Taylor Swift Reacts to Embarrassing Footage of Herself After Laser Eye Surgery

  • Published on Oct 4, 2019
  • Taylor Swift reacts to some never-before-seen footage of her acting loopy after laser eye surgery and she teases what songs she’ll perform on Saturday Night Live.
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    Taylor Swift Reacts to Embarrassing Footage of Herself After Laser Eye Surgery
  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 8 208

  • lane aloha
    lane aloha 6 hours ago

    it creeps me out when the interviewers know some inside scoop that they celeb guest hasn’t revealed yet

  • Sebastian Fripp
    Sebastian Fripp 6 hours ago

    Taylor Swift’s ase.

  • Ppccvv Ppccvv
    Ppccvv Ppccvv 8 hours ago

    I love the way her mom trying to comfort her😂

  • Irredeemable Deplorable Covfefe MAGA

    She used to be fresh, new, interesting, innocent. She used to be delightful.

  • Suicideinsilence
    Suicideinsilence 13 hours ago

    its funny until you realize that taylor for sure knew about this before hand, these things are always discussed in a meeting before the show

  • Anime 60FPS Fights
    Anime 60FPS Fights 14 hours ago

    So relatable star love this girl

  • Sensei Ocean
    Sensei Ocean 16 hours ago

    LOL “my mind is alive” shes a lyricist even when shes zonked out 👌🤫🤣🤣

  • Kantilal Gandhi
    Kantilal Gandhi 16 hours ago +1

    *"Banana is surely a wicked fruit!! 😏😏😏*

  • C Fitz
    C Fitz 20 hours ago

    This is wonderful I'm laughing hysterically..this is actually my 2nd time watching this. I can't fathom yer feelings with this but i hope you took it well. Your mom has a great sense of humor and I hope you can laugh at this with the rest of us. Cheers

  • A M
    A M 21 hour ago

    What a dramaqyeen

  • A M
    A M 21 hour ago

    Such fukking bullshit

  • Roger Wabbit
    Roger Wabbit 22 hours ago

    The Queen of Mean so maybe mom is trying to change that.

  • Anthony L
    Anthony L Day ago

    I'd eat her out all night..damn she must have the most pink juicy ill nah nah !!!!

  • adrienne gellman

    People shouldn't get Laser Eye surgery.There have been people who suffer bad eye pain after having laser eye surgery.Laser eye surgery ISN'T natural.

  • Shareef Awad
    Shareef Awad Day ago +1

    My God this guy is so awkward.. And the illegitimate laugh is so cringe worthy.

  • Cecilia Serna
    Cecilia Serna Day ago

    Taylor is the best lol

  • TheAndasolo
    TheAndasolo Day ago

    This is staged. I mean her mom should know better not to post or share private stuff of her daughter unless Taylor says yes. Fake

  • Ally Gabe
    Ally Gabe Day ago

    I love talor swift

  • Shane Meow
    Shane Meow Day ago

    Now she gonna write a song about the Headless banana.

  • Angelina Limchaypo


  • Leilababy89
    Leilababy89 Day ago

    She sure has come a long way from Tim McGraw

  • JustCallMeLoathesome

    Her humiliation is revenge for all the shitty shitty shitty music she makes.

  • don hezca
    don hezca Day ago

    She beautiful

  • DeviousKitten27
    DeviousKitten27 Day ago

    Alright her saying "I'm not asleep my mind is awake" is just as cute as BTS Jimin meeting Jimmy for the first time!
    "Hey Jimmy I'm Jimin - Hey Jimin I'm Jimmy" just the raw happiness and excitement in their voices and faces is enough for me to know that no matter how old or young you're emotions never truly change 😊

  • Melanie Paquette

    Taylor Swift is such a good sport! This is comedy gold.

  • Agus Aguirre
    Agus Aguirre Day ago

    LOL. Andrea es muy genial

  • Razia Begum
    Razia Begum Day ago

    Taylor awww so beautiful..., talented....♥️



  • Cristina Suyo
    Cristina Suyo Day ago

    i love you taylor ur so cute

  • nosnowintexas
    nosnowintexas Day ago

    This is awesome. She’s so unreal.

