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“It’s all going down.” Why journalism is up in flames. | Tina Brown

  • Published on Feb 9, 2019
  • News doesn't sell. That's lethal to journalism - and democracy.
    - Apart from media giants like The New York Times and The Washington Post, nearly every news outlet is laying off journalists or collapsing completely.
    - The reason? No advertiser wants to put their ad next to serious, hard-edged news. Sensational content is favored by algorithms, and that isn't just annoying. It has terrifying consequences.
    - Journalists are the watchdogs of democracy. The more local news outlets and independent media disappear, the more those in power can do as they wish. Unreported scandals will fester and damage citizens. Corruption will go unchecked.
    Tina Brown is an award-winning journalist, editor, author and founder of the Women in the World summits. Between 1979 and 2017, she was editor-in-chief of Tatler, Vanity Fair, The New Yorker, and authored The Diana Chronicles and The Vanity Fair Diaries. ( Her podcast “TBD with Tina Brown” is available on Apple podcast.
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Comments • 393

  • trav v
    trav v 5 hours ago

    This is just mainstream media bitching that everyone other than far left activists hates them. I for one look forward to watching the dumpster fire of MSM burn to ashes :) Oh and learn to code, you election meddling trash. If there is any justice there WILL be prosecutions of far left activists literally meddling in elections via pushing for censorship of their political opponents.

  • Danubian Federation
    Danubian Federation 13 days ago +1

    i think thats summed up

  • RETARDED Libreals
    RETARDED Libreals 17 days ago

    Old people are USELESS! This hag is retarded!

  • Kori claypool
    Kori claypool 18 days ago

    journalists are not reporting the news. they are lying and promoting their propaganda. Just like in this video. Lies and propaganda. stop whining and lying.

  • sylumgand
    sylumgand 23 days ago

    Im sure the non stop Russian Collusion and Trump bashing had nothing to do with mainstream media dying. People want factual news, not biased spin pieces.

  • dagda825
    dagda825 Month ago

    Wow. Big Think...Uh...Sorry, unsubbed.

  • pothuss
    pothuss Month ago

    media is dying because they are not reporting news. they are they are propagandist. they lie most people cannot trust anything so called reporters say. they have an agenda everyone knows it. the 2+ year collusion delusion that every news outlet tried to sell us. there are some many lies the news media has tried to sell us that we just do not believe anything that comes out of there mouths....

  • xerxBreak
    xerxBreak Month ago

    the lack of selfawareness still...

  • andylaauk
    andylaauk Month ago

    The problem is journalists don't have integrity. End.

  • MrXemrox
    MrXemrox Month ago

    Here's a tell you exactly what do about this problem:

  • Kenneth Osenbaugh
    Kenneth Osenbaugh Month ago

    What a joke. The problems are the lies, propaganda, and obfuscation of the truth to control the narrative

  • Johnny 5
    Johnny 5 Month ago

    I don't know if this is elitist entitlement, idiocy or intentionally disengenuous. And, like I have done with the rest of your MSM content, I will not spend time to determine which is the case. I will simply ignore you for spreading your fake news.

  • GoAway LeaveMeAlone

    No - Journalism is up in flames because Journalists are a shower of lying bastards.

  • Marley
    Marley Month ago

    hahahahahhahahaaa no no no no no no no no your blatant lies and low mark for ethics is what's killing you

  • Mr. Yuck
    Mr. Yuck Month ago

    "oh no the click bait fake news we created is now losing us money!" Fuck off.

  • ignis
    ignis Month ago

    I don't think you understand how youtube works, you get ads when you have people who watch you

  • Tyler
    Tyler Month ago

    The fact that she brings up advertisers as a core issue shows how stuck in the past the news media industry has become. For the sake of everyone, journalists need to seize their own destiny, and stop blaming their own failings on everyone else, be it the consumers, distributors, etc.

