Porsche Made a LAPTOP?? - Book One Review

  • Published on Dec 14, 2017
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    The Porsche Design Book One Laptop could be the closest thing to Macbook Pro build quality on a Windows machine. Or it's a waste, LOL
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Comments • 4 571

  • Khagangrad '
    Khagangrad ' 11 days ago

    next: Porsche car

  • Joseph Lantis
    Joseph Lantis 15 days ago

    I'd rather have a cheaper PC that looks like a Prius but has Ferrari performance than one that looks like a Ferrari with Prius performance.

  • GeigerBuzz
    GeigerBuzz 20 days ago

    Hi comments section!
    I found a listing on eBay that sells this same laptop and specs for 999$ (apple pro stand money) do you guys think that this laptop is worth buying for a grand if not do you have any recommendations under 1k for a convertible as I'm in look for one. Thx to anybody who have read this comment

  • Noble Phantasm
    Noble Phantasm 20 days ago

    It‘s called porschE not porsch

  • [KC][DLDK] DarkPit
    [KC][DLDK] DarkPit 22 days ago +1

    But does it have a German 128mm Kampfwagenkanone?

  • Brwa Salam
    Brwa Salam Month ago

    Dose he sell for 200 box

  • Anthony Thompson
    Anthony Thompson Month ago

    It made me smile Linus started the video explaining how isheep smell there own farts xD

  • Arturo Vilchez
    Arturo Vilchez Month ago

    it looks ugly...

  • Woolf
    Woolf Month ago

    2500 + no gpu=fail... next!

  • Eclectic Badger
    Eclectic Badger Month ago

    With stylus powered by the mythical "quadrupal-A battery"

  • mckryall
    mckryall Month ago

    Honestly yeah, as an electrical engineer and a linux guy, I value good, comfortable design in a laptop. It's so difficult nowadays to find any laptop that feels like it's had work put into the design. I use one of the newer thinkpads, the T480, and I love the sturdy feel, great keyboard, nipple mouse, trackpad, dual-battery system, and thunderbolt support, as well as the integrated graphics, even though I rarely use them. I don't like the screen. I have the 1920x1080 matte screen, and while I don't mind the resolution, the colors don't look great and the backlight isn't bright enough for outdoor settings. The speakers are garbage, and I can't even watch youtube videos with the volume turned up because the audio is so distorted. The laptop is a bit tricky to take apart, which is unfortunate but par for the course nowadays. I love that it's upgradeable, and I think that's almost a requirement for me.
    While I like to have a graphics card for the occasional game or CAD-style program, Intel's 8th-gen integrated graphics are perfectly fine, even on the 15W i7-8650U. I'd be fine with a nice, business/mobile 2-in-1 not having a graphics card if it has a decent integrated one, and I think that option has been overlooked recently. We have so much power from massive 2080 Ti's at the consumer level that we don't realize how little gpu power is required for lighter- weight games and productivity/design software.

  • the best youtuber
    the best youtuber Month ago

    Shut the fuck up about the surface book its the best so fuck you bitch

  • d.ronzo17
    d.ronzo17 Month ago +1

    4:11 Dave2D called, he wants his B-roll gimmicks back

  • TheR3aper5
    TheR3aper5 Month ago

    This is available on Amazon fornlike 1200 dollars right now

  • SoulGaming
    SoulGaming Month ago

    yay intergrated graphics.... everyone's favorite gpu

  • Neelesh Ranjan Srivastava

    I would have considered it over Microsoft surface if had a 1050 or above graphic card
    Can I hook up an external graphic card to this using thunderbolt? Like a rtx 2080 or something

  • JuzzTheFuzz
    JuzzTheFuzz 2 months ago

    This looks like something from early 2000’s

  • Mathis Revellat
    Mathis Revellat 2 months ago

    "Je ne sais quoi" x)

  • Kirsty
    Kirsty 2 months ago

    Is Max back? She was modelling the laptop and her hands were in it.

  • Paul Pranada
    Paul Pranada 2 months ago

    Porsche placebo bullcrap

  • Tyler Ryan
    Tyler Ryan 2 months ago

    Buy one used, pop an external gpu via TB3 and I'm done.

  • ##Gamerzz
    ##Gamerzz 2 months ago

    When the screen is out does the screen came from processor to screen through Bluetooth???or what I couldn't understand

  • Nathan Rotsaert
    Nathan Rotsaert 2 months ago +1

    Definatly would buy a Porsche Desing laptop, not becouse i love Porsche but bc it looks nice.

    (No defenitly i would buy just becouse i love Porsche...)

  • Christoffer Salomonsson

    Macbook pro!

  • Gen1T
    Gen1T 2 months ago

    Which to buy? A over priced laptop that can't play games or a laptop with a better CPU and a GPu that can play games. Very hard choice.

  • Joel Guzman
    Joel Guzman 2 months ago

    Id lean towards the porche only to say i have a porche and flex on ppl they dont need to know its a laptop just flex it lol

  • This is Patrick
    This is Patrick 3 months ago

    Don't forget to add racing fire stickers to make the laptop sexier and faster.

  • SumriseHD
    SumriseHD 3 months ago +9

    You don't say "Porsch", you say "Porsche" and the "e" is pronounced like a short "eh". Porsch"[eh]".
    Thank you.