  • qt shin
    qt shin Day ago

    LMAO. love you Taylor 🤣

  • Paul Geishert
    Paul Geishert Day ago +1

    I wouldn't give her the time of day..... Traitor!

  • Mr. Pro
    Mr. Pro 2 days ago

    Man Hunter

  • Wade Brown
    Wade Brown 2 days ago

    Shows a REAL side,,,, wonderful

  • Sofie Zarovsky
    Sofie Zarovsky 2 days ago

    OMG 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Caroline
    Caroline 2 days ago +1

    Lasik isn't even that bad. I guess when you're a celebrity like T-Swifty you get the good stuff! No goggles or drugs needed for my procedure lol

  • 7TageWach
    7TageWach 2 days ago

    Wtf? I also got my eyes lasered and i didnt get any pills...

  • Upside down
    Upside down 2 days ago

    New found respect for taylor swift, respect girl

  • Baby Crafter Kennedy

    Jimmys laugh is the best part of all this..

  • Gordon Luigi
    Gordon Luigi 2 days ago

    I found her cute with glasses. But hot without them

  • cha yan
    cha yan 2 days ago

    Fake ppl

  • RandomTechS@#T
    RandomTechS@#T 2 days ago


  • Jeff Osborne
    Jeff Osborne 2 days ago

    Taylor's a rich libtard. Stop listening to her music a while back.

  • usb shrimp
    usb shrimp 2 days ago

    Taylor's voice is so deep

  • Echa Kheai
    Echa Kheai 2 days ago

    I'm not sleep,my mind is alive 🤣🤣🤣

  • Douglas Marze
    Douglas Marze 3 days ago


  • Dark Light
    Dark Light 3 days ago

    Staged bs.....people dont beleive this mess

  • dolfin lithe
    dolfin lithe 3 days ago

    You know, Jimmy Fallon is actually a terrible talk show host.

  • Brianna J. Ling
    Brianna J. Ling 3 days ago

    that sucks ii hate taylor swift

  • Gizzmose2002
    Gizzmose2002 3 days ago

    Embarrassing? More like Adorable!

  • Sue Brurell
    Sue Brurell 3 days ago

    Swift became a mouthpiece for the leftists:(

  • Tigger the cat
    Tigger the cat 3 days ago


  • Ajay Khant
    Ajay Khant 3 days ago

    She's So... Cute 😍😘☺️

  • Clément Bolle
    Clément Bolle 3 days ago +27

    That horrible... Seriously, even her mother doesn't respect her privacy.

    • soulmates
      soulmates Day ago +2

      Taylor was probably aware of what was going to happen come on. Her mother wasn’t going to give footage taylor absolutely didn’t want on tv

    • Clément Bolle
      Clément Bolle Day ago

      She's on TV, she's not really showing what she's feeling. But it's clearly visible she was embarrassed.

    • The Evie Show
      The Evie Show Day ago +1

      Clément Bolle I think Taylor's ok with it

  • Skeeter McSwagger
    Skeeter McSwagger 3 days ago

    Reality Television; "life unscripted"
    Jimmy Fallon Television;

    "always completely scripted"

  • pc1231
    pc1231 3 days ago

    *i’M nOt AsLeEp. My MiNd Is aLiVe.*
    So’s my mind. 🙃😝

  • Loud Cloud
    Loud Cloud 3 days ago +3

    This is weird. And kinda sad. Reminded me of ana nicole smith.........

    • soulmates
      soulmates Day ago

      Loud Cloud lmao well medication and surgery can do that to a person, sorry if you think it s weird and sad but it pretty common

  • choo-wëë
    choo-wëë 3 days ago +5

    1:00 i love how jimmy reacts as a kid knowing something that the others don’t

  • Harry Charles
    Harry Charles 3 days ago

    That’s a boy

  • Santosh Kumar
    Santosh Kumar 3 days ago

    She's hot man 😍😍😍