  • airrazer
    airrazer Month ago

    Stop click baiting and stop pushing untrue narratives then maybe you wouldn't be getting sued for $250 million like Washington Journal and MSNBC are due to Covington.

  • Death Ground
    Death Ground Month ago

    Out of touch Boomer needs to hang it up and retire.

  • Timothy Clark
    Timothy Clark Month ago

    or here's an idea: journalists can stop pushing their ideology and printing fake news.

  • Meridia
    Meridia Month ago

    So, you're pro Snowden then, yes?

  • VValters
    VValters Month ago

    Cause journalists keep lying

  • edlinx
    edlinx Month ago

    NO THANK YOU! You product sucks and it does not deserve saving. God damned fucking leeches trying to get free money to push your narrative and agenda. Protected class of utter morons.

  • MrPingn
    MrPingn Month ago

    Journalism isn't "going down" as you say. It's preparing for a new stage of evolution forced by situation you created.
    Someone independant like Tim Pool with his cell phone and a half way decent connection can out maneuver Don Lemon with high end media equipment, crew to run it, a satellite uplink, and the backing of a multi billion dollar network.
    Welcome to the new age of the citizen journalist... If they are wise enough to grasp and run with it. They can do it without the backing of corporate advertising. Followers can support the journalist themselves. They don't need rich billionaires to come in and save them.
    Also advertisers are more than happy to run next to death and destruction as long as it has CNN or MSNBC attached. They pull out over outrage mobs and defamation pushes. Usually on less corporate sources. It's like they've been led to believe that corporate news is the only news.
    I wonder how they got that idea. The mainstream media is not the only form of press. So no the press isn't in danger or being attacked if Jim Acosta gets a middle finger every now and then. Even that person live streaming a situation or just talking about a subject they've noticed are every bit an important part (possibly even more important) than some pundit, anchor on TV, or corporate blogger.
    You bought in to churnalism, rage bait, and click bait. Now it's burning out. People are more aware of it cause you pushed it too much. They are tuning out. And now you are crying, "Please billionaire sugar daddy save me!"

  • Lycan Seijin
    Lycan Seijin Month ago

    You know what? You fucking deserve to spiral down the toilet. You deserve much worse than that if I'm being frank, but what goes around comes around. Eat the shit out of my asshole, you lying, traitorous scumbags.

  • Nuke Censorship
    Nuke Censorship Month ago +1

    *Learn to code.*

  • Tonya Patrick
    Tonya Patrick Month ago +1

    Rampant obvious lies and an extremely easy to see bias has tainted journalism. Left wing propagandist journalism has destroyed the MSM. You've made your bed not sleep in it; all the way to the unemployment line.

  • Bryan Gentry
    Bryan Gentry Month ago

    It might help if the "legacy" journalist outlets didn't participate in tabloid op ed "journalism". Boomer lady learns a few things about internet, learns nothing at the same at 11.

  • Dee Smith
    Dee Smith Month ago +1

    Perhaps if journalists and their corporate outlets had actually _done_ their jobs and "policed" _themselves,_ they wouldn't have rendered themselves *obsolete.* I can guarantee you that if CNN decided tomorrow to start actually reporting on the things RU-clip journalists report on, if CNN or MSNBC or _any_ of the MSM outlets (around the world), announced that they were going to be investigating and reporting on the corruption of The Clinton Foundation, the corruption within the "deep state" permanent political class and their attempted coup against the US President and citizens of the US, if they investigated and reported on the corruption that we _know_ took place within the Obama administration, if they reported on the absolute bullshiiit going on with the EU, the economic wars being foisted on sovereign nations around the world, the failure of socialism (again) in nations like Cuba, Venezuela, South Africa, Zimbabwe, etc., if they investigated and reported on the lies, corruption, money fraud and manipulation of data within the UN and the fake "man-made global climate change", the MSM would have more eyes on it than they could handle and the advertisers would be falling all over themselves to shovel money into their news outlets. If they drained _their_ swamp, they'd be a much healthier and prosperous industry. They won't so they're going to die of their own self-generated "pollution". Tina Brown, people like _you_ are the reason financialized "journalism" is failing. You aren't actual journalists - you're nothing but State propagandists and you are _disgusting_ and _corrupt._ Fukk off.

  • The human shrug.
    The human shrug. Month ago

    Fake news. Learn to coal.

  • Disruptive Times
    Disruptive Times Month ago +8

    Old hag does not understand the internet, imagine my shock.

    • andylaauk
      andylaauk Month ago

      she obviously doesn't understand journalism either.

  • A Imperial Guard
    A Imperial Guard Month ago +6

    Turns out people got tired of cheap cric bait and poorly written articles wich only information source are Twitter post...
    Oh well, they can just *Learn to code...*
    *Is extremely easy...*

  • Rimmer
    Rimmer Month ago +15

    Maybe journalists should stop lying then.

    • Iu Iulitza
      Iu Iulitza Month ago

      If they tell the lies , they might lose viewers. If they tell the truth , they WILL lose their jobs. It's survival over integrity.

  • Russell E Simonetta
    Russell E Simonetta 2 months ago

    Thousands are trying to make the truth known. It,s a tough job.

  • Enthusiastic Noob
    Enthusiastic Noob 2 months ago

    Journalists were always in the business of filling the space between the adverts. You are not now and never were a crucial part of "democracy" or the republic. Plenty of things got uncovered because of the internet form of media, and the end of big media companies trying to drive the conversation and agenda.

  • Surud Patel
    Surud Patel 2 months ago

    For Journalism the People have become very acceptable Trash Receptors & Recyclers.

  • Steven Haase
    Steven Haase 2 months ago

    We've been seeing the resurrection of yellow journalism for over a decade (that I've seen). We're unfortunately, in a downward swing in the historical cycle, all we can do now is try to climb back up and hope the cycle doesn't drop us too far.

  • TheDudeWithSome409
    TheDudeWithSome409 2 months ago

    This woman is upset that she didn't 'learn to code' sooner, now she's out of work because code makes better selling news stories in her capitalistic society which always made stories for the sake of sales.

  • Aru Serios
    Aru Serios 3 months ago

    I think Tina is very myopic on this subject. How about starting with the premise that the majority of the people are egregiously ignorant on so many levels, especially our Democracy, that they can't understand the news and its implications. A case in point is the 35% of the populace that supports Trump, no matter what he says or does. Another case in point is the "person-on-the-street" interviews that Jay Leno and others have done where people don't know the simplest of facts about the US or the world. This is not new. Where have the journalists been for the last 40 years as our educational system has been falling apart? And consider the fact that modern advertising and marketing have turned the majority of the populace into consumers, who care little for thinking, ideas, and important issues. What they care about is consuming, not the news. The problem with journalism runs much deeper than attracting advertisers.

  • Martin Gottschalk
    Martin Gottschalk 3 months ago +1

    your man made journalism is crap and we are starting to see it for what it is. Billionaires as cavalry!?!?!?

  • Leonidas666
    Leonidas666 3 months ago +1

    "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart" did better journalism than journalist... I miss that.

  • Judith
    Judith 3 months ago

    Nothing is going down. Times are changing like they always do. If you you want to make the world a better place, get up and do something. Hustle, connect with people and be kind. Thank you very much.

  • jon-mark Zalapa
    jon-mark Zalapa 3 months ago +1

    Objectivity in journalism is as dead as civil online discussions.

  • ignacio vulliez
    ignacio vulliez 3 months ago

    Death of corporate criminal media is liberation. U r fascist propaganda

  • Sergio Montiel
    Sergio Montiel 3 months ago

    Why so serious long nose?

  • LudvigIndestrucable
    LudvigIndestrucable 3 months ago

    Lowest Common Denominator is inaccurate as it implies that it is genuinely common to all readers. A significant number of people are interested in news, but the funds are going into patreon and the like to fund bloggers as it allows people to directly fund their specific niche.

  • Da Hooded Crow
    Da Hooded Crow 3 months ago +1

    Ye did it to yourselves - a self inflicted injury.

  • Assa Penn
    Assa Penn 3 months ago +1

    "Let's hope that the digital billionaires come like the cavalry and rescue the great media companies."

    Yep, we're doomed.

  • Actre Centauri
    Actre Centauri 3 months ago +14

    When 999 out of 1000 journos are progressive activists why are you surprised when people are *happy* they're getting fired?

    • Shyhalu
      Shyhalu Month ago

      We call them urinalists over in the gaming world now.

    • Meow Cat
      Meow Cat Month ago +1


  • InvestOrama
    InvestOrama 3 months ago

    It's being disrupted but it's bound to evolve. Up in flames makes you think it's going to disappear, but that's not the case. Even travel agents still exist.

  • mambowman
    mambowman 3 months ago

    common thread in all of this decay? people are dumb

  • Victor Cates
    Victor Cates 3 months ago

    The bit about vanity fair seems questionable. You'd need to actually confirm that people didn't just read the fluff. And the concept of billionaire's buying newspapers seems a little worrying when Bezos is currently in the news.

  • R O
    R O 3 months ago

    We need to do deep research and cross reference news nowadays to get close to the truth. I definitely learned how powerful and manipulative MSM really is lol

  • chappy0061
    chappy0061 3 months ago +3

    Nearly 5 minutes of talking about the problems in journalism, and not once do you bring up the elephant in the room.
    Journalism has morphed into blatant propaganda, and the people are so sick of it that they are ecstatic every time they hear about journalists losing their jobs. Journalists are one of the most hated classes of people in western civilization, and they have nobody to blame but themselves.

  • Joshua Israel
    Joshua Israel 3 months ago

    Most people don't like tabloids! You killed Journalism when you picked sides instead of just reporting the news and let us decide!

  • Rick Ames
    Rick Ames 3 months ago

    AND people are determined to get their news for "free" from news aggregating apps on their phones. So Google and Facebook and Apple get ad revenue for news, while the folks who do the legwork of traveling to South Sudan or Yemen, risking capture by ignorant militants, finding and paying someone local and trusted to be an intermediary to get that elusive interview, and getting the video and photographs that convey something essential or even profound... all this they do with less and less of that ad revenue that's been siphoned off to the tech giants.

  • ph0ib0s1
    ph0ib0s1 3 months ago

    Very narrow thinking reduced to: "We have to make journalism in a way, that we get more ad revenues."! News should be financed with subscriptions and not with ads. People who are truly interested in balanced news will pay for it, as I do. Ads are propaganda and should be forbidden in all media. Especially because democracy can not exist without honest balanced journalism.
    100 years ago we had similar situation in the USA, called "yellow journalism". All papers were propaganda pushers, until NYT has been taken over by Adolph Ochs and forced to report only validated facts. It was a big financial success, the number of subscriptions rose from 10'000 to several millions. This is how we got this kind of honest integer journalism we used to love and admire.
    The real cause for this malaise is the education of journalists and shift to financing by ads. Education has turned into indoctrination and many of the recently fired "journalists" had a major in gender studies, not journalism. The ads pushers demand more sensational journalism, because they think it will help them to sell more of their stuff. The search algorithms and digital media are magnifying those problems. They are just the symptoms, not the cause.
    20 years ago, when I wonted to know the truth, I bought a paper known for conservative bias and one with progressive bias. Read the story in both and knew, what has been left out. These days you buy the same 2 papers and you find only the same progressive story. Most of the stories are not even facts, just opinions and propaganda pieces.
    After 30 years, I have canceled all my subscriptions. One of them used to be a very conservative paper with focus on politics.
    Today, I follow and support some of the independent journalists, who do not push the progressive propaganda. Unlike the NYT, the WP or BuzzFeed, they are doing very well and expanding in the digital space.

  • Horatio Jones
    Horatio Jones 3 months ago

    It's getting harder and harder to figure out who's doing the objective reporting and who's doing the reporting with a political spin. The left and the right are doing it and there are precious few left who just investigate for the truth.
    It would seem that more people today have little respect for the actual truth and just want their echo chambers to keep confirm what they already want to hear and see. What a disaster that the world has access to the most information in the history of mankind and yet everyone is lying or don't want to hear the truth.
    The world needs a new kind of journalism that is unhindered by political or financial interests. That arrangement did exist in the west for a short time but it got lost when the big networks became the lapdogs of the rich and powerful.

  • Danny Roy
    Danny Roy 3 months ago

    its all going down because
    we the people cant handle the truth

  • Tor-Andreas Bråten
    Tor-Andreas Bråten 3 months ago

    @Tina Brown: Washington post in the same sentence as "watchdog"... Washington post is far from a watchdog. It, same as the most other mainstream media has gone from watchdog, to lapdog to attack dog. Jeff Bezos and the CIA has a major tie. CIA uses amazon cloud solution and has a 600 million of dollar deal. This disqualifies Washington post from EVER being called watchdog... Wake up...

  • robert h
    robert h 3 months ago

    algorithms don't account for sarcasm, yet...& that is why Trump being pres. is so surprising...

  • Larinda Nomikos
    Larinda Nomikos 3 months ago

    This is exactly what my RU-clip feed is full of. No matter what my subscriptions/interests are I am constantly inundated with sensationalist crap, politically, and these horrible little news blurbs about people doing absolutely heinous things. Sometimes it seems the more I delete them the more I am inundated with them. But lots of cute animal videos. Plenty of those. I just don't browse anymore.

  • mostawesomedudeever1
    mostawesomedudeever1 3 months ago +4

    Because we found out the bankers own the media, big pharmaceutical, the military industrial complex and government.

    • Shyhalu
      Shyhalu Month ago, if bankers owned the media then leftwing media would be dead already as t hey hate the rich and want to regulate the shit out of everything.

  • Antlion1001
    Antlion1001 3 months ago

    As a journalism major in his senior year at college, I just want to say fuck you to most of the comment section.
    Let us earn your respect or your hate on the merit of our character and integrity of our work. If a blanket statement is truly the best you can muster, you haven’t earned the right to think for yourself.
    V/R The Fourth Estate

  • Kabuki Jo
    Kabuki Jo 3 months ago

    The major things killing the media is the outright leftist bias and propaganda with it's 27/4 Trump bashing and pandering to illegals. It's not even journalism anymore. And people are simply getting tired of it.

  • Gary Core
    Gary Core 3 months ago

    "It's all going down." Said Tina Brown.

  • Some Dude
    Some Dude 3 months ago

    At the end of the day it's all about eyeballs on content. Most people will gravitate to what reinforces their own beliefs (left or right) regardless of its legitimacy. If you want to do yourself justice, take a step back from them all and do a little digging of your own. Fake news is a term in todays language that describes one of two things. A lie, exaggerated or fabricated story. Or a story that goes against the beliefs and constructs of the viewer/reader. Journalism needs to move closer to a model where any claims must be able to be cross referenced with actual facts and not the "whatever suits our funding demographic, or owner" and be held accountable. News should not be a engineered product used for propaganda. Instead a manipulation free service. While some argue "we have to have a free press" - which is true. Is it working in the peoples favor in it's current form?

  • I. Wetpaint
    I. Wetpaint 3 months ago

    One of the solutions:

  • Michelle Burkholder
    Michelle Burkholder 3 months ago

    RU-clip algorithms are stupid.I'm a progressive that keeps getting right wing propaganda.

  • Khurt Khave
    Khurt Khave 3 months ago

    Sorry, NYT and the Washington Post compromised their ethics with tons of biased headlines and clickbait online several years ago. Honest journalism has been dead for quite some time.

  • bright days are here
    bright days are here 3 months ago

    Not sure why i subscribe to this channel..every single story is a lie..from the moon to jesus to one likes you cause you dont do your job and you lie..thats it..not a mystery..all media owned by 5 companies that are run from israel..thats a fact..god bless..jesus only answer

  • Jack Mechak
    Jack Mechak 3 months ago

    Journalism died years ago. They are just getting fired now. maybe they should learn to code?

  • Nico Moraitis
    Nico Moraitis 3 months ago

    Journalism at its heart only falls apart when journalists simply decide to stop reporting the truth, regardless of how your paid or who pays you. I’ll agree though there is a serious crisis upon us and it’s manufactured out of the greed for money power and sex.

  • Sourcedrop
    Sourcedrop 3 months ago +2

    We need a more elegant search engine for a more sophisticated time.

  • Hamish Lamont
    Hamish Lamont 3 months ago

    Honestly if your news outlet uses Algorithms to disseminate or promulgate information, you deserve to go under, and I for one will not support you.

  • Mollie
    Mollie 3 months ago

    It is really sad that this is happening. Because good journalism is there to keep the government/corporations accountable. No wonder democracy is failing.

    • Timothy Clark
      Timothy Clark Month ago

      except it didn't keep obama accountable. that's the problem.

  • odins wolf
    odins wolf 3 months ago

    journalists don't report real news anymore they just vomit propaganda and Lie's where's the main stream media coverage of the Paris riots

  • A. L.
    A. L. 3 months ago

    Neoliberalism 101, the results of having a deregulated, free market. Big corporations always end up taking over the control of the market to make it anything but free.

  • Enrico Evangelista
    Enrico Evangelista 3 months ago

    Journalism will only make money when they expose why Federal Reserve, IRS, and NAFTA must be abolished. The real journalists are the alternative news who actually who went to Syria, Bilderberg meeting and Yellow vests uprising. Mainstream media is nowhere to be found. MSM was too late to know about Ocasio Cortez and the power of cryptocurrency. MSM never educated their audience about the origins of the much hated CFR, SES and Trilateral Commissions

  • ScipionLaurentiend
    ScipionLaurentiend 3 months ago

    what????????late stage capitalism is bad for democracy????who WOULD HAVE FUCKING GUESS

  • Idylchatter
    Idylchatter 3 months ago

    "Why the office of the president is up in flames" What you said squared. If ever there was divisiveness, rudeness, partisan bs, and just plain nastiness it's there. How's that tax break working out for you?

  • Eddie Price
    Eddie Price 3 months ago

    1. Consumers are not algorithms. If you allow consumers to promote the top stories _al la_ Reddit, you will not have lying headlines and clickbait.
    2. Terrible audio in this video. Fire that person and get some real talent for your videos.
    3. Journalism is failing because it lacks transparency and freedom. Journalists are owned lock, stock, and barrel by the megacorporations that invest in their industry. Did you know The Wall Street Journal is the personal property of Prince Al-Waleed of Saudi Arabia and Qatar? His Majesty owns a majority stake in News Corp, which accounts for thousands of Western publications and dozens of television stations in America. Why is this allowed? MONEY. In her book, Sharyl Attkisson explains she was not even allowed to publish negative information on Boeing's burning batteries that almost killed passengers on several occasions because New York executives got a phone call from Boeing telling them to kill her story. CBS complied instantly because Boeing owned their stock. This is complete nonsense.
    4. Journalists should not keep their process secret but should livestream the entire investigative process of contacting witnesses and asking them for information and explaining what their CEO forbids them to pursue and what the CEO orders them to write up and publish. The problem with journalism is not that social media is too fast to correct the record as rumors emerge, but that journalists themselves _don't do any investigation at all._ Most journalists just read the Twitter accounts of their peers in the industry and type up stories on that basis. The truth is nothing to them; CONSENSUS is king. As long as everyone is of the same ""consensus,"" then it is a fact. (Climate science, anyone?) The actual data goes in the trash can. This isn't the case only because it is easier to neglect the work of investigative journalism, but because journalists can actually be FIRED for publishing stories that disagree with the consensus, EVEN IF THOSE STORIES ARE MORE TRUE THAN OTHERS PUBLISHED. You can't fix journalism until you take the news companies private and replace elderly executives with ambitious and energetic truth-tellers.

  • Downswing Player
    Downswing Player 3 months ago

    The world is going to see some real journalism In England at the end of the month.

  • fitzchivalry100
    fitzchivalry100 3 months ago

    this is straight up garbage

  • SuperKami
    SuperKami 3 months ago

    Journalism isn't dead or dying. the only difference we're seeing is that now the people are getting the quality of news and reporting they deserve.
    The plebs and the mob will always be a blind deaf & enraged animal and Rome will burn because of it.

  • A1Cvenom
    A1Cvenom 3 months ago

    People trust youtubers over mainstream media, and for good reason.

  • Ike the ranter
    Ike the ranter 3 months ago

    If you never learned how to read between the lines, you'll be lost all your life. Sometimes it's what is Not being said/written that's the key to the truth. Grow Up

  • Ike the ranter
    Ike the ranter 3 months ago

    So funny how people can't seem to be able to read between the lines anymore. You can view/read anything and complain it's slanted. You have to understand that it's your responsibility to sort it out for yourself.

  • Mass Extinction
    Mass Extinction 3 months ago

    Beauty 🤑 Insecure
    . Look at me
    . "Narcissism"

  • Zach Dowlan
    Zach Dowlan 3 months ago

    This lady's explanation is trash. Don't believe propaganda. I'm loving this comment section. Keep it up my red pilled allies! Call out the propaganda for all to see!

  • Bee be Cee
    Bee be Cee 3 months ago


  • Sue Giacoman
    Sue Giacoman 3 months ago +1

    You did it to yourself, Tina.

  • TonyUnplugged
    TonyUnplugged 3 months ago

    Obama's FBI Spied on the Trump Presidential Campaign - SpyGate

  • Jacob Taylor
    Jacob Taylor 3 months ago

    Because of capitalism, the highest bidder gets the loudest voice

  • pkramerable
    pkramerable 3 months ago

    "News" is all hype. Always has been. It's transient, throwaway trash. Suitable for wrapping fish, house breaking a puppy or lining a birdcage.

  • pkramerable
    pkramerable 3 months ago

    "News" is all hype. Always has been. It's transient, throwaway trash. Suitable for wrapping fish, house breaking a puppy or lining a birdcage.

  • nelson a
    nelson a 3 months ago

    based on my experience on my country,
    it's all about propaganda and obvious bias from the media.

  • nyyght7
    nyyght7 3 months ago

    Wait just a minute.. I clicked on this because it said “It’s all going down.”
    Was this video produced just to demonstrate "Why journalism is up in flames"?

  • Matt T
    Matt T 3 months ago

    I don't think I'm alone when I say that I see most news today as more entertainment than anything else. These news agencies are for profit companies that need to generate revenue for their shareholders, and they're going to run whatever gets eyeballs on the content. To further that, anger and outrage are some of the most powerful human emotions that will get some of the biggest responses from people, which is good for the bottom line. Network TV stations cancel shows that don't have high enough viewer numbers, news companies don't run media that doesn't have high enough view numbers. This puts you in a race to the bottom to get your target demographic frothing at the mouth as fast as possible.

  • April Hart
    April Hart 3 months ago

    You were always propaganda and fake news. It's not algorithms that caused this.