in the Netherlands or pies with mushy peas in Australia.

  • Mark-Leon Thorne
    Mark-Leon Thorne 5 месяцев назад

    Aussies pronounce the "t" in Fillet too.

  • rapingpeterpan
    rapingpeterpan 6 месяцев назад

    Why does Simon move his hands around so much when he speaks? I was getting dizzy watching them and missed what he said!

  • Zack Steele
    Zack Steele 6 месяцев назад

    Mexico has since claimed the crown for fatest country in the world.

  • Hyper Horse
    Hyper Horse 6 месяцев назад

    No9 is just pizza with a bunch of “pig in a blanket” attached..

  • TheRealUnconnected
    TheRealUnconnected 8 месяцев назад

    LoL it's nap-oh-lee not nah-pole-lee.

  • Howzer The man
    Howzer The man 9 месяцев назад

    In Scotland they batter and deep fry pizza beat that for heart attack in a bag. If you stand still long enough in a scottish fish and chip shop you’ll end up battered and deep fried 😂 😂 😂

    • ladycplum
      ladycplum 9 месяцев назад

      You're making me crave a deep-fried Mars bar right now

  • Guillaume Joop
    Guillaume Joop 10 месяцев назад

    Filet is a french word and it indeed is pronounced like in the US, but as a french I always pronounce it UK style when talking about Filet-o-fish

  • UncleGweilo
    UncleGweilo 10 месяцев назад

    Filet-o-fish. Americans trying to sound educated. Filet is pronounced “fil-ay” in French, but there is a vowel following the ‘t’, so the ‘t’ gets pronounced. Not pronouncing the ‘h’ in “herb” in an American accent is also irritating.
    Turkey bacon and sausages in Singapore due to many Muslims in the country. Ditto for Malaysia and Indonesia.

  • KanishQ Quotes
    KanishQ Quotes 10 месяцев назад

    Simon please get your beard back
    You look like Johnny sins

    • TopTenz
      TopTenz  10 месяцев назад

      He has his beard. This is an older video.

  • Magickal Merlun
    Magickal Merlun 11 месяцев назад

    Please note that there is no such thing as Canadian bacon. It is ham.

  • arwiviv
    arwiviv Год назад

    English pitchmen want to make me stab my ears.

  • saifulizhan
    saifulizhan Год назад

    KFC Malaysia came with chizza. A flat piece of fried chicken topped like a pizza.

  • Mike
    Mike Год назад

    HA HA HA He called the pizza hut pizza a Frankinpizza , those script writers are so clever.

  • rudiger891
    rudiger891 Год назад

    Will Uber Eats deliver me a double down king?

  • Daniel Inskip
    Daniel Inskip Год назад

    Some of these sound awesome

  • manny mo
    manny mo Год назад

    the only thing that;s outrages in here is this guy head

  • manny mo
    manny mo Год назад

    the only thing that;s outrages in here is this guy head

  • Justin Letchford
    Justin Letchford Год назад

    I don't have a single issue with any of these food items. Pizza Hut in Australia not only did the hotdog crust thing but also crust made out of small meatpies (which was bloody amazing) and a pizza with a vegemite stuffed crust which sounded too odd even for me, in retrospect though, I should have given it a chance.

  • Royal Pumpkin
    Royal Pumpkin Год назад

    Canadian bacon is just called back bacon in Canada :)

  • Heather Reading
    Heather Reading Год назад

    Currywurst from Germany, more interesting sounding than outrageous to me though.

  • Not Ben
    Not Ben Год назад

    Theses are some great Hangover Killers

  • Kristopher Tower
    Kristopher Tower Год назад

    dude i want number 3

  • Tommie Jönsson
    Tommie Jönsson Год назад

    Nah. None of these sounds like anything I'd like to try. I'll just stick to the old BK-classic (the Whopper)

  • Matze Lvithn
    Matze Lvithn Год назад

    Is nobody going to mention the fact that all these foods came from US-based fast food chains?

  • Dani Boy
    Dani Boy Год назад

    Yeah, none of these entries seemed outrageous to me. Maybe I've been watching too many of these videos... :D

  • A net Activist Named Sarina
    A net Activist Named Sarina Год назад

    I'd try them all Starting with the Burger from South Korea

  • 1958debs
    1958debs Год назад

    Sooo, Simon, what do you think of Heart Attack Grill cooking everything in lard?

  • 1958debs
    1958debs Год назад

    9. Do they even offer this now?

  • Christopher Hall
    Christopher Hall Год назад

    don't worry about how people say things in the US, you were speaking the language long before us so you probably use it correctly, and most Americans these days are just idiots who still try to sound fancy by mispronouncing words

  • God's Angel
    God's Angel Год назад

    number 8 looks delicious

  • Aboode
    Aboode Год назад +1


  • Katharine Benn
    Katharine Benn Год назад

    The KFC Double down has been is Canada since 2010 as a seasonal item.

  • Daniel de Solano
    Daniel de Solano Год назад

    There's a chicken pepperoni pizza in KFC Mexico. also people in Mexico city fry tamales, which isn't exactly fast food but it's an already insanely fatty kind of bun which people deep fry to make more tasty

  • Nina Söderman
    Nina Söderman Год назад

    I had casserole made of ramd trsticles in Colombia.Not in a fsst food restaurant thoughbut anyway.The taste wasn't that bad but I'll never est it again!

  • mike s
    mike s Год назад

    most of these actually look pretty good as far as fast food goes

  • MissFoxification
    MissFoxification Год назад

    Japan's mega mac, (double big mac)
    Kit Kat pizza anyone? Of course, from Japan.

  • dan kachiros
    dan kachiros Год назад


  • Jacob Monahan
    Jacob Monahan Год назад

    man I want you surf and turf Burger

  • Billy Mitchell
    Billy Mitchell Год назад

    Filet o' Fish > McRib (all day)

  • BloodRider 14
    BloodRider 14 Год назад

    what is with these asian restraints. Is that like a secret testing ground or something

  • Zenas Starchild
    Zenas Starchild 2 года назад

    I would so try the Black Ninja Burger from Burger King, Japan.
    I would so try the Zinger Double Down King from KFC, South Korea.
    Meat is good.

  • Blockchain Bot.
    Blockchain Bot. 2 года назад

    so many japan n how is that international?

  • 1973Washu
    1973Washu 2 года назад

    You need to look at stinky tofu (that is what this variety of tofu is called as well as being a rather accurate description of it) as part of a strange foods video.

  • Phil S
    Phil S 2 года назад

    Australia's doing its bit to close the obesity gap, with items such as "The Monster Mac" and the "Mc Gang Bang" available via the McD "Secret Menu". There are plenty of VERY healthy options and other suppliers, but our rather unhealthy "Meat with EVERY Meal, and in substantial quantity" is going to lead to trouble further on down the road.

  • True Blade
    True Blade 2 года назад

    Personally, I have been longing for a chicken taco at Taco Bell, I mean a regular taco but held together with fried chicken instead of tortilla, I'm there!

  • Frocolate
    Frocolate 2 года назад

    Banana and Sprite Challenge

  • Yare Yare
    Yare Yare 2 года назад

    The bun is black because there is bamboo charcoal IN it. not because its cooked with said charcoal. unless you think the bun is burnt

  • Lynn MacLeod
    Lynn MacLeod 2 года назад

    here is Canada its called Peameal bacon

  • Christopher L Girard
    Christopher L Girard 2 года назад

    I wish I was a world traveler

  • Fakhruddin Nalawala
    Fakhruddin Nalawala 2 года назад

    A similar KFC dish to the Double Downs that was made available in India, the Chizza -I'm not sure about it's name- which was essentially a pizza with the base replaced with fried chicken.

    • KanishQ Quotes
      KanishQ Quotes 2 года назад

      Fakhruddin Nalawala
      Yes but sadly kfc could never get the base right of the chicken pizza base, instead of the flat base how it should be, it was more like clumps, and the cheese they used looked more like glue paste.
      It has been pulled out of the market, kfc has introduced the nashville chicken though, which is regular kfc with more chilly powder and chopped jalapeño and 30% more expensive

  • Bravechief 117
    Bravechief 117 2 года назад

    KFC did have a double down sandwich here. its been quite a few years but I love it.

  • Felix Krull
    Felix Krull 2 года назад

    In Sweden, they serve dual-frank hotdogs with shrimp salad and mashed potatoes. It was the cause of the Northern Seven Years' War between Denmark and Sweden between 1563-1570.

  • Gui V
    Gui V 2 года назад

    Did you say the McRib was a "sub-par sandwich"? How dare you, Sir! I'm subscribing to your channel just so I can UNSUBSCRIBE!!!