    • mambo
      mambo 13 days ago

      no it's like porsch-uh

    • Thomas
      Thomas 2 months ago +3

      Ok boomer

  • Mikah Andony
    Mikah Andony 3 months ago

    Quad A Battery... wth

  • Echo Benchmarks & Tech
    Echo Benchmarks & Tech 3 months ago

    When they say one of the best I wonder what has the best?

  • junjun123
    junjun123 3 months ago

    Jeez... There are too many ads ( eg. Headphones)

  • clinton perry
    clinton perry 3 months ago

    cheap laptop with a porche logo, i'm sure there are plenty of morons to buy it, after all, people buy those plastic, er, sorry 'special resin' mont blanc pens

  • Panama 001
    Panama 001 3 months ago

    Nvidia wins.

    Oh wait wrong vidro, porsche wins.

  • mbntr
    mbntr 3 months ago

    Yeah but if you want to detach the saucer you have upgrade to the USS 1701 - D or pay 999,999,999,999.99 if you are an owner of previous models

  • twój stary goły kopie doły


  • it's Jacoboy
    it's Jacoboy 3 months ago +1

    Yeah and Razer just made a car.

    SOME TECH CHANNEL 3 months ago +1

    Ok but just because Porsche calls their laptop design and Apple calls their laptop design doesn't mean that the Porsche laptop is anything like a MacBook, especially when it runs WINDOWS,yuck.

    • Mieszko Guliński
      Mieszko Guliński 2 months ago

      Not sure about Windows, but Mac OS is often annoying, hard to use and doing several things (particularly: changing certain keyboard shortcuts, downloading photos from a camera) is insanely clunky

  • Paul-Henri Andrieu
    Paul-Henri Andrieu 3 months ago

    I would buy the Surface Book 2 (actually I'm waiting for the SB3 but anyway 😂😂)

  • SparkSmasher
    SparkSmasher 3 months ago

    my 1000$ laptop has geforce mx130 Gfx card

  • Damian Vosloo
    Damian Vosloo 3 months ago

    If Mercedes or BMW made a laptop, it would have speed and power as well as beauty and functionality.

    BEPIS 3 months ago

    Is it also a hybrid?

  • Nikolay Petrov
    Nikolay Petrov 3 months ago

    Много ми харесва. Чакам на Ферари лаптопа, да си го поискам от дядо Коледа :)

  • BASS Ryan
    BASS Ryan 3 months ago

    Porsche mada laptop and razer made a car...

  • Explosive Poop
    Explosive Poop 3 months ago

    Porsche toilet paper would be great, I’d save so much time that I could use watching more Linus videos!!! 🧻🧻🧻🏎🏎🏎

  • Agneya Chowdhury
    Agneya Chowdhury 3 months ago

    This Porsche design Laptop will go nicely with my Porshe design glasses they ill probaly get that Porsche design Phone

  • Rad gamer
    Rad gamer 3 months ago

    $2500 for nothing

  • Toby Smith
    Toby Smith 3 months ago

    Do a review of the acer aspire r11, not the best specs but cheap

  • brake gaming
    brake gaming 3 months ago

    Im a simple man

    I hear zotac i skipp

  • J0keR_
    J0keR_ 3 months ago

    I had a Peugeot branded laptop that was running some intel celeron and 512mb of ram on windows xp. It was so slow but was made for Peugeot car diagnostics. Only reason for car manufacturer to make branded computer.

  • SolidSonicTH
    SolidSonicTH 3 months ago

    This thing seems to be discontinued and I can't get one...

  • sailor stone
    sailor stone 3 months ago


  • sailor stone
    sailor stone 3 months ago

    Lmao 1:02
    You’re welcome

  • Reddit Only
    Reddit Only 4 months ago

    4:16 Linus is a neo nazi

  • TechDudeGaming
    TechDudeGaming 4 months ago

    Was he referencing the stardrive separation with his "and incidentally, the Starship Enterprise"?

  • Tom Richter
    Tom Richter 4 months ago

    It is PorschE NOT porsch

  • Bryson Rose
    Bryson Rose 4 months ago

    I've gone through 4 of the Surface Book 2 13", the $2,000 model, and I don't know if I can ever like it again. My surface book is in the shop because of major thermal throttling and I'm using an old XPS 15 9550 that I rebuilt a couple times. At this point, I think that it's good there's a new kid on the block for people that want to have a chance at an actual working laptop 2 in one thing. I liked the vid and am excited to see how LTX goes!

  • James Lee
    James Lee 4 months ago

    That bezel...yuck

  • V. Sriram Sundar
    V. Sriram Sundar 4 months ago

    Even though it didn't have a dedicated GPU it at least has a thunderbolt 3 port which isn't on the surface.

  • Paypur
    Paypur 4 months ago

    Is it a carrera 3.5 911 or a boxter?

  • 7Write4This9Heart7
    7Write4This9Heart7 4 months ago

    That was a TON of flex on the mouse/keyboard deck! DAMN! For such a big price, you'd think they'd have thought of that! Sheesh! (Should have had your artists/graphic designers test the pen more! Would have been nice to see how that handled drawing and such!)