  • A Serious Salamander
    A Serious Salamander 2 года назад

    can you make these videos shorter? youtube has destroyed my attention span

  • Nigel Mulliniz
    Nigel Mulliniz 2 года назад

    We have chilli cheese crust, barbeque crust and crust with string cheese ( Dominos )
    then we have a fish fillet burger in KFC
    Porridge in Mcdonalds
    Mango sundae in Mcdonalds
    coconut caramel sundae in Mcdonalds
    Coconut pie in Mcdonalds
    Pizza puff crust in Dominos
    Spicy Chicken Mcdeluxe Mcdonalds
    GCB burger in Mcdonalds
    Syok burger in Mcdonalds
    Iced Milo in Mcdonalds
    Slushie in Mcdonalds
    also we have Hershey ice cream also Mcdonalds
    Ahh Malaysia there's probably more that I don't know too btw the mozerella sticks in Dominos is bomb
    Mcdonalds in Malaysia also constantly have other items for a limited time from other countries, bless u Mcdonalds

  • AlDuke14
    AlDuke14 2 года назад

    No Deep Fried Mars Bar from Scotland. I'm shocked!!!!

  • Arizona 4891
    Arizona 4891 2 года назад

    Qatar and Kuwait have a higher obesity rate than the US. So do some of those Pacific Island nations. The US is not even in the top 10.
    Here's proof:

  • toasted chilly
    toasted chilly 2 года назад +1

    I want a double down burger and dog....mmmm my diabetes.

  • Victoria
    Victoria 2 года назад +7

    These all look delicious, but I was expecting something actually outrageous.

  • Gh0ztN3t
    Gh0ztN3t 2 года назад

    banana and Sprite challenge, wrong list?

  • kevin Schmith
    kevin Schmith 2 года назад +4

    Peanut utter bacon cheeseburger,bacon maple chocolate chip cookies

  • Daniel MacQueen
    Daniel MacQueen 2 года назад

    No mention of a Scottish munchy box?

  • mittie rowland
    mittie rowland 2 года назад

    #6 sounds good, if it was fresh, didn't have beef....well and wasn't Wendy'

  • Tora Black
    Tora Black 2 года назад


  • Morrius07
    Morrius07 2 года назад

    WTF! Wendy's has the best quality!

  • Luna Tic
    Luna Tic 2 года назад

    I will never eat Japanese fast food.... O.o

  • Luna Tic
    Luna Tic 2 года назад

    the pizza chicken wing sounds yummy

  • boschman36
    boschman36 2 года назад

    #3 is like a reverse McGangbang. WHY DIDN'T WE GET IT??!!!

  • Root Cubed
    Root Cubed 2 года назад +41

    I don't know why in the world I watch food videos when I haven't eaten..

    • Adalynd H
      Adalynd H 7 месяцев назад

      Root Cubed you're not alone

    • A net Activist Named Sarina
      A net Activist Named Sarina Год назад

      Root Cubed Thank you for serving our Country 🇺🇸💪🏻🗽 BTW what are the Requirements for the peace Corps ?

    • Jamie-lee Jackson
      Jamie-lee Jackson 2 года назад

      Man Drake u got nuka cola in there as well :)

    • Root Cubed
      Root Cubed 2 года назад +5

      +Man Drake Lmao I know right. I don't do much shopping since beginning work in Kuwait. Everything is deliverable or if I do go it's at the PX which is severely limited in its options

    • Man Drake
      Man Drake 2 года назад +3

      It's worse when you go shopping hungry. I look at the cupboard afterwards and wonder why I bought enough to survive a nuclear war. Mmm, Salisbury steak.

  • Franny LP
    Franny LP 2 года назад

    *Heavy breathing*

  • Gabriele Castagna
    Gabriele Castagna 2 года назад

    We Italians should have banned pizza's profanation. Bloody hell how can something simple, healthy and delicious can be transformed into junk food? Call it with another name pls, that's not pizza. And please do no associate Nápoli (not Napóli) with this shit

  • JP M
    JP M 2 года назад +7

    What is the banana and Sprite challenge? Sounds yummy.

    • Joshua Daniels
      Joshua Daniels 2 года назад +2

      And the follow up question: why the hell was it the title of number 1?

    • Root Cubed
      Root Cubed 2 года назад +3

      +Reuven Paris lol no, definitely does not

    • JP M
      JP M 2 года назад +3

      Root Cubed Oh. That does NOT sound yummy.

    • Root Cubed
      Root Cubed 2 года назад +3

      You eat a banana followed by downing a liter of sprite, downing the sprite as quickly as you can and it induces vomiting. Quite retarded. But then again, what "challenge" isn't?

  • femo41 L
    femo41 L 2 года назад

    need to talk about skorea pizzahut pizza

  • PunkPanda
    PunkPanda 2 года назад

    nr1 says banana sprite challenge .,... pls fix

  • gamemastergabe
    gamemastergabe 2 года назад

    I sometime vacation in Americer.

  • DarkSatanHood VEVO
    DarkSatanHood VEVO 2 года назад

    WTF? Wendy's Exists in Japan?

  • Samantha Walker
    Samantha Walker 2 года назад

    I'd try most of these.

  • Norberto Lopez
    Norberto Lopez 2 года назад

    brain tacos in Mexico

  • Ozbrithian
    Ozbrithian 2 года назад

    10. I'd try it. It seems more like a deluxe Chicago Dog with all the tomato and stuff.
    9. Been awhile since I've had pigs in a blanket. I'd give it a shot.
    8. WANT!
    7. I'd rather try the authentic dish, but one assumes Indians want to try something different sometimes.
    6. Allergic. Kinda eww.
    5. Allergic. Sounds kinda tasty.
    4. I'd try it. Burger Kinda kinda sucks though.
    3. Bring it too America NOW!
    2. Think I'll try to make one of these. I'd use good hot dogs like Hebrew National.
    1. Wow... damn I want one.

  • islam bilal
    islam bilal 2 года назад

    I think McFalafel by McDonalds egypt should have made this list

  • Goldenkitten1
    Goldenkitten1 2 года назад +1

    Of them all I want #8 the most. I would buy it...every day.

  • Gary Miller
    Gary Miller 2 года назад

    Seriously? Someone so ignorant of other cultures and language called you out for pronouncing the word differently? Did Mr. Dipshit also point out you folks pronounce schedule differently, advertising and just about every other word as well? Proof that us americans are so cut off from the REST OF THE WORLD and cant see beyond our own noses. Incredible. Good vid and keep pronouncing words the way you do.....................someone somewhere just might learn something. America is NOT the center of the world, we need to broaden our horizons.

    • JewishBagel
      JewishBagel 2 года назад +1

      You do realize that Filet is a French word, which is pronounced with a soft "t". It's, in French, pronounced F-il-eh.

  • Erica Rebecca
    Erica Rebecca 2 года назад

    the burger from Korea is actually very good. they also had many amazing and different types of sandwiches in KFC Korea some not good but all around Korea is amazing and I would love to go there again.

  • Kelvin Hernandez
    Kelvin Hernandez 2 года назад

    what about Spain's McDonald's! they literally sell beer!

  • Kouhiko9674
    Kouhiko9674 2 года назад

    Ahh good ole America. #1 in being fat. As well as wealthy and being the #1 hero stopping Europe from destroying themselves. Yay America. Accept that last part. We should have let Europe burn. But now the muslims will handle that one

    • JP M
      JP M 2 года назад +1

      That's not a good enough reason.

    • Kouhiko9674
      Kouhiko9674 2 года назад

      Because one or more parents are not involved in their lives

    • JP M
      JP M 2 года назад +1

      If we're so wealthy in America, why are 1/3 of our children impoverished and undernourished?

  • BayviewFinch
    BayviewFinch 2 года назад

    This title is misleading. I was expecting actual local fast food options that normal people eat, not just things found at American chain stores around the world. For example, you could've said that in Japan people eat takoyaki as fast food, which is pieces of octopus friend in a ball of batter, with sauce and pickled ginger. That's ACTUAL fast food, and it's regional. It's not a McDonald's or other American-based chain invention.

  • jimmielee
    jimmielee 2 года назад

    I thought we had the double down in the US. At least for a while.

    • TheBlues32
      TheBlues32 2 года назад

      We do. We do not have Double Downs with a burger or hot dog in between.

  • Brandon Harry
    Brandon Harry 2 года назад

    I know its not very outrageous but Austalia's Frozen Coke is amazing

  • Orilian88
    Orilian88 2 года назад

    people in the uk don't talk like this

    • Orilian88
      Orilian88 2 года назад

      even if that were true, why do that other than to sucker in people that can't recognize an actual English documentary accent? So he's drawing all these views in by putting on a fake accent just to sound authoritative

    • Orilian88
      Orilian88 2 года назад

      it's someone doing an extremely exaggerated, over the top English accent to get more hits and seem more authoritative to americans

    • CrushingBrews
      CrushingBrews 2 года назад

      skierssuck88 No, its a strange combination of English mixed with American. Like an Englishman trying to do the voice over on a documentary in an American accent.

    • jimmielee
      jimmielee 2 года назад

      Is his accent heavier than most Brits?

    • jimmielee
      jimmielee 2 года назад

      Is his accent heavier than most Brits?

  • TheFamousMockingbird
    TheFamousMockingbird 2 года назад

    pizza hut must really love making shit products

  • Devin Darley
    Devin Darley 2 года назад +1

    the black bun from burger king in japan was brought to the u.s for halloween

  • Michael McAuley
    Michael McAuley 2 года назад

    Most of these are least do a different country for each number.

  • The Trashman2.0
    The Trashman2.0 2 года назад

    When I first saw the Pizza Hut hotdog, I wanted to kill